The Sole To Sole Tour

As a general rule, I don’t like shopping for shoes. I realize that my ambivalence about a sassy new pair of heels is practically sacrilege to scores of women, but my feet are way too peculiar to lend themselves to marathon shoe-shopping sessions. I don’t like anything strappy since my arches are freakishly high; plus, I’m annoyed by lots of little pieces of leather running across the tops of my feet. I don’t like anything super-flat because I am a stickler for arch support (Toms are the only flats that meet my needs in this area). And since I inherited a fun little nerve condition that runs rampant on Mama’s side of the family and makes the bottom of my feet tingle and ache (giddy up, mamaw), I tend to like shoes that err on the side of cushion-y.

So. In summary. Nothing strappy. Arch support. Lots of cushion.

Add it all together and you wind up with UGGs.

Every once in awhile, however, I’ll jump on board with a trend and buy a pair of shoes just because they’re cute. I’m extra fond of my Volatile clogs, my Toms, and my Toms wedges – but they’re all too hot for the summertime, not to mention that the wedges aren’t really an all-day shoe for me. So for the last few summers, I’ve fallen into what I call the flip-flop rut. This means that I wear flip-flops pretty much all the time, and somewhere along the way I’ve sort of convinced myself that it’s a real shoe. And while I used to really make an effort to buy flip-flops with platform wedge so that I could at least get a little height out of the deal, I really haven’t even fooled with a heel for the last year or so. I just rotate through my collection of flat (but mostly cushion-y) flip-flops, and I pretend like I haven’t given up completely on footwear fashion.

Well. For the last couple of days I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of a work schedule, and I’ve been on my feet a lot. Yesterday afternoon I noticed that my feet just felt tired, for lack of a better word, and today was no different. It dawned on me that maybe the flip-flops were the problem, especially since the ones I’ve worn the last couple of days have pretty much zero support. They were oh-so-comfortable when I bought them a year and a half ago, but considering that, as Sister would say, I have worn the D-O-G out of them, they’re now pretty much the equivalent of those little pieces of foam they stick on your feet after a pedicure.

Yes, I know. Klassy.

Earlier today I came to grips with the fact that some shoe shopping was clearly inevitable, so I went to DSW in the hopes that I would find a couple of pairs of shoes that would carry me through fall and winter. I was serious about the search; in fact, before I went in the store I made a pledge way down deep in my heart that I would not buy anything that even resembled a flip-flop. I even felt a little excited about the possibilities.

However comma I am sad to say that the excitement was short-lived.

Because, well, for starters…


JELLIES. I just can’t, y’all. I mean, I know that everything old is new again, and I’ll be the first to admit that 1984 holds some precious memories for me. But the jellies are not one of them. Lace collars, though – well, that’s a completely different story.

And then there were these.


I’m pretty sure that I wore these booties to a Mississippi State football game in the late 80s. Oh, my version might not have had, you know, THE FLAG, but other than that they were almost identical. They also looked super cute with the floor-length prairie skirt and flannel shirt that I wore to the first game of the year. Which was at the end of August. It’s a small wonder that I didn’t have a heat stroke.

I wish I could say that the shoe selections improved, but things sort of went from bad to worse.


Granted, they’d be perfect if I had plans to perform a modern jazz routine in front of an audience, but sadly, I do not. Not before spring, at least.

And these?


Well, it’s all fun and games until somebody stumbles and winds up in the ER.

I did see a couple of pairs of shoes that appealed to me, but I don’t know that they’re necessarily the best choice for the workplace.



Make no mistake, though. I could wear those slippers non-stop from October until February. They’d be heaven with a pair of Thorlo socks, a long-sleeve t-shirt, and some broken-in yoga pants.

Hallelujah and amen.

I ended up leaving DSW empty-handed (though I may have to go back for those New Balance – I am such a fan of the bright colors), and I decided to run in Belk since their shoe department is gigantor. But I felt like everything I saw was too strappy / too summer-y / too winter-y / too bulky / too flat / too old for me / too young for me, and I walked back to the parking lot feeling a little sorry for my freakishly high arches and me. I mean, I know that I don’t really like to shop for shoes, but it would be fun to find something when I do shop. And it would be even better if what I found happened to also be, you know, cute.

