Foiled Again

Well, I didn’t mean to leave the potato chips post at the top of the page for three days, but I got sidetracked with beach fun, and really it turned out just fine because the comments on the last post have brought me untold amounts of joy. OH MY WORD y’all have provided a wealth of potato chips information, and I was especially delighted to be reminded of this previously forgotten treasure.

Au Gratin O’Grady’s. The gold standard of 80’s potato chips. May they rest in peace.

Today we have been settling back in to real life and responsibilities and etc. We spent most of the day plowing through an Errands Extravaganza because I recognized this morning that I needed to try to whittle down the to-do list I’ve been neglecting for the last two weeks. We finished about three-quarters of the seemingly endless list-o-tasks I keep in the “Reminders” app on my phone, but we eventually had to push pause on the productivity since the boy and I had appointments for haircuts at 2:30. He was supposed to be at a friend’s at 3:30, and since I was getting highlights in addition to my haircut, I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to take a break from my time at the hair salon in order to run Alex over to his friend’s house in a timely fashion.

By the way, if you’re wondering, Um, why did you agree for your child to be at a friend’s house at 3:30 if you knew you were going to be at the salon until 4:00 at the earliest?, then I will explain. I have a bad habit in that sometimes I inadvertently double-book, and when I realize that I’ve double-booked, I feel so bad about canceling that I just try figure out how to make both things happen. I won’t even attempt to put a positive spin on this behavior because it is SO annoying. Fortunately, though, most of the time everything just kind of works out – like today when the girl who does my hair folded the last piece of foil at 3:22, which meant that I had 30 minutes for the foils to work their magic while I ran A to his friend’s house. However, that also meant that I TOOK MY CHILD TO HIS FRIEND’S HOUSE WITH A FULL SET OF FOILS IN MY HAIR.

As a matter of fact, as soon as we hopped in the car (and have mercy was it ever tricky to duck my way into the driver’s seat while keeping all those foils in place), Alex said, “Mama? Since you’re taking me to C’s house with that stuff in your hair, I think that maybe I’m going to write a book called All The Ways Moms Can Embarrass Their Children.”

“Listen,” I answered. “Either I drive a mile and a half with foils in my hair, or you’re going to have to wait for the foils to be out of my hair – and you’ll be an hour late. I happen to think this is a pretty decent solution.”

“Good point,” he replied. And then I proceeded to tilt my head so that I could attempt to shield people in the opposite lane from the glare of the 100 pieces of tinfoil that surrounded my face. Luckily the friend’s house was only 4 or 5 minutes from the salon, so I managed to drop off the young’un, preserve the foils, and make it back to the salon with about 20 minutes to spare.


And that’s really all that’s been going on around here. Well, besides the fact that Mama called me Tuesday afternoon to tell me that she’d fried 20 pieces of chicken FOR LUNCH – all because my nephews were there and they love her fried chicken and apparently they can PUT THE HURT on some yard bird. Then last night my cousin Paige drove over from Mississippi to pick up her little guy, who went to the beach with us, and D and I agree that we never get tired of having them here. They could visit us forever and that would suit us just fine. And this morning I talked to my aunt, who gave me a report on what happened at prayer meeting last night (if you’ve read my book, you know all about those prayer meetings), and after that a guy from Home Depot came over and installed a new storm door that is quiet as a whisper and may very well change our lives in terms of opening and closing the back door.

As you can see, the excitement never stops.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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  1. Kathleen G says:

    I have been reading your blog for awhile. Found you on Pioneer Woman. Everyday life is full of comedy, action (especially when you drove your son to his friends house), & drama. I’m not from the south, but my niece lives in North Carolina. I really need to read your book. You make me laugh and I enjoy your writing.

  2. You bring smiles/laughter to my morning. I do think you need to keep a list of all of Alex’s book titles. I can’t remember the last one you mentioned but it was just as ‘outstanding’ as the one today.

