A Title Seems A Little Ambitious Right Now

I have some very exciting news.

I found my black ruffled shirt this morning.

No doubt y’all have been worried sick about it.

Naturally it was in a place where I have looked and looked and looked and looked, but this morning, when I was looking for something else, the shirt was just sitting right there, and it was all, What gives? Are you having eye trouble or something? Because I’ve just been hanging out here for the last two weeks, wondering when you would finally notice me.

I still haven’t found the cream top. It probably goes without saying that I would appreciate your continued prayers.

All righty. Here’s my almost-weekly list of random stuff I’ve been meaning to share.

1. I don’t know if y’all have seen the fall lookbook for Noonday Collection or not, but it is GORGEOUS. Their earrings, purses, and necklaces are right up my alley. For example.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 7.15.34 PM

I’ve been using this bag (it’s called Charlotte’s bag) a bunch lately, and it never fails to make me smile. The small cow horn hoop earrings go with everything, and I’ve worn them kind of an obnoxious amount. They’re oh-so-funky and fun.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention Noonday Collection because they give artisans in third world countries the opportunity to sell their merchandise, and as a result, they change people’s lives. I think that is just all kinds of awesome.

2. Two of my favorite writers released books this week. Angie Smith has written a beautiful children’s book called Audrey Bunny, and Emily Freeman’s A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live is poetic and inspiring. You don’t want to miss either one.

3. My friend Kathryn posted this article on Facebook, and once you see the title, you’ll know why it made me giddy: “Study Shows Eating Bacon Will Make You Live Longer.” Amen.

4. The other night I punched in the channel numbers for Style Network – but Style Network wasn’t there anymore. I thought maybe it had moved to a different channel, so I went online to investigate. Turns out that Style Network is gone forever. That would probably be okay with me except WHAT WILL EVER BECOME OF GIULIANA & BILL? I don’t even know how to process this unexpected development.

5. Now I’m not one to blog about politics because WHY, WHY, WHY WOULD I DO THAT, WHY, but whenever we’re in the midst of political turmoil (and I think the current state of affairs certainly qualifies), I always think about the movie Dave and how everybody worked together! And they compromised! And they found workable solutions!

Only happens in Hollywood, I reckon.

6. LifeWay started a new event for men this past August. The next one is August 1-2, 2014, and the line-up of speakers/teachers is phenomenal. The early bird registration price is mighty good, too.

7. I’ve had to back off football season a little bit this year because I’m writing another book (well, so far I’ve just outlined the new book and taken a stab at the first chapter, but eventually there will be actual words and sentences in place of the blinking cursor that has been taunting me for the last week). That’s why I haven’t mentioned football as much as I usually do. However, my beloved MSU Bulldogs play LSU this Saturday, and I cannot wait. I know that the Tigers rarely lose two games in a row, but FINGERS CROSSED, BULLDOGS. I believe.

Happy Thursday, everybody!

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  1. Regina Ballard says:

    New book? Can’t wait! Keep us posted, and Go Dawgs!

  2. Another book – BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK!!
    Sending a copy of your first one off to Guatemala with my only daughter when I put her on the plane next month – she’ll be working there long term as a missionary teacher, helping girls who’ve been rescued from trafficking and abuse. I know she’ll need some happy, fun reading to remind her of her southern roots.

  3. CourtinFL says:

    G&B have moved to the E! channel, so big sigh of relief there. Also, why does a channel need a “!” in the name? The things I ponder…

  4. I have wondered about the Style network myself! Scary world we live in when a whole channel can disaapeear like this, just out of the blue!

  5. Kathleen George says:

    Just watched the movie clip of Dave. So like the comment on PW blog, why can’t our Congress work together. On the bright side, so happy that you found your black ruffled shirt.

  6. Your shirts going missing reminds me of a episode of the 80’s Twilight Zone tv show in which each minute of our day/world is built right before we get there and sometimes the builders forget something like keys (or shirts). So we look for something and its not there, but we come back later to the same place and it is there.

