In Which We Are In Fact The Champions

Well, I am oh-so-happy to say that we had a little bit of unexpected excitement around here this past weekend.

Mississippi State won the SEC Baseball Tournament here in Birmingham (well, technically it was in Hoover, but considering that Hoover spreads out all over the southern end of the ‘Ham, you don’t really know when you pass out of one and into the other), and we were just as tickled as we could be. We went to most of State’s games last week – which means I heard the sounds of bats hitting balls in my sleep – and there was no way I was going to miss that championship game Sunday afternoon. Oh, sure, it was supposed to be 95 degrees outside and humid and sunny (all my favorites!), but we got to the baseball stadium early enough to secure some seats that were far, far away from the dangerous U-V rays. I will thank the Lord for that particular blessing for the rest of my earthly days.

And listen. As thrilled as we were to see State’s players win the championship, we were just as excited to see about 11,000 State fans show up to cheer for the Bulldogs. It was remarkable, really, to be here in the Birmingham area and see maroon in all directions. I’ll never forget when we first moved here and I was completely astounded by the fact that people said “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle” to each other as a casual, everyday greeting – just like you or I would say “Hey” or “How’s it going” – so to be within a few miles of our house this past Sunday and be surrounded on all sides by State folks? And to hear “Go ‘Dogs!” at every turn? Well, it was a mighty big treat.

The tournament was so fun all week long, and while I know I’m a bit biased about the general, all-around wonderfulness of the Southeastern Conference, I really can’t say enough about the way they run their events. The baseball tournament is a well-oiled machine, and it’s a fun, family-friendly environment. We made some great memories this past week and had an absolute blast. The fact that our team won the championship was just the scratch gravy on top of the homemade biscuit.

Go ‘Dogs!

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  1. Happy for you and your Bulldogs, but now it’s on to the tournament and college world series where I will be rooting for the number one seeded Gators! And the number four seeded Baylor Bears. As much as I love the Gators, I for sure would not bet against the Bears; Baylor is on a magical roll athletics wise and the baseball team just may keep it going.


  2. So happy for your bulldogs. After watching their awesome win over LSU saturday night I declared that if we weren’t going to win, then I would be pulling for the bulldogs. My husband wanted to know why the bulldogs and I then I had to tell him all about your blog and how crazy you are over MIss State and the SEC. Since we are CRAZY south carolina gamecock fans he completely understood! :-)

  3. nlynch says:

    I kept tabs on the score and just kept picturing you and A going wild!!!!
    Gotta love a good championship game/holiday weekend.
    God Bless America.

  4. I went to the game with my hubby, the LSU fan, Friday night. Needless to say I think I had a much better time than he did. :)

    I thought about looking for you to see if you were there, but then I thought it might be crazy, stalker, weird so I sat in my little seat and cheered on the dawgs!

  5. Lesley says:

    I was there, too. We drove down from Nashville to watch Vandy, who unfortunately was out of pitching. I would check out all the people ringing cow bells wondering if that was you. However, I would not have approached you because I wouldn’t want to freak you out (like the comment before. I didn’t want to appear to be some crazy stalker lady.) I was excited for Ross Mitchell, tho. He’s from our hometown and I’m friends with his family.

  6. I am here to tell you, that Chris Stratton is the sweetest young man – I taught him years ago – love him, and his sweet family! So excited about those dawgs !!!

  7. So jealous that you were there for all of it! But so happy you and A got to experience that. Thanks for sharing all the pics! Ran into some nice LSU fans in my hometown yesterday that were on their way home from Hoover and said they cheered for the Bulldogs! I thanked them and he told me they had been to the last 9 CWS. Super jealous. But he said the atmosphere and all in Hoover was almost better than Omaha! Go SEC!!!!!!

    PS-You headed to Tally????

  8. Congrats! You know, the Mississippi State Athletic department should really put you on their payroll! You are the most wonderful kind of PR!!

  9. Hoover’s ability to control the traffic and the parking situation amazes me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done better anywhere. They have it down to an art. Should teach classes to other areas not so well oiled.

    On to the regionals!

  10. Jessica says:

    Oh the “War Eagle” greeting… Drives me INSANE! Obviously not an Auburn fan but I don’t think it would make sense to me even if I was.

  11. (all my favorites!) CRACKS ME UP!! Right there with ya!

  12. After listening to you on the BigBoo podcasts, I always hear your posts in my head in your voice, because you write just like you talk. (That’s a good thing.) Speaking of which, isn’t it about time for a new podcast? (And congrats on the win!)

  13. I’m sorry, I keep checking to see if you are going to post on Emily the Bachelorette. I am waiting patiently. lol

    Hugs from Minnesota

  14. Congratulations ‘Dogs! I personally am hoping the Lady Vols stay alive in Women’s Soft Ball, but who knows?

  15. We were so happy to be there on Sunday for the big win!! I agree – it is SUCH a well-run tournament. Our entire family loved it! My girls didn’t even complain about the heat since they had the do-it-yourself snow cone stand.