The Obsession Level Is Very Dire Indeed

So this was going to be the post where I told you all about our Thanksgiving. I was going to tell you about the caramel cake that Martha brought (this sweet lady in my hometown makes them! and her icing is perfectly divine! and she wraps the cake in plastic wrap and wax paper and it stays so fresh! so fresh! the cake is just so good and fresh!). I was going to tell you all about the three – no, four – trips that I made with various and sundry family members to the Steinmarts. I was going to tell you about how Sister and I got pedicures while we watched the Arkansas/LSU game, how we revamped my cousin’s wardrobe, how we hollered (HOLLERED) during the State/Ole Miss game and how we may or may not have stayed up really late to re-watch the highlights for good measure.

And, of course, I was also going to tell you my theory about tucking pants into boots. Because naturally that’s the most important information of all.

But every single one of those plans got derailed at approximately 8:30 tonight when I decided to play a game that my brother-in-law and husband have been playing on their iPads today. I do not have an iPad of my own, mind you, but I was so intrigued by bits and pieces of their conversations (“Have you found the spark plug yet?” “Yes. It’s in the lawn mower, and you have to have it to start the generator.” “But what about the keys to the tool box?” “I’m not sure where they are.” “Just make sure that you cut up some fire wood.” “Got it.”) that I decided to download a trial to my laptop so that I could see what all the fuss (and intrigue) was about.


Let me just say that if you enjoy any sort of quest/mystery/look for the hidden object/try to figure out the puzzle-type game, you will be completely carried away with Dire Grove. Now granted, I’ve only played the trial version, and I’m reluctantly contemplating buying the full version for my computer because I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN STAND IT IF I DON’T, but sweet mercy. It reminds me of the late 80s/early 90s when I’d start playing King’s Quest on my brother-in-law’s computer and suddenly five hours would have passed and I’d wonder how in the world I missed supper and why was the house so quiet because oh my word had everybody gone to bed already?

I get a little obsessive when there’s a quest involved. This bit of information should be surprising to approximately no one.

So even though I’m a little scarce with the details right now, I have to say that it was a really good Thanksgiving. We had lots of family here – which was a huge treat for us considering that we don’t have the luxury of living in the same town as our relatives – and we managed to cram a whole bunch of fun into a relatively short amount of time. It was a loud and busy and chaotic few days, and I adored it.

The whole Dire Grove discovery was just icing on the holiday cake, really.

So what about y’all? How was your Thanksgiving? Did you make some good memories? Did your team win? Did you do any Black Friday shopping? Did you spend part of your weekend trying to figure out new and inventive ways to serve turkey and dressing leftovers?

I can’t wait to hear. Or read, as it were.

Plus, everybody knows that reading blog comments is the best possible way to decompress after working like crazy to solve a mystery in the English countryside. IT’S EXHAUSTING WORK, PEOPLE.

Have a great Monday, y’all!

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  1. I had a delightful Thanksgiving. Up until last night. That was when my stomach decided it had really just had enough of all the Holiday Food.

    I’m much better now. :)

  2. oh honey child…let me tell you the ENTIRE Mystery Case files games are crazy addicting!!! Dire Grove is well worth buying the pc version, I promise! The whole Hidden Object genre of games just sucks me in for hours!!!
    That cake sounds deeevine!!!

  3. Great Thanksgiving and good Black Friday deals. I already shared this game info with my iPad/game loving husband. He is immediately intrigued. I am not sure if I should thank you or get mad at myself. He may not go to bed for two days now.

  4. Because I need to share my addiction…

    You can download ALL of the Mystery Case File Games (6 I think) for your computer (no need for the ipad :). The newest one…Escape from Ravenhurst came out on Thanksgiving. That’s what I have done with my holiday weekend. That and calling my mom and sister to see where they are in the game so we can all help each other. You can thank me later ;)

  5. I have nothing to contribute as far as gaming is concerned, except that my Windows95 computer back in the mid-90s had the most adorable Microsoft Bob….but must thank you and other blog sisters for making this the most eating-friendly November of my life. I hosted a real-life Diptacular for all of our Heidelberg-Mannheim chaplains’ wives, and the hit of the night was your Captain Rodney’s cheese bake. It was worth the insane shipping to mail-order it across the ocean. Then I made PW’s creamy mashed potatoes the day before Thanksgiving, and it changed my life. I’ve cooked 31 turkey dinners in a row now (because I am old) and never has it gone so smoothly and deliciously. I’ll never go back to doing everything in the same day. Plus, I used SiestaMama’s oven bag tip and got a veritable ocean of gravy. Sigh. Thanks!!

  6. Dire grove, huh? Maybe I can get my old man a new obsession. He’s still waiting to be invited to Tetris: The Senior Tour.

    Best Thanksgiving in 15 years! Friends and family – football and puzzles. Ahhhh…..

