The Search Is Over

A few weekends ago some of my high school friends (and one college friend – hey, Daph!) came for a visit, and we did all sorts of fun things like talking and drinking coffee and talking and eating cheese & crackers and talking and hanging out in our pajamas and talking.

Our time together was jam-packed with adventure, as you can tell.

We actually managed to leave the house for lunch on Saturday, and afterwards Merritt, Elizabeth, and Daph wanted to go to a movie. Lately I am more and more likely to pass on a trip to the movies because, at least in my opinion, many people seem to have developed the attitude that the movie theatre is a perfect place to 1) talk about the movie while they’re watching it 2) check their cellphones 50-62 times while the movie is playing 3) answer phone calls and 4) unwrap many small pieces of candy.

I know. I’m way too uptight. But if I’m going to pay cash money to spend two and a half hours of my life sitting in a dark room with strangers, I would prefer that we all sit in silence. And I would also prefer that the darkened room isn’t lit at sporadic intervals by cell phone screens.


So the bottom line is that Melissa and I decided that we wanted to shop instead of seeing a movie (i.e., LISTENING TO PEOPLE UNWRAP ALL THE CANDY). Since the only thing on my need-to-do list was buying a new brush for my Mia Clarisonic (best skin care money I’ve ever spent, by the way), and since Melissa wanted to look for some new make-up, our first stop was Sephora.

It was last year, I think, when I bought the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette that everybody was raving about online, and I liked it. I did. But most of the colors are too dark for me to wear on a daily basis. For one thing, I’m Pale-y McPalerson, and for another thing, I am not by nature a person who can pull off a smoky eye. I tend to like pretty, soft neutrals – nothing super dark and nothing super frosty.

Once I realized that there were only a couple of colors in the Naked palette that worked for me, I kind of kept my eye open (get it?) for something that might be better. I tried a couple of drug store brands, one department store brand, and even just barely applying some of the darker Naked colors, but none of those options worked very well.



When I was at Sephora with Melissa, my whole make-up world changed when I ran across this (much smaller) Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.

If you like neutrals, you are going to love these colors. There’s only one in the whole palette that I would consider even remotely shimmery – and the rest are just good, basic (hence the name, I reckon) eye shadow shades that go with everything. The really dark shade makes a great liner, and for some of you it’s probably a color that you can wear all the time.

(I am not one of those people. But if you are, then please know that I’m just as tickled as I can be for you.)

So there you have it. My new and exciting eye shadow find.

Tomorrow I’ll be sure to tell you all about the canned beans I found on sale at the grocery store.

I’m kidding, of course.

Well, maybe.

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  1. Mary Feagley says:

    “I was living for a dream…loving for a moment…”

    Sorry, your title made me do it! I have the Naked Palette, and am in total love with it. I even get compliments from my high school students (though I can’t decide if it’s really healthy for a 42 year old to have her beauty choices validated by tweenagers!). Probably not…

  2. I haven’t been to the movie theatre in years, what with all the popcorn and candy unwrapping and cell phone clicking. If I am gonna spend ten dollars on a picture show, then by george I wanna be able to hear it. I am so very understanding of your pain :)

  3. Cell phone checking in movie theaters — pet peeve, public enemy, number one in my book.

  4. You just helped me discover a new way to get my hubs to stop snoring…laugh REALLY loud :-)

  5. Amen on the cell phone lights, candy noise, etc. in movie theaters. Really makes me fussy! Also, thanks for the info about that eyeshadow! I’ve been needing something just like this, but everything always seems to be shimmery. I want plain old matte. Gonna go get one of these today!

  6. Amongst all of the movie theater annoyances that you listed, definitely all problems and I’m with you 100%, the worst offense in my book are the people who are sitting in front of you and lean their seat (when the theater has semi-reclineable seats) all the way back in your lap. You could braid their hair and maybe even count every hair on their head because they are that close. You can’t cross your legs or even slouch a tad in your seat, you must sit upright in order to keep from kicking their seat. Of course, if kicking their seat will keep them from reclining in your lap… It’s nearly as bad as flying on a plane!

