These Things Have Very Little In Common

Well, I really intended to post something once I got home from dotMOM Sunday morning, but after I grabbed the computer and sat down in a comfy chair and then fell asleep sitting straight up, there really wasn’t any time to blog. What with me being unable to stay awake and all.

But the tired was totally worth it. dotMOM Chattanooga was loads of fun – three days filled with wonderful people and great teaching and laughs-o-plenty. I always leave dotMOM feeling encouraged to be a better wife, mama, and friend, and I’m still thinking about so much of what I learned this past weekend. So thumbs up on that front.


I slept for a good chunk of Sunday afternoon, and I finally made myself get up to go to church at 6 o’clock. That isn’t nearly as noble as it sounds; I just knew that if I stayed in the bed for even one more minute I was going to find myself wide awake at midnight and then possibly watching a Netflix marathon of Parenthood until it was time to go to work the next morning.

So church it was.

I’m so glad I went, because I would’ve hated to miss our pastor’s beautiful (and also convicting) sermon about love. It’s well worth a listen if you get a chance.

All righty. Here’s a great big helping of unrelated information. You’re so welcome.

– We recorded the new show The Blacklist last night. I am oddly excited about watching it later today because, well, James Spader. He makes everything better.

– Next year dotMOM will be in Nashville. Melanie and I are emceeing again, and we’d love to see you there. I know it’s a little early to mention a conference that’s a year away, but sometimes it’s handy if you can plan a weekend away from home well in advance.

– Melanie looked prettier than ever this past Saturday in Chattanooga. She wore a great sweater coat, a gorgeous turquoise necklace, and last but not least, she rocked the side bun. I don’t really have links for any of that, but I think she should do a side bun video tutorial, and maybe if I tell y’all, you’ll put the pressure on her.

– My hair doesn’t have a prayer for side bun success, by the way. It’s way too short. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t cheer on other women as they strive for side bun excellence.

– I still haven’t found my cream shirt and my black shirt. You can’t even imagine the degree of my crazy.

– There’s a saying in this post of Robin’s that would make a great free printable (with a link back to Robin’s blog, of course) on Pinterest. I would get right on that if I had any design skills at all. But alas, no.

– Several people have told me that Lime Wheat Thins are now a real-live thing. I AM SO INTRIGUED. However comma I have not been able to find them in my local stores. Have any of you tried them?

– I reckon that’s enough unrelated info for one day. Except that I’m currently listening to Amy Grant’s Lead Me On album, and “Faithless Heart” is way deeper than I realized when I was a teenager. It’s been quite the revelation.

Happy Tuesday, everybody.

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  1. My BFF and I had the best time at dotMom! We drove down from Cincinnati and it was so worth it. I definitely returned home feeling incredibly encouraged and recharged. Well done everyone at Lifeway!

    We stayed in Knoxville on Saturday night before making the rest of the trip home and we shut down the World Market there. They closed all of our World Markets a couple of years ago and we were thrilled to shop there again! She even found a cute discounted rug for her baby girl’s nursery. It was all so fun.

    You and Melanie were so great as emcees and I got the chance to meet you both which thrilled my little blog loving soul. Hope you get some much needed rest this week!

  2. I have always wanted to attend the conference. :) can a 28 year old step mom attend ? :) love your blog.

  3. OMG, you must try Lime Wheat Thins! I could eat the whole box in one sitting – and I have done that! They’re marked as limited and I don’t know where you can get them. I got them at the dreaded WalMart in the Atlanta area.

  4. Rachel Harrelson says:

    I am excited about starting your new book. I purchased it at dotMOM. Thanks for signing it and for all the laughs. I am the Chicago girl who spoke to you at the conference.

  5. I’ve already been telling friends and my family about how I want to go to dotMom next year and I’m even more excited to know it’ll be in Nashville! I LOVE that city! I’m glad it was a great weekend!

  6. You can get lime wheat thins on amazon! Not sure for how long since they are limited edition.

  7. I wish I was a mom so I could come to Nashville.

    And I’m highly amused that you spelled out the word “comma” under the Wheat Thins item. ;) I’m a little bit of a grammar freak, and when I say things in my head, I often say the punctuation too.

