So, About Those Bulldogs…

Listen. I really do try not to overdo the football talk in the fall. I really do. After all, I can recognize that the majority of you probably don’t care that much about college football, and even if you do care about college football, odds are that you don’t care a whole lot about Mississippi State. That’s why I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time talking and texting with Sister, Emma Kate, and Daphne over the last few weeks as opposed to continually blogging about this year’s football season. Because they not only understand my Bulldog crazy – they encourage it.

But now that we’re 7-0? COME ON, PEOPLE. I have to write about it.


And don’t worry. I’m not looking at the world through maroon-colored glasses. Well, not completely, anyway. I get that our next game is against Alabama, the defending national champion and the #1 team in the country. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but they are pretty good. Even still, it is huge for the Bulldogs to be able to play in a game like the one coming up, and it is almost unheard of for us to be undefeated (seriously. it’s happened one other time in my life.) at this point in the season. So my point is that I have every intention of soaking up this fun football atmosphere and enjoying the pre-game back-and-forth and hoping for the best while trying to remain realistic.

It’s a tricky balance. I’m not gonna lie.

We have had plans for a sweet forever to drive over for the State / Bama game with our friend Leslie and some friends who will be here from Texas, but last week, when ESPN announced that the game was going to be at 7:30, D and I had to have A Discussion. You see, Papaw typically doesn’t like to be up past 10, which is such a coincidence since I don’t like to sit in a stadium and listen to him yawn for the last two hours of a football game (I mean that in ALL LOVE, but after fifteen years of marriage, you can be brutally honest about this sort of thing). The biggest piece of the puzzle was trying to find a babysitter who’d be willing to stay with the little man until 1:00 or 1:30 in the morning (traffic is TERRIBLE – TURRRRRRRRRIBLE – between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham after a football game), and after weighing all the pros and cons and optimal sleeping schedules, we finally decided that it would be better for D to stay home and for Sister to go to the game with me.

Now if you’ve ever made it to the end of one of my posts about football, you know that Sister and I LOVE to go to the State games together. Week before last we went to the Tennessee game in Starkville, and after we parked the car in our favorite lot, we started walking at a pretty fast pace so that I could deliver some tickets to a friend of a friend in The Junction. We hadn’t walked more than 50 yards when a cute, young girl on a golf cart pulled up next to us and said, “Would y’all like a ride?” Since I’d read on the State website that they were planning to have more golf carts in service that weekend, Sister and I yelled “SURE!” as the girl turned her cart around and came back down the street to pick us up.

While we were crossing the street to meet the driver, it dawned on me that the carts might not be for everyone, that they might be designated for people who have trouble making it from one part of campus to another. I looked at Sister and said, “Hey, do you think that she thinks we’re old or something?” But then we both got tickled because CLEARLY THAT WAS RIDICULOUS. A few seconds later we climbed in the cart, and as we were moving up the hill by the coliseum, Sister turned to the girl who was driving and said, “Yeah, we laughed because we wondered if you thought we were old.” And without missing a beat, the sweet girl said, “Well, ma’am, we are supposed to stick to the criteria of only picking up the handicapped or the elderly.”

Well. I just. Wasn’t really expecting. That particular response. My goodness.

By that point we were flying down the road on the way to The Junction, and I didn’t know if it was better to ask her to stop the cart because HEY, NOT ELDERLY YET or just keep riding and chalk it up to the fact that when you’re 19, everybody over 35 looks comparatively ancient. Sister ‘fessed up and told her that we didn’t really qualify for the golf cart ride based on the criteria, and the driver was so embarrassed and so apologetic that it would’ve restored your faith in humanity if you had heard her. After we got everybody’s respective season of life squared away, the girl told us again that she was so sorry for her mistake, and then she dropped us off at the bookstore.

I have never wished for a cane more than I did in that moment. I think it would have made the driver feel better if I had confirmed her initial assessment of my age by gently hobbling to the bookstore entrance and then maybe popping out some dentures for good measure.

Bless her.

Sister and I managed to find our seats at the game without breaking any hips, and after the game we hung out by the stadium and visited with some friends for 30 or 45 minutes. It was after midnight when we finally started walking back to the car, and we were probably 200 yards from the parking lot when a man drove by on a golf cart, slowed down, and said, “Ladies? Do you need a ride to your car?”


Clearly I need some new concealer and also maybe a light face lift.

Anyway, Sister and I told him that we were happy to walk to the parking lot, and once we got in the car, we HEE-HAW’D. I really am so glad that our alma mater is offering the golf cart service for people who need it, and if one of the drivers thinks I’m 70 (which, for the record, seems younger to me every year), that really is fine by me. At least they’re kind enough to stop and ask.

Plus, my bursitis always appreciates it when I can sit down and rest for a little while.

So all that to say: Sister and I are headed to T-town this Saturday. We’ll even get to sit with my friend Daph and her older son during the game. I don’t have any idea what the outcome will be – nor do I know if we’ll be offered some sort of over-65 assistance – but I’d be willing to bet that when we finally get home in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I’ll find that Papaw tried to wait up for us but fell asleep in his recliner.

