I Had A Plan Until I Didn’t


I was all set to live-blog The Bachelor last night. I’d even figured out how I was going to start the post and couldn’t wait to take the first really cheesy line and use it as my title (for the record, it would’ve been a toss up between “My Middle Name is ROSE,” “The Verdict Is In, And You Are Guilty Of Being $exy,” or “That Was Canadian Bacon”).

But a funny thing happened on the way to live-blogging The Bachelor. I watched the Passion2012 live feed – specifically, I watched Louie Giglio’s opening message – and afterwards, I sat still as a stone for about five minutes and thought, So, missy. After hearing someone preach about how Jesus raises us from death to life, how are you gonna shift gears to live-blogging about The Bachelor?

It felt a little bit like spiritual whiplash, to be honest. And please understand: I’m certainly not casting any reality television stones. I mean, I am a person who has been known to have a quiet time and then immediately settle in to catch up on a couple of DVR’d episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so I am no stranger to making a quick leap from the sacred to the secular. But something about Passion threw me off my Bachelor bloggy game. I still watched Chris and Ben and the gang (sometimes with my hands over my eyes in an attempt to hide All The Awkward), but for whatever reason, it felt weird to blog about it.


ANYWAY, since I bailed on the Bachelor post, here are a few other random tidbits-o-information I’ve neglected to share over the last couple of weeks. Just so we’re all caught up, of course.

1. Did I tell y’all that Martha got a Kindle for Christmas? Well, Martha got a Kindle for Christmas. And somehow I have been designated as Martha’s Kindle tech support person. I do not have a Kindle, mind you, nor had I even held a Kindle until I set up Martha’s, but even still I am now the one-woman Kindle Geek Squad in our family. FOR MARTHA.

I would appreciate your prayers.

2. I’m fairly certain that at least one person in our house developed a strong addiction to this stuff over the holidays.

3. Remember a few weeks ago when I was totally obsessed with the Dire Grove hidden object game? Well. The week before Christmas I played TWO hidden object games: Ravenhearst (which was a little dated but fun) and Return to Ravenhearst (which I really enjoyed). THEN a bloggy friend was kind enough to share a gift certificate for 13th Skull, and I think it may be my favorite of them all. It takes place in Louisiana, and what I love is that you can adjust the “attitude” of the game to make the tone of it more Southern.

I think we all know that I’d turn the Southern all the way up to “stun” if I could.

4. Way back in November I mentioned that I had some thoughts about the current trend of tucking pants into boots. I still have those thoughts. I’ve just been a little too chicken to share them in the event that someone who feels like she’s walking in tuck-in victory reads what I have to say about this Critical Matter of International Importance and as a result unnecessarily begins to question the wisdom of her tuck-in when she’s actually more than fulfilling all the items on the Successful Tuck-In Checklist.

Not that there’s really any such list, of course (BUT MAYBE WE NEED TO MAKE ONE).

Anyway, I don’t want to be a tuck-in stumbling block when there are a great many people who are excelling at the delicate tuck-in balance. Life is hard enough without false tuck-in guilt or, heaven forbid, unnecessary tuck-in shame.

All that to say: I’m prayerfully considering the best way to move forward with my tuck-in thoughts. If I don’t feel a peace about it, you may rest assured that I will consult my accountability partner and maybe even an elder.

5. I recently started watching Once Upon A Time on ABC. I did not think that I would like it AT ALL since it involves A) fairy tales B) troll-type creatures C) a certain degree of Arthurian fantasy, a genre that typically makes me itch D) elaborate costumes that are not being used for CIA-related purposes (I miss you, Sydney Bristow) and E) a precocious child in a leading role.


But oh my goodness, y’all – I adore this show. I think the acting is fantastic (especially the actress who plays the Evil Queen), and even though the premise isn’t anything I would normally expect to enjoy, I am such a fan. There’s something very compelling about knowing the story behind the story, and LOOK AT ME ADDING ANOTHER HOUR-LONG DRAMA TO THE TV MIX.

I’m shocked, quite frankly – but are any of you watching, too?

Happy Tuesday and/or Wednesday, y’all.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I love Once Upon A Time also. I am letting my older kids watch it with me which is unusual for anything prime time =) Already have the new episode marked in my calendar so we can be ready to watch =)

  2. Oh, I LOVE “Once Upon a Time”! I have been having withdrawal since they stopped showing new episodes, but was watching Celebrity Wife Swap earlier tonight (I’d feel guilty about that last, if I hadn’t switched over after seeing the last episode of “Downtown Abbey” on PBS … balancing out my Culture with some Mindless Entertainment helps me sleep at night) …

    Where was I?

