Home Again (MY, That’s An Original Title)

Well, I totally bailed on y’all for a few days. I was in Nashville with Melanie to do the dotMom opening video, and I could tell you that we didn’t have one iota of fun, but that would be a lie. We laughed like crazy and had a blast. We also got to catch up with some sweet friends who we don’t see nearly enough, and even though I was a little bleary-eyed on the drive home this morning and may in fact sleep for fourteen hours tonight, I loved every second of our time there.

While we were in Nashville, a friend showed us some clips from Portlandia, which is one of those shows that I’ve never made time to watch even though people have recommended it over and over. I guess I’ve been too locked in to other TV commitments, but I’m very aware that the fall season is upon us, and this is the perfect time to re-evaluate my TV goals.

(By the way, three hour Bachelorette finale this Sunday!)

(I’ll watch it like it’s a football game.)

(I may even make some dips.)

SO, we did in fact watch some Portlandia clips last night, and oh, I laughed. I even wheezed a little bit. And this particular one – well, it is some mighty fine and funny satire.

I’m betting that a bunch of you have seen that already – but for me it was some brand new funny.

Anyway. Everybody in the house is asleep now, so that can only mean one thing: the Project Runway season premiere. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Heidi, Tim, and the gang, and I’m ready to catch up.

(See? TV commitments a-plenty.)

And one more thing: be sure to check out this post of Angie’s if you get a chance. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Hope you have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. I will be having a Bachelorette viewing party at my house and I’m sure there will be dip involved too (and wine)!

  2. I loved watching the video that you posted. My family is also really excited about watching the 3 hour Bachelorette finale! I bet it will be great!!

  3. Clips are the way to watch Portlandia — lots of it is REALLY funny (I’m thinking of a Hide & Seek League that’s very funny) . . . but FYI: there is usually one *raunchy* sketch in each show. I loved this clip about “local” food too. :)

  4. Thank you for the link to Angie’s blog.
    Have a good weekend BooMama!

  5. The viewing party will happen at my house as well and I love that you are making dip!! I prefer my own pint of ice cream. Also, please tell me Angie will be .MOM!!! I loved her last year!

  6. Thank you for sharing the link to Angie’s post. My heart could hear the emotions she felt at that table…

    Like Nancy, we watched Portlandia a couple of times and laughed out loud – but found the one raunchy scene in each episode a bit much.

  7. Kimberly/OKC says:

    I am dying for you to post about “The Bachelorette”. BEST FINALE EVER!!