When I was driving home, I spent some time thinking about Shoes I Have Loved, and out of nowhere I remembered how much I adored my Birkenstocks in the mid-90s. I read somewhere that they’re in the throes of a comeback, so I decided to stop by one of our favorite local stores that happens to carry them. I got such a kick (punny) out of trying them on, and I was just about ready to buy a pair when I realized that while they were great for all sorts of nostalgia, they weren’t necessarily providing the level of cushion that I was looking for. So I tried on a few more things, and I ended up leaving with two VERY cushion-y pairs of shoes that will hopefully meet all of my very specific footwear requirements. They may not be the prettiest options, but they’re dependable and comfortable and perfect for work.

(I had to pull pictures from the web because I couldn’t convince my phone to talk to my computer after I took pictures here at the house.)

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 9.39.24 PM

I will be wearing these Dr. Scholl’s to a meeting tomorrow morning. Because while yes, they look like a futuristic clog, they’re actually delightful little clouds that hug your arches and support your heels.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.06.39 PM

And since I couldn’t commit to the Birkenstocks, I committed to a pair of Wallabees instead (a throwback is a throwback, I reckon). I’ve seen some of my younger friends wearing them, but even still, I was not prepared for the depth their comfort. MY WORD, PEOPLE. They’re so comfortable that I actually giggled when I tried them on. GIGGLED, I tell you. And since I struggle with boots (aye, and mightily) thanks to the aforementioned freakishly high arches, I can’t wait to wear these with corduroys and jeans this fall.

So there you have it. I bought two pairs of shoes.

Needless to say, I am completely exhausted.

Are there any shoes that you’re loving these days?

(And thanks so much for all the great recipe ideas in the last post – y’all are the best.)

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  1. Not sure how they would fall into your cushion-y department, but my mom and I both have feet issues. While I rely on inserts the chiropractor made me, she relies on Clarks shoes. I also have a pair of Clarks flip-flops that are the only ones I can stand to wear for any length of time. The thing about Clarks is most of them have awesome arch support!

    • Yes. Yes, a thousand times to Branalyn’s comment. The Clarks Sea Breeze flip flop is a wonder and a delight. I purchased some in coral this summer, and I am amazed at how much I love them. I can wear them out all day long, and my feet feel completely comfortable the entire time. Adjustable straps too for a myriad of foot widths.

    • I cannot wear flip flops but decided this year to get the Clarks brand. While expensive they were well worth it! I find most Clarks very comfortable and supportive.

  2. The arthritis in my feet has gotten very bad (“You have the feet of a 70 year old!” chirped my podiatrist. Oh, joy!), and I was dreading the thought of having to buy orthopedic shoes.

    BUT! A friend suggested Orthoheels, and I am here to tell you that they are WONDERFUL. I bought a pair of the flip-flops, and have been living in them this summer. No, there is not a lot of flip in their flop, but there is lots and lots of lovely arch support, and a nicely cushioned shoe bed. I can wear them all day without my feet demanding I sit down on the porch and so they can rest. The shoes come in a wide range of styles and colors … I am a very happy shopper.

    (They don’t know me from Adam … I am just that happy to be able to wear sandals.)

    • Amen and amen to the Orthaheels, sister. This is going to sound a little extreme, and I am prone to hyperbole, but those shoes have changed my life.

      I only wear Orthaheels and my Brooks tennis shoes. Now I’m cheap and don’t like to spend a lot for anything, but those shoes are worth every penny. Sometimes they’re on Zulily and I stock up.

      I lived in Florida and then Hawaii where flip flops are acceptable to wear to formal events so I was so glad to find some that don’t make want to find a corner to lie down and die before the day is done.

      I would tell you how many pair I own but that would be embarrassing.

      • They also sell them on (Zappos’ clearance site). But as you say, at full price they are worth EVERY PENNY.

      • This is what I love, “I lived in Florida and then Hawaii where flip flops are acceptable to wear to formal events…”!

        Amen sister!

    • Yes, yes, yes to Orthoheels. I have bad plantar faciitis in one of my feet and these shoes nearly cured it. Their flip flops are amazing. Watch for them on Zulily!

    • Thanks for the recommendation! My podiatrist suggested orthaheels and I’ve been looking at them online. They are pricey! Then again, I’m still getting used to the fact that I’m almost 40 and can’t just share cheap, Payless shoes with my teenage daughters anymore. I will definitely be investing in a pair for the fall. Curious…do you have their clogs by any chance? Those are my standard footwear. I’m a teacher and on my feet all day, so whatever I get needs to be super-comfy.

  3. Due to some well placed edema from the failure o’the kidneys and all, and being in a wheelchair when I venture out o’the house once a month (I joke not), I can honestly say I have not put on a pair of shoes in about 2 years.