  7. Amy e Patton says:

    I think we should send every member of our government a copy of Dave. It should be required movie watching every year for politicians! Amy

  8. I must say it makes my day when you and Melanie both blog first thing in the morning so I can read your posts before I start my work day. It is like hitting the blog jackpot. Second, a new book? Please hurry, I need something to read like yesterday. CAN’T. WAIT.
    If you’d like to make my week, a podcast would do it. ; )

  9. DAVE is my favorite movie ever, and that is my favorite scene! I think it’s unusual to find someone who has even heard of that movie, so I was excited to see it on your blog today!

  10. Giuliana & Bill are moving to the E network and have a new season starting on Oct. 15th :)

    • Really? Thanks for letting us know. I wondered what would happen to their show. :-)

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Yay for a new book!!!!!!!!!!!
    And truly, when I haven’t found something in the first place I’ve looked, bc I don’t lose things, I’ve thought: wonder if BooMama found her shirts. Keep us posted.

  13. Michelle says:

    I love the movie Dave! Made me smile someone else had seen it :)

  14. Yea for a new book! Also, yea for Noonday! We recently had a trunk show to support our adoption, and I think i’ve worn those cow horn earrings almost every day since! Happy writing! We can’t wait to read it!

    • Cindy Mc says:

      Hey Meaghan,

      I was at that show :-) I love my bracelet. Now y’all have me wishing I had ordered these cow horn earrings of which you speak

  15. The Style Network in my neck of the woods, turned into The Esquire Channel. Project Runway is listed in the lineup. Somehow I just can’t picture men gathered ’round the tv watching fashion shows and metro-man tv.

  16. You always give me the giggles! I am so excited to read that you are starting another book. I have shared A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet with lots of friends. Everyone loves the book! Now, I can’t wait to tell them you are working on another one. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    Yes, I , too was disappointed to not find Guiianna and Bill. I searched the guide on the t.v. and couldn’t find them. Happy to read that they are going to air on another network. My, my,…. how the simplest things make me happy. hahahaha! Blessings to you and yours! :-)

  17. 1. I have been meaning to call my cable company and complain about replacing the Style Network with ESQ but now I know those efforts would be in vain.
    2. So happy to see other people who appreciate the movie Dave! Love it!
    3. Another book??!! So excited!

  18. Oh my gosh! I hadn’t even noticed that Style was gone. I’m a big G&B fan, too. I see some reruns on E!, so I’m hoping the commenters are correct that the new shows will be on E! Are y’all sure? I’ve got to have my G&B fix!

  19. this Texas girl ate bacon in DC today! Of all weeks to travel here…first time in DC and Smithsonian doors are closed. Sad.

  20. WAIT, WHAT?! Where is the Style Network? This is not okay. This is not okay!! What about baby Duke? And will Delphine decide to be their surrogate again?! I’m sweating.

  21. oh my heck i am so glad you solved the issue about the style network. i’ve been wondering for a few days, but haven’t managed to be curious enough to ask my friend google. no need now! :)

  22. ” Now I’m not one to blog about politics because WHY, WHY, WHY WOULD I DO THAT, WHY, but whenever we’re in the midst of political turmoil (and I think the current state of affairs certainly qualifies), I always think about the movie Dave and how everybody worked together! And they compromised! And they found workable solutions!

    Preach it ! I think it speaks greatly about our society in general that we would rather be right than to look to the greater good for all. Our pride and narcissism are at an all time high. I do believe that some folks would rather win some bizarre political battle for their own gain than actually do what is best for the American people.

  23. Happy Birthday, Sophie!!! Hope you have a great day!

  24. Fear not Boo. Guiliana and Bill have moved to E!

  25. Found this out about Guiliana and Bill – I love them too!
    “E! will beging airing episodes of Giuliana & Bill’s sixth season on Tuesday nights starting Oct. 15 at 9pm ET, as well as new episodes of Giuliana & Bill next year.”

  26. Jennifer says:

    So maybe Style is gone, but “What Not to Wear” is now on Netflix. Great information to know, especially the next time you find yourself bedridden. :)

  27. ANOTHER BOOK…WOO HOO!!!! :) Congrats and best of luck with this next grand adventure!

  28. So glad to hear there’s another book in the offing. LOVED ALSTCTS, as it is known in some circles. It is, isn’t it?