See? It all works out.

Hail State. Go ‘Dogs. Beat Bama.


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  1. This was worth reading OUT LOUD to J.

    He HEE-HAWD right along with me.

  2. Sophie, you can never talk too much football as far as I am concerned. what a great season this is! And, somebody is gonna beat ‘Bama, and it might as well be y’all. So, Go Dogs!

    And, while no one who knows me well would ever doubt my loyalty to the Gators, I must confess that if you had told me back in August that we’d be undefeated and one game away from the SEC East title, I would have rolled my eyes and said, “well, I hope so but I doubt it”. Go Gators!

  3. Yep, too much football talk! Except that would be a lie because at 12:20 a.m., the hubs and I were in bed watching Youtube Videos of The Famous Maroon Band playing the fight song. There may have been chills involved.

    So, as for Saturday…

    The Burlap Football hanger is on the door.
    The jerseys are ready to be put on the 1 and 6 year olds. (And the poodle because we were crazy enough to pay $26 for a jersey for a dog!!!)
    The husband’s sermon is finished so he can fully devote himself to the game.
    I’m prepared to hear the announcers call us Mississippi at least a few times and mispronounce our (cute) coach’s name as “Mallen” rather than Mullen!

    And, just in case we need it, the vacuum will be on stand by!

    Cheering on those 7-0 Bulldogs from Sunny Central Florida!

  4. Amy in Italy says:

    I die. Thanks for such a great laugh!

  5. anotherlisa says:

    in some cultures, it is an insult to refuse hospitality.
    should’ve said “thank you, young man” and gone for the ride :)
    wishing you much success against the tide!
    ps – we have a friend who played for state ages ago, and went pro.
    super nice family, goes without saying.

  6. OH.MY.STARS! Too funny!!

    (and btw, I would’ve TOTALLY taken that ride back to my car!)

    Every time I read about your football adventures, I feel like I’m in a John Grisham novel.
    You sure you or Sister are not lawyers??

  7. TOO FUNNY!!! Reminds me of a trip to Arby’s about a month ago with my husband. I wish I’d taken a picture of the look on his face when he showed me the cash register receipt. The teenage girl who took his order gave him the Senior Discount without even asking him if he was a Senior. And he’s NOT! And he was APPALLED! ;-)

  8. I was beginning to wonder WHY IN THE WORLD you hadn’t blogged about our Dawgs recently? So, you have restored my faith in you! I’m with you, Sophie. The upcoming game against ‘Bama is almost too much to even think about, but while you’re anticipating the game, here’s a little something to watch that will give you chill bumps. (At least, it did me!) I’ll be in your neck of the woods on Saturday night (Ross Creek) with my 3 daughters for a girls’ getaway, but you can bet there will be lots of cowbell ringing going on!

  9. Never too much college football! I love your stories of going to the games with your sister. I am a MSU fan too – the other MSU (Michigan State) :-)

  10. Girl!! I’m so excited for State!! My baby girl is having a blast w/ the football mania that is covering the campus. And she also loves picking at her crimson loving sister. We can’t wait fie the game. I’ll be watching from home ….and texting and tweeting throughout!! Have a blast!!

  11. What a great way to start the work day!

    Thanks for sharing. I was there for the Tennessee game as well. Had to make the rounds from upper deck east side to lower level west side to get all my visitin’ in after driving in from Oxford. I would love to have had a ride for my “old” bones!!!

  12. I too encourage your Bulldog crazy. It is something we share :-) I will be in Tuscaloos Saturday night doing all I can to help our Bulldogs pull out a win.

  13. Love this. And, look, issues like “Can I sit down at this concert?” and “How far away do we have to park?” and “What’s the bathroom situation?” are all issue I embraced once I hit my 30s. I am not ashamed, as I’m always very, very comfortable in my carefully assessed surroundings. I raise my glass (with my teeth in it) to you!

  14. Michelle Vance says:

    War Eagle and please, by any means necessary…Beat Bama.

  15. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Sorry, but RTR.

  16. dawn - htown says:

    It could happen. It really could. These Mississippi State Bulldog crazy fans will be cheering loudly from Houston Texas! I believe! And did you read that article about Jonathon Banks…my word, I have to write him a letter. It gave me chills. In case you missed it, it’s below. Go Dawgs!–lifelong-pursuit-for-success-has-placed-mississippi-state-in-national-title-chase.html

  17. Donna Dear says:

    HAIL STATE!!!! You’ve got to cheer loud for me too since I cannot be there. Will be cheering from Ohio!!! I have been expecting more football from you. Love me some college football.

  18. I bleed Crimson, but if you happen to wander by Tent 76 on the Quad that would be awesome!

    • i may stop to say hi!! after all we have this love of the blog in common as well at the TIDE! :)

  19. That was laugh out loud funny if only because it is the same sort of thing that has started happening to me and I find it every bit as ridiculous. Me? Old?? No WAY! Anyway, I’m an LSU fan who will be pulling for the Dawgs all the way!