    However, I can fully attest to the Wallabee- a World of Comfort For Your Feet. I wore out several pair in the day, and my dad wore nothing but from about 1975 until his passing in 2005- unless church was involved.

    Mine were nowhere near as purty as those, so you just rock the house when you wear them, ok?

  4. Cute, cute, cute! I’m still all about flip-flops. And TOMS when my toes aren’t painted. I feel I need those Wallabees in my life this fall. Fo sho.

  5. I decided many years ago that when my feet hurt everything hurt and I would sacrifice fashion and cuteness for shoes that helped my feet.

    While they might not be as cushion-y as you would like, Sophie, I swear by my Naot “Rome” shoes-I have three pair-and Dansko clogs. My flat feet need a good arch support, and my chronically inflamed Achilles tendons require a bit of a lift in the heel. Both are pricy but they are also very long lasting. is my friend!

  6. Oh heavens – feet. Mine are also in need of support, and the arches are high as well. So now I will have to go and do a UK search for something cushiony. The older I get, the more I sound like my grandmother when I try on the foot issue. Fashion is sadly irrelevant.

  7. I love shoes…but have similar dilemmas in actually finding a pair that are comfortable enough to wear. However, I love, love, love Aerosoles. I always thought they were little old lady shoes (my apologies to all the little old ladies) but a couple of years ago I went into an Aerosoles store and lo, and behold, they have some cute shoes. And might I add, cushion-y and comfortable!

  8. This post CRACKED ME UP! You are so funny Sophie!

  9. Cheryl Stanley says:

    I have these crocs in black and I love them. They replaced a pair of skechers that I bought seasonally for the past few years – I had them in black too but they dont make them anymore… I broke my leg a few years ago and the surgery left me with nerve damage on the top of my one foot. I need something soft of it. These are both great and I can walk in them all day!

  10. You crazy funny girl! I was thinking of birks for you earlier in the post. Love mine and wear them all year round (live in NC). Also my croc sandals, although that might be a little too strappy for you?? Two enthusiastic thumbs up on their cushiness, though. Also? There’s something so clumsily cute about the Wallabees, yes?

  11. I have a neurological disease that makes my feet all sorts of crazy (CMT, if you want to google it). I have to wear custom orthotics, my feet are super narrow, no heels allowed, etc, etc. I can wear Orthaheel sandals, but their shoes are not supportive enough. In boots, I just wear the orthotics, and then I bring my own arch support with me! I struggle a lot to find work shoes, but I have a couple pairs of Drew Mary Janes that allow room for the orthotics and sometimes Clarks also have room. I also just wear Keds or sparkly converse with my suits sometimes! I have enough pain and problems without suffering for fashion.

  12. Nancy R. says:

    I just ordered a pair of TOMS ballet flats. I am hoping they are the answer to my prayers. I also have a flat pair of Clarks Mary Janes that I love.

  13. Melissa says:

    My fav shoe brand is Ryka. I wear them year round, even though they mostly have tennis shoes. The support is great and they last a long, long time. As for dress shoes, I have to wear something with support, no tall heels. :-) Comfort and support….things a best friend and a great shoe will give you. :-)

  14. ORTHOHEELS have saved my life and feet!! I was afraid foot surgery was in my future until I tried this brand. Absolutely saved my feet!! I wear them all summer long, and in the winter, I even wear them around the house. They have solved my need for high arch support and have helped my bunions also, by getting the bones in my feet all going the right direction. Try Orthoheels. I buy mine online from Foot Smart.

  15. Jennifer S says:

    Oh Sophie, I know just how you feel. I had ankle surgery a few years ago to correct some damage from a previous horrible sprain. I don’t fall down anymore at random moments (like walking down the sidewalk in uptown Charlotte, or across the parking lot of the K&W), but I can’t wear anything with more than say, a one to two inch heel. In addition, I have this LOVELY condition on one foot called Dyshidroctic Eczema, which causes an irritating rash on both the bottom and top of my foot so NO FLIP FLOPS or cute, sassy sandals for me. You can see that I am very limited at what I can wear at this time. I did find a cute pair of flat espadrille-like shoes at the Aerosoles store at the mall…they had some really cute things for fall as well. That might be a good place for you to check. You can shop online at their website as well. Best of luck in your quest, and BTW, I love the New Balance shoes too!

