Completely Inconsequential But Terribly Important

1) So. Ever since we’ve lived in Birmingham, a Popeye’s that isn’t really close to our house but is at least within reasonable driving distance has been the source for most of our fried chicken needs. We’ll usually go with Zaxby’s if we’re looking for chicken tenders, but for some fried chicken on the bone, Popeye’s has been our go-to.

(As you may know already, I have loved Popeye’s since I was a freshman in college and ate the 2-piece spicy dinner with fries, red beans and rice, and a large Dr. Pepper at least three times a week.)

(Once I was finished with my 2-piece spicy meal, I usually liked to sit around and wonder why none of my clothes seemed to fit anymore.)

Anyway, D texted me this AM to let me know that our closest (albeit not really close) Popeye’s has closed.

I assume that the sun will still come up in the morning, but at this point the grief is so strong that I can’t really be sure.

2) Last night I had a whole bunch of work-related work to do, so I threw all caffeine caution to the wind and hopped over to Starbucks for some coffee. I knew it was going to be a late night, so I figured that I might as well summon up some fake energy.

I was in the drive-thru line at Starbucks when I realized that I haven’t told y’all about something that has truly been a momentous discovery for me over the last few months. It’s something that one of our friendly baristas told me about when I was craving a specialty latte’ drink one night but not wanting to deal with all the sugar that often accompanies the seasonal latte’ drinks (and I don’t really care for any of the sugar-free syrups).

The barista suggested that I order a seasonal (or specialty) latte’ with half the pumps of syrup. For a grande that means you get a two-pump latte’ instead of a four-pump latte’. I thought it might taste weird or strange or whatever, but can I just say? DELICIOUS. The drink has a stronger coffee flavor for sure, but you still get the flavor of the syrup without quite so much sweetness.

But wait! There’s more!

Last night my friend Erin, who used to work at Starbucks, told me that the one-pump short latte’ with a shot of espresso is also an excellent option if you’re looking for less sugar.

I do hope that this information enriches your next Starbucks experience.

3) My favorite show on TV right now? Scandal.

Don’t tell me about last night’s episode. I was busy drinking my two-pump grande gingerbread latte’ and plowing through the aformentioned stack-o-work, but I cannot wait to see it.

4) If I could only pick one Christmas song to listen to for the rest of my earthly days, it would be Daniel Renstrom’s arrangement of Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. At my current pace I will listen to it approximately 416 times before Christmas gets here. LOVE IT SO MUCH.

5) All righty. I’m about to turn off this computer and head to the grocery store (we can’t watch the SEC Championship game without appropriate tailgating appetizers, you understand). Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. My folks introduced me to Bojangles and honestly I can’t imagine chicken anywhere else now.

    Before we moved to Texas (again, sigh) my go-to was always Guthrie’s because it was the nearest we had out in the boonies and Gardendale was on my way home. So we’d stop in Tuscaloosa at the first Guthrie’s we found on our way to Birmingham.

    But since Bojangles? I seriously want to go for whatever meal we’re getting first, because it’s just delicious.

  2. Love me some good fried chicken and Goooooo Dawgs! Sic em!

  3. Trystan Terrell says:

    Which Starbucks in Bham do you frequent? I work at the one on Lakeshore. I’m a huge fan of your blog!

  4. Oh I love Scandal but I was just talking the season over with my Mom (also loves it) and I have to say, I am much more confused this season. Especially about that group of people that keep meeting clandestinely (I know it’s not a word) that Olivia and the Pres’s wife is in together. Even though they don’t like each other. What did I miss? Who are all these people and why are they in cahoots? I think I missed something somewhere…..

  5. I can not thank you enough for posting about DANIEL RENSTROM on PW’s blog. I immediately went to Itunes and downloaded it. That is something I NEVER do but it was so, so, so, so, so worth it! I love it!! I especially love Come thou expected Jesus too!! I have recommended it to several friends as well!

  6. I always ask for 2 pumps. And an extra shot. Or in non-holiday times, a double-tall latte. mmmm I could go for one right now.

  7. Popeye’s is my all time FAVORITE and the one closest to my office just closed. I am dying!!

  8. Andrew Petersen’s Behold the Lamb is hands down my favorite Christmas album. You should check it out, and if he’s doing a Christmas concert near you, go! Fabulous.

  9. Thank you for the Starbucks pump options! I did not know!

  10. Listen, living in south Louisiana, I certainly can comprehend your grief of the loss of your local Popeyes. If you’re ever passing through Denham Springs, please contact me and I’ll gladly treat you. I remember when one of our grocery stores closed. I felt grief beyond measure, which I’m sure the majority of the masses woudln’t comprehend. I remember thinking how grateful I am that our Lord changes not. Because that change–it hurt. But if Popeyes closed around I think I’d be bedridden.
    Blessings and amazing chicken to you!

  11. Hope you don’t mind that this long-time loyal reader/sometime commenter, who has learned to love Mississippi State through you [mainly because I grew up and still live all things football] will NOT be rooting for the SEC in the national championship game ;-). Gotta go with my alma mater, since the last time they were in this position I was a student there. However, I think it will be a great game and I look forward to it!

    In the meantime, I continue to give thanks for a very important, and bright spot you have been in my life. Someday I’ll tell you how and why –

  12. Ohhhh Scandal. Sophie, sometimes I feel like you might be my TV soulmate. And I need to sit down and have coffee with you and discuss my feelings on First Lady Mellie and also how do we feel about the name Mellie and also I AM STRESSED ABOUT THE PRESIDENT.

  13. I’m a little late to the party Sophie but up here in New Jersey, Popeye’s are poppin’ up all over the place! I had never had Popeye’s until recently. Who would’ve thought I would be eating southern goodness in Jersey City with about six different nationalities? It was a moment that was spent blowing my nose from all the spices. And it was beautiful.

  14. Hi! I’ve read your blog for a while but never commented. Thanks for suggesting that version of the song Come thou long expected Jesus. I listened to it, loved it, passed it along to our worship leader and this Sunday we’ll be singing it! :)