I Couldn’t See Past Me ‘Til I Saw You

Sister sent me a link to this video earlier today, along with a message that said, “Oh. This is STRONG.”

So I watched it. And after I managed to remove my heart from my throat and put it back in its proper place, I responded to Sister’s email and told her that I might need a mild sedative in order to avoid a prolonged bout with the ugly cry.

If you’ve ever loved a young’un all the way down to your toes, watch and listen at your own risk. And for heaven’s sake, make sure that there’s a stash of Kleenex nearby.

Pretty much the sweetest thing ever, isn’t it?

Yeah. I think so, too.

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  1. I watched this over the weekend on friend’s blog…Oh my goodness. I had to pull myself together cause whenever I was watching it was NOT the time for sobbing. :)

    And it doesn’t hurt that Josh went to Ole Miss:) So did I, so it made it even more special!!


  2. This is Katherine Heigl’s husband. Saw her and this sweet child on The View this morning. Precious!!!

  3. Oh my . Just what my sweet Stella and I needed to watch tonight – except , of course, she thinks that it is HER in that video [ when you are three, isn’t everything supposed to be about you?!?!]
    thank you for sharing that sweetness!

    I plan on watching it over and over again and crying uncontrollably. YAY hormones!

  5. Not only is that Josh’s real life wife, Katherine Heigl, its also their real life adopted daughter – that they adopted knowing full well she was “special”. As the mother to a special needs little boy, this video…well, lets just say, my cup runneth over… :)
    Amy in Austin
    (PS: I guess since you posted this, y’all made through last nights’ storm okay)

  6. That was almost mean.
    Precious. . .dangit now, I wanna try and sneak in the kids rooms and kiss their sleepy heads.

  7. I just snort-cried in my living room.

  8. Very beautiful…I saw it on someone else’s blog the other day and it is really wonderful. I love when high profile folks can get in the spotlight in a good way. :) And Katherine Heigl’s smile is amazing, no?! They are a very lovely family.

  9. good grief!!! so much beauty, so many tears….

  10. Oh man. I had avoided it on another blog because I knew it would tug. And oh did it tug. Thanks!

  11. So I know NOTHING about country. NOTHING. Had no idea who he was. So I kept thinking, “Oh, look at the happy mama…she’s so pretty…she looks kind of like Katherine Heigl.” Then I remembered from an interview that she’d adopted, and I got all excited that it was actually her. I hope they’re 1/10th as happy in real life as they look on the video. Such a sweet picture.

    Side note: This also made me think about how nice it will be for Naleigh to see when she grows up – and how my poor babies don’t even have a scrapbook.

  12. Are you trying to kill me? This “China Mommy” did pretty good to make it to the 3:00 mark when she’s working on that button before sobbing into my coffee. So so sweet.

  13. Oh my word. Beautiful.

  14. Amazing. Just amazing. Makes me really consider adoption to finish out our family unit. So many little arms need a happy home and neck to squeeze!

  15. Oh. My. Word. Sweet sweetness, that was precious.

  16. I’m resisting the ugly cry right now. (Resisting! Resisting! Get thee behind me, red nose!)

    But man.

  17. love. just love it. especially since we are just starting to prayerfully consider adopting as a way to start our family.

  18. so glad you posted this. so many people are going to see it and hopefully will be reminded of what a SWEET gift adoption can be when God uses us to do things for others.

  19. What are you trying to do to us?????

    So super sweet, I immediately showed my H and we both love it. Definitely going on the iPod.

  20. Rebecca H says:

    I just ugly-cried into my salad in the middle of the deli. I wish international adoption wasn’t so expensive up front. My husband and I would love to give one of these precious kids a home and family.

  21. Oh my word!!!!!!! This is beyond beautiful!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Oh gorgeous! I love the line about her being his girl…kept thinking that’s how GOD sees us! Its a needed feeling – our Father knows that!

  23. I have late docket tonight, and that was NOT FAIR…I’ve got to get myself together!

  24. Holy. Moly.
    Such sweetness.

  25. Mercy. Mercy. Mercy.

  26. Got me two of those little love gals who were ours before we ever even walked out the door to go get them to foster while waiting to adopt. We lived in East Asia at the time and it was permitted. Mei Ge “Beautiful Song” And Mei Xing “Beautiful Star” live up to their Chinese names every single day! Loved this song and the love oozing out from my screen. See a slice of our story on myblog…the post is called Daughters of the King.

  27. Ooh, my husband, daughter and I saw him live in Savannah with Lady A and he sang this song. It was amazing in person. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

    BTW, I JUST KNOW you’d heard the new Dave Barnes single Mine to Love that came out today. It’s SO SO good. :D

  28. Lovely. Just lovely.

  29. SWEETEST, indeed.

  30. I am so glad you posted. I was thinking about you and family when I saw the storms and tornadoes that came through your part of the state.

  31. Sallie Baker says:

    Oh my gosh. Precious!

  32. Hoo boy. We’re two years into the wait for our second daughter through adoption, so this did me in. Thanks for sharing it! (And thanks to the other commenters who pointed out that the mama is Ms. Heigl . . . I was just thinking, “That mom is gorgeous! I’ve got to step up my wardrobe, hair, etc. a little!” Now I can relax again.) :)

  33. Back in the day, my husband forbid me to ever watch Oprah again because I would always call him sobbing when she featured yet another show on children suffering in other parts of the world and I would subsequently want to go adopt every child I could get my hands on. Be careful posting thus stuff…he may not let me read your blog anymore. ;-)

  34. Precious. I think I may have to have another baby now.

    Also? Could Katherine Heigl be any prettier?

  35. He and his brother (of Lady Antebellum fame) so need to do a duet album, CD, whatever they are called these days! Those 2 guys are both so talented! Katherine Heigl is so beautiful. (I miss her on Grey’s Anatomy) And that sweet little precious girl! Wow! She is a doll! That was a beautiful video:)

  36. Love this! As a mommy of a little from China, I bawled my eyes out.. What a beautiful family!

  37. Oh, for the love of Kleenex!!! Oh my!!! Absolutely beautiful!

  38. Wow! Just wow! What a beautiful gift for such a beautiful girl! Still grabbing for kleenex, but thank you for sharing!

  39. Oh wow. How did I miss this. That is adorable. So sweet. Gah, Katherine Heigl is the most beautiful woman I’ve seen. Its not fair.