  16. Yes to the Orthoheels! I love your wallabees. I had a pair or two back in the day!

  17. We are so alike it’s frightening! I wear basically 2 different pair of flip flops from about March-ish to October-ish. Then I wear Tom’s or my Wallabees. See, kindred spirits!

  18. Katherine says:

    This is such a funny post – we all have foot issues, eventually! I swear by Born of all shapes and colors and even have a pair of so-not-sexy Birkenstock sandals. The comments make me want to search out the world of Orthoheels and Dansko, but seriously, WALLABEES? The horror!!! In the 70’s, my dad used to call them “fruit boots”! LOL!

  19. Michelle in Dallas says:

    This is an issue that cuts right to my heart — I have always been a major shoe gal. That cute turquoise, yellow and pink flowered jacket had just the right pair of yellow, turquoise and pink strappy sandals and so on and so forth. Then my feet rebelled and hurt and nothing hurts like feet. I swallowed my pride and my hurt and started wearing Aerosoles — you can still find relatively cute but oh, so comfortable. I discovered Clarks and have found some decently cute options there. Then I heard of Orthaheels. Just the name made me shrink in horror — it just screams of OLD LADY and support hose and hankies tucked under the bra strap. Thanks to Zulily I purchased a pair of their sandals. I wore them last summer on a trip to China and I’m here to tell you they saved my life. IT’s hotter than blue blazes in August in China and not having to wear socks and tennis shoes was such a treat. Those Orthaheels took me all over the Great Wall and ten thousand walking miles (at least) with nary a complaint. Cannot recommend highly enough. I would really like for their designers to do a little cuter but for now I’m resting on comfort.

  20. Bethany says:

    Just a little warning on the Wallabee’s…i had a pair in college and while yes they are comfortable when you are trying them on in the store, you will definitely want to make sure you break those suckers in before wearing them all day, especially if you will be walking a lot. I wore my brand new ones on the first day of school once, and my feet still haven’t forgiven me for it, and that was almost 7 years ago :-/

  21. I cannot shop at a store like DSW…or any store for that matter because my foot is roughly a 5 1/2. I get laughed at when I tell my size in stores. Alrightythen. There is a store way on the other side of town that carries my size…and I discovered them after I broke my foot years ago. I have that same pair even though the sole is actually broken. I still wear them. Birks come not only with the cork sole but with a suede type sole with some cushion under it. That is what I have in my sandals and my clogs. Love love love! : )

  22. Have you tried Tevas for sandals? They come in all kinds of styles and various kinds of heels and support; I’ve had my first pair since 1995, and they are in the same condition as the day I bought them, even wearing them in water, on hikes, through amusement parks, and for daily life. I’ve seen lots of flip-flop styles in the stores lately, too. If you have an old-school shoe store, where they fit you and sell the higher-end shoes that are really good for your feet, I recommend trying that. They carry a lot of brands and styles you won’t find at department or chain stores.

    • Looooove my Teva sandals! I too have seen the flip flops at the store and have wondered if they are just as good. I see they get good reviews, but my bunions haven’t had a chance to vote yet.

  23. Like you mostly flip flops in the summer. Now the whole jellies thing is making me laugh. I went to the crocs outlet earlier this year and they had a pair on sale for $10 and I bought them — delightful! Crocs jellies try them!

  24. Whitney says:

    I’m so happy to hear someone else say that their Tom’s wedges are not all day shoes!!!

    Right now I’m digging Børn shoes. (I had to go to their website and copy and past their name. I couldn’t figure out that ‘o’ character). I’ve had two pairs of their sandals, and a pair of loafers. A bit on the pricier side, but very comfortable…..without looking too dowdy.

  25. Give Carl’s Comfort Shoes a try. They’re in the ‘Ham at the corner of Hwy 280 and 119, right behind the new CVS. But, they are moving within the month to over by the Galleria. I also have major feet problems, so Dansko, Sanita and Klogs USA are my all time go to shoes, especially if I’m going to be on my feet a lot. But, I’m going to have to check into the Orthoheels. I miss my flip flops!

  26. Laney Lane says:

    I had back surgery in Decemner…… the cute comfortable shoe that I wore when returning to teaching in the spring were the Dansko Sophie. I have them in 3 colors! These are cushiony…not like the original Dansko’s.

  27. Oh man, I feel your pain. I was never a lover of shoe shopping, but I recently had back surgery – which has relegated me to the confines of laces & tennis shoes (even at the office) for the last year – and now I’d categorize myself as a shoe shopping hater. I’m in my late 20’s, so I definitely have a hard time walking the line between ‘comfortable-but-stylish’ and ‘why-are-you-wearing-your-grandma’s-shoes.’ I’m getting to a place where tennis shoes aren’t a full time requirement, so I’m loving some of y’alls suggestions. Thanks ladies!

