We are on day four – no, five – of our cousins’ beach trip, and I am happy to say that it has been delightful. There have been a couple of minor conflicts and a small number of minor injuries (boys like to run. everywhere.), but by and large it’s been great. And as an added bonus, I was able to watch the season finale of The Bachelorette with my aunt and my cousin Paige. WE HAD SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT SOME THINGS.

Yesterday, in the interest of a change-o-pace, we went to a putt-putt place for a couple of hours. I didn’t really think about the weather before we left, but once we had secured our putters and golf balls, there was no avoiding the fact that OH SWEET MERCY IT WAS 408 DEGREES OUTSIDE. At one point I saw sweat rolling down the top of my arm, and I spent several minutes trying to figure out how in the world that even happens. The kids were gamers but started to wilt a little bit by the 10th hole, and by the 14th hole I was wondering if anyone has ever collapsed from heat exhaustion ON A PUTT-PUTT COURSE.

I think this picture offers an excellent illustration of yesterday’s level of heat and humidity.

Yes ma’am. It was REFRESHING outside.

After we finished all 18 holes in the putt-putt sauna, we limped into the arcade and ordered the largest Icees available. The kids cooled off, grabbed some quarters, and pretty much hollered like crazy for the next hour or so. My child never took off his hat, and that’s why I have lots of pictures of him and his cousin J that look like this.

No kidding: every single time I see the two of them together, I think, Well, there’s Papaw and Scooter McGee.

So that’s pretty much it from our end of things. Lots of heat, lots of swimming, some occasional crying, and lots of laughing.

And it is good.

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  1. “Well, there‚Äôs Papaw and Scooter McGee.” oh snort. That is funny.

    The Bachelorette – I would love your thoughts. So much of reality TV, and I admit I love it, is taking people with serious issues and putting them on TV to act out those issues. I hope Ashley is happy, and is able to find some measure of security and happiness in her life.

  2. Glad you are having fun! Cherish these last few days of vacation!

  3. I would have collapsed from heat exhaustion. I get heatstroke if I sit too close to a lamp. That is why I live in Wisconsin. And stay in the A/C all summer long.

  4. You are a brave one! August is the month I hibernate! And that sometimes last into the month of September

  5. I also watched the Bachelorette finale. And the Men Tell All episode. And After the Rose. And I hate myself for it. Why? Why did I watch? I can’t even say it was a guilty pleasure because there wasn’t a whole lot pleasurable about it. It was just saaaaaaaad. But not as sad as Bachelor Pad looks like it might be. Dear Lord, please do not let Jake and Vienna suck me into watching that train wreck.

  6. Jennifer says:

    That arcade picture is cracking me up. It looks like they’re playing the slots at a kiddie casino.

  7. Haha I thought the same thing about the slots!

  8. Sounds like a good trip. If only to be able to watch The Bachelorette with some fun ladies so you can chat and potentially laugh at the wonders of such a show, that trip is worth it!

    Hope everything continues to go so well! Have fun!

  9. The papaw/scooter mcgee comment — too funny! :)

    The bag you found is adorable! Thank for sharing the website.

    Enjoy the remainder of your time!

  10. I am jealous of a cousin’s beach trip! I miss my cousins so much.
    And it is hot. Enjoy your trip! :0)

  11. Papaw and Scooter Mcgee. Hilarious. I know it is humid and hot, but I love me some beach…thanks for sharing the fun bits of your trip and I hope ya’ll keep having delightful times (and that it cools off just a little!)

  12. Ha! Putt-putt sauna. I just spit my drink across my keyboard and onto my screen. It’s HOT out there. You’re not even supposed to be outside around here. Stay cool. You and Papaw and Scooter Mcgee.
    P.S. My post today was about the beach, too. I’m going there soon!!!!!

  13. I’m back in San Diego and it’s not HOT! But I’d go back to the heat to get to my beloved Gulf Coast. And my beloved friends….and cousins…..okay, pity party over. SonGlad y’all are having fun. Nothing better than fun with family and friends!

  14. I had more than a few thoughts regarding The Bachelorettect too!

  15. Ugh iPad sent before I was ready. Anyway- I thought it hit a new low this season and unbelievably Bachelor Pad looks to be going even lower!

  16. Man. I don’t watch the Bachelorette, but reading this post makes me wish I did!

    Sort of…

  17. We went to the ol’ putt putt course when we went to the beach last summer. Hubster thought it would be fun. Let’s hand 4 small children some clubs and ball and let them go at it! He went ahead with the rest of the group, and I chased the kids. I skipped that tradition last year.
    The Bacheloette. I can’t get through 10 minutes without saying “seriously” at least 10 times!