Miss Mississippi 2014 Viewing Party

Before we get started, here’s my standard viewing party call to order:

We’ll share our thoughts / observations / reactions in the comments. This is all in good fun, so let’s please be mindful that somebody’s mama or cousin or great-aunt Ethel could stop by and read what we say (every single year that we’ve done this – and this is the 5th – at least one contestant’s relative has emailed after the pageant to say how much fun they had following y’all’s comments). In other words: let’s do our level best not to say anything hurtful. These girls are young and singing / dancing / performing their hearts out. And I think it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that we dare not criticize during the swimsuit competition. If any one of them showed up at a pool or beach where I happened to be spending the day, I would cover myself with a blanket and run screaming for the indoors. These girls are darlin’.

As far as watching the pageant goes, there are a few options. If you’re in Mississippi, you can watch on WLBT. If you’re like me and in another state, you can watch on the Miss Mississippi pro app, or you can watch the WLBT live feed on your computer or iPad. Here’s the link to the WLBT live feed.

At the end of the pageant, I’ll draw from all the comments for 2 special pageant prizes. One commenter will win seasons 1 and 2 of Designing Women on DVD (just because a little Suzanne Sugarbaker makes any day a good day). The second winner will get a copy of Mississippi author Julia Reed’s Ham Biscuits, Hostess Gowns, and Other Southern Specialties.

So. With all that being said, let’s enjoy the show. I’ll update this post throughout the pageant (you’ll have to refresh the page a lot), and we’ll visit in the comments. It’ll be big fun. See y’all at 8 central!


All righty – quick roll call – who’s here (in addition to Molly)? The live feed is working on my end, and I am so excited!


STOP IT. A POEM ABOUT MISSISSIPPI? I am on the floor dead. So happy.


This might be the best opening number ever. The denim shirts and turquoise jewelry are a nice touch.


I have heard great things about Caroline Conerly from a friend of mine. And I am always happy to see Shelby Corn.


This is the first year when I have watched the pageant and felt like they’re young enough to be my daughters.


Anybody know how many years Jasmine Murray has been in the pageant?


Top 10:

Miss Riverland
Miss Turtle Creek
Miss Dixie
Miss University
Miss Rankin County
Miss North Central Mississippi
Miss Mississippi State University (#HailState) (#GoDogs)
(don’t know title)
Miss Historic South

I’m having trouble with the feed…can anyone fill in the blanks?

I’m moving to the comments! :-)


That was so fun, y’all!

I used random.org to select comment numbers for prizes.

Molly – you won the Designing Women DVDs
Karoletha – you won the Julia Reed book
I’ll email y’all to get shipping info.

Can’t wait for Miss America!

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  1. Molly P. says:

    I’m just thrilled to be here!

  2. Jenessa S. says:

    What happens in a year when the previous Miss Mississippi can’t sing? Is the whole intro song changed to accommodate that? Oh, the pressure.

  3. Molly P. says:

    So far the only names I remember are Shelby CORN and CeCe…. so southern :)

  4. I’m gonna comment here, I think. It’s easier. But I mentioned in the post that a friend of mine has said great things about Caroline Conerly. And “Emmaline” is a FINE Southern name. :-)

  5. Molly P. says:

    Miss MSU is cute, but I could be a little biased!

  6. It goes without saying that I’m partial to Miss Mississippi State. :-)

  7. Jenessa S. says:

    Just notice the SPARKLY cowboy boots. Oh my goodness.

  8. Makes me homesick!
    Gorgeous MIssissippi Girls.

  9. Molly P. says:

    I’ve been a Jasmine Murray fan ever since she made an appearance on American Idol a few years ago.

  10. JulieBeth says:

    LOVE the outfits! So southern and summery! Just darlin!

  11. Oh, my word, “Mississippi Girl.” I’m speechless.

  12. My feed is stopping and starting…having trouble keeping up and missed about 4 of the top 10. This had better not happen during the talent competition. :-)

  13. I just love that there is an entire local news page dedicated to covering the pageant. Not one story, mind you, but a FULL PAGE.

  14. ESPECIALLY if there is a twirler!! :-)

  15. I am watching from the lake with two very interested yellow Labrador retrievers. I so happy I have reception!!!!!

    • I’m so happy you’re here!

