Sunday Night (How’s That For An Inventive Title?)

We’ve discussed several times that I have a personality that tends to err on the side of obsessive. And I say that like it’s my personality’s fault, like I carry no real responsibility in terms of disciplining myself to DIAL IT DOWN A NOTCH.

So considering the way that I can jump on board with a project and just spin and spin and spin without making any real forward progress, I can’t thank y’all enough for your suggestions about affordable ways to give Alex’s room a little make-over. I feel like I have a game plan now – as opposed to just hopping in my car and driving from store to store to store with no real sense of direction. Yay, Internet, for the wise counsel. I appreciate it more than you know.

And while we’re on the subject of my obsessiveness, I figured I might as well mention a few things that have also captured my attention over the last week or so. Because as far as I’m concerned, the crazy cannot be conquered until it is shared.

(Is that on a free printable somewhere?)

(Or maybe cross-stitched somewhere on Etsy?)

1. Watching Pretty Woman for the first time in years

Saturday night was the first time in about five days that I’d watched something besides the news, and I happened to catch Pretty Woman about 20 minutes into the movie. I hadn’t seen it in forever, but I was immediately fascinated by the fact that it didn’t look nearly as dated as I expected that it would. The clothes still looked pretty modern, and the decor was fairly classic with the exception of some bright mauve carpet. But oh my goodness – THE PHONES.

I got so tickled. Because they were brick-esque, really.

 photo IMG_2109-1_zps62198f48.jpg

I wish I’d taken a picture of Edward with his cell phone. It had to have weighed a solid eight pounds.

2. Soup

Seriously. Soup. Ever since the Virus-O-Doom hit our house a couple of weeks ago, I have been craving soup. The fact that it’s not winter anymore has done absolutely nothing to deter my soup-related enthusiasm. Tonight I made a new tomato soup recipe, and it was delicious. Ree’s tortilla soup will be on the menu for later this week. I doubt this soup phase will last long since there are some meat-and-potatoes fellas in this house, but I’m gonna enjoy it while I can.

3. The Great Gatsby (the new movie)

I’m oh-so-excited about the movie simply because I love the book so much. In fact, I actually started a post about ALL MY MANY THOUGHTS a few days ago. I know that book adaptations are rarely as good as books are, but I totally have my fingers crossed on this one. And if nothing else, I think that seeing the sets will be worth the price of admission. The trailer looks absolutely gorgeous.

4. Open Front Jersey Cardigans

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-21at95305PM_zps0703899e.png

Now to be clear, Old Navy calls these LOUNGE cardigans. I don’t know if that means that you’re only supposed to wear them with yoga pants when you’re relaxing around the house, but I am here to tell you that if you like a little extra coverage (amen) or an extra layer (I am such a fan of layers – especially in the fall and spring), these are super-soft and fun to wear with colored jeans. I just ordered the pink and the light blue – two colors that I have not worn much at all over the last few years – and I am crazy about them. Yesterday I wore the pink one with some green jeans, and I felt like it was 1988 all over again. Except that hopefully my bangs are in much better condition now.

5. CL by Laundry Date Night Wedges

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-21at100505PM_zps5f6ca81d.png

Last year I saw these shoes in Stein Mart and didn’t buy them because I just wasn’t sure if I’d wear them that often. But I thought about them over and over again last summer, and when they showed up in Stein Mart a couple of months ago, I snapped them up (on sale, hallelujah). They’re almost like a flat on top of a wedge, and they run pretty true to size. What I like about them the most, though, is that they’re great with the skimmer length / ankle length / longer capri length pants and jeans that are everywhere right now. If you feel like you’re in a flip-flop rut (raising my own hand) and need something a little sassier, these shoes might be just the ticket.

All righty. That about covers it – at least for now, I reckon. And by all means, let me know if you’ve run across any movies / soups / loungewear / shoes that I need to check out.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

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  1. How funny! I opened my blog, scanned the new posts on all ya’lls blogs I follow and your title said Sunday Night, and on the blog right below it the post title was Sunday. Yep, I think I follow some real creative people there! ;0)

  2. One of our favorite soups is Salsa Chicken and Black Bean Soup from the crockpot365 blog. The site has a multitude of soups, almost all of which our family has enjoyed. With three boys playing a total of 6 baseball games Monday-Friday nights, I use my crock pot all the time!

  3. oh Ree’s Chicken Tortilla Soup is the BEST!!! It’s the only one I make now, recipes for all others have been tossed!

