A Terribly Exciting Wednesday

I don’t really have a lot of exciting news to report, but since that’s never stopped me before, I figured I’d update Ye Olde Blog before I go to bed.

So. I cooked some fish for supper tonight.


In all seriousness, I’ve been having a hard time getting into a post-Ecuador groove. I’ve been plenty busy with family and work and errands and whatnot, and I’ve also been doing some pretty impressive sleeping (some of my best ever, in fact), but I’m still just a little bit unsettled in a way I can’t exactly explain. It’s almost like a little piece of my heart is still a few thousand miles away (totally estimating on that mileage thing, by the way – I’m not very strong with the geography). It’s not really a sadness – it’s just that I miss it. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to go.

So there’s that.

In other delightful developments, I seem to have caught a cold at some point during All The Traveling. I started sneezing Monday afternoon, and by Tuesday morning I was wondering if I’d ever breathe through my nose again. You may have noticed that I’m not at all melodramatic when it comes to something as run-of-the-mill as THE COMMON COLD.

Have mercy. Sometimes I WEAR MYSELF OUT.

Anyway, today was much better on the cold front (as long as you’re not counting the part where it rained all morning and I was having a terrible hair day and I wasn’t home so I didn’t have a brush and my cowlick decided to overtake the whole right side of my forehead and CLEARLY I AM BACK IN THE SWING OF DOCUMENTING MY MANY FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS), but this afternoon I realized that I needed another box of tissue. At this point, by the way, I’m guessing that there are two or maybe even four of you still reading, and if that is the case, then I would just like to say KUDOOZ TO YOU (if you get that reference, then I may have to send you some sort of prize).

Anyway, I ran to the Walgreens to grab a box of tissues, and I made a discovery that may very well change the course of my entire life or, at the very least, the course of the next 3-4 days.

They’re Kleenex Cool Touch tissues.


Oh my word.

I don’t know how in the world the Kleenex people put the cool touch magic in these tissues, but they are A REFRESHING TREASURE. They actually feel cool against your face – almost like you’ve just pulled a box of tissues out of the freezer (which, you know, I’m sure lots of us do on a daily basis). I’m normally not overly picky about my tissues, but after finding myself in need of a tissue on approximately 251 different occasions today (just a rough estimation, of course), the Cool Touch Kleenex have provided some sweet relief over the last few hours.

So that’s pretty much all that’s new with me: a hard-to-define restlessness, a cold, and some really good tissues.

What’s new with you?

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  1. I’m having trouble finding my post-Ecuador groove too. And I DID NOT EVEN GO TO ECUADOR. Sigh. Praying for (and sharing) your hard-to-define restlessness. Love you, friend.

  2. I’m a tired Mama of a baby who won’t stop moving, a 4 year old that changes his clothes 3 times a day, and an 8 year old who complains about math homework. First world problems? I HAVE LOTS OF THEM.

  3. Well now, thanks to your Kleenex news, I am totally focused on rubbing one of those cool things all over my face. That completely trumps anything I had been doing. Or thinking.

    Praying you find your groove.

  4. I am so thankful for your Kleenex information as I, too, am finding myself in need of many tissues. Over the course of the last seven hours I have gone from feeling mainly normal to searching for the Alka Seltzer Cold & Flu, and the nose-running is in major overdrive.

    Unfortunately I have BIG DOINS for the next six days or so to include a family wedding and borderline-stranger houseguests. So there’s that ;)

    Here’s to strong immune systems leading to speedy recoveries!

  5. Jessica S. says:

    A Ramona reference? Does this mean it’s turtle time? Kudooz!

    • Ha ha ha!!! I say kadooze all the time and just laugh to myself! No one gets it!! So hilarious!

  6. Well, now see, I am picky about my tissues. I only use the Puffs Plus with lotion or the Kleenex with lotion. But am intrigued by the cool touch Kleenex, so will pick up a box on my next trip to the store.

    Sophie, do you watch The Big Bang Theory? You reminded me of Sheldon when you said you are a bit melodramatic about the common cold. Earlier tonight I saw the episode where Sheldon came down with a bad cold and he had Penny sing the soft kitty song. Too funny.

    • Love “The Big Bang Theory!” As an engineer, my entire college experience was infused with Sheldons and Leonards, including a fellow who insisted on wearing his Vulcan ears and Star Trek (original) jumper to Networks 301 (Halloween only). I quickly pegged him as the smart guy to help explain the class to me.