  8. Ok that’s it. I HAVE to go to dotMOM next year since it’ll be in Nashville. (Or at least hug your neck at some point.)

    The Blacklist we loved.

    And that whole Lead Me On record is my jam. I was in 3rd grade and memorized every lyric. And then my sister and I recorded ourselves singing every song. (Thankfully, that tape is nowhere to be found.)

  9. So I was interested in the great quote from Robin’s blog that deserves to be made into a printable. I followed your link and found this: “I yam what I yam.” Is this her take on I Corinthians 15:10, Apostle Paul plus Popeye? No?

    I read on and found “Grace Will Be There”. So good.

  10. Sophie,
    I am neither a wife or a mother,but have always longed to be both. A friend started me on reading Melanie’s blog, and then after a BigBoo cast, I feel in love with you, too. I just finished reading your book and it was GREAT! You made me laugh and cry, such beautiful stories of family and your sense of humor is priceless. Thanks for brightening my day. I’m excited to know (well, not know, but, you know…) someone that likes Dt Mt Dew! I personally am an addict! :)

  11. So trying to get to Nashville next year . . .and seriously Lead Me On is a great album and you are so right about “Faithless Heart” now that we’re all grown up you see the deepness there.

  12. Thumbs up to the Lime Wheat Thins!! Or anything with lime in it, for that matter!! My motto is “Lime makes all things better!” But they are trumped by Bacon!!

  13. Dotmom in Nashville sounds extremely tempting!

  14. Some friends and I were at dotMOM this past weekend and had a great time! It was our first time attending and have already decided that we will be attending next year in Nashville! We are hoping to make it a girls weekend every year!

  15. The other night I was laying in bed, convinced I was a rotten Mom because if I had to, I couldn’t say exactly where my daughter’s birth certificate was located. Not that I needed it – it just dawned on me, at 3 in the morning, that I didn’t know where it was. “Grace will be there.” Could have used that….

  16. Glad you had a good trip. Do you think you took your shirts to a dry cleaners and forgot to pick them up? I have done that before. LIME Wheat Thins! I will start the search for them. Yum.

  17. I found my favorite cream shell (it’s been MIA for weeks) in the bottom of our mismatched sock basket just this afternoon. I immediately thought of you and your missing tops. Sorry to hear they have not turned up yet!!

  18. The Blacklist…..FABULOUS! Sit down right now and watch it!! :)

  19. Got tickled at your “however comma” … !! The girls and I have been doing lots of grammar together, and we read that way all the time … “read the sentence, and tell me where you inserted the commas.” Gracious me. Anyway, I needed that! I may have a new saying now …

  20. They have the lime Wheat Thins here at the Bonita Walmart (I saw them last week but did not buy-why? I am not sure). But you could get your Mom or Martha to grab them and bring them to you or hold on to them until you come for a visit! ;)

  21. LOVED Dot Mom! I was so excited to meet ya’ll first thing Friday morning! We were the crazy girls from MS! We’ll see you in Memphis at your book signing! :)

  22. I love it when I attend an evening service and the pastor just knocks the sermon out of the park. He panics when he goes over on time, but we just soak it all in.

    I am currently on the “virgin diet”. No soy, gluten, sugar, peanuts, dairy, eggs or corn. It is amazing how much better I feel. And really, I have not craved anything much. I am a total sugar freak normally.

    I have cousins who live near Nashville. Maybe I can talk them into attending next year.

  23. I wanted to love the Lime Wheat Thins, because I love lime everything. But unfortunately, I didn’t love them. They didn’t really have enough lime flavor and it made them taste a tiny bit stale.

  24. I had a choice: sit down and make up a pin for Robin’s grace quote, or make dinner.

    Priorities, priorities.

  25. I think the devil was in Melanie’s side bun, because it caused some serious ENVY at dotMOM. I’m still green over it. I had such a great time meeting the two of you. Thanks for sharing your talents!