Hi. I Have Some Links.

– “Because I think we need more voices gently declaring that marriage slants hard, and that’s ok. Sometimes grace finds shape in ‘me too!’ And even more than that, this recognition of shared struggles leads to the novel and frightening realization that perhaps God wants to teach us something through marriage that has less to do with happiness and an equitable sharing of chores than it does with our hearts.” – Done: For days when marriage feels impossibly hard

– “…this birthday marks the halfway point of your childhood. Nine years have whizzed by– nine years of playgroups and picture books, dolls and songs, snuggling and walks in the woods. In just nine more years, you’ll be preparing to graduate from high school, and go on to college, and start life as an adult. And I’m sorry, Punky, but that that’s just not enough time. I need more time.” – The Halfway Point

– This is beautiful.

– I’ve written a couple of TV-related posts over at Ree’s blog this past week. The first one is some spoiler-heavy speculation about Scandal, and the second one is all about The Rachel Zoe Project. As always, I’m tackling the tough issues.

– If you’re a fan of Don Draper and company, you will get a huge kick out of reading Alan Sepinwall’s weekly Mad Men recaps. His observations (and the comments) are smart, insightful, and thought-provoking (especially if you like a healthy dose of symbolism, foreshadowing, and whatnot). Good stuff.

– I saw this on Ann’s blog this morning, and it struck me as just right in light of yesterday’s tragedies.

 photo d8b49107-8ff7-488b-998d-94c5b0c7b68b_zpse52cf3bd.jpg

Praying with you and for you, Boston.

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  1. My oldest son turned 20 last December. One of his friends is leaving for boot camp next week. He visited yesterday, and as I saw the two interacting, I found a huge lump in my throat. It went entirely too fast. They are now adults, and I can’t seem to grasp on to how it happened so quickly.
    Enjoy this time with your baby. Time escapes us… Wow, I definitely have the gift of bringing joy.
    Don’t you feel like crawling under the blankets with a box of kleenex and some reality TV? I do…

  2. Thanks for sharing my post friend :-) ps – I pre-ordered your book and cant wait to read it!!

  3. BooMama, Thank you so much for posting the beautiful Dove video. I needed that today…for so many reasons. I am going to pass it on. Amy

  4. Just wanted you to know, I linked people back to your blog. You are awesome! Amy

  5. This is amazing. All of it.
    My middle child, my first boy, Jacob, is graduating from college in three and a half weeks. He commuted to school to save money so he’s been here with us the whole time, with the exception of last summer when he was hired for a 10 week internship. He’ll be with us for four weeks after graduation and then will head to that internship again with the promise of a job afterwards. My heart hurts yet this is how it goes. He’s my second one to leave the nest. So thankful to have had him here for the extra years. Now my 11 year old (!) only has about six more years before he heads out. It’s not enough time. It never is.

  6. Thank you for the link about marriage being hard. Lately my marriage has been VERY hard, and it was exactly what I needed to read. In this day of disposable marriages, I don’t want mine to be…but sometimes walking away is easier than staying. My mama always said “anything worth having is worth fighting for.” And this is definitely worth fighting for.

  7. The Dove video… just, wow. So encouraging — every woman should see this!
    Thanks for sharing it, Sophie.

  8. OH MY!! The halfway point left me totally undone!! I am there, my oldest turns 9 in a few months and oh I am there. I am so not ready for her to grow up.

  9. Carolyn says:

    Look up the Dove commercial ~ men. It’s hilarious!


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