A Special Christmas Giveaway from AKT Designs

Not too long after we moved to Birmingham – way back in ye olden days of 2000 – I met my friend Alison. It would take me thousands of words to explain what she and her sweet parents (her daddy used to be my boss; her mama is my Bible study leader) have meant to me over the last 11 1/2 years, so just suffice it to say that I can’t talk about their family for very long without fighting back tears. I will never, ever forget the countless ways Alison and her precious mama welcomed me to this city; their friendship is one reason why Birmingham immediately felt like home to me.

You may be picking up on the fact that I just love them to pieces.

A few years ago Alison started her own floral design business, and I am consistently blown away by her work. She’s so creative, so deliberate, so thoughtful in everything that she does, and she has such a gift for taking ordinary objects and using them in surprising, extraordinary ways. Lately she’s been doing lots of weddings in and around Birmingham, and during the holidays she branches out (is that a bad pun? I do apologize) and makes the prettiest arrangements for mailboxes (and front doors! and mantels! and dining room tables!) that you ever did see. As a matter of fact, last year I loved the arrangement on our mailbox so much that I left it up until ’bout near February.


I’m only half-kidding.

Because just look at how pretty these are.

In the interest of spreading a little Christmas cheer, Alison has graciously agreed to give away one of her original designs for a lucky blog reader’s mailbox. Obviously she can’t travel to, you know, WISCONSIN, but she’s definitely willing to travel within a 60-mile radius of Birmingham in order to deliver the winner’s prize. So let’s say that our giveaway borders are Cullman to the north, Tuscaloosa to the west, Montgomery to the south, and Oxford to the east. If you live within that great big circle, you’re good to go giveaway-wise.

(By the way, I don’t have any idea how many Birmingham-area people read my blog, but in my head it’s somewhere around seven.)

(Given that, I think the odds for winning this particular giveaway are mighty strong indeed.)

(Also: if you don’t live in this area but would love to try to win the giveaway for a friend or relative who does live here, that is totally fine with me. Just please make sure that the person lives within a 60-mile radius of the ‘Ham.)

(And if your house doesn’t have a curbside mailbox, Alison will make an arrangement for your front door. Which is pretty sassy if you ask me.)

If you’d like to win one of Alison’s custom greenery designs for your (or a friend’s) Christmas mailbox, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post that answers the following question: what are your favorite colors to use when you decorate for the holidays? Are you a traditionalist who likes red and green? Do you throw a little turquoise or hot pink in the mix? Maybe a hint of lime green? Or are you more of a metallics girl?

I’ll leave the comments open until Monday, December 5 at noon central time, at which point I’ll draw for a winner using random.org. I’ll notify the winner via email, and if that person doesn’t respond within 72 hours, I’ll draw for another winner.

Merry Christmas, y’all!

Just so you know: this is not a sponsored post. Nobody gave me anything free in exchange for this post. Unless you count all those times that Alison and/or her mama hosted Bunco back in 2001 and we had some really good snacks. The end.

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. Woo-hoo! I live in that circle and would love to win! I love all colors but do just melt at the classic red and green.

  2. My tree is in all bright colors and plenty of glitter. I think the shinier the better! Count me in for the giveaway! I live just south of the ‘Ham!

  3. Oh these are beautiful!
    My mom would LOVE to have one of these on her mailbox this season.

    I’m fairly traditional, I suppose. I do enjoy the metallics, but can’t seem to commit to them completely.

  4. I’m a red and silver girl. And white lights. I’ve always wanted one of those mailbox holiday arrangements and I live in Moody! Yay! maybe I’ll win!

  5. Daphne Petrey says:

    I’m a red and green with some gold highlights thrown in – and I like to have it put up the day after Thanksgiving…so we can enjoy the holidays.

  6. Oh I just love her work!!!! I am a traditionalist who loves red and green, but I will throw in some big round old fashioned colored lights and lime green!!!

  7. Lisa Blakesley says:

    I love the traditional!! Red and green. I would LOVE to win the decoration and I live in Moody.

  8. Typically very traditional with red and green but my favorite color is lime green so sometimes that appears too!

  9. I like to use olive green with dark fuchsia or teal or navy…whatever to decorate and make my Christmas cards. My brother lives in Cullman, so I enjoy reading your blog.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I like to decorate in red and silver. Also, I live in Montgomery.

  11. Ooh! Good Question.

    Definitely a traditionalist with the reds and greens, but love lots of sparklies with the metallics too! Love your blog!!

  12. I do live within your radius and love your blog! It’s like sitting down over coffee with a dear friend…I’ve always used the traditional red and green, but have just discovered I LOVE silver and white! I started with my fireplace and now I’m thinking about branching out to some other place. It just looks so pristine and you know, ICY especially on these 75 degree Christmas days we enjoy now and then! I’m doing my stairs in gold, so I guess I’m leaning towards the metallics…now that my rambunctious boys are grown with families of their own, I’m free to go towards pretty and somewhat away from funcional and UNBREAKABLE! Yea! Until the granddaughters come over, of course…

  13. I live in Birmingham and would LOVE to win! I typically decorate with red, green and silver. I prefer lime green to forest green, though.

  14. linda miller says:

    Would love to win this for friends that live in Birmingham. They are moving into their new house as I type this note. This would be a great housewarming gift.
    Hope we win!
    Thank you and beautiful work!
    Linda Miller
    Charlotte NC

  15. Alison’s creations are beautiful, and i would be thrilled to win.I enjoy decorating with red and green.

  16. I love the Traditional colors..red and green with a touch of gold, too. Love white lights. The mailbox arrangements are beautiful!

  17. I add some deep purple and gold to the traditional red and green to compliment the color scheme in my house. I do love to see the lime green on what other people pull together! Merry Christmas

  18. Amen to all the kInd words about Allison, her amazing creativity, and her sweet parents who I owe so much for the love they’ve shown me and my family. I love green and red and gold because they are the colors that keep coming back out of the boxes every year in my Christmas decorations closet. I’d love to branch out with a little pink or turquoise but not sure how the family of all males would accept the change. Maybe one day… Love your blog!

  19. Homewood here! I love the traditional colors, but I think I could love sassy pinks and limes or a few metallics thrown in the mix.

  20. Kelly in Carrollton says:

    red, white, and green. totally! and i can meet this sweet delivery girl in oxford!!! thanks, sophie!

  21. I’m a traditionalist all the way…reds and greens.

  22. This year I used eggplant, deep cherry red, lime and aqua. Beautiful colors together.