    Oh, right. I saw a commercial for the new episode of “Once Upon a Time” and I’m not going to go all spoilery on you, but it looks GOOD. I can’t wait (although I haven’t quite forgiven the show for killing off the Huntsman).

  3. Ok I’m about to over-share and also reveal some embarrassing facts, such as we don’t have cable so we don’t even get TV, and also I raised my daughter (now 14) in Africa so she has never watched a TV show before that wasn’t already on DVD. I know, I’m such a dork. But we love this show! We watch it on Hulu and after the first one she said “Let’s watch the next one!” and was crushed when I told her she had to wait a week. It’s so fun! Of course we love fairy tales, so that helps, but the premise of this one is great. We love Emma Stone best, I think, but the wicked queen is a fine actress. I love how she is always threatening people and taking it to the next level! Great show!

  4. Okay, I am really wanting your take on the “pants tucking in the boots” opinion. Everyone here loves you and knows that whether we are big time tuckers or not, that you are going to make it funny and quite frankly I can always use a laugh.

    Also, LOVE the Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist and apparently so does everyone who lives near me because it was sold out weeks before Christmas. Sadness.

  5. I loved seeing Beth on the live stream from Passion, and listened to Francis Chan tonight too. First time to hear him speak. I also added a new hour long Drama to my repertoire! Never ever watched Glee until tonight. Thanks to Netflix, I’m starting at the beginning.

  6. Oh my word! I feel your pain about the one-woman Geek Squad! Hilarious.
    My daughter is at Passion with friends and she does not have the words to describe her experience. I am so proud of them all! Last night when Chris T preformed the How Great is our God song in several languages, it just about did me in. It was amazing!
    Not sure if I can pry the remote from my husband’s hands to change the channel from Storage Wars to Once Upon a Time but I can try!

  7. I’m with you on the careful consideration of the pants and boots issue. I’d love to be a part of it but I can not pull off skinny jeans. No way. Not enough distance between wherever my shirt ends and the top of the boot. But listen, have you seen (usually cutie collage girls) wearing their skirts and dresses with tall boots and boot socks?? It is so cute. I want to try it but doubt it’s cuteness on a 6-month pregnant lady juggling a 20 month old and (ugly) diaper bag. I think I’ll stick with my leggings and tunics.

  8. My 15 year old began watching “Once Upon a Time” on Hulu. We also have a 5 year old and 3 year old so sitting down at that time of night to watch TV is not an option right now. Everything is Hulu or Netflix. Anyway… she told me about it. One day I decided to watch an episode and I LOVE it. I didn’t think I would. But I did and now I’m hooked.

  9. I’m not feeling the tucking the pants into boots thing either. Maybe it is because for me to do it I would need to wear skinny jeans and for me that is just not an option.

    Also, I found Once Upon A Time over the weekend and have now caught up on all the episodes on hulu. I had decided I would never watch it based on the commercials and I am LOVING it as well.

  10. Once Upon A Time is my new TV crack addiction!
    Reminds me of LOST – so many new questions each week….

  11. Did you know that Dallas is coming back to tv (TNT, I think) this summer with several members of the original cast including JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen? I for one can’t wait!

  12. LOVE Once Upon a Time!!! :) I wasn’t too sure about it either, then watched 3 in a row and was hooked!!

  13. I was instantly hooked on Once Upon a Time! When it started, I DVR’d the third episode, watched part of it, and then immediately had to go back and watch the first two, then finished the third episode and waited with bated breath for the next one to air…I think it’s an official addiction!
    However, just TRY explaining it to somebody who doesn’t watch without sounding like a total loon!
    “Well, these people are all fairytale characters but they don’t know they are because of a curse…” Yeah, it’s impossible!
    I was terrified that it had been cancelled because there weren’t any on for weeks.
    I’m also addicted to Parenthood and Switched at Birth.

  14. I love Once Upon a Time. I am always scared to get in to a new show because every time I do, they cancel it. I’m so glad it’s been successful and can’t wait for the new one to come out.

  15. Drat it all… now I have to start watching Once Upon A Time. Downton Abbey is back with season two on Sunday. It is a wonderful A+ show. I received season one as a Christmas gift. My football loving, fishing husband loved it and did not find too stuffy.

    The Bachelor. Oh my friend. So wrong. So wrong. And every season I turn it on for just a little bit, and then I am hooked. Several observations came to mind. The cocktail attire seemed especially pageanty this time- probably the sash that said, “Miss Pacific Palisades” made me lean that way. I wish the Bachelor could be a training guide for all young women on how NOT TO ACT. ACT LIKE THIS AND YOU WILL NEVER MARRY!!!

