100% Chance Of A 100% Chance Of Rain

Well, it has rained here for the last forty-nine days.

Okay. Maybe it hasn’t been forty-nine days on the nose.

But it has rained a lot. Now granted, when I look outside and see how lush and green and borderline tropical everything looks, I am mighty grateful for that rain. It’s just that I’ve had a touch of the cabin fever. Or at least I had a touch of cabin fever until sometime Friday morning when I was waiting on the plumber and decided to embrace the R&R time – because it won’t be long before we’re at the mercy of a school schedule again, and I’ll be thinking, Hey. You know what I could use more than anything in the whole world? Three days in my pajamas.

Thankfully, the plumber did make it by here Friday afternoon, and after he worked and worked and worked for about an hour and a half, he left us with some wisdom in terms of Keeping The Drain Lines Healthy. The main bit-o-wisdom that really stood out to me – and I am happy to pass this along at absolutely no charge – is that if you are thinking of breaking leftover pot roast and carrots into small pieces and then putting them down your disposal, FLEE FROM THAT THOUGHT.

Seriously. Your checkbook will thank me.

Because I am here to tell you that the pot roast and my disposal apparently developed some sort of covenant relationship last Wednesday night. Not even the Drano gel could sever it.

Anyway, plumbing woes aside, it turned out to be a super-relaxing long weekend. We read and played cards and played Clue (oh my word. Clue. I’d forgotten how fun it is.) and I even played a couple of hidden object games (I can’t explain it, but I am drawn to them like a moth to flame). I also happened upon a Giuliana & Bill marathon Friday afternoon, and oh my word it was a FIGHT to get out of that reality TV rabbit hole. I would think, Okay. I’m just gonna watch one more episode – but somehow one turned into two turned into three. I was finally able to break free after a season of intense prayer and fasting.

Or maybe I just really wanted some Four Cheese Cheez-Its and turned off the TV. But let us all pretend that it was a terribly dramatic parting.

Early yesterday afternoon it looked like we were gearing up for LO, EVEN MORE RAIN, so I decided that reading a book would be a fine way to spend my Sunday afternoon. My fellas were playing Clue, so I pulled out the ole iPad and finally finished The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. I realize that everybody was reading this book about ten years ago, but apart from loving the title, I never got around to reading it. Yesterday, however, I finished it, and when I was looking around for something else that might be fun to read, I remembered that I’d downloaded Divergent after my friend Anne recommended it a few weeks ago.

And oh, y’all.

I just.

Could not.

COULD NOT. Put it down.

So I finished it late last night.

It was fascinating to read, because in so many ways, it is not my kind of book. It’s action-y and fantasy-y and dystopia-y. There are official factions, for heaven’s sake. Plus, whenever I read young adult fiction, I inevitably have a moment where the mama comes out in me and I start to question the protagonist’s choices and want to warn him / her that they need not go down that particular road, whatever the road happens to be. Truth be told, there were a couple of times when I felt that way in Divergent.

But oh my goodness – I enjoyed the story so much. I felt great affection for the characters (and that is usually my biggest hurdle when I read – if I don’t care about the characters, I probably won’t like the book). And I’ll be dadgummed if the book didn’t make me think A LOT about the church. That’s the part that I’ve been thinking about all day, actually – the lines we draw, the camps we set up, the hills we die on, the ships we (sometimes) jump. I don’t have any reason to think that the author was trying to make A Big Point about the church or anything like that, but since it’s something I’ve been thinking about a whole bunch lately, I guess I just saw elements of that in the plot.

It’s probably not a surprise that I am now on a quest to read the second book in the series, and hopefully that’ll happen sometime this week. But first I need to unload the dishwasher and then load it all over again and wash some clothes and then fold those clothes and then, if I’m feeling particularly ambitious, PUT AWAY THOSE CLOTHES.

Fortunately I’m going to have plenty of time to do all of those things, because, well, look.


I think I’m detecting a theme.

Happy Monday, everybody.

