Because What’s Not To Love About Free

A couple of months ago Nester posted some free printable artwork on her blog. I loved it so much that I immediately printed it, and then I went to Walmart and bought a frame for $3.00. Now said print resides on a table in our living room next to my beloved yellow lamp.

See? It’s a profoundly moving free printable love story, now isn’t it?

Anyway, I love me some funky typography / whimsical designs / colorful artwork, which is why my house looks like a cross between a children’s art gallery and a 1970’s estate sale. I just think we can get way too uptight about thinking that artwork has to be perfectly preserved and perfectly framed and perfectly matched to the other stuff in our houses. My viewpoint on this particular decorative issue probably doesn’t come as a surprise considering that I have a tendency to thumbtack stuff to my walls while I’m trying to figure out if it’s a keeper or not. Sometimes I even leave the keepers thumbtacked to my walls. Because if you haven’t noticed, I tend to like a healthy dose of eclectic.

(By the way, when I was trying to decide on a book cover, I showed three proofs to some friends at dotMOM this past September. And when Kelly said, “You know what? I think that second one looks like something that would be hanging on the wall in your house,” I thought, Oh. She is exactly right. And that ended up being the one that I picked.)

(That was a riveting tale, wasn’t it?)

(Sorry for the digression.)

So. I know that my personal taste isn’t for everyone. In fact, I know that my personal taste would probably drive a lot of folks straight up their very orderly and coordinated walls.


I have found that “free” tends to share some fairly universal appeal. And since I have run across all sorts of great free printables on Pinterest and other websites, I thought I’d pass along a few links today in case some of y’all are looking for the magical free printable + $3 picture frame combo. Personally I have been tickled to pieces with the free artwork I’ve found online, and that free artwork has led me to bookmark several artists’ Etsy shops and purchase some additional lovely prints for our walls.

It’s always good to remember, though, that just because a poster or illustration is posted on Pinterest doesn’t mean it’s free for the rest of us to print out and enjoy (even if we love it so deeply that we’re thinking of naming it and claiming it on our taxes). Make sure to click through the links and check the sources. Due diligence, etc. and so on and so forth.

That being said, here are some for real freebies.

The Fruit of the Spirit free printable

Wise Men free printable

Philippians 2:4 free printable

O Holy Night free printable (scroll down post until you see Raw Art Letterpress)

Unto Us A Child Is Born free printable

“Let all that you do…” free printable

Work Hard & Be Nice to People free printable

Peace on Earth free printable

“In all things give thanks” free printable

“Awake my soul…” free printable

All righty. That should keep you busy for a little while.

Hope you find something real purty for your house – preferably something that makes you and your people smile.

Happy weekend, everybody.

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  1. Love, love, love these! Thank You! May I ask what type of paper you used to print them? Just wondering what might work best.


    • I’ve printed on heavy card stock and high-gloss paper – just depends on what kind of look you want. I do think, though, that the card stock holds up better when you frame the print-out. The high gloss works beautifully for thumbtacking to walls. :-)

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!! We moved into a house built in 1960something. And last decorated in 1960something. We’re painting and peeling wallpaper (and peeling wallpaper, and peeling wallpaper, seriously, NEVER put up wallpaper, someone in 40 years will curse you) and I’m noticing a lot of available real estate on the walls but am too cheap to go buy something.

    Also, thank you for whatever it was that made it so each link opened in a new tab. Made my life easier!

  3. Karen Ward says:

    Love, love, love free printables!! Thanks for the links!

  4. You, dear Sophie, have just given me a few very inexpensive Christmas gifts!! THANK YOU!

  5. I saw a gorgeous oil painting in a gallery in Charleston several years ago – much beyond my budget. But they had a free postcard of that print at the desk. I bought the postccard and scotch-taped it to my dining room wall, exactly where the painting would have gone. FOUR YEARS LATER, it’s still there. I’m going to upgrade to a shiny thumbtack for the holidays.

  6. Wow you know I thought about doing stuff like this before but I never did. I thought it might be kinda of wierd. Seems like different is what I do and that is how i should roll. I am learning this. Stopping by from Chatting at the Sky. I’ll be back

  7. Thank you for that lovely roundup of free printables!

  8. I love free printables (in cheap frames too!). Thanks for sharing these great links. :)

  9. love this! I am a computer dummy. Can you tell me if you printed it or had someone else do it. Please give step by directions for me(maybe other dummies). thanks!!

  10. We are moving into a new house and I just bought a bunk of funky frames to put in my girls’ room, but I’ve been scratching my head with what to put in them (and out of money to boot). And lookie here! A whole bunch of cute, free options! It’s a Christmas miracle.