Weekend Update

Well, a couple of hours ago Martha called to tell me that she was thrilled! perfectly thrilled! when she heard that my book was ranked #3 on Facebook. She was so thrilled!

Listen. I did not have the heart to tell her that 1) the book hasn’t been #3 in any rankings whatsoever and 2) Facebook doesn’t actually have a bestseller list. So instead I just thanked her for being so excited. Because, well, she has been so supportive and enthusiastic about everything that correcting her wasn’t even remotely worth it. It’s like when my mama talks about how I have “a blog on Google.” GOOD ENOUGH.

Anyway, I am here mainly to relay three bits-o-information. These things are certain to change your life forever. Except that they won’t. But perhaps they will serve as a light diversion.

– My friend Anne is hosting a book giveaway over at her blog.

– My friend Robin is also hosting a giveaway over at her blog.

– I have a book signing here in Birmingham tomorrow (Saturday, June 15th). It’s at the Brookwood Village Books A Million, and it starts at 3pm. They didn’t set an ending time, but my guess is that we’ll get to the end of the book signing line at approximately 3:08. I’ll stick around longer than that, though, just in case there are some weary Father’s Day shoppers who might like to sit down for a few minutes and visit.

That’s it for now. Hope y’all have a great weekend – and Go ‘Dogs!


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  1. Brittney says:

    I live in the Birmingham area and I am upset I get to miss your book signing tomorrow.
    I am in Louisiana taking care if my mom who just had surgery. By the way, I loved your book and my mom will be reading it soon.

  2. Melissa says:

    So proud of you! #3 on Facebook! Not many people reach that goal =)

  3. This post made me laugh!! Many of my mom’s friends who read my blog think it is ON Facebook. (Kinda like the ‘blog on Google’ thing.) “I was going to have ‘so & so’ read your blog, but she’s not on Facebook, so I’ll just have to tell her about it.” Oh, the Internets machine can be so very confusing. Honestly, I’m just thankful someone reads it every now and again…Facebook, Google or however they get there! :)

    My Grandpa’s running joke is telling us to send him email through his toaster…

    Hope your book signing goes well!! We need you to travel up north for one! :)

  4. LOVED the book. Got it from the library, sorry—

  5. Brenda from Georgia says:

    Your book is #1 on my list!

  6. Hi Sophie! Well, it’s my first time commenting but I’ve been really enjoying your writing for awhile now … so much so that I pre-ordered your book, read it all the way through immediately, and just now read it again on the way to visit my inlaws (and cried all over again!) (AND I wish I could be from the South, which seems so much more fun and interesting than the Chicago area.) ANYWAY, I just had to ask about your mother’s china. Did you ever hear of a website called “Replacements.com”? They have replacement cups and saucers in your mother’s pattern. Off to leave a comment on Amazon! Here’s the link for the china …


  7. #3 on Facebook, #1 in our hearts.

  8. I’m a little more than half way through your book! Its delightful!, enjoying every word!

  9. Amy E Patton says:

    Oh my goodness! First of all this has nothing to do with your post. I am reading your book, and just had to interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to tell you some things! Second, I’m on my iPad punching letters with my fingers and heaven only knows how many typos will ensue. Ok…. So we are sisters, you just don’t know it. Love me some guiding light,but my favorite past time with my mom was as the world turns. It’s so sad our kids no longer have those shows to brighten the day. Second, and the reason I HAD to stop reading and talk to you is names! Oh, my I love names. My daughter is Katherine Elizabeth (Katie- because my husband shortens all names). Katherine is for Catherine Marshall my favorite author. The K instead of C is because she couldn’t be Catherine Anne after Anne of green gables (Anne with an E) bc Elizabeth is a family name for all first daughters. So she is Catherine w a K! And oh my… Katherine was unbeknownst to me the most popular name her birth year so she insists (and she is 20) on spelling it Keighty in order to differentiate from all the other plain ole Katie’s out there! Keighty just like you spell keightylynn! I’ve never met anyone who got it before! You’re amazing! Ok….back to my reading! Amy

  10. Amy E Patton says:

    And wouldn’t you know just yesterday, JUST YESTERDAY!, I told my husband I’d give anything to be able to sing like Sandi Patty! But I knew I couldn’t so there was no point in singing at all. JUST YESTERDAY, I say!

  11. Samantha Shah says:

    My book club met last night to create our list for the year (we are all teachers or former teachers so our “year” is the school year). Your book is on our list! Can’t wait!

  12. Well, I think Martha probably deserves a book written just about her! She is just perfectly darlin’ and I loved getting to know her better through your book.

    The entire book was so so good, Sophie; so much love and joy in your stories. And altho I’ve never met any of your family I felt like I knew them because my family has some characters quite like them. Honestly, in the fish camp chapter, I could just picture my Uncle David, Aunt Bebe and my Mom in the getting out of the SUV story! I do not know when I have laughed as hard or as long as I did reading that!

    A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet is a treasure!

  13. Leiane Macky says:

    I thought of you and Martha today. I had to return a gift for my Mother because she has no idea how to get her unwanted 15x magnifying mirror back to Amazon! I was nearly brought to tears when she asked me how much it would cost to send something to “the Amazon!” HA!

  14. Heather says:

    Loving your book and Martha is just darling! Just darling, I tell you! ;)
    I’m pretty sure you could market a line of “cooking jackets” in the south and make a small fortune!

  15. I read Ree’s blurb about your book and immediately downloaded it on my kindle for my trip last week. Loving it so much. You may be from Mississippi but believe me Small Town South Texas has the same people living there! Have already told 10 of my nearest and dearest friends. It was so hard not to stop strangers and read them passages! It’s made me laugh and cry and sometimes all at the same time! Blessings.

  16. Chelsea says:

    I know it’s not nice to compare, but out of all the blogger-turned-book author books, yours is my favorite. Well done!

  17. Can’t wait to get my hands on your book. I placed my order today.

  18. Love this Martha story! My mother-in-law is the same way. She is on Facebook, but calls any message an email and she thinks people post pictures on there just for her! We just nod and smile a lot! :)

  19. Jessica says:

    I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend. Your book finally arrived on Friday, and I spent every free minute I had enjoying it. As I was reading, my husband, more than once, walked in the room and asked, “What are you smiling about?” I can’t wait to share with my mom and aunts. We are gonna pass it around this summer :)

  20. read your book this weekend and I just had a blast reading your book. I alternated between laughing out loud to fighting back tears. Just such a sweet sweet read. I’m sharing it with a dear friend today and have already ordered myself another one. keep fighting the good fight… and go dawgs! (well Georgia Bulldogs that is!)

  21. Ann Elias says:

    So excited…found (2) copies of your book at a Lemstone Christian Bookstore in Kernersville NC! Kernersville! This is a town that just got pizza delivery in the last 5 years! I went in to ask if they could order the book for me, and she pulled up in her computer that there were 2 copies in the store! Love what I have read so far!

  22. Laura Hamilton says:

    I just finished reading your book tonight and I felt like I was right there with you the whole time! I also happened to be visiting my grandparents who are celebrating 60 years of marriage! After church on Sunday we had a big ole lunch with all the grandchildren and great great grandchildren. What a blessing! And yes, we set there for hours talking and telling stories around that table…

  23. LOVED your book! My sister is reading it now. We can see our lives in so much of it!