  4. I am excited about The Great Gatsby too! I just bought the book again (where is my college copy?!) so I can reread it before seeing the movie. But doesn’t Leonardo seem too young? Is that just because I remember him on Growing Pains??

    Just watched The Big Year with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson. NOT. FUNNY. At all. Who would put all these power houses in the same movie and not write a single funny line for them to utter??? Sweet message but WAY too much about birding (and sorry, but who cares??)

  5. I bought those shoes last summer and have received SO many compliments on them!!

  6. Wah — the Steinmarts in my city packed up and left. We have two Gordman’s, which is almost as good, but not quite. I love those shoes!

    In literary news, yes, I am also looking forward to Gatsby. AND I just read Elizabeth George’s newest book! It’s called Believing the Lie, and it is SO good. It is very, very long, which is good too — because you will love it so much you will not want it to end.

  7. On any of your weekly Chuy’s outings, have you by chance tried their tortilla soup? It is THE YUM. Clean and fresh and warm and salty with an ooze of cheese. It is our go-to when we’re sick. But only if one of us is well enough to leave the house to pick it up. If we’re both sick, we just huddle under the covers and describe it to ourselves until we fall asleep in our own drool or the kids burn the house down. Whichever comes first.

  8. OH Sophie… now I need to watch Pretty Woman. Yesterday Terry was watching something on HBO and I laughed and said, “just how old is this movie” well, he gave me a look that said who cares. But the clothing, the songs, the vehicles… it cracked me up. And cell phones weren’t in existent during this said movie. LOL Oh how I love that man of mine. Anyway… those shoes… I need them. Strike that I MUST have them. I think I need to go out shopping with you on day. Can you imagine the fun? And Old Navy… let’s just say I’ve apparently bought two many items from there because if I get ONE MORE EMAIL from them today I’m gonna scream. That’s all! =)

  9. My go-to tortilla soup recipe is from Big Mama. Every now and then I get a mad craving for it. On my well-worn recipe it says, ” Big Mama Blog October 2009 (around Halloween).”… And of course I now want some!
    Happy Decorating! I also went with linens that will last through college.
    I have not read any of your book. I am saving it for a treat!

  10. MUST try on those shoes immediately. I am very much in a flip flop rut!

    I am so scared for The Great Gatsby, as I feel I already have every book I’ve ever read cast in my head and they just never get it right. (probably because they never ask me, how dare they!)

  11. I love the picture of the phone. HILARIOUS!!! Makes me remember being corded to the wall (remember not being able to walk around freely or just getting tangled up yourself?) and my Dad’s super awesome “car phone” that was a huge phone in a bag, and had the antennae you had to stick to the back windshield of the car. I think that is the thing my kids will laugh at the most as they grow up and realize just how old their parents are. That, and walk mans.

  12. I’m a BIG fan of Pretty Woman! Interestingly enough (or not so much when you really think about it) I also notice the size of the phones. But you know that old saying “everything old is new again”? I just splurged on the Samsung Galaxy Note II (birthday present to myself) and that thing is H-U-G-E! Of course, that’s the reason I like it. Now I no longer have to go in search of my reading glasses just to read/answer a text message! Ha!

  13. Christine says:

    The shoes are adoarble and if the come in a size “Ski Boat” I’m all over them! As for “Pretty Woman” I adore that movie with all my heart! I saw it in college and when I had my weekly long distance phone call with the parents (!?) I jokingly told my dad I was quitting college and taking career advice from Vivian Ward. Needless to say, Daddy was not amused. But that cassette soundtrack got played in my dorm until it broke! You’re right about the clothes except for one outfit and that was the peachy short suit Laura San Giacomo wears to the Reg Bev Wil…kinda screams late eighties, but other than that I totally agree!! I’d wear that brown polka dot sundress to my next polo match in a blink! :-)

  14. I have my hopes set so high for Gatsby, and it better not let me down!

  15. likefashion .MUST try on those shoes immediately. I am very much in a flip flop rut!

  16. You are so very right about those shoes! Mine arrived today and they are just wonderful. I’ve never ordered a clothing item just because I saw it on a blog (though you’ve tempted me many many times) but I fell hard for those shoes and they are super. An added benefit…I’m taller than my 14-year-old son again when I wear them, the happiness just multiplies!

  17. I second Gretchen’s comments…because of you, I am now the proud owner of a pair of CL by Laundry Date Night Wedges in metallic linen. But hoo boy, did I have to search for them!! Only one pair left in 1/2 a size smaller than I usually wear, but they fit and I LOVE THEM! Darn you for motivating me to shop! :)