Would Anyone Like A Cast Iron Skillet And Some Bacon?

So remember when my book came out and one of the giveaways was a cast iron skillet and fifteen pounds of bacon?

Well. I was actually supposed to give away two cast iron skillets. But I forgot all about that second one because the week before the book released I was very busy watching Mississippi State baseball while I tried to ignore All The Nerves. I really was scared out of my ever-livin’ mind, and baseball was my most favorite coping mechanism in my time of publication need.

I will pause for a moment so that you can marvel at my lack of mental strength and maturity.

So for the last three months, that second skillet has been under the watchful eye of my friend Maria at Tyndale. And earlier this week I got a couple of very funny emails from Tyndale friends that essentially said I AM TIRED OF MOVING THAT SKILLET OUT OF THE WAY WHEN I WANT TO SIT DOWN IN MARIA’S OFFICE. PLEASE GIVE IT AWAY.

Which is what I’m about to do.

But – but! – there’s even better news. Because this past weekend I got to hang out with sweet Misty from Petit Jean Meats, so after the Tyndale folks emailed me about the skillet, I emailed Misty and said, “Hey. You want to give away some more bacon?” And then she wrote me back and said, “Yep. Sure do.”

(That might not have been the exact conversation.)

(But you get the idea.)

And that is why today I am so happy to give away a 12-inch cast iron skillet along with fifteen pounds of Petit Jean Meats bacon.

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-02at104413PM_zps2afcbff0.png

 photo IMG_2259-1_zps96a6c158.jpg

These two things belong together. It’s the Southern way. And I can tell you without hesitation that Petit Jean’s black pepper bacon is the best I have ever had.

That is high praise considering that I am no stranger to the bacon.

SO. If you’d like to enter to win a a 12-inch Lodge cast iron skillet, FIFTEEN POUNDS-O-BACON, and a copy of my book because, well, WHY NOT, just leave a comment on this post. If you’d like a second entry, just go like the Petit Jean Meats Facebook page and then come back here and leave an additional comment (you can just say “PJM Facebook” or something like that in your second entry).

I’ll close comments on this post Friday night, and I’ll select a winner using random.org.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. I loved your book, and I’d love to have some bacon! And a skillet!

  2. Lisa Richardson says:

    I love, love, love bacon, and I especially love cast iron skillets. You can make the very best cornbread in them! (Among other things)

  3. I love cooking on cast iron!

  4. Yes please!!

  5. Petit Jean meats….an official sponsor of Razorback football. #wps #amen

  6. Lisa Richardson says:

    PJM Facebook, and would love a copy of your book too, and I live in Oregon now, so it’s been a wee bit since I’ve been to Petit Jean State Park……I miss Arkansas!!

  7. Lynnetta C says:

    Bacon and a cast iron skillet. Sounds like a great Southern breakfast!

  8. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    I do believe bacon is one of my husband’s love languages, so yes, I would love to win 15 pounds of bacon and a skillet for frying it! :)

  9. Lynnetta C says:

    PJM Facebook

  10. Bacon, cast iron skillet, your new book…count me in!!

  11. Two of my favorite things: cast iron skillet and bacon! And I’d LOVE to read your book!

  12. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    PJM Facebook :)

  13. Oh, I’d love to win a skillet, your book and a bunch of bacon!

  14. Pick me! I haven’t read your book yet (and I’ve been wanting a cast iron skillet!). :)

  15. I love bacon! Especially PJ!

  16. Deb Jurgensen says:

    I loved your book, I love cast iron skillets, and I love bacon!
    Triple love!!!

  17. Emily Eckley says:

    My bacon loving son would be so happy!!

  18. I need this much bacon.

    My husband works in cardiology. I’ll be fine.

  19. Mary Ellen says:

    Loved your book! We are a bacon loving family for sure! And I could use a new skillet.

  20. Bacon!!??!! Of course! And I’d love one of those cast iron skillets. Your book would just be icing on the bacon.

  21. Emily Eckley says:

    PJM Facebook.

  22. Please send me bacon and a skillet! Thanks. You’re the best!

  23. I would rather eat bacon than a filet mignon. LOVE IT! This is a great giveaway.

  24. LeAnn Maroney says:

    Love love loved your book! And I really want this skillet…and the bacon, too!

  25. Yes!

  26. PJM Facebook.

  27. Mary Ellen says:

    Liked PJM FB page

  28. Love the blog. Would also love Bacon and an Iron Skillet!

  29. Would love 15 lbs of bacon!

  30. Pjm facebook!

  31. I love bacon but loved your book even more.

  32. Three of my favorite things!!

  33. sheespatti says:

    Bring on the bacon!

  34. I enjoy your blog and am so glad to have a chance to win your giveaway! Thanks!

  35. Loved your book! It just made me smile! And bacon… I have a teenage boy. Need I say more?

  36. Robin in New Jersey says:

    I would love to read your book; I’ve always wanted a cast iron skillet; and that bacon would make a few delicious BLT’s!

  37. Robin in New Jersey says:

    I liked the PJM FB page!