  16. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    Oh we are all about Once Upon A Time! ! ! And Grimm on Fridays on NBC! ! Grimm was losing me but it got much better and I love the wolf character! I totally missed the tuck-in statements but will be looking those up! I have real issues with pants hanging out over the boots and I don’t even own a pair of boots but oh, I am the first to tell my child how bad it looks. I need to watch more T.V. Oh, wait! I just added Dr. Who to the mix so no I don’t!

  17. I feel your pain about the Kindle support. My mother-in-law has one and I’m the one she calls when it messes up. At least I do have one, but it is still hard sometimes to figure out what she has done! Especially over the phone! lol Good luck with Martha and her Kindle!

  18. My mom is really into Once Upon a Time. I haven’t watched it but it sounds like it could even be something I could watch with my 12 year old daughter ? Maybe? It would be good if I could because she is subjected to a lot of “BOY TV” ! Ha! We need something we can watch together! :)

    • I am very picky about what my girls watch. They can watch this though they have not too much. Homework; too much homework. Anyway; this and Covert Affairs with a few scene exceptions are good for us. I have grown to hate some ot f the tween/ teen sitcomes. Pretty Little Liars, etc are on the no list with no objection from them!

  19. yep on The Bachelor v Passion 2012…. I had the same experience. I think it was the equivalent of a head smack. I love Passion! Love seeing God moving! Amazing stuff.
    And, I, too am a Once Upon a Time fan… love it, but then I’m all about a fairy tale, trolls, and elaborate costumes.
    Oh, and Happy 2012!

  20. I am not a fairy tale fan.. at 7 I was watching Elvis’s Viva Las Vegas while everyone else was watching Snow White and the mice on Cinderella.. Oh my ears! But I was hanging with some girls from the youth group that first Sunday it came on and fell head over heels in love! I can’t get enough of that show. Truth: After each episode ends I google it and read the recap so I can pick up everything I missed. Each episode leaves me with more questions than answers which is just so stinkin fun! It’s a tad dark at times but just so wonderful I watch anyway.. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen!

  21. Julie in Texas says:

    Melanie (through pictures on her blog) gave me the confidence to wear my skinny jeans tucked into my boots. And I am not TALL or THIN like her, but I wear them with a blousy-ish shirt, or a vest and scarf, and just IMAGINE I look like her pictures. No one has run away screaming yet…

    Spent FOUR HOURS helping my darling ‘Martha’ with her iPhone the day after Thanksgiving.

    Happy New Year!!!!

  22. I’m not a pant tucker inner either and have mixed feelings about it. Probably because I am not skinny and not wearing skinny jeans, well, never.

    BUT, I do have a Kindle Fire and my mom has the regular Kindle so if you have questions or need help, you know you can find me on Twitter or well, most anywhere else. ha! Good luck. I’m lucky I married a geek!

  23. ~With you on Once Upon a Time…love it, but I loved Lost too and since there’s a connection between the shows I had hoped to love it from the get go.
    ~I also miss Sydney Bristo, there’s been a void in my tv life for years.
    ~With you on Bachelor…awkard with a capital A…and if you watched the preview of what’s coming I may be dropping this from my tv viewing line-up.
    ~Bad news on the Sierra Mist, I have a fellow co-worker who was also in deep love with the diet version of this drink…it’s apparently just a seasonal drink, so stock up before it’s gone….good luck!

    • the Sierra Mist Diet Cranberry disappeared before Christmas up here. Just the big bottles now, no cans. It was lovely. I make my own now with Fresca and diet cranberry juice.

  24. I am SO with you on “Once Upon A Time”. I love it, didn’t expect to. But let’s talk hair for just a minute. Ginnifer Goodwin? No. The pixie does NOT work. At least for me. But the Evil Queen lady? I like her little bob. I kind of want to do that to my hair, just to see. I’m ready for new shows to be back! My hair goals are being rent asunder, and I need some structure in my life…

  25. Betty Boop says:

    We love watching “Grimm” as well as “Once Upon A Time” and are looking forward to the new shows!

  26. Andrew is more than happy to offer his opinion on the tuck-in controversy should you need an elder’s attention in this time of crisis.

  27. Oh Once Upon a Time, I love that show. I always liked Ginnifer Goodwin, but now I love her. She is so fresh and pretty and her scenes with Josh Dallas are fantastic. I’m always envious of people who get to vamp it up as the evil queen type (see also – HBC as Bellatrix Lestrange in the HP movies). You just get to let go and let your crazy out. Lana Parilla does a great job as Regina. I’m also envious of her hairstyle. Wish my hair wasn’t so curly or I’d attempt it.

