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Apparently I now feel the need to include a little Spanish (un poquito espa&#241ol) in all my posts. I have a feeling that tendency is going to SKYROCKET in about five days, so consider yourselves warned.

Anyway, I just wanted to jump on here really quick and share some links that I’ve enjoyed this week.

– I’ve been a little on the anxious side today, so Becca’s post about waiting for the other shoe to drop really hit me where I’m living. Or where I was living before I wrote John 14:27 on a Post-It, slapped it on my computer and started reading it out loud to myself over and over and over.

I’m not even kidding about that last part.

– My friend Anne has written the most beautiful post: “A Love Letter To The Non-Mother.” So honest and tender-hearted and good.

– If you’re doing any Christmas shopping and think a little Stella & Dot jewelry might fit the bill, here’s a heads-up for you. Whitney Mallory, who’s a stay-at-home mom and the wife of a Navy man, is a Stella & Dot stylist, and she’s donating all of her sales commission to Compassion International. So if you buy anything through Whitney’s Stella & Dot site, her commission from the sale will go to Compassion (specifically, she’s donating to their clean water initiative, their disaster relief and their fund for unsponsored children). I think that’s pretty awesome.

– Priscilla Shirer has put together a list of affirmations from Scripture that we can speak over our children. I can tell you right now that this list will be residing permanently on our refrigerator. Front and center. What a great way to encourage the young’uns in the midst of a hectic morning, you know?

Hope y’all are having a great week!

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  1. John 14:27 was exactly what I needed to hear tonight! We found out today that our renter is moving out at the end of November, and I immediately went into panic mode worrying that someone else won’t come along to rent our property. Crazy, since the house has been a rental since 2001 and has never been empty except when it’s been planned so that we can work on improvements to the property. Thank you for posting this verse. Funny how easily we can forget that God intends for his children to be at peace….

  2. Thank you for including the link on affirmations to say over our children. I’ve always tried to encourage my children with positive thoughts and statements but, I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve never thought to do this with actual scripture. This is so perfect for where we are in life as we have one in college (although still living at home), one who is a senior in high school and can’t wait to venture out on his own, and a sophomore who is consistently dealing with insecurity. I can’t wait to adapt this for my kids (and my husband). And, she mentions having been in Sacramento, where I grew up. Oh, how I miss it! Thanks for your words today.

  3. Thanks for sharing that verse! :-) I might have to start reading it out loud too — I’m praying for your trip!

  4. Yes I have peeked in here …. quiet most of the time. I follow on twitter too..

    BUT you are right … I am honored to follow as you go… I will be following all the bloggers. I will link on my blog to here. I am a new advocate and love love love reading as you all travel. It makes it so real, raw… it makes my heart explode.

    praying for you…


  5. Praying for you as you go! I wish I go send you my Facebook page so you could see the CRAZY all over it about the impending LSU/Bama SHOWDOWN/THROWDOWN on Saturday! I would appreciate a little prayers (love) for our boys in the purple and gold:)

  6. I just found your blog recently. You are so funny. I am originally from Oklahoma and my husband is from TN but went to Auburn. I have been listening to your Big Boo Cast while I do the dishes. So many times I am laughing out loud. :) Thank you so much for sharing. I would love it for you to put some current podcasts up.

  7. Praying for your trip! Thank you for making me laugh out loud every time! I just love you! Traveling mercies…Amen!

  8. John 14:27 and that list of affirmations was exactly what I needed to find today. Thank you for that!

  9. well dadgum – again you have me in tears – I thought I’d cried my quotient for this month but Oh No I have to go and read about sweet women and their babies and thinking good and strong thoughts from Scripture about a sense of peace. I am currently ln a waiting for the shoe to drop life – and just deleted a whole bunch of extreme oversharing – wanted to state – you are a joy in my life and all these lovely Christian women who show up on your blog – give me some hope I very much need today. I know the hope is from God but y’all are the vessels He uses to get it to me – so keep your pretty vessels out here and sharing with some of us who aren’t writing lovely things right now.

  10. These affirmations are wonderful for ALL of us, especially since the battles we really fight are in our minds. Clean up the thoughts, shift the paradigm, and there you are…ready, set, go!
    Bless you for sharing these findings. K