Linky Dinky Dink, Linky Dinky Doo

It just occurred to me that this is a fairly serious, grown-up list of links.

Please rest in the peace of knowing that I’ll be back to my regular silliness very, very soon.

After all, it’s football season. We have so much to discuss.

1) Sweet Annie Downs has done it again. In addition to her fantastic new book, Perfectly Unique, she has also written an e-book of devotions for young women. It’s called The Word Revolution: 30 Days to Speaking Life. I can’t even begin to tell you how great, how relatable, and how grounded in Truth it is. Best of all, it’s FREE. I downloaded it today, in fact. This particular series of devotions is so needed in this age of cynicism and mean-spirited criticism and a whole host of other destructive -isms. Be sure to check it out.

2) When I was a newlywed and far from home (okay. I was four hours from home. but it felt like forever.), I had a standing appointment with TRL in the afternoons. I’m super-nostalgic about the music from that time in my life, and I wrote all about it over at Ree’s blog.

3) Lisa-Jo has written a letter to her daughter. And it is beautiful.

4) A few weeks ago I heard about a short film called Be Still. It was created by Lisa Chan (wife of Francis), and this afternoon I finally settled into my favorite chair and watched a preview of it. I was expecting something like a Bible study, but it’s actually a very convicting reminder about why studying the Bible and making time to “Be still and know” is so critical in the midst of our over-scheduled, over-committed lives. To say that it was timely for me would be a big ole understatement. Even better, it’s a very affordable resource (only 7 American dollars for the video download), and it would be an excellent way to kick off some discussion – and maybe even some accountability – with a few of your friends.

5) My friend Nicole’s husband recommended Tim Keller’s The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness to me back in August. It’s been about a week since I finished it, and I don’t think I’ve ever highlighted a book more in my life. It’s only 48 pages (and the Kindle version is only 99 cents), but MY GOODNESS those 48 pages pack a punch. So wise and so good.

6) This seems like a mighty fine way to celebrate Advent.

If your church needs a guest speaker / worship leader in November or December, Shaun Groves is your man.

7) Hope y’all have had a great Tuesday!

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  1. Love the links sweet friend . . . especially that first one :-) and I’m going to download Annie’s e-book right now! thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing the great links!!! I especially loved the letter! Also, I am willing to confess that I am extremely jealous you posted on Pioneer Woman BUT that was the funniest thing ever AND I could totally relate!! Thanks Boo mama! See you at .MOM!

  3. So much great info –thank you for the links…. It’s only MONDAY, though, not Tuesday ;-)

  4. Always such great links…I love Tim Keller’s stuff. You are right on: he can say a tremendous amount of stuff in such a compact way!!
    I’ll have to check out that music. Good Christmas music is such a blessing!!

  5. Downloaded the devotional. Excited! I might bring T in on discussion, too. He’s already into Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore with me, so I think he’ll enjoy. And Lisa-Jo’s post today? Holy waterworks.

  6. I have read Lisa-Jo’s letter, too. Yes and Amen.

    And? I just downloaded The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness onto my Kindle two days ago! Powerful little read there, isn’t it?

    Grateful for your good, good links here.

  7. You shared one of my posts? My heart just got a little flutter and my tummy did that flippy thing. Thanks Sophie. This made my Tuesday start real good. Along with that hot chocolate I just had.


  8. Shared Shaun’s link with the music director at my church. He’s hoping to bring him to North Georgia in December. Thanks for the info!