  38. Love Bacon!!

  39. I could use some bacon, your book and a skillet, but probably not in that order! Pick me! Pick me!!

  40. Welcome to one of the many gifts Arkansas has to offer…. it’s bacon. yum!

  41. Melody Hemphill says:

    Winning that would make my week!

  42. And, I bet you could find a SEC football joke in that last post.

  43. Melody Hemphill says:

    PJM Facebook

  44. Candice Darwin says:

    I love iron skillets. That’s how I always remember my mom and granny making cornbread.

  45. I had bacon at all three meals today- so counting that as a victory!

  46. Squeeeelll!!!! Lol….What a great giveaway!!! I still talk about meeting you at the book signing this summer! (it was actually on my birthday!)

  47. Liked PJM on FB

  48. It’s 11:00 p.m. and now I’m hungry for Bacon!

  49. Yes please!!! I was just telling my husband that I needed to find a cast iron skillet at a garage sale. This would be so much better!!!

  50. Yes, I’d love a new skillet, a whole buncha bacon, and a copy of your book! Please enter me in the drawing!

  51. Yes please. Because bacon. My husband and 13 year old son thank you ;)

  52. Tina Thunell says:

    I loved your book, I like bacon, and I am 40+ years old and I have NEVER owned a cast iron skillet.

  53. We love some bacon and we have been wanting and really needing to read your book!!

  54. Would love to win! :)

  55. Tina Thunell says:

    Liked pjm facebook

  56. What fun, and Yes! I’d love to win!

  57. Pjm facebook

  58. PJM Facebook!

  59. Yes would love to win skillet, bacon and your book!! Was just shopping today with my daughter who has moved into their new home and we were looking for an iron skillet.


  60. Bethany Hutton says:

    I would LOVE to win!

  61. Cindie Heavner says:

    OMGoodness! What a great giveaway! I NEED that pan and FIFTEEN pounds of bacon? OMGoodness…….what a bonus!!!! Thank you for your generosity!

  62. Bethany Hutton says:

    PJM Facebook!

  63. The bacon would be awesome, along with the other things of course.

  64. Oh my word!!! My mama swore by her cast iron skillet!! She cooked EVERYTHING in it. Right down to Daddy’s favorite scrapple. Ewww! When she passed some how the skillet disappeared. Not even joking. It’s gone. I know it wouldn’t replace mama’s but to have one of my own would be awesome! And to throw in 15 lbs of bacon?? That’s like a whole new butt and double chin in a pan! Sign me up!! I would love to have this and I would love to read your book! Thanks for the great opportunity!!

  65. I would love to win!

  66. How funny! I was just thinking about your blog this evening and how much I enjoy it, and lo and behold, I come back to the computer and you have a new post. And one that includes bacon. The heavens are indeed smiling down upon me. Love, love, love your writing. Thanks for all the joy you bring me each time I get to hear what you’re thinking.

  67. Whats not to love? Bacon, cast iron and your book. Pick me! :)

  68. PMJ Facebook page liker. ;-)

  69. PJM Facebook!

  70. Liked Petit Jeans facebook page!

  71. I would love that!!

  72. Loved your book…and of course I love bacon!

  73. PJM Facebook

  74. I’d love to win.

  75. Cast Iron is the best!

  76. I am seriously not sure if I am more excited about the bacon, the cast iron skillet or your book! Sure sign of a perfect giveaway!

  77. LOVE me some bacon!!

  78. Oh yeah.. PJM Facebook!

  79. I love bacon and I’ve never used a cast iron skillet, so this sounds pretty great to try! Thank you for a great giveaway!

  80. I’d love to win some bacon-my mom could sure use it to feed all the kids at home =)

  81. Funny! Love your book, bacon and a great skillet! Thanks, Sophie! My friend sure enjoyed you in Arkansas!

  82. Whitney Alexander says:

    15 pounds of bacon? Have mercy. And a cast iron skillet to boot? Oh my, oh my.

  83. This Mississippi girl would love all of those items. Who doesn’t love some bacon!!!

  84. Love PJM! So yummy! First heard of them 33 years ago when I married my Arkansas man!

  85. Sara Harris says:

    I would love some bacon and a nice skillet to cook it in, while reading your book!

  86. I could really use that skillet!

  87. Yolanda McLean says:

    Ummm bacon!

  88. Susan berry says:

    I would love to get the skillet and the bacon! I love love your book!

  89. What a fun giveaway! :)

  90. In honor of the grand Southern tradition of college football tailgates, I would be honored to accept your bacon. And skillet. Amen.

  91. I live in Texas and don’t own a cast iron skillet. Hhhhaaaalllllppppp!

  92. These are a few of my faaaavooorite things…

  93. I love bacon, and cast iron skillets, and bacon, and your book, and bacon. So, yes. I would like to have those, please!

  94. You can’t go wrong with bacon!!! Yum!!!

  95. PJM Facebook!

  96. Never had this brand of bacon. Would love to try it. Really enjoyed your book!

  97. might as well rub that bacon all over my thighs, because that’s right where it’s going. ;)

  98. Julie A in Lincoln, NE says:


  99. Sandy Barksdale says:

    yumm. I love my cast iron skillets but more so the bacon of Arkansas!!

  100. I love all of these things!