A List Is The Best I Can Do

1. I am officially obsessed with Isaac in all its forms (tropical storm, hurricane, whatever). I refresh the tracking graphic on weather.com about forty times a day, apparently because I MUST KNOW WHERE IT IS AT ALL TIMES.

2. If you watched The Weather Channel at all yesterday, you may have noticed that they mentioned the possibility that Isaac could hit “a land mass between Mobile and New Orleans.” Um, THAT WOULD BE MISSISSIPPI. And oh, the folks from my home state leapt into action with funny – but pointed – responses.

My favorite is a morph from this Mississippi State banner:

into this:

3. I’m still trying to eat healthier, and for the most part it’s going just fine. But tonight, for whatever reason, I really want strawberry cake. And I don’t just want a piece of cake. I want the whole cake. And also a fork.

I’m about to eat some grapes instead. I’m sure they will HIT THE SPOT.

4. Last week my book publisher sent me a rough draft of the book description that will eventually show up on Amazon. All I had to do was proof the thing and make any changes that I wanted. But I’ll have you know that seeing the book description left me completely stumped. It was less than 200 words, but I couldn’t figure out if I should change it, how I should change it – NOTHING.

By Saturday I’d decided that maybe it should just say, “Please buy this book. Or not. I don’t want to impose.”

I think it’s safe to say that I don’t really have a knack for marketing.

5. This afternoon I listened to Nichole Nordeman’s This Mystery CD. It’s every bit as good now as it was twelve years ago.

6. I have an unnatural level of excitement about Nashville, the new ABC show that starts this fall. Tami Taylor is back, y’all.

Well, kind of.

7. Be safe, Gulf Coast people. You are in our prayers.

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  1. 1. Oh I am right there with you on Isaac-obsession. Crazy!

    2. Hope your first couple of weeks back at work have been great!

    3. And yay for football!

    Apparently a list is the best I can do, too!

  2. If you’re really, REALLY obsessed with Isaac – and feel like learning alot about weather – check out http://www.wunderground.com – click on Dr. Jeff Masters WunderBlog and read the comments, refresh often and read comments AD NAUSEUM. Incredibly interesting! I started lurking there shortly before Katrina (my sister lives just across Lake Pontchartain from New Orleans, so I was very interested). Great stuff – great information! Have fun! (I rarely post there – I think I’ve posted 3 or 4 times in 7 years, but when I do, my “handle” is 5thGenTexan).
    PS: I don’t have strawberry cake, but I did just make a DIVINE French Vanilla Cake with vanilla icing and I have fresh strawberries…you’ll have to come to Austin though! :)

  3. I saw Russell Moore comment about the ‘land mass’ thing on Twitter-too funny!

    AND YES PLEASE to Nashville!!! I told my husband the other day it was probably wrong for a grown woman like myself to be that excited about a TV show beginning. But come on, it’s TAMI TAYLOR!!

  4. I am currently wide awake at 3:43 a.m. in P’Cola and I don’t even hear the wind blowing. I am happy to report that I was able to make all the appropriate preparations with some help from a couple of friends getting the generator up and running. I feel like this is my first major accomplishment as a “single” woman, besides you know, taking care of two kids every day.
    I CANNOT WAIT to read your book! Remind us again when we may expect to see it. In the mean time I’m going to read Unglued and see if I can’t stay glued more often.

  5. A land mass. That’s too funny.

    I remember watching the Weather Channel until Hugo took out all the power. The last shot was of the edge of the hurricane hitting the coast. We’re inland. Nothing had ever come in that far before. Boy, were we shocked. Keep your eye on that storm!

  6. I feel your pain on the marketing thing. DESPISE it.

  7. Freeze your grapes. Yummy!!

  8. I found you a recipe so you can eat your whole cake! :) I have made chocolate cake in a mug in the microwave. Here’s a link to a strawberry cake http://kirbiecravings.com/2012/02/light-strawberry-mug-cake.html

    Let the record show that I did not write this nor have I tested it. You can google “strawberry cake in a mug” and get dozens of recipes.

    You’re welcome and I’m sorry!

    (And also, may your land mass stay safe and dry.)

  9. Just popped over to say holla or hola if you want to be ethnic and saw your Noonday button! Yea! That’s my girl Jessica! I am a walking talking Noonday model. I think I might need an intervention but I don’t really want to change. The best part is that I am having lunch with her on Friday cause did you know we live in the Promised Land now?

  10. Okay- Nashville and Tami Taylor! Yes- I’m so pumped. I said exactly what you said about Tami Taylor being back, and of course, my husband said she won’t be as cool as Tami Taylor- no one will ever be as cool as Tami Taylor. I have high expectations for this show! It’s my hometown!

    I’m sorry about the “land mass” remark- what is it about the media and the South? I just hope everyone in Nashville (show, not city) has shoes and all their teeth.

  11. I cannot wait for Nashville!!!!! Looks so so good!!!!! :) :)

  12. I can’t wait for “Tami Taylor’s” new show! Love her. Love her to pieces.
    And I also can’t wait to buy your book. Would be thrilled to review/do a giveaway. LMK!

  13. I just emailed you a video of Isaac from my sister in Gulf Shores (from our gmail account since I sent from my phone).
    I am praying everyone stays safe & no one floats away!

  14. Oh, honey! I read the National Hurricane Center’s site many times a day! Especially the “discussions”. It’s a must-read for those of us who are weather obsessed. Ummm, that would be me.

  15. I agree…Nichole Nordeman never gets old. Have you had a chance to listen to Music Inspired by The Story yet? I. Am. Obsessed! with that one. Oh…and Nichole Nordeman wrote all of the lyrics for that cd, so you know it’s good stuff. :)

  16. I literally just posted a lyric from “Help Me Believe” (a song off the This Mystery album just yesterday. I STILL love that CD….. it’s one of my all time favorites. Her lyrics have a way of knocking you upside the head, if you know what I mean.

    In case you’re wondering (which is doubtful) the lyric was “Am I too wise to recognize that everything uncertain is certainly a possibility…..”

  17. Love it! I live close to New Orleans and the weather man kept calling the hurricane raggedy. Because raggedy is apparently a legit meteorology term lol!

  18. You have to admit: “Land Mass” is easier to spell than “Mississippi.”

  19. Nashville Forever! (Okay, it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but I’m excited nonetheless).

  20. Cannot wait for Nashville! I keep thinking that since they film there, “surely I’ll run into Tami Taylor and we’ll be best of friends.” It hasn’t happened yet. And I think it would be fabulous for Eric Taylor to have a cameo or 12.