  28. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Once Upon A Time!!! I was so looking forward to it from the previews and I have not been disappointed. I did watch The Bachelor. I guess it was the first time since Jakes season that I have. To much girl drama for me. I always check the spoiler blogs to see who they end up picking and then I don’t watch anymore. And as for the “tucking in the boots” I think it depends on the person. My sister looks very good with her pants tucked in her boots but of course she is about as big around as a minute. I have big ole elephant legs so for me its not gonna happen.

  29. new here.
    I thought maybe I would like this show and then I thought maybe it would get too weird for me, but the other night they had on a few episodes on in a row and I loved it too!! Hoping I can stay tuned…

  30. I absolutely adore Once Upon a Time! So glad Jennifer Morrison has such a successful show post-House. I’ve always been a fan of any show that makes me want to watch the same episode over and over to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

  31. ‘I think we all know that I’d turn the Southern all the way up to “stun” if I could.’

    You are the BEST kind of funny.

    I think Megan of SortaCrunchy is watching Once Upon a Time… she wrote a post about it a few weeks ago. Or I could totally be making that up. But you like fairy tales now, so that’s okay, right?

    Love you!

  32. #1 is the main reason that I didn’t get my mama a Kindle for Christmas. I learned my lesson on that dreadful day when I set her up with a FB account. Heaven help us all.

  33. I love YOU! The tuck-in saga is not only hilarious, but it has me wanting to know what your thoughts are! So, please, have someone near you lay hands on and let’s get on with it!

  34. I too am addicted to Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. I discovered it in the “fountain” at Target a long time ago. I then found it at my local Walmart in a 12 pack. I bought several of them, and then they were GONE! I even saw the vendor at Walmart and asked him what happened. He said that they no longer wanted to get them. I was so sad. I just recently found them again at the same Walmart! I was so excited! Maybe they are just a seasonal drink as another poster commented. (Let me go and finish the one that I had with supper!)

  35. Cindy McNair says:

    a genre that usually makes me itch—best line ever. lol

  36. Cindy McNair says:

    a genre that usually makes me itch—best line ever lol

  37. had a tough day today – I got my VERY much needed “laughed until I cried moment” with your mention of consulting your accountability partner and maybe an elder..thank you for being such a gifted writer!

  38. I’d like to exhort you to use your spiritual gifts and throw off everything that hinders and so easily entangles your tuck-in thoughts. Don’t hide your light under the sherpa of an extra-high Ugg, but let your hemlines shine before men.

    ‘Cause we’re gonna love it no matter what:)

  39. I usually read your blog in my google reader and don’t bother posting (I know, bad blog reader, I am!), but I never miss reading a post. You always crack me up. As to not thinking you’d like “once upon a time”, I was the exact same way. I was quite certain I wouldn’t like it, but for whatever unexplainable reason, I watched an episode, and wow, was I surprised. It hooked me within the first five minutes.

  40. Your boot tuck-in contemplations had me cracking up. You have to get Martha a Kindle Skin. They are precious and cute and fancy!

  41. Yay! I’m so glad you found Once Upon a Time and enjoy it. It is far and away my favorite show on TV right now. The cast is wonderful, and I can’t wait to see where the writers take the storyline. I just love it!

  42. I’m a true Boo Mama fan for sure. I first found you through the Compassion Blogger Trip and loved your sense of humor. I’ve enjoyed following you for the last few months. And then I read this post. And in (almost) the middle of the night I literally cheered. I LOVE Sydney Bristow. I may or may not have named my car Sydney. Also? I am definitely looking at season 3 dvd sets on my night stand. I started an Alias marathon over Christmas vacation and I’m about half way through S3 now! love, love love it. So basically I’m saying that I think we should be friends. lol!

    On another note, Once Upon A Time is great, too! I really hope that either it doesn’t get yanked, or that they are able to resolve it before it does. It seems that a lot of shows don’t last very long anymore on tv, and they just quickly disappear. But this one definitely has a nice thread going, and I’d hate to see it just ended!