  28. Where did you find those Wallabees?! I must have them!!

  29. Thank you for the midday pick-me-up! I had tears in my eyes laughing at the ER heels.

  30. Meg Wood says:

    I can always count on you for a good laugh, and boy did I need one today after the first day of school with students back!!! Thanks ever so much, Soph!!!

  31. Amy Sumrall says:

    Kork Ease! Specifically the Myrna Vacchetta style. The perfect height wedge for everyday! My go-to shoe! I bought the “nude” color and they go perfectly with everything! They also transition well into fall because we know how summer tends to linger in the good ol south.

  32. Also try Chacos. Best arch support ever! A little strappy, but the straps adjust. I cry when I have to put them up in the fall. Dillard’s has a Born knock off called Nature’s something that are pretty good. I have a cute pair of clogs from them.

  33. Melanie says:

    Cute! They both seem stylish and comfy. So glad you did not purchase the first few you showed!

  34. I adore that first pair of shoes you bought. Not sure if I could wear them, though. See, I’m old. I also have foot issues in the way of bunions and am very self-conscious about them. That makes a summer shoe hard to find. I always try to find shoes with a big strap that goes across the bunion area in an attempt to hide them. That being said, I found some adorable Michael Kors jelly orange thong/flip-flops at TJ Maxx. I’ve worn them a couple places, but basically don’t intend to wear them anywhere that’s too publicly. Also, almost a year ago I bought a pair of Tory Burch wedges for an amazing price that I thought just maybe I would try wearing to a fancy fund-raising dinner I attend each year. Now that the dinner is two days away, I’m getting afraid to wear them. I haven’t worn anything even resembling heels in years. Sorry, I have no recommendations for you, but I do love my Uggs for winter.

  35. Once again your post tickled me and also hit close to home. I don’t think I’ve ever heard another human refer to their freakishly high arches, and let me tell you sister, I HAVE THEM, TOO! No one understands the boot and strap dilemma inherent in that little foot issue. And I’ve had neuroma surgery on both feet. Unfortunately, you better pray that the tingling and numbness stays just that and doesn’t turn to fiery shots of pain that only end when you take off your shoes and stand like a crane on one foot. (Yes, my children have been scarred by shopping with me and my foot issues.) So, thank you for talking about it here. I feel validated. And congratulations on shoe shopping success!

  36. Can’t believe no one has mentioned “Me Too” shoes!!!! I have high arches, a neuroma in lefty, but I want my shoes to be cute…..I DO care! So, Me Too’s are super cushiony, and now they are making them with a little wedge and open toed. You need to check those out. Even the young 20 somethings like to work in those. About DSW, here in Dallas we have many locations…..but only one is worth shopping at. You have to find that “one” that has a good buyer. My DSW sells Me Too. I laughed my head off at the pics, thanks!!!!!

  37. I have insanely high arches and insteps too (no shoe has ever touched them before, even Birkenstocks) and have recently fallen in LOVE with Chacos. The straps are adjustable (amen and hallelujah) so there’s a little work involved to get them just right but once you do they are so amazing. I mean seriously, they make my whole body feel better. My posture has never ever been so good and I don’t even have to try. My Chacos hold my feet just right and the rest of me just lines right up!

  38. Oh the jellies…
    Back in the 80’s I was a VERY picky eater. I wanted jellies sooo bad. My dad did not share my 15 year old fashion sense. He was trying to be funny and held up a hot pepper from the salad bar at a local restaurant and offered “if you eat this, we will go back to the SkyCity and I will buy you those ugly jelly shoes.” Thirty minutes and a glass of water later I was getting blisters in my new jellies. He still laughs about those shoes to this day. :)

  39. Pam Means says:

    Do you have a Good Feet store? They have been the answer to my feet problems. Basically custom-type inserts that you can wear with any shoes. Not cheap, but def. worth it.