      I swear by Airborne. I start taking it when the first signs of a cold appear and often head it off entirely or limit the severity. Of course, having now written this, I’ll end up with a doozy for Thanksgiving. Good luck. High quality tissues are not to be underestimated in these circumstances.

      • Leigh – I immediately thought of that episode of BBT that I saw last night! So funny! The best part of watching that show is that my husband laughs at all the physics/other sciences jokes that this music major totally doesn’t get. But I do, however, relate to Sheldon and Boo’s terrible cold issues.

        Can you imagine Sheldon’s reaction to the cool Kleenex? He’d be in nirvana, for sure.

        Hope you get to feeling better, Boo. And, honestly, I hope you never get over the holy discontent you feel about Ecudor. May you never forget.

    • “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur…”

      • “Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, pur, pur, purr.”

        • Just yesterday I saw a soft kitty t-shirt! And a t-shirt that says “Knock, knock, knock, PENNY! Knock, knock, knock, PENNY! Knock, knock, knock PENNY!” And a “Bazinga!” lunch box. Google Big Bang Theory merchandise.

  7. Have you tried the ones with Vicks in them?! They are an absolute treat for a stuffy nose! (Just don’t run out of Charmin and accidentally leave that particular tissue box beside the toilet. Lesson learned.)

  8. Praying you feel better! For me, taking my sweet 6 year old Gracie to Boston Children’s Hospital for surgery. She had an ugly mole/growth that was mostly removed in September. They thought it was melanoma, but thank you Jesus it was not! Today is the removal of what remains of it. We are trusting God and looking forward to getting it over with! Then comes Thanksgiving, which I love! Amen!
    Sophie, you bring me joy! Blessings!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday & feel good as new.
    Today is my littlest’s 4K Thanksgiving Feast & I am excited to go to that & take lots o’ pictures.
    I loved your trip to Ecuador blogs :)

  10. Hope you’re better soon. I’m keeping my sweet granddaughter, Nora, today. She’s almost 18 months and is a joy to have around. It takes my mind off the pending surgery that my father-in-law will have on Monday.

  11. I too am battling the common cold and it is just bad enough to make me feel bad, but not bad enough to send me to bed. So I am plowing ahead with the day. But I think I might have to try some of those tissues. Every little bit helps.

  12. I so enjoyed your Ecuador posts and cannot seem to get Jonathon off my mind. Do you do that thing after a trip of remembering, “last week at this time I was….”? I always seem to get stuck in that mode post adventure. And I also picked up some cold germs this week and stood out in the rain last night waiting for AAA to come assist me with a flat tire – but yes, I was reminding myself these are spoiled American complaints!

    • My husband is big on doing that. In fact, this time last month, we were just getting back from Hawaii so that’s the most recent “This time last week or last month, we were…”

  13. I have had severely chapped lips for about a week due to the extremely cold weather at my son’s varsity football game. I put lipstick on to go to work, and I strongly resembled the Joker from Batman. I’ve always desired fuller lips, but I looked ridiculous!

  14. let’s see… drove the a wall cloud yesterday, did I see a rotation? I am telling myself I did. Tweeting about it and auto correct turned office into oyster so it appeared I’d risk life and limb for an oyster — when I only risked it for a meeting. Both are ridiculous — now, had it been some great Tex Mex….

  15. Sorry you’ve got a cold. The Common Cold – HA! There’s nothing common about it. It’s brutal and mean. And the tissues? I have some that Vicks built in. While it’s not that pleasant to use when you aren’t all that stuffy, but just need a kleenex, they are a GODSEND when you do have a stuffy nose. Feel better soon!

  16. Two things — First, when I came back from India, I burst into tears the first time I turned on the kitchen faucet, because I could drink that safe water and give it to my children. So don’t feel too crazy while you’re waiting for your groove to come back.

    And second, I live where the headquarters for Kimberly-Clark (inventors of your new best friend!) is located! Anytime you feel the urge to see where your Kleenexes were designed, let me know. (Of course, they won’t let you in — security in the Kleenex and feminine hygeine and diaper biz being what it is. For real.)

    Hugs to you as you mesh your Ecuador life with your US life!

  17. I feel like knowing that reference is prize enough. Especially since I’ve completely cut reality TV out of my life (except for The Amazing Race and Top Model – I’M NOT A ROBOT, PEOPLE), and I miss Ramona Singer.