  20. I would have probably asked to see his ID to see if he was old enough to be driving ;)

  21. Thought of you the other night, and I don’t even know you, when in my little neighborhood grocery store in Arlington, VA (Shirlington Village) there was a young woman wearing a Miss State Go Dawgs t-shirt. So the fans are everywhere!

  22. A couple of years ago, I was returning a shirt for our older son (who was all of FOUR at the time), and the Macy’s lady said, “Oh, everyone has been returning things today for their grandsons. How old is yours?” Needless to say I did not exchange the shirt for another. I took my money…and went straight to Luby’s for a late afternoon supper. Haha!

    Wasn’t the Tennessee game glorious?! It’s not often that the Bulldogs come out on top in our divided house. :)

  23. Louise in NE OK says:

    Love your writing! I was laughing/snorting all the way through that!

  24. I always want to ride the carts up the towers Bryant-Denny but my husband won’t let me!
    He tells me that those carts are for old people and that I shouldn’t take some old person’s
    seat and make them wait longer in line :) One day, I will get to do it. One day!

  25. I don’t really follow college football, unless we jump on a Baylor bandwagon. And can I just say that I read this and I have on a maroon T-shirt. And I have approximately 2 maroon t-shirts. I thunk that means something. Like a WIN.

  26. THIS IS JUST ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! I love your blog and i am just a hop skip and jump up the road in huntsvegas, but I too will be in T-town this wknd. I would love love love to be able to finally meet you. And please don’t take this the wrong way, but ROLL TIDE!!!!

  27. Loved the story – but family allegiances require that I say ROLL TIDE, ROLL!

  28. Mary Beth says:

    I would love for you to come sit a spell with us at our next MSU tailgate! I’m a mother of 3 MSU students and we have a 6 tent tailgate right down from the bookstore. My kids and friends are now accustomed to the FB posting of the menu on game weeks and even though I am from Houston, TX transplanted to Memphis 8 years ago, my husband is an MSU alum and I am their biggest fan! My friend in Texas follows your blog and tells me you are also a Chi O…so glad I found you and would love to meet you!

  29. I love when you write about college football. And I love stories about you and Sister!
    I am excited for you that your team is doing so well. I am a GA Tech Yellow Jacket fan, and our season has been dismal, so I like getting excited for others. So, I have been cheering on Miss State – and Texas A&M for Melanie. But I am concerned November 3rd may strain y’all’s friendship!
    I once did major Christmas shopping at a store that gives seniors a discount on Wednesday. I did not realize, until I was wrapping gifts, that the teenaged clerk gave me the Senior discount without asking. My shock was turned to delight when I discovered it saved me 26 dollars!

  30. I’d been checking to see if you’d say anything about our Dawgs -and have been missing the posts!! Tennessee game was one of the most intense and exciting games I’ve been too!! Loved it! Tyler Russell is the MAN! Looking forward to game this weekend – trying to stay positive — I really feel we can DO THIS!! I really wish was going to be there- so you have to blog and let us folks that won’t be able to be there know how it went — GO STATE! Hey – and weren’t those kids (students) dressed as “more cowbell” skit hiliarious — clang clang clang!!

  31. 1) You can’t talk too much fball, especially State. No need to apoligize for it.
    2) We have a room reserved in your name in Houston for 8-31-13 (Ok State game) and expect you to fill it.
    3) Said room above is transferable to the Nov 9, 2013 (Texas A&M game and Merritte’s bday of course) or can be in addition to. Why not make it a “girls trip” to the Bridges pad then to the game on Sat.?

  32. Just accept the ride and make the children feel good. besides walking back to the car is always much, much longer than the walk to the stadium. Only one more little thing, Roll Tide Roll

  33. Not kidding.
    I will pay yall any amount of Monopoly money to beat Bama! :-)
    (and feel free to keep talking college ball! Me and my Horns are right there loving this time of year with ya!)

  34. It’s about time you talked about our undefeated Dawgs! Wish you could see all the “We Believe 8-0” banners that are popping up here all over campus and around town! Check out the MSU football facebook album! Such a fun time for all of us who have suffered through many, many subpar seasons! #hailstate

  35. #hailstate! Beat Bama! Hope Davis wears his pimp hat!

  36. Jeannette says:

    Just checking in on you. Be safe driving today! Beat Bama! I will be looking for you on TV.

  37. I’m so sad that the Bulldogs lost last night. We (well, everyone ‘cept Mark cuz he’s a Bammer) were really pulling for them. :(
    Julianna announced last week that she has officially changed her allegiance from Auburn to State. ;) They are my second fave team in the SEC, definitely, so it’s all good with Mama.

  38. And Oh. My. Word., did you see the horrific play involving Mark Lattimore?? I have cringed no less than 465,422 times every time I think about it. SOOO awful on so many levels.