The Train Of Thought Has Left The Station

Well, I haven’t been a very good blogger this week, but oh, I have me some reasons.

Four of ’em, actually.

1. Work. It has been lively. Lively in a good way, but lively nonetheless.

2. I am going to Arkansas tomorrow to speak at the AWBU conference. I am excited because I realized the other night that I haven’t been to Arkansas since I went to my cousin Amy’s wedding in Hot Springs when I was about 23. Arkansas, it has been too long.

3. I didn’t want to post on top of the last post because y’all’s comments have been a treasure and a delight and have caused me to clap my hands on occasion. Y’all are feisty. I like that in a person.

4. Well, maybe I just had three reasons. Can’t think of the fourth for the life of me.

So. Some other things.

– I was so tickled to read that that Harry Connick, Jr. is going to be a judge on American Idol next season. IT IS ABOUT TIME. He has always been great as a guest mentor on the show, and I can’t wait to watch him week after week. I get a kick out of south Louisiana folks under pretty much any circumstances, and I think a straight-shootin’ New Orleans boy is exactly what Idol needs. Well, that and a whole lot of talent.

– Several friends have released books in the last month or so, and I am woefully behind in sharing that info. One day next week I’m gonna write a post that’s All About All The Books.

(Hey! Look at that! I believe I just set a goal!)

(You might want to mark this momentous event in some sort of memory book.)

– It’s pumpkin spice latte’ time at Starbucks again, and I for one could not be more thrilled. Upwards of two of you might remember that last year I discovered a pumpkin spice latte’ option that forever changed my life: the two-pump grande PSL. It’s so flavorful but not nearly as syrup-y sweet the regular version, and while I don’t want to overstate it, it’s basically my favorite hot beverage in the history of all time ever. It’s so good, in fact, that I no longer have room for the peppermint mocha in my life. That’s a bold statement, I know, but I’m just speaking my personal coffee truth.

– Finally. Miss America 2014 is next Sunday night, and I am most definitely planning to do the whole bloggy viewing party thing. Certainly the 2013 pageant continues to hold a special place in my heart because, well, THREE TAP ROUTINES IN THE TOP TEN. However, after seeing pictures of Miss Alabama’s gown for next Saturday’s parade, I think it’s clear that the 2014 pageant has all sorts of promise.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 10.37.24 PM source

Something tells me that she’s gonna say “Roll Tide” at some point during her introduction in the parade of contestants. Just a crazy hunch.

Happy Weekend, y’all.

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  1. This post made me laugh so hard. I’m not even going to waste time commenting on the gaudy atrocity of a getup she’s wearing. Because that’s the obvious disaster in this photo. But sweet goodness why is she modeling the gaudy atrocity in what appears to be a crusty old bathroom? The cobwebs in the lefthand corner of the window. The disgusting sink in the background, with it’s ancient friend the wall-mounted hand dryer, nestled beneath the square of different color paint where a mirror obviously once stood. And the peeling concrete floor. I know the whole “shabby chic” look is in right now, but this is feels a little more “help me…i’m being held captive by a group of dress-making elves with loyalties to the Crimson Tide in the attic of the warehouse downtown.”

    • Amy in Austin, TX says:

      Bethany – all I have to say to your wonderful powers of observation is this:
      Thank you for that! ;)
      And also: from this Texas girl: Hook ‘Em Horns! (had to get that in there…)

    • I’m sorry I am usually more observant. I was so bumfuzzled with the dress that I didn’t notice the lovely setting. Looks like the photographer was making a subtle statement about Bama. But anyway, Roll Tide Roll.

    • OMG, you hit the nail on the head(probably one of the nails sticking out in that disaster area). yuk! One of the reasons I can’t stand the shabby chic style in kitchens—the feeling that paint chips will fall into the food any moment. yuk again.

    • Yes! So gross! All it’s missing is a toilet or, better yet, a urinal.

  2. Yes, to Harry Connick, Jr. After not watching at all last year past the few audition shows I saw I’ll be happy to tune back into AI this year.

    I’m hoping to be able to join you again this year for the Miss America chat fest. ;)

  3. Have fun! You will see my sweet friend, Joy, there!

  4. That dress is funny! And yes to bethany about the moldy bathroom – ICK!

  5. I am all about the SEC pride, but really?? I am quite sure the houndstooth would have been enough of a statement.
    Bless her heart.

  6. She is DARLIN’ in that houndstooth, I tell ya! That work can be lively all the live long day as long as there is a good strong PSL from Starbucks by your side. So stinkin’ glad they are back, too! Here’s to Fall lasting a little bit longer than usual, for the PSL’s sake, if for no other reason.

  7. wait — so I can ask for this two-pumps PSL and they will know what I mean??

    oh – and Roll Tide ;)

  8. I would make fun of that dress, but I also know that if Georgia won the National Championship and I was in a pageant, I’d totally rock it. So no judgment here.

  9. You’re in Arkansas today? It’s supposed to be 93 degrees. I’m sorry we couldn’t have had a comfortable 90 for your visit here, but at least the humidity is supposed to be lower…we’ll see. I hope you are able to call the Hogs without breaking a sweat.