  3. I used to have a hairdresser friend who would come to my house and do my hair (oh, the blessing of that situation!). It was a never-ending source of amusement (embarrassment) for my daughters to see me answer the door and deal with all manner of people with those foils in my hair. But I never did go out in them. The only thing missing from you blog is photos.

    Also, three of my four daughters mentioned above have gone or go to Samford University, so we are well aware of B’ham. Great place. I’ll look for a lady in foils when we move them to their dorms in a few weeks.

  4. Oh my! I love your regular every day happenings posts! And that A? Love him. Tell him I’ll buy that book for my daughters.

    I giggle every time I hear something about prayer meetings these days. Thanks! hehehe!

  5. Keri Headley says:

    I can so relate to the double booking thing! Also, I am going to have a date with my phone to check into this Reminders thing I never use! Thank you!

  6. PRAYER MEETING!! Love it. :) My grandmother-in-law is struggling with Alzhemier’s right now, and that story in your book made me both laugh and cry at the same time. You’re good at that, ya’ know…

    Oh how I wish there was a picture of your son while you were driving him with foils in your hair. Was he scrunched down trying to hide? Or did he make the ride with pride? (Weird. I feel like I was just writing a Dr. Seuss book right there. Enough of that.)

  7. I have no doubt in my mind that this hairfoils in my hair while taking my kid to a playdate will happen to me in the future. You know when I finally have them.

    Also, bless prayer meetings and fried chicken.

    Lastly, it is August 2 and there is no post about football. Are you feeling well?

  8. Haha I loved your response to A! Funny mama, funny kid.

  9. “Foils in your hair, shame on you!” …My mom sang this little diddy to me except with “curlers” once when I still had my hot rollers in my hair on the way to middle school. I thought it was perfectly acceptable since I was still in the privacy of our own car. I guess I was wrong! Now anytime I see someone with curlers (or foils) in their hair while riding in their car I sing it! Isn’t it funny how those little things stick with you?

  10. I can only imagine what D had to say about the foil adventures. Comical, no doubt! Don’t forget it’s tax free shopping weekend (like you would, duh!!) Hope Martha is able to come to the Steinmarts to find her some perfectly adorable fall jackets without paying any tax!!!! I wish I could come – I am still hanging on to the Costco hope, lol. Glad you got the storm door – sounds amazing ;)!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh my goodness, the thought of driving a car all foiled up makes me laugh so hard. Our boys are around the same age, and I also got tickled that he said “good point.” I’ve noticed my son says that now all the time, it makes me laugh.

  12. I too have done the same with driving my kids around with foils in my hair- sometimes baseball practice just conflicts with life….my son laid down in the back seat on the way there, and made me drop him off 1/2 a block away…but he made it!

  13. your life makes me laugh! Thank you for sharing it!

  14. O’Gradys chips……I had forgotten about those……in the 80’s a dear friend of mine was having an addition put on her old farm house…….everyday after work I would go there and help her and her husband clean up after the contractors ( it helped them save $) she discovered Ogrady Chips and I think we ate a bag every night……YUM!’

  15. I am so glad to hear that someone else overbooks! I am not sure how I can have two things scheduled for the exact same time and not realize it until it is too late. It seems perfectly fine, until it isn’t :) Now I must go and read the potato chip comments as I am sure I will find some new recommended varieties that I shouldn’t eat!

  16. Meg Wood says:

    Ok…I totally get the over-book thing. I do that all the time!! I’m so glad someone else does that! I get so frustrated with myself…and…I also try to make both things happen! I LAUGHED OUT LOUD picturing you driving around with foils in your hair! I would have loved to have seen a picture of that!!!

  17. I don’t usually double book, but I do tend to over book…which usually means being late! I’m workin on it though, especially when it comes to social gatherings and plans with friends. But, I do still have the tendency to write at least 10 things on my to do list when I know I can probably only really accomplish 3 – ha! Love that you are brave enough to drive around with foil in your hair – you are now my hero! :-)