A Diversionary Soup Option

It has been delightfully cool here for the past few days (as opposed to this past Saturday night, which certainly was cool but most definitely not delightful), and that means that we are once again enjoying things like yoga pants and long sleeve t-shirts and fleece-lined slippers. And when I say “we,” please know that I am really only referring to myself since neither of the fellas in this house is really big on yoga pants.

However, if they ever tried the yoga pants? LIVES CHANGED FOREVER.

Anyway, the cool weather always makes me crave soup, but I have to be careful about fixing soup because, as I have mentioned before, I am married to someone who feels that soup is not a meal. He sees soup as more of an appetizer, so unless I find a recipe that’s super-hearty, I don’t usually make a lot of new soups. I just stick with the old stand-bys. Now I personally happen to love and adore and treasure soup, but it’s not nearly as fun to make it for supper when two people may or may not look at you after they finish a bowl and say, “So. Are we having anything else?”

I’m gonna be honest. That’s usually the moment when I want to go all Zorba the Greek with the soup bowls and just slam them right down to the ground. I don’t actually do that, of course, but that’s mainly because I like my bowls and really don’t want to go to the hassle of replacing them. Not to mention having to sweep up all those pesky shards.

But this past Sunday afternoon I was watching the most recent episode of Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show (which I adore, by the way), and she made a tortilla soup that looked absolutely delicious. I decided that I had to try it – regardless of whether or not it was perceived as a starter course – so Monday afternoon I went to the store and rounded up all the ingredients. It was super easy to make (I even used a rotisserie chicken as a shortcut), and the flavor is out of this world. It’s the perfect mixture of broth-y and creamy, and get this: my husband LOVED IT. He mentioned two or three times that it was absolutely delicious, and tonight he was happy as could be that we were having leftover tortilla soup for supper.


Next time I might add an extra can of each of the vegetables to make the soup even heartier – more of a chicken tortilla chili, I guess – but the recipe is so tasty as-is. I think y’all will enjoy it.

Trisha’s Chicken Tortilla Soup

That recipe might be just the thing for your Wednesday.

And finally: I have been riveted by the Sandy coverage over the last couple of days, and my heart goes out to all of you who have been affected by the storm. Know that you’re in my prayers. Stay safe.

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  1. Leslie B. says:

    I actually went to her website to get the recipe because it looked really good. Glad to know it is as good as it looks. Hope it freezes well – looks like a whole lot for a single gal. :)

  2. My poor family gets things like plain pasta for dinner…want something extra? Here’s the parmesan! This soup sounds wonderful! They’ll be like,”Vegetables?! Awesome!” ;)

  3. So, I’m kinda (a lot) obsessed with the Trisha Yearwood cooking show. I made her tortilla soup tonight in preparation of tomorrow nights Halloween festivities. I did take a bite before I packed it up, and it was divine!! I bet it’s even better tomorrow!! So glad to hear your good review of the soup!! Happy Halloween!

  4. I am obsessed with Tricia’s new show too! I have the CTS ingredients on my list right now…glad to know it’s as good as tv made it look!

    Tough luck for your Bulldogs Saturday night. You were cracking me up in that head scarf/turban get up!

  5. Our current tortilla soup obsession is Chuy’s tortilla soup. My husband keeps looking for a recipe online for it but I tell him that the beauty of it is that SOMEONE ELSE COOKS THE SOUP.

    Anyway, here’s a hearty (mostly meatless except for bacon and really, bacon isn’t so much a meat as it is a Necessity) soup that maybe even your fellas would approve of.

    We love it.

  6. While I have started taping Trisha’s show I have yet to sit down and watch them BUT your take on the yoga pants…….preach it sister and can I get an amen! God bless the person who came up with that idea. I’m sure when I die and go to heaven that’s what I’m wearing for eternity!

  7. Considering that LIVES WERE CHANGED FOREVER in this household that day I introduced, what has been known to be called. Sophie’s Soup (aka your Potato Cheese Soup)….

    I will most definitely have to try this. I can see it now:

    Senora Sophie’s Soup

    Yep. THat is what is will be called in this here parts. “Cause that is how we roll.

  8. I am so glad you posted this! I didn’t actually record Trisha’s new show, but had recorded The Pioneer Woman and Giada and caught the very beginning and very end of that tortilla soup on this other recordings. It looked so good and I was “AHHHH!!! I wish I had recorded that.” Now that I know you liked it, I’m gonna look up the recipe and give it a whirl! Thanks!

  9. Jennifer in Ohio says:

    She had me at 4 cups of half-and-half. :-)

  10. I’m going to have to check this out because my husband has the same exact reaction towards soup. Or even chili that is too soupy. But this looks like it has enough “hearty” going on to be approved! Thanks for the tip!

  11. I was thinking of trying this after watching Trisha’s show last weekend. Now I am absolutely making it! Thanks for testing it for us, Sophie!!

    Still counting the days til your book comes out. Well, actually that’s not true, since I don’t know when it’s coming out. So, when is it gonna be in the bookstores?