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  1. Sounds delightful! Reading for more than 10 minutes at a time sounds just perfect. I just started (again) To Kill A Mockingbird because it’s my summer tradition, but needed a couple new titles for after that. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I so need to read Divergent! I hear good things…lol

  3. LOVED DIVERGENT!! I, too, found myself unable to put it down. Whenever I read books like that, I think “How on earth did the author THINK of that?? And then that other thing? And then tie it all together to make it be believable?” I am amazed at writers of fiction. Amazed.

    I just finished “All I Could Ask For” by Mike Greenberg. Written as three female voices. By a man. Who is a Professional Sportscaster (from Mike & Mike in the morning…I’m pretty sure they’re talking to just me every morning and we’re best buds, but whatever…) It was shockingly good!! I was totally in awe about how a guy could write in three different, distinct female voices and make it believable.

    Hope you get some sunshine soon! (But if you don’t, wishing you happy TV watching, reading and Clue-ing)

  4. Divergent & Trivergent are two of my favorite books ever. Allegiant (the third book) is suppose to come out in November, I think. I cannot wait! Have you read the Matched trilogy by Ally Condie? Also, very good!

  5. BooMama! BooMama!
    I won your book! I won your book! I have never won a darn thing in my whole life and that’s the truth. I am so excited and looking forward to reading yours. I finished Melanie’s while waiting at the VA for my son. I started it one day and finished it the next!! I am fiend like that.
    Sorry I haven’t read your post yet but I am SO EXCITED!

    Hugs from Minnesota

  6. Oh, I’m so glad to know I’m not the only person in the world who gets sucked down the Rancic-marathon hole!

    Also, Danielle C. was here last night and informed us that Book 2 was ok but the main character was suffering from a bit of PTSD and the suicide attempts got old after awhile. In other words, you will not find me picking up said book ever, no ma’am, not never. But you enjoy… :-)

  7. Hidden Object games…you are my soul sister!! I just cannot stop playing them, even when everyone else around me grew bored I just kept on going. Mystery Case File games are the BEST!! I’m with you on the books, read 7 between a week at the beach and 1/2 week traveling to college orientation with the youngest. If you need a funny bone tickler of southern humor I highly recommend M Kay Andrews new book Ladies Night. it’s as usual full of goodly southern women and witty remarks!! Oh and celery isn’t a nice addition to the garbage disposal either, not that I’ve done that or anything!

  8. How to make a plumber happy. Put leftover spaghetti and meatballs down the drain. Then peel potatoes for salad and put down the drain. Make sure it is 10:00 at night at your Mother’s house so she will be surprised on the morning of the 4th. Good times.

  9. Bring on the sunshine in Birmingham, AL.
    I agree.

  10. And now Tropical Storm Chantal is headed toward us. I don’t dare complain about the rain because I remember the drought we had a few years ago. Thankful is not a strong enough word. But I love the comic strip I’ve seen going around that says something like, “It’s only rained twice this summer. Once for 40 days and once for 32 days!” That’s pretty accurate.

    We got rid of the disposal years ago and throw the scraps in the back 40 now. Saves money. ;)

  11. Oh your weather looks like ours in Ohio. I feel your pain.

  12. Rachel says:

    You can send that rain to East Texas! I’ll take those temperatures, too. Guess I need to add Divergent to my list.

  13. Ugh I feel ya on the rain. I live in Georgia and it has rained for what seriously feels like the last 2 months. We are so ready for the sun again!!

  14. Sunday our pastor said, “Welcome to Seattle, Washington…” haha! But like you the upside has been all the reading I’ve done! I just finished Sparkly Green Earrings & literally laughed out loud almost the whole time. Now I’m about to start Radical!

  15. One great thing about the rain is that it gave me the opportunity to read a new book, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet, that my mom sent all of her daughters because it was written by a hometown girl – you. I live in Georgia now, but was born and raised in “Myrtlewood”. I went to high school with Benji, and still treasure a beautiful, antique, sterling silver serving spoon that Julia Claire gave my husband and me for a wedding gift.