  7. I have a random and unrelated comment, but I thought you’d be interested! My husband has been working on a documentary called One Night in March (it just won the people’s choice award at the Magnolia Fim Festival!) about the Mississippi State ’63 basketball team. They had to sneak out of the state to play in the NCAA tournament because they were forbidden to play integrated teams. It’s an awesome story and the movie made me cry the ugly cry (I’m so stinking proud), and I thought you would enjoy it! I know it’s playing on MPB several times during March, but I don’t know if it will play in Alabama. Maybe you can get someone to record it? It just seemed up your alley.

    • That sounds like a great project. I’m not a Mississippi State fan (only because I’m a lifelong Oklahoman and that school isn’t in our conference) nor a basketball fan, but I am a sucker for a sports documentary. How can a person get her hands on a copy of this documentary?

  8. Meg Ragland Wood says:

    One of the highlights of my routine, blah *yawn*, “mama” life is reading your blog. It always makes me laugh. I love to come to work, check my e-mail, see “boomama,” and start my day with a chuckle via Soph. COLOR ME PICKY….love it!!!!!

  9. Terrie Cash says:

    I want to chime in on movie going. I am beyond blessed with a son that works at a movie theater so I haven’t paid for a movie in six years. What I have learned in the past six years is 1) Do NOT go to a new movie the first week it’s out and if you do, go to the earliest showing possible. My son says people my age go to the early shows. Not sure if he’s politely telling me I’m getting old. After the first week a movie is out, there may be 20 people in the theater with us when we view a movie. I have waited until the last week the movie is running to go and then complained that there are people in my “living room”. 2) If you are having a horrible experience in the theater, you are able to get a refund provided you have seen less than half the movie. From what I understand, the policy is universally wide.

    If you choose to buy popcorn at the concession stand, whatever you do, do NOT ask them if the popcorn is fresh. My son says that is the most irritating question to ask.

    I love going to the movies as long as I get to see them for free. I am quite sure this love affair will end sometime soon.

  10. I agree about the movie theaters. That is why I either rent them or want until they come out on netfilx.

    I just bought that eye shadow pallet and love it!!

  11. I am also an owner of the Naked palette, but have been in need of some more neutral colors. You’re so right in that the original Naked does have quite a few darks/shimmers. Which I love, but only for evening. When I am out at the club (snort! haha!). I have never seen the basics palette. I think I am VERY MUCH in need of that. Thank you! :)

  12. In regards to the canned bean deal, I could get excited about that! Actually, I started cooking and freezing my own assorted beans in freezer jars to save time, space, and money. It seems I can’t talk about the marvels of that new hobby enough!

  13. My intolerance for wrapper crinkling of any kind has ESCALATED in the past few years. I can’t tell if it’s just a cross I have to bear or if there’s some kind of heart issue with me instantly DESPISING the offender (even if she’s sitting behind me in CHURCH). Help!!

  14. Our local movie theater chain has instituted a zero-tolerance policy about cell phones. You’re not allowed to even turn it on to check the time, or they will kick your bee-hind out. I LOVE IT.

  15. 1. I’m so sad that your movie theaters don’t take turning off cell phones seriously because going to the movies is among one of my favorite things to do.

    2. I just bought an Urban Decay special edition palette based on the new Oz movie. It was for the fairer complected souls like me and you. But now that I see this, I’m sad I wasn’t paying attention!

  16. The Closer.
    Love me some Brenda Leigh…
    Sweet southern gal, isn’t she?!
    or not…

    But affection for the chocolates is almost as strong as hers.
    Anyone else?

  17. I just found your blog (I’m waaaay late to the party), and I am so glad I did! I can’t wait to read more of it! This post is funny because I was just looking at that palette at Sephora. Just thought i’d share that… okay, now back to reading past entries on your blog. :)

  18. I saw one movie last year – “Wreck it Ralph”. Clearly I don’t do movies much either!

    I’m with ya on the eyeshadow. I got the Nakef pallet for Mother’s Day and I can’t figure out what to do with it. What does a stay-at-home mom need with a smokey eye? My teens and the dog sure aren’t impressed. Lol! I use two of the colors on a regular basis and it feels like such a waste. That small pallet looks perfect!