  12. I’m always on the lookout for a good soup recipe and this one sounds delicious!

    Luckily, I am married to one who likes soups, chilis, etc. The things I make are usually hearty enough and we have oh say, cheese toast with chili and corn muffins with my veggie beef soup.

  13. My husband is exactly the same way. In fact he often brings up the Seinfeld episode where they debate whether or not soup is a meal. I did find a way around our little dilemma: when I serve soup I just whip up some grilled cheese sandwiches to go with it. Easy peasy, and it makes everyone happy. If I’m serving a Mexican soup, I just change it to cheese quesadillas.

  14. o that sounds good!

  15. Chris of the Woodwork says:

    While I do enjoy me some good ol’ chicken soup, even with a Southwestern flair, I DO NOT care for the soggy tortilla chips. In my book they are just WRONG. So if you happen to stop by and you want me to make this soup for you, it will be known as Chicken Tortilla-less Soup.

    Thank you, and that is all.

  16. Kimberly/OKC says:

    I couldn’t get your email from your contact page to work…even tho I changed the AT and the DOT. I hated to clog up your comments with this soup recipe but wanted to send it to you anyway. It one of those hearty soups that stick to yer ribs!

    This recipe is called Quick Cheeseburger Chowder. I got it from a set of Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks my mom had from 1980. I have made a couple of changes. I make this soup for many functions (including pastors conventions for more than 300 people) at my Baptist church and everyone raves over it and always asks for the recipe. I hold the “head of the kitchen” office at my church and people say I can cook. I can cook okay but the TRUTH is that over the past 30 years of attending Baptist church meals, I have tasted and subsequently amassed a bunch of good recipes. Here is this one:

    Quick Cheeseburger Chowder

    1 lb. ground beef
    2 cups cubed peeled potatoes
    1/2 cup chopped celery
    1/2 cup chopped onion
    1 small jar pimentos, do not drain
    1 T. instant chicken bouillon granules
    1/2 cup milk
    1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
    1or 2 T. corn starch
    salt and pepper
    garlic powder to taste

    Brown ground beef along with onion and celery. Add salt (not too much bc chicken bouillon will be salty), pepper and garlic powder as beef cooks.
    Drain fat. Stir in potatoes, pimentos, and chicken bouillon. Add just enough water to cover vegetables and beef. Cook till veggies are tender, about
    15-20 minutes. Add milk. In a small container mix corn starch with 1/4 cup water. Pour into boiling soup, cook 2-3 minutes until thickened.
    Add shredded cheese. Stir to melt. Makes 4-6 servings. Serve with crackers or bread.

    I really think you will like this. My kids (15 and 17) begin begging for it every fall.
    Thanks for being a bright spot in my days over the past 3 years!

  17. I made this soup last night and it was so good that I packed some up for my lunch today. I even packed a tiny container of sour cream, a tiny container of cheese, and a bag of tortilla chips so they wouldn’t get soggy while they waited for lunchtime. I heated it up and assembled it at my desk, and it was the best half hour of my day. Perhaps even of my week. It was that good.

  18. Sue in Texas says:

    Your recipe sounds yummy, but frankly too complicated. :) Here is my super-fast Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe. I usually double it so it will last longer than 5 minutes … it is that well-loved in my house.

    1 (18.6oz) can Campbell’s “100% Natural” Savory Chicken & Brown Rice soup (or plain chicken & rice if this lovely new item isn’t in your stores yet)
    1 (10 oz) can Rotel diced tomatoes & green chilis (or 1/2 can if you don’t like spicy food)
    1 (15oz) can corn (or substitute hominy), drained
    1 (15oz) can black beans, rinsed and drained
    (I usually rinse the soup & tomato cans with water, adding about 3/4 c. water total)

    Combine in saucepan. Heat just until boiling, then simmer 15 minutes. Serve over a generous handful of crushed tortilla chips. Top with shredded cheddar and sour cream (or plain Dannon yogurt for less fat – we prefer the regular Dannon yogurt, not their “non fat” version). Note that you will need the creamy stuff if you don’t like spicy food – this has a nice “kick!” I like to a sprinkle of Lawry’s Lemon Pepper on mine, or some lemon juice if I have a lemon. :) DELISH!

    This is greatly modified from a ’90’s-era Southern Living recipe that relied on condensed chicken & rice soup … before I’d ever heard of black beans. :)

    Funny aside about the new “100% Natural” Campbell’s soups: I also bought their Tomato Basil, as my 9yo daughter loves tomato soup, but I don’t love the giant ingredient list! So I showed her the new soup when she came home from school, and said “What do you think of what’s in it?” She picked up the can, spun it around a few times, and asked (sincerely) “Where is the list?” She couldn’t find the ingredient list since there were only 5-6 things in it! :) I am not a spokesman for Campbell’s, just a happy mommy! :)

  19. My mother saw the same episode and had me pick up the ingredients so she could try it as well. I benefited, and oh my! The tasty! So delish! (We used the pre-cooked frozen chicken.) I was a skeptic, now I’m a fan.

  20. I used cooked/frozen chicken fajita meat, and added all the cheese right in to the soup. Also subbed a TB of chile powder for the cumin, which I do not care for.

    AWESOME. SO so good. Thanks so much!