  43. I just got to this post. Let me tell you you KILLED it. What a fun post!! I watched a couple of episodes of Once… but I need to get back on it. It was fun. Glad you got to enjoy some Passion. What a great way to start the new year! Also, my 85 year old grandmother got a kindle fire for Christmas. Somehow I dodged the Kindle support person bullet. However, it went straight into my husband. Bless his patient heart. And yours! Happy New Year

  44. Sarah Atkinson says:

    My mom has watched Once Upon a Time since the premiere and she kept insisting I start watching too, swearing I would like it. I dug my heels in for weeks because whenever my mom and I think the other will like something, we are ALWAYS WRONG. But I finally rolled my eyes, heaved a longsuffering sigh, and sat down like a good daughter to watch an episode of a show I was sure would be cheesy and not my taste at all and did I mention I really couldn’t stand Jennifer Morrison on House?

    And then…I got hooked. I’ve seen every episode now. And my mother will NOT STOP GLOATING.

  45. Deb Weaver says:

    Our whole family sits down to watch Once Upon a Time–hubby, 22 year old daughter, 17 year old son, and me–and we LOVE it! It’s the only show we all watch together which makes it even more special.

  46. Thank you for the laugh! And as for sharing your thoughts on “to tuck” or “not to tuck”, we all have a opinions. Anyone who has read your blog knows you never mean to offend anyone, and as someone above stated, you would definitely have a funny spin on the whole issue. My daughters can carry the tucking of the pants off very well. I, however, am 5 ft tall and overweight, and it just would never work for me.

  47. I haven’t laughed this hard since the mentholatum (sp?) post. The only thing that would seem to aid in the tuckage would be stirrup pants and LORD have mercy may we not revisit that. If you watched Passion live stream I’m sure you noticed Christy Nockels and Mama Beth Moore sporting the perfectly tucked jeans—nary a pucker at their knees. You may need to interview them for Tuck-In specifics.

  48. I found Once Upon a Time over the holidays. (Yeah, new iPad!) I absolutely love it. However I just realized it comes on Sunday nights and that’s when the new season of Downtown Abbey starts. Talk about dilemmas. Yikes! And if you can explain to me how to tuck-in, yet not draw more attention to my large hips, it will be a New Year miracle.

    • I’m not sure what the schedule is in your area, but here in middle GA, Once Upon a Time comes on at 8pm, and Downton Abbey starts at 9pm. Two of my favorite shows right now!

  49. My thoughts on the pants-tucked-into-boots dilemma: Girls with “healthy” calves probably shouldn’t add extra bulk to their legs. So I’m sort of our of the running on this trend. I think it looks cute on people with thin legs though!

  50. I tried Grimm and found it a bit dark. My 12 and 13 year old would not like it. One bored day I watched Once Upon a Time on demand. Hooked! Good story; great sets. Good imagination interweaving the stories. They watch too when they have time; we live Covert Affairs too wit ha few scene exeptions.

  51. First off, I’ll admit I’m the terrible type of blog follower that follows via google reader, and is too lazy to click to the original to leave a comment. That being said, I love reading your blog. I actually have no idea how I first discovered it, but I love how you write. And whenever you recommend a CD I always immediately head over to itunes to check it out! BTW, thank you for the Travis Cottrell recommendation! Love it!

    Second, I always feel that tension as I switch from reading a book by Tony Campolo or Philip Yancey, to watching ANTM or any other random reality show. Especially when God has stirred something in my heart…but as you say, I definitely keep watching!

    Lastly, I love “Once Upon a Time”, also! I too, wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but after the first episode I was hooked. It helps that I love Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin, especially Ginnifer Goodwin. I live in Vancouver, BC…as I was watching the opening I thought to myself, hey…i think that’s filmed here! Sure enough “Storeybrook” is filmed half an hour from my house…and the rest of it is filmed in the outlaying areas here. So cool! I just discovered that a friend of mine, who is an actor here in Vancouver, will be on an episode in March – Oh my word, I was stoked. Seriously excited.

    Anyways…that was one long comment, but I thought I should make up for the months of no comments! Thanks for writing – very enjoyable.

  52. I’m loving your blot (stupid auto correct on my kindle fire won’t let me put a g on the end of that word!) anywho am personally still on the fence about the whole tucking in thing since it looks best with jeans too tight for modesty imo, but I recently discovered a fashion blot (again, autocorrect) called ain’t no mom jeans which aaaalmost has me convinced. Am dying to get your take and have been waiting anxiously.

  53. Love Once Upon A Time. I’ve watched it from the beginning and can’t wait for the new episodes to start this Sunday night. I also enjoy Grimm, although it is a bit dark.

  54. I watched the first three episodes and then my DVR messed up and didn’t record the next one. I thought I’d just move on with life but found I missed the show and am working on getting caught up with Hulu. This is not a show I thought I’d like but for some reason I’m hooked. The woman playing the evil queen is brilliant!