    My mom is on Hospice care at home, and reading your book brought her so much enjoyment; thank you for that. Given her condition (for which I pray often for a miracle healing), I must say that chapter 18 struck a chord with me so strong, I can’t begin to express it. Chapter 1 made me cry because I miss seeing my mama in the kitchen, loving us with her cooking. :-)

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  16. Judy W says:

    Potato peels down the disposal the day before your husband’s grad party from engineering school can be a real buzz kill. The smiles are turned upside down for quite. a. while.

    Have you read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society yet?? I actually preferred listening to it on cd (the best! characters!), although I do own the book and I whip it out now and then to my favorite spots. Which reminds me…I’m due to read it again.

  17. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    You are going to LOVE insurgent!!!! We actually have two copies because M.K. saw an autographed copy and her BFF got it for her as a Christmas gift! I just finished the non-autographed copy (because I am allowed to touch it) just a few weeks ago and am anxiously awaiting the October release of the last book in the series!!!! That is not my usual type of book but I was pulled in by the characters!

  18. Casey Springer says:

    I just bought divergent and am in the first few pages. It has rained here alot too but everything is so pretty! Enjoy your break!

  19. North Central Arkansas would be happy to take some of that rain off your hands, and we’d even share with East Texas.

    We have had 1/2 an inch since May, with temps well into the 90s for most of that time, and a week of 100+ just for good measure. It’s 91 already today.

    Off to purchase DIvergent….

  20. Loved Divergent & Insurgent, and cannot wait for the last book! Just finished reading Delirium, which is along the same lines. Waiting on book two of that series from the library. We have had tons of rain as well, so I have been doing a lot of reading! Hoping to see the sun again soon!

  21. KimberlyOKC says:

    Well, sorry about the rain but hey, you still have the Miss Mississippi viewing party!!

    Did you ever do anything to Alex’s room? Just curious…

    Worst plumbing story for me was last Christmas when I stupidly drained the juice/fat from our prime rib down the disposal side of the sink and in the craziness didn’t think to run water AT ALL. Cut to 40 mins later when it was time to do dishes…and then 15 minutes later when my husband and son had to hoist the huge and heavy plumbers snake machine on top of the roof (yes, we have one bc we have such terrible pipes). That was the way to spend Christmas afternoon!!! Our guests were gracious but ugh!! AND all that just to find out that the grease had settled in the “U” curve under the sink so Christmas evening found my hubs laying on the floor of the kitchen replacing plumbing tubing. I tell ya, those are the times when you find out what your hubs REALLY thinks of you…he didn’t say a word…and that’s a GOOD thing. He just took all my love and hand-pats and apologizing in stride and after it was over, he said “It’s okay.”

  22. I just love your posts! They make me laugh every time. Good to know that nothing has really dampened your humor. We have had a lot of hot days here in CA and I have been reading The Night Circus. I just found out that I won a copy of your book though so I am eager to read that as soon as it arrives. Yeah!
    God luck in dealing with the weather… inside and out.

    Best! Lina

  23. 1. The rain. It is killing me. Not spending the 4th by some kind of water was one of the low points of my year.
    2. Reading has been a high priority for me this summer and I have loved every second.
    3. I bought The Curious Incident at Goodwill a few weeks ago. It may need to move up my list of things to watch.
    5. Putting the clothes away is my Achilles’s Heel.

  24. Katherine says:

    I love to hear that you loved Divergent! I DEVOURED it, and the sequel, Insurgent. Now, I am killing time until October when the third book comes out. Also, the movie of Divergent will be out soon, and here is a fun fact for you. The actor who plays Four is the same one who played Mr. Pamouk on season one of Downton Abbey. Cannot wait!

    We are currently on day 1,000,006 of rain here in Northeast Georgia……

  25. The author of Divergent is actually a Christian and from my understanding it purposely had some Christian undertones. I loved Insurgent as well & can’t wait for Allegiant! Here’s a great interview with Roth http://www.goodreads.com/interviews/show/637.Veronica_Roth