An Assortment Of Unrelated Items

Well, it has been almost 48 hours since the Mississippi State / Alabama football game, and I’m still not over it.

It wasn’t that I expected to win. But we played with so much heart and effort, and we never, ever quit. Just like in the A&M game. And the LSU game. And the Auburn game.

And I guess what I’m saying is that at some point I would love it if our fellas could catch a break.

Nonetheless, it’s officially PRIME TIME for college football in Alabama. The Iron Bowl is in two weeks, and the SEC West title is on the line, and OH SWEET MERCY I WOULD NOT LISTEN TO SPORTS RADIO RIGHT NOW IF YOU PAID ME.

I’m all for a meaningful Iron Bowl. But when you don’t have a dog in the hunt, it all gets a little, um, repetitive.

Anyway, I started this post because I was going to link to a new post I wrote over at Ree’s blog, but now I think I’ll just go ahead and link to some other stuff, too, because I’ve had a few “awwwww” moments on the internet today.

I love those moments.

– Here’s the new post I wrote for Ree’s blog. It’s about Scandal. If you don’t watch Scandal, you won’t find it remotely interesting. But if you do watch Scandal – well, I HAVE SOME THOUGHTS.

– By the way, I made Ree’s chicken pot pie recipe tonight, and it is FANTASTIC. The little market by our house didn’t have any flat pre-made pie crusts, so I just bought a 2-pack of deep dish pie shells, let them thaw, and then placed them on the top of the chicken mixture (they fell apart, so I just pretended I was putting together a jigsaw puzzle). Worked great.

– Y’all. Have you seen the pictures of a toddler named Beau napping with his puppy, Theo? I cannot even. Sweetest thing I’ve seen all year.

This excerpt from Tullian Tchividjian’s latest book just wrecked me. Absolutely beautiful.

This sermon. According to my husband, I set a new record for the number of times I said “Come on” during a single Sunday morning message. It’s a strong word.

– I don’t have a little girl, but if I did, I’d want her to have a room just like Jayci’s.

The Hungry Games – courtesy of Sesame Street

– This may be my favorite post that Ann Voskamp has ever written, and that – that is saying something.

Edited to add one more: Don’t Raise Good Kids – I totally identify with every bit of it.

Hope y’all had a great Monday!

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  1. Those pictures of Beau and Theo. I must have looked at them a dozen times! I first saw them while eating gumbo and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect combination of things than baby-puppy-gumbo. I was in my happy place.

  2. The puppy pictures…I can’t even. I need another puppy AND another baby!

  3. Kathleen George says:

    “Grace” I need to remember that word. Powerful word. Going through a situation with my daughter. She needs Grace, not judgment.

  4. After I read your post on Ree’s blog this morning about Scandal… I wanted to give you a standing ovation. Well said. All of it. And yes, I’m not sure what they are doing with Quinn, but I’m not getting it. At all. Also, I could not for the life of me understand why Quinn was kissing the husband of Annie Banks McKenzie. He is an Independent Communications Consultant.

  5. The excerpt from Tullian’s book had me in tears. Thanks for sharing! Such a good lesson as we parent.

  6. Hey – I SO agree with your thoughts about State’s game Saturday – I certainly didn’t expect us to win that game – but sure was thrilled how we showed that we ‘can hold our own’ — I was even at one point thinking – what if we pulled out an upset!?!? Anyhow – was a good game nonetheless. Love our boys – and hate that Russell is now hurt and Dak – ugh – now what.

  7. The post on grace? Come on! And then I clicked on the napping puppy photos. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What a day!

  8. I just want to say “War Eagle” from your oldest Auburn friend!

  9. Maybe we could house swap for the next week and a half? I live in Jackson, MS but B’ham is ‘home’. Would love to be in all the madness that is leading up to this year’s Iron Bowl! So proud of my Auburn Tigers, especially considering where we were this time last year. War Eagle!

  10. Oh those puppy pictures! So sweet…. I also agree about the State game. As an Ole Miss fan, I became more than a little concerned about the upcoming Egg Bowl. Since we watched Tyler Russell play at Meridian High, we have always defended him, but I must say I was somewhat disappointed in his, uh….toughness…. I know that I’ve never taken such hits in my life, but I also know that Tyler is not particularly fond of it, and will crumble like a house of cards when the going gets tough. I mean, let’s face it, Bo Wallace played the last three games of last season with a separated shoulder…..sometimes you gotta play hurt! I really think ya’ll’s defense gave Bama a thing or two to think about though. If only both QB’s had been healthy and if ONLY those two yayhoos had CAUGHT THE DANG BALL!!! I’m Ole Miss tried and true, but also a Mississippian and NOT A FAN OF ALABAMA!!! Hotty Toddy!!!

  11. Oh fun :-) thanks for sharing Jayci’s room my friend!!!

  12. Love every link! Thank you, except the link to Jayci’s goes back to the book piece.

  13. There is nothing you blog about that I don’t absolutely enjoy. I especially like your links as I then learn about other writings, pictures, etc. I would have never knew about. fyi…I bought one of the ‘plush pippin’ pies and can’t wait to bake it for Thanksgiving.

  14. Just thought it was funny that the ads that popped up on your sidebar this time were a “diet trick” (eat this one thing….) and Rotel and Velveeta queso.