  40. Lydialou says:

    I am pleased as punch to find that even younger ladies have shoe problems! I hate to shop for shoes. I had a painful bunion on my left foot and had it fixed several years ago. Surprise! It didn’t work and I ended up with a bigger bunion and nerve pain. A bummer. So I finally had my “fixed” foot fixed again by another ortho and it works much better and the nerve pain is gone. But my carefree days of shoe shopping are gone forever. Thank goodness I am retired because I live in sneakers-currently Brooks and the Gel Noosa by Ascis. They are marvelous! And make my feet happy! I also have 2 pairs of Chaco sandals. Frankly they are my “dress” shoes for summer. Yes-even to church. I also have 2 pair of Merrell thong sandals-lots of arch support just like the Chaco. I have one pair of Clark winter dress shoes and they are a kind of ballet flat. That is all except for my LLBean snow boots. I have a pair of house shoes that are Orthoheel. The arches are great but my foot is narrow and I have to wear bulky socks with them of they flop around too much for my foot. So I can’t recommend them. I haven’t heard of Toms. I will have to give them a look.

  41. Margaret says:

    Yellow Box flip flops are the only ones I can wear since I have nerve damage is both feel and can’t feel anything until it’s serious. they do have arch support at least enough for me. I also wore SAS sandals, ugly things but it cured my plantar factious.

  42. This is the most timely post! School starts next week, and I’m not looking forward to being on my feet ALL DAY LONG again. Especially since I’ve developed a bone spur and plantar fasciitis in the SAME FOOT over the summer. I’ve worn nothing but crocs flip-flops and h ugly ones (as my house shoes) this summer and after seeing a podiatrist I need to get some supportive shoes. If not for this post I would either be in pain or crying because I have to buy ugly, shoes. Now, I’m off to scour the internet for a pair of clogs (my go-to school shoe.)

  43. Oh My Word Sophie! Laughing soooooooooooo hard at this post! WHAT IN THE WORLD was up with the DSW shoe selection? It’s upsetting to say the very least. Thanks for bringing a smile to my day. And listen….I don’t really know about the whole arch support thing…but I PROMISE YOU that the Callisto Putty wedges from Nordstrom are the most comfortable pair of wedges I have ever owned. They are more comfy than some of my flats! Search them and see what you think!

  44. Do you love those Dr Scholl’s Dance Clogs or what? I LOVE them–actually need a new pair, purged mine before our big move bc I know if I had them, I’d wear them and be ashamed by their disrepair (I’d worn them YEARS I tell ya!) Wondering if you got them at Flip Flops and What Nots, bc if not, you gotta check it out!

  45. When I turned 40 I decided I was tired, tired I tell you, of torturing myself in shoes that hurt just because they’re cute. I love shoes, even worked in a store with some high end shoes. I wore heel to work retail for 12 hour days. My feet would be numb by the end of the night. I chucked out shoes that hurt my feet, discovered the uglier the shoe, the more comfy it is and never looked back. Now I have to be picky about my shoes because I have diabetes. I refuse to give up comfort. So if we ever meet, feel free to make fun of my shoes but I can bet my feet won’t hurt.

  46. These shoes have changed my life. Well, a little anyway. I have neuropathy and a bad back and on and on with the old woman things. But I bought a pair of these because they weigh nothing at all and felt so wonderful. I wore them walking on a gravel road and never had a bit of pain.

  47. So, I know this is a wee bit late, but this is an issue I struggle with, oh so frequently.
    I have ginormous feet. It’s embarrassing, really. Size 12 in womens, and even then my toes are about to poke out the end. In tennis shoes I wear men’s 12 & 13s. Plus I have absolutely no arch in my foot. And I have ultra wide feet. But my daughter’s feet sound a lot like yours. And she loves (and I mean LOVES) Chacos. They are more athletic-y, with high arch support. She also loves keens, which have a good arch support and are comfy. We both adore the Naturalizer brand–even though we both have two totally different type feet, Naturalizer works. As do Clarks, most of the time.

  48. I wear Birkenstocks almost every day and have for years, but I have flat feet and the arch support in the Birks help me a lot. I actually have a pair that I wear only in the house as well. I also have a pair of Wallabees which are very comfy. I know you didn’t want strappy but Chacos are good for arch support and super comfy as well.

  49. Michelle says:

    I purchased a pair of the black shoes (Dr. Scholl’s Dance Clog) more than a year ago and I have to tell you that those things are still comfortable today! I wear them almost everyday, and when the weather is chilly I wear them with socks. I try to find fun, bright colored ankle socks that peek through the openings on the sides.
    One bit of caution about the clogs, be careful on wet floors, they will fly out from under you in a heartbeat!

  50. Literally am laughing so hard at the pictures of these shoes with your descriptions!!! Oh mercy!!! This was a good explanation of the sole to sole challenge. The struggle is real. :)