    Woo Pig. Never yield.

  10. Oh my stinkin heck!! You’re being sponsored by Petit Jean Meats!!! That’s the big time sister!

  11. And the angels sang……Harry Connick & Miss America! Counting on another great viewing party!

  12. As a Yankee from the great state of Michigan, I have to say that Miss Alabama’s dress is concerning me on several levels. First of all, it is a sight to behold but that girl is pretty enough to make it work. Is our own contestant beautiful enough to compete with this child?

    And second of all, what is the Michigan contestant going to wear? Have we given this enough thought, my Wolverine friends?

    I have to go now. I have some investigating to do.

  13. I am roll tide all the way, but that dress awful. A little more subtle would help.

  14. The dress….hmmm. It is state representative. I do agree with that. Having no affiliation with either school, I still think it would have been better to do half Alabama, half Auburn dress. But, surprisingly, no one asked me. A simple oversight, I’m sure.

    Now that I’ve found time to do some research on this dress, I see that she is wearing it in the pre-ceremony, contestant Show Us Your Shoes parade. Since, based on the name of the parade, the shoes are focus, one can only imagine what her SHOES will look like. And so, a little more googling has led me to this link:

    OH MY!!

    • Oh my is right. I’m absolutely baffled by that dress…and now the shoes? i just have no words.

  15. Whoa, whoa, whoa, back the trolley up… What am I missing with my pumpkin spice latte?!? What is the two-pump grande PSL??? I will openly admit that I never tasted Starbucks before last year. I bought a pumpkin spice latte on a cold day and I am pretty sure I heard angels singing! Now you tell me it could get better?? Please explain yourself for those of us who are not up to date on the coffee lingo. However as much as I love them I can not drink them without a scarf around my neck and some cute knee high boots! It’s still high 80’s here in Virginia Beach and I am still swimming in the ocean, so no hot drinks for me yet ;-)

  16. Ok….I am not a coffee person- I know, please don’t comment and tell me how crazy I am- just don’t like it. But have you had a pumpkin donut from Dunkin’ Donuts??!!! OH MY LAND!
    BTW- I am usually a good ole’ Southern girl who doesn’t stray from her sugar-laden yeast, fried goodness that is Krispy Kreme…but DD got this fall treat RIGHT! I don’t know if it’s out yet…but give it a try when it does!!

  17. Uhm. Is her dress for real?? haha I too am an Alabama fan (Roll Tide), but that is a little over the top. And definitely not something normally seen in a Miss America pageant.

    Btw, I finished your book last night! LOVED it! :)


  18. Just wanted to welcome you to Arkansas and hope everyone treats you well! Loved your new article in HomeLife. Didn’t know Kelly was in your article until I sat down and read it the other night….quite a nice surprise!

  19. Can’t wait for Miss America! That’s some kinda get up Miss Alabama has on but I’m pulling for our girl, Miss Miss : ) I heard about Harry Connick — He is worth watching American Idol again.

  20. It’s a shame that Alabama has ruined a perfectly good pattern for the rest of us. Also, it was so nice for that rest stop to let her take her picture there. I’m pretty sure the hem of that dress now has a communicable disease. (Ew.)

  21. Do you suppose they really chose that setting for that photo? With the years of crusted-up spider webs in the window corners and the rusted old towel holder next to the probably strep-infested old sink in the background? I mean, rustic is one thing but that sort of makes me want to say “Don’t let that hem hit the floor!”

  22. that dress. oh my.

  23. What about the head piece? I have to say after I got over the dress my eyes went to the head piece. I love that! In honor of the royal wedding hats. If I could I would wear one.
    The back round is gross. The dress is too much but living in Alabama, it does not surprise me. And someone already said it, that pattern has been ruined for the rest of the world.
    I am excited about Harry Connick Jr. Maybe I will watch it again.
    Also love me PSL! “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

  24. Could I do something a little radical here and ask this wonderful community for prayer? I’m a teacher who volunteers for Hope Springs Water – we are a Christian-based charity that brings clean water to those without. I’ve got two major fundraisers happening in the next three weeks and it is wearing me down. You know how you take it all so PERSONALLY?! One is huge, featuring Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty and the other is a golf tournament and ya’ll, they won’t even let me ON a golf course…lol!!! But I’m running it, nonetheless. And, oh yeah, starting a new school year with 22 new students, keeping my 15-year old cheerleader daughter on track and I’m a single Mom….sigh. Our sermon today was all about God reaching out and inviting us to just rest in His arms, but I am struggling so much to just let go and let God take over. So that’s what I need – strength to let go and trust…and yet get it all done! That, and not lose my mind! (Did I also mention I am trying to buy a car and we ALL know how insane that can be with all the negotiating!!)

  25. I positively cannot WAIT for Sunday night. It’s the stuff that Twitter was made for. My husband has already planned on putting the children to bed and leaving me with the television, my phone, and giggles.

  26. It is for a Parade people!! Read the blog! You all sound like a bunch of sore loosers! ROLL TIDE ROLLL!!!!!!!!! I think she looks lovely, and Paul Bear Bryant made houndstooth what is is today!! Happy 100th Birthday Bear!! Rock that dress sister!!!