The Big Boo Cast, Episode 34

I just listened to this episode before I uploaded it, and doing that made me realize that Melanie and I had a guest co-host this week that we failed to mention: THE POLLEN. Oh my goodness. I cough, Alex coughs, I sniff, Alex coughs, I take sip after sip of Crystal Light to try to soothe my throat, and then Alex coughs some more. So basically the whole podcast is like waiting with a child in the sick room of a peditrician’s office. I’m just as sorry as I can be about that, but the pine pollen is just about more than we can stand right now. At least I didn’t resort to using Flonase or a Neti pot at any point in the proceedings.

As usual, we talk about many unrelated things: Melanie’s new career as a mom DJ / choreographer, my weekend in Oklahoma, my quest for a new spring purse, Mel’s fancy dinner this past Saturday night, my exciting MSU baseball-related achievement, the season premiere of Mad Men, and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t remember. And by all means, if you’d like to shop with us as we look at purses during the podcast, click on over to the Noonday bags page. It might be a nice visual reference.

You can click here to listen. Or here. You can even listen right here (I just realized that we could do this when I uploaded the last podcast, and I think it’s a convenient listening option).

Or, as always, you can subscribe on iTunes if you’re feeling particularly fancy.

Hope y’all enjoy it!

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  1. yes!! So excited to listen! You all have made my Monday!

  2. Yes, I joined y’all in the purse shopping. Cute bags on Noonday. My vote is for the navy/white stripe. And I did a bit of my own pollen-related hacking. And, of course, my usual amount of head-nodding in agreement, and laughing until I snorted. Love you two!!

  3. I look forward to listening. Thank God for Flonase,right?!

  4. I’m in Arkansas and I hear your pollen-related woes. #solidarity

    And I love the relationship between you and Melanie. So real. Girlfriends are the best. Thank you for sharing some joy with us this morning!



  5. What a fabulous way to start a Monday! I love listening to you girls, you always make me giggle! Thank you for that!!!

  6. Karen Beymer says:

    Well you two just make my day! I feel like I have just caught up
    With old friends. I shopped for purses right along with you.
    I agree with you about after being with lots of people, I am so
    Drained I just need to be by myself & sit & stare. Blessings.

  7. Don Draper does a Beth Moore bible study – y’all crack me up!! He needs a good dose of JESUS!

  8. Love the Big Boo Casts!

    And I’m sure you’ve seen this, but just in case….

    • Also, I agree 100% on the men’s feet and armpit hair, particularly in dining situations. Amen.

  9. How about Secret Asian Man (instead of Secret Agent Man)? I think we all have some comical lyrical mishaps in our history. :)

  10. I LOVE that y’all have intro music that sounds like the opening of a news broadcast.

    I had the same thought the first time you laughed, you sound like you’ve been smoking for 30 years. HA! Gotta love the South and their pollen. ICK.

    I was AT the game Sat. and it was WAY more fun in person, as long as you had chairback tickets! We had some friends that are regular season ticket holders that went to BWW to watch the game after there was no place to sit. Even the ‘overflow’ area was packed. But man, oh man, NEVER LEAVE THE DUDE EARLY. We even stayed the entire (miserable) time on Sunday so the kid could run the bases after the game. What a fun weekend it was!

  11. Sallie Baker says:

    Ya’ll are SO my best friends, you just haven’t met me yet!

    Have had no voice all week due to the POLLEN…..( I guess… never thought I had allergies!)

    Hearing about Falls Creek…..I grew up in Denton, TX, but we grew up going to Falls Creek
    as youth. The most wonderful place….! Just hearing you describe the cabins…we always stayed in FBC Durant’s ” lodge ” ….and as you were talking, I was just making the walk down
    the road, toward the TABERNACLE!! So glad to know they still call it that…instead of worship center!! My husband of 38 years…..we sat together for the first time in the tabernacle, sat kind of close actually . . . and so it began! ( 45 years ago….)
    And there was no mixed ” bathing” …..boys and girls couldn’t swim together….
    and my Mama had to sew a ruffle on my shorts to get them to the knee….( we called them Jams ) But OH SO FUN!! A wonderful, spirit-filled place!