I have decided that having a puppy is kind of like having a toddler. Granted, one is human and one is not, but they operate in pretty similar ways. They put everything in their mouths, they fight sleep, they cry (bark) until they wear themselves out, and about twice a day they LOSE THEIR DADGUM MINDS. Fortunately, though, they’re cuddly and super cute, so it’s easy to forget the bad parts. Like about fifteen minutes ago when Hazel barked at me for a solid five minutes and by every indication was completely determined to eat my toes.


Now, however, she is sound asleep. It’s like she passed out mid-bark. And since apparently I am at a stage in my life where I can’t blog until THE DOG IS ASLEEP, I guess I’d better savor the quiet and get to typing. As you do.

(Oh! Before I forget. The oil I mentioned in my last post is doTERRA PastTense oil. I ordered it from my friend LoraLynn, and it’s in a handy little roll-on container. I’m sure you can get more details from LL if you need them, but I have found that it is especially great for a sinus or stress headache, and as an added bonus it smells FANTASTIC.)

(I don’t know much about all the oil stuff, but since I don’t love taking medicine, the PastTense has been a really good option.)

(And I won’t make one red nickel if you order it, by the way, so no pressure whatsoever from me.)

This past weekend turned out to be a really good one. Friday night I took Alex and one of his buddies to a high school baseball game (David wasn’t feeling great, so he stayed home), and it cemented my theory that there is nothing more relaxing at the end of the week than watching a baseball game and visiting with people and enjoying the sky and trees and whathaveyou. We were only planning to stay for a couple of innings, but we ended up staying for the whole game and having the best time. I also discovered these, which was a real highlight.


I know. It’s perplexing. Because they’re definitely orange-flavored, but they’re definitely minty, too. Somehow it works, though – almost like an orange candy with kind of a cooling sensation at the end. And since it’s rare that I find a new mint to add to the arsenal (I believe my affection for Wintergreen IceBreakers has been well-documented), I thought I’d pass along the Orangemint info.

Once we got home from the ballgame Friday night, I grabbed my computer to check the Twitter. Hazel isn’t really fond of the computer – I think it frightens and confuses her – and at one point when I left the computer on the sofa so I could go grab my phone, Hazel apparently decided to get a closer look at the machine with the glowing apple and inadvertently typed her very first tweet with her cute little nose.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.32.18 PM

I’m not sure what it all means. Either she has an affinity for 17th century British history, or something is up with the neighborhood cats and she misspelled “meows.” Only time will tell.

Saturday I worked most of the afternoon – there are a few work-related deadlines that I was trying to finish – and it felt like sweet, sweet luxury to have some uninterrupted time to concentrate and plow through a big ole stack of papers that had been demanding my attention. And the even better news is that there was a light at the end of the paper tunnel: our friend Shaun was in town for a conference, so we got to meet him for supper and catch up and marvel at his hair. It was some good time family fun.

Sunday morning I decided that I was going to take the day and press the “reset” button on my week. I mean, obviously it wasn’t a literal button or anything like that, but I think I’ve mentioned once or nine times that I am screaming for margin right now. SO. I didn’t go to church OR Chuy’s, but I did do lots of things that make my life feel more sane. While the fellas were off continuing the church/Chuy’s tradition, I wrote in my journal, I went to the grocery store, I finished a few things around the house, I rested, I washed clothes – and while I know it might sound strange, all of that stuff felt totally sacramental to me. It’s been a long time since I had a morning by myself at home, and while I don’t normally take a Sunday to make that happen, it was absolutely the cure for what ailed me. On top of that, the weather was gorgeous here, so late yesterday afternoon I turned on the grill and looked at all the buds on the trees and cooked some chicken and pretty much just tried to soak up some peace. It was DELIGHTFUL.

But oh, the fun didn’t end there. Because when I was sitting at the kitchen table about an hour after supper, David walked by and laughed.

“Is that your reward?” he said.

“YEAH it is,” I answered.

Because sometimes a hidden object game is all that will do.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 5.30.15 PM

So suffice it to say that I have enjoyed the fire out of the last few days. I feel a little more together and organized. This morning I even put on a pot roast for tonight’s supper, and I decided right then and there that nothing makes me feel as accomplished as walking in the door in the afternoon and knowing that, for the most part, SUPPER IS DONE.

It made this afternoon so relaxing, in fact, that I was able to carve out a little time to play my hidden object game. Just doing my part to keep my inner nerd alive, you understand.

Y’all have a great week.


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  1. I just love you, Sophie! You are just so real! Glad you got refreshed over the weekend!
    And your puppy/toddler analogy was hilarious!

  2. Good heavens that is just the dang cutest dog! And yes, puppies are exhausting – but enjoy as much as you can because it doesn’t last.

  3. Love! Good for you for “resetting” when need be.

  4. “I’m not sure what it all means. Either she has an affinity for 17th century British history, or something is up with the neighborhood cats and she misspelled “meows.” ” Oh goodness Sophie, I snorted!

    Glad you got some me time, I know I’m in need of some of that myself about now. :)

  5. Jackie ingram says:

    I think hazel was telling you that she’s your writing “muse.” Everyone knows dogs are notoriously bad spellers.

  6. Oh my goodness! I too have discovered the delightfully cooling orangemint Mentos! I’m just dorky enough also to be delighted with the flip-top tin they are in. And I’m so afraid that they will be discontinued as are most things I fall in love with. So I’m stockpiling.

  7. Kathleen G says:

    What a angelic face! Sometimes just doing regular stuff is what you need to Reset yourself. Sounds like Spring is coming your way.

  8. I love this post…what an awesome reminder about how important it is to ‘reset’–in my social work jibber jabber we often call it “managing our environment”-it’s a tremendously simple yet powerful tool that can be easily overlooked!

    “Hazel isn’t really fond of the computer – I think it frightens and confuses her”…please tell me this is a salute to Frozen Cavemen Lawyer!!

  9. Nancy M. says:

    Thank you – I did almost the same thing this past Sunday and what a difference it made in my attitude Monday morning!! And Hazel is soooo cute! I have a 7 month old grand-puppy that now lives with us :) so I can totally relate!

  10. Melissa says:

    Hazel wants to be a writer, too. haha! She is a toddler and just learning to spell, so, it will be interesting to see what she types next. haha!
    Thanks for giving me the giggles this morning. :-)

  11. I love that dog. Mews! Ha!

  12. Shaun had promised me a BooMama encounter at Know More Orphans! I pouted…and then got over it. Mostly because I was beginning to sound a little crazed. His hair is indeed a subject unto itself. And…does David Platt have that much passion EVERY time he preaches? How do you sit still?

  13. So do tell, what bank did you rob to be able to afford the pot roast???

    My word, the prices here are out of sight!

  14. Hi Sophie!
    This is my first time leaving a comment on your blog. First, I want to tell you I love your name. Sophie is one of my all time favorite names and it is also my spiritual mom’s name too.
    Second, I am currently reading your book and I could not stop laughing when I read about your mom’s “tooting episode.” That was hilarious!
    Thank you for sharing your gift and your family stories with us!
    Love in Christ,

  15. Karen Ward says:

    I totally LOVE hidden object games!

  16. Your Sunday sounds absolutely perfect! What I wouldn’t do for a reset button.

    And I’m glad to know that you can do good work between distractions… we have two toddlers now and a baby on the way, and my husband was talking about getting a puppy and, Lord knows, I can’t handle twins. So, no puppy until mama can figure out how to write with the almost-three littles we already have.

  17. I had my first orange mentos thrown to me from a Mardi Gras float a few weeks ago. Strange thing to throw, because it could have given me a concussion, but they sure did taste good!