  18. I truly know what you mean by feeling a bit off-kilter about Ecuador. It’s the same with me and Jamaica mission trips, but the more times I go, the more of my heart is left there. I would truly love to be a full-time missionary there, but that isn’t my calling right now. I sure hope God keeps that in mind for the future, though! Part of what I feel is always that I’ve had so much all my life, even though in America, it isn’t that much, but compared to the world poverty – I want to make a difference to someone they way the missionaries I see do – every day in a big way. Maybe I’m over-estimating what I see – but I doubt it.
    In first world news, can’t wait to feel the cold kleenex – if only it could come with the lotion..

  19. I was REALLY impacted by the stories from this Ecuador trip, especially Jonathan. I can not get him off my mind. I alternate between wanting to seek out his parents and slap them silly, being so thankful he has Compassion, and feeling so sad about his loneliness that I start to cry and want to invite him to come live with us. And that family that has given their only mattress to their kids and they sleep on a hard wooden floor? I am constantly obsessed with how I can buy those sweet parents a mattress. Seriously. If you know of a way, I will totally do it. So I understand the restlessness and I didn’t actually go! Thank you for making these kids so real to me. I have two Compassion kids that I am now wondering about even more than ever. What are they REALLY going through each day? Do they even have mattresses?

  20. First. I actually LOLed IRL when I read KUDOOZ. :D God bless those Housewives.

    Second. Re-entry is hard after a short-term trip. Be gentle with yourself and listen to your heart a lot. And share your thoughts/feelings with others. So often people come back from a trip like this and don’t get to talk enough about it. I always like to have folks over for coffee/dinner, etc. so they can just talk and talk and talk and get it out. Powerful things have happened inside you and the rest of us need to hear about them.

    Third (which I should have written a day or so ago). Despite being on Team Snack Foods (instead of Team Colossians), you aren’t at all shallow. Your posts were moving AND fun. Jonathan broke our hearts. And I loved your depiction of driving in Ecuador. :) You are a bright spot on the Internet, and I’m so glad I got to see Ecuador through your eyes.

  21. I discovered those genius tissues back in early Oct. when I had a cold that lasted two weeks! That box of tissues, however, did not. As delightful as they were, I ran out after week 1 and no tissues helpers were around to get me another box. They are wonderful though.

  22. ahhhh, post-humanitarian letdown back into the real “first” world syndrome…. (PHLBIRFWS…or something like that).
    I hear the re-entry is hard, coming down from helping others, and being surrounded by great friends while doing it!
    I always had that after youth group mission trips. I wanted to be joyful about what we had done, but I was also so sad.
    Hang in there! It will get better!
    And I can’t wait to try the cool touh tissues–too cool! ;)

  23. Terrie Cash says:

    Hey Boomama!

    I haven’t responded to your post in a long time because I didn’t have anything profound to say like you and so many others.

    While you were ministering in the depths of the jungles of Equador, I was roaming and ministering in the streets of India. Even though we were with two different people groups, I so relate not desiring ever wanting to get over the experience and the wonderful people we met.

    I thought I had a hard time adjusting to the culinary of India, but after reading Amanda’s blog, ya’ll win. All of you are heroes to me. Hope you get over your cold soon. The four of us who went to India are slowly adjusting back to American foods and all of us have colds too. We believe the colds came from the many airplanes we had to ride and others breathing our air on the plane. :-)

    Don’t I sound like a bratty child?

  24. Sorry to hear you’ve been bit by The Sickness. I just got over it myself. (Although being awake for only 2 hours yesterday was a wee bit glorious.) Git ya some rest!

  25. Don’t you wish you could have had those tissues while dwelling in the non-AC amazon riverfront lodge? Just grab a tissue and lower your temperature…magic ;)

    My baby learned to stand up yesterday…that’s what’s new for us :)

  26. Farrell Clark says:

    I hear you on the restlessness… we spent two months in Cambodia this summer with YWAM and….yeah, a part of my heart is there. We’re happy where we are and with the ministry we’re in, but I think we’ll always feel something special for that country. Don’t ever lose that restlessness.

  27. Boo Mama…I’ve just recently started visiting your blog and I genuinely love it.
    Not only can you make something as simple as this post (not that it was overly simple…but come on–tissues and the like–and I was rolling! :)) but you obviously have some great readers as well. I am laughing my head off just reading the interactions going on in your comments! Oh my–you’ve got some kind of mixing going on. How much fun!
    Hope you are better soon. And thanks for the tissue update–I’ll have to find those before I need them this year!

  28. Its the little things that matter most.