Well, Y’all Are Just A Wonder


WHO KNEW that y’all were such a fount of frozen food info?

I’m pretty sure that I’ll keep your comments on that last post bookmarked for the rest of my earthly days. Yesterday afternoon I sat down and read through every single one of them, then figured out what my people would enjoy eating the most (and also what would be easiest for Mama), and I’ll have you know that within an hour or so, I’d figured out a menu plan for the week and made a grocery list for the marathon cooking session I plan to have this Saturday.

On top of that, I typed out (I LIKES TO TYPE, I DO) a plan for Mama, and I’m gonna put this on the refrigerator so that she has a nice little plan of what’s in store every day.

Y’all have no idea how much you’ve helped. The prospect of getting food stuff organized and ready to go was starting to make me feel twitchy and overwhelmed (especially since I have no skillz in the area of freezing stuff ahead of time), and being able to check that off of my list feel like a huge relief. Especially now that I know to put a towel on top of my freezer shelves so that meat in a Ziploc won’t freeze around them and HOW DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW SO MUCH STUFF?

My goodness. Y’all need a TV show.

So anyway. Thank you so much. I can’t get over how you took something that would’ve totally stressed me out and made it fun and informative and oh my goodness I LEARNED SOME THINGS.

Happy Thursday, everybody!

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  1. This proves why blogging is so wonderful. :)

  2. The freezer towel thing is, dare I say, revolutionary.

    • Please share the “freezer towel thing.” I couldn’t find it but if it’s revolutionary, I’m in!

      • This is from Kristina’s comment yesterday:

        “when using baggies to freeze, lay them flat (we lay a towel on the shelf of our freezer so they dont freeze around the rungs!) so that they are easily stackable or you can stand them up later like books.”

        • Seussgirl says:

          Also, you can use a cookie sheet to freeze them flat, and then reclaim your cookie sheet once they are solid!

          • Brilliant! This post may contain the highest concentration of kitchen wizardry that has ever been amassed in one place!

  3. Well, I somehow missed that post. I went back and looked and see where chicken spaghetti is mentioned numerous times. I was actually making that yesterday to take to a family with a new baby. There is always enough for my family plus another when I make it. I also make ahead taco filling and freeze that in ziploc bags. Easy to heat the shells and thaw the filling. I haven’t tried the towel thing, but I’m going to now!

  4. So now we all need a link to access your wonderful, typed up plan! :-)

  5. anotherlisa says:

    praying for your trip, and for your family while you’re away.
    you bless so many of us as you share your life.
    thank you!

  6. If you’re doing one “mega cooking” session I have some ideas for you! :) Start early. Wear good shoes. Lay out all your cans, things to thaw, etc the night before. If you have an electric can opener this is the time to make sure it’s in good working order! Make sure your kitchen starts out clean (clear off as much of the counter space as you can!). Fill up your sink with hot soapy water and wash your utensils, measuring things, pots and pans as you go so you don’t have a mountain when you’re done. Lay out several clean towels and dishcloths before you start so you can grab and go. Throw one on the floor to quickly wipe up drips with your foot. Wear an apron and put your labeling supplies in it (unless you’re printing recipes, then put a roll of tape in your pocket). Put the finished products in the fridge for a little bit to cool them before freezing to avoid crystals and to keep your freezer from having to work too hard to get things cold. Keep drinking water. Put on peppy music to keep you going. Plan on ordering pizza for supper! :) HAVE FUN!!!

  7. My Word. After yesterday, I seriously want a big, giant freezer.

  8. I LOVE that you pair green beans with spaghetti. I though I was the only weirdo that did that..

  9. You have no idea how tickled I was to see that particular question in your post yesterday. I have always wanted to freeze stuff ahead of time for my people, but have never known how to do it. Now I do. I’ll be bookmarking that post as well!

    • Me too. Plus Now I know it was the potatoes that were ruining my frozen stew. That explains so much.

  10. I agree with Terri, I’d love to use this for my husband when I’m away.
    Three cheers for Bloggyland friends!

  11. Well, I totally missed the blog post you referenced, but I can see that i”m gonna have to go back and check that out for sure!

  12. Hi BooMama……..As long as you’re cookin’ & freezin’ remember to add in a couple of meals for the “after you get home and you’re too tired to cook” aftermath! Seriously, take some stress off yourself and allow some de-compression time. It beats ordering take-out.

  13. Yes, bookmarked for sure!

  14. The Chicken Spaghetti is a dinnertime life changer – LOVE IT!

    But I HAVE to know – WHAT is “Chicken Spectacular” and how do your bloggy friends get the recipe? With a name like that, I simply must have…it’s right there in the name! Please and thank-you very much! ;-)

    Happy marathoning!

    • Christine –

      This is the recipe that Marty left in the comments yesterday – and it’s what I’m using!

      Chicken Spectacular

      3 cups cooked chicken, chopped (I use a rotisserie chicken)
      1 package Uncle Ben’s Long Grain wild rice, cooked as directed
      1 can cream of celery soup
      1 medium onion, chopped
      1 medium jar pimentos, chopped (I don’t do this)
      1 can water chestnuts, sliced
      1 can french style green beans, drained
      1 cup mayonnaise
      Salt and pepper to taste.

      Mix ingredients together and pour into flat 3 pyrex dish. bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until bubbly. May freeze and bake later.

  15. WHOA! You are making me feel bad for my inlaws when they come to stay here and I just have a few frozen chicken breasts and a can of green beans for them. ha!

  16. Lisa Covill says:

    Sophie, I learned a lot from your comments yesterday too. When(if) we ever get moved back into our house(remember that it flooded about five weeks ago?) I am going to use some of these great new recipes. I get stuck in a rut so often! My fam loves spaghetti, though, so I have that going for me. We got some great news yesterday. Next summer we get to move back to the South! So excited! Great job on the food plan. Wish I was ever that organized!

  17. I ADORE the fact that you typed the lists and menus. Oustanding. Simply outstanding.

  18. I totally missed your post yesterday but just went back & looked at the comments. Oh my, if anyone needs me over the next few hours, I’ll be pinning all those links/recipes on pinterest!!! =)

  19. I don’t use the baggies to freeze casseroles & such. I buy the foil pans with lids at the dollar tree. Once I’ve filled the pans, I cover the casserole with plastic wrap, squeezing out all the air bubbles to avoid freezer burn, then write heating instructions on the lid, put it over the plastic wrap & freeze.

    Easy & easily stackable.

    My instructions are almost always as follows: remove lid & plastic wrap, cover loosely with foil and bake at 350 until hot.

  20. Ok, I just read every single comment on that post, too, and I am completely inspired to make some meals for after the baby comes. I may just be cooking my heart out on Saturday, too. The Westie Crew thanks you, friend!

  21. Amy in PA says:

    Would you please share that recipe for Honey Balsamic Pork Tenderloin? It sounds delicious. Thanks!!