  7. Great Thanksgiving, and the KENTUCKY WILDCATS FINALLY BEAT TENNESSEE AFTER 26 YEARS! Can you tell I’m still excited?

  8. Glad you had a good thanksgiving. Cake=yum. We had fun in Canada too, despite not having off to celebrate. The fun continues, in fact, I have an airport run and a train station run to do today…but you can read about how American Thanksgiving in Canada with my Indian hubby here:

  9. We ventured into turning turkey into turkey salad (instead of chicken salad). I’m not sure why we haven’t tried it before, but it was nice to have another way to eat it that also added in moisture.

  10. Oh, and my new game obsession is family feud on the iPhone :).

  11. Hello!!! Thanksgiving dinner was our first meal together in our newly renovated monastery! We were so happy and very thankful. For the last year and a half we’d been scattered in several other places. Anyway – with 30 of us in one house our leftovers didn’t last long -we had turkey soup last night and that’s the end of the leftovers.

    I am intrigued by Dire Grove! Thanks for sharing!!! Blessings!!!

  12. I really do want to know about your thoughts on tucking jeans into boots.

    Your Bulldogs made it a winning weekend by spanking my Mean Green back to Texas in basketball. Y’all have a very good team.

    We spent our holiday with my parents and sister in my hometown. It was a good visit, but too long by about half a day probably. I was very glad to get home yesterday afternoon and be lazy in my own home. Although my dad has a better TV.

  13. Oh I did not click on the Dire Grove link. And for that I feel like I should get a prize from God. Like losing an automatic five pounds. I know that’s not how He works but I just can’t start that stuff, it’s like crack.

    Thanksgiving was great. We went to our cousin’s suite in NYC to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. I never seem to do cool things like that! It’s good to have connections sometimes. Although our connections had to come from Tennessee. We were ten stories up so we got great views of the butts of Snoopy, Buzz Lightyear, and Kermit. A great time was had by all. We then went to southern tip of New Jersey for dinner with the in-laws. What a beautiful day it was.

    The most sad time of the weekend was when UT lost to UK. I’m embarrassed but not enough to not wear my orange today. I like to mourn in orange. It gives hope for next year.

    Oh and Sophie have you been reading the blog updates by your pastor? I am a hot crying mess each time I finish reading about the adoption. It’s simply beautiful, their story and sweet Mara Ruth.

  14. I will definitely be staying away from that game! I stay away from all games because I know I have no self control when it comes to winning. I love to play against the computer but how wise is that? Just time consuming. I love chess on the iPad but had to stop because I could see that was going to grow into an obsession too. It’s so nice to know our limitations :).

    Thanksgiving was fantastic! We went out for dinner and let someone else do all the work. The first time we did this and although it won’t be an every year adventure, I certainly loved not having a messy house or dirty dishes once it was all over and we were still able to enjoy time with our family — which is always the best part.

    And yes, reading comments is always the best way to unwind and put a smile on our faces :).

  15. Great Thanksgiving and Texas beat A&M in our last rivalry game before A&M heads to the SEC. Texas Fight!

  16. On TV #1, we were PUTTING IT ON that school up north! One TV #2, FL STATE WHUPPED UF. It just doesn’t get any better than that!!!!

  17. Could not have been any better when LSU WHOOPED UP ON ARKANSAS!!!! Oh yeah! It’s good to be a Tiger nowadays:) I laughed to myself the other day. I noticed that my mom (77 years old) says Steinmarts! HILARIOUS!!! She and Martha would be fast friends.

  18. yes and Oh MY! I just got Dire Grove for $2.09! Some sort of special for new customers. And with my obsessive personality, this may not be good…. at all!
    So happy to hear of your Thanksgiving fun. Blessed to have my State girl home …. but she had to go back for the game. She is loving her time in Starkville.

  19. Well as far as Thanksgiving went, check out my post for the low down. Games? Love them, looks like I have a new one to check out!

  20. Oh goodness, and I’ve only just begun to address my Words with Friends addiction.

  21. I have to agree with everyone else who has commented – the whole Mystery Case Files series is fantastic. It just gets better and better with each new game. 13th skull was pretty cool.

  22. I discovered an awesome use for some of the leftovers. Turkey Vegetable Soup with Stuffing Dumplings, It was so so good. And, I do not believe you need a carcass to make this at another time during the winter. I am planning on either using a rotisserie chicken or just use store bought stock and follow the recipe otherwise without meat. You could even do a vegetable broth one! The dumplings were the bomb! This is a KEEPER! Blessings.

  23. I work in Columbus, now, is that anywhere near your hometown? I am craving a truly good caramel cake.

  24. Girl. I love, love, love those hidden object games. They are computer crack. I can not tell you how many lunch hours I have spent at the computer looking for first one thing and then another. Good Times.

  25. Thank you…I think…? I could never crack Myst but my husband and I had some very happy, fun nights together playing The Seventh Guest on our pre-“i” Macintosh. This sounds like the spiritual heir….