      • Me too, I thought with the constraints of being in the bowels of the Tuscaloosa-walker county line that it might be impossible. This has revived me from the daunting recruitment tasks at the U of A and given me new excitement. Do we know of any unusual talents yet??

  16. Now I’m trying to watch on half the computer screen instead of the iPad…don’t know why the iPad is glitchy.

  17. John Matthew looks appropriately terrified of that ginormous dress.

  18. Y’all, Suzanne Sugarbaker could not have done any better with this speech. And Suzanne Sugarbaker would have also rocked that pink and purple gown with the tulle train.

  19. The children! Are spectacular!

  20. Jenessa S. says:

    Did they just say Mignon did a standup comdey routine?? I am so sad to have missed that.

  21. Laurie Kennard says:

    Hey Soph,
    Our Meridian girl, Jordin Johnson, Miss Turtle Creek made top 10 and is darling. She wona talent prelim.

  22. I have often wondered how people are selected as pageant judges. I think I would like to go to pageant judge training.

    • May we start a petition to have you named a Miss Mississippi judge? With whom does one file such a petition?

    • Molly P. says:

      I was once a judge for the Little Miss Clay County, MS pageant. I had absolutely no qualifications which made my introduction quiet strange. “Our next judge is Miss Molly P. A native of Grenada County, she is attending MS State University pursuing a degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice…” Ahem. Weird.

    • Jenessa S. says:

      The Miss America pageant at least seems to recruit C & D list celebrities…

  23. Molly P. says:

    Do you think it’s a coincidence that Miss Oklahoma 1980 something’s first name is Mignon?

  24. JulieBeth says:

    Boomama – Where is your judges invite? You would be the BEST!

  25. My live feed is kinda glitchy, but I’m here!

  26. Karoletha says:

    I don’t know if I can wait till the talent competition! Will there be opera singers, interpretive dancers, twirlers?

  27. Little Milton! This is the greatest musical number EVER.

  28. Oh, yes ma’am. We have our first production number with the Miss Mississippi dancers. Sister, are you watching? :-)

  29. Sherrie Lynn says:

    LOVE the blue dresses!

  30. 5/10 are Bulldogs!

  31. That is a mighty delicate interpretation of the Freedom Summer. :)

  32. Jasmine Murray is gorgeous. And I can’t hear anything about Freedom Summer without crying, so I’m all in with her platform.

  33. She just tied the economy to the World Cup. It made no sense, but it was MIGHTY IMPRESSIVE and sounded good!

  34. Absolutely gorgeous dresses!

  35. Jordin Johnson’s dress = super elegant.

  36. Sherrie Lynn says:

    We are in high cotton! Watching on a big screen tv at a backyard cookout. :0)

  37. Jessica’s dress is gorgeous. Also, I want her hair.

  38. JulieBeth says:

    These women are just so smart with their platforms! Impressed! and the dresses are stunning!

  39. Jenessa S. says:

    There’s a Miss Deep South? Isn’t the entire state “deep south”? (says the Wisconsinite)

  40. Sherrie Lynn says:

    These girls are so poised and beautiful!

  41. I like it when the girls pull their hair back and go for a more simple look. I realize that ths flies in the face of all that is good and right about pageants, but…

  42. I just love that little girl in the front row who waves at each girl as she walks by:)

    • I know – so sweet.

      • Boomama, one of those little girls on the front row is Matt Wyatt’s daughter. The other one is Rob Morgan’s little girl. Both of them married Rebels from Vicksburg. They have been going to the pageant since they were born. Both Mama’s have been going since they were little.

  43. Sherrie Lynn says:

    Love Randi-Katheryn’s name and dress!

    • I miss double-names so much. One of those things the north just doesn’t have.

      • Laura, I don’t know if you saw on Instagram or not, but a few weeks ago I meet an older lady whose name is George Ellen. It has kept me smiling for three weeks.

        • Oh, that is FANTASTIC. I just ran into a friend at my summer camp reunion who has a little Michael Anne. Cute as can be.

  44. Eryn Lynn says:

    Randi-Kathrine–now that’s a good southern double name!

  45. Karoletha says:

    Oh girl! Shake your Money Maker!!!

  46. Molly P. says:

    I just had to fight the urge to walk slowly with poise as I went to my kitchen to fetch more watermelon… #beatyqueenwannabe

  47. I will have to give kudos to miss MSU. Lovely presentation.


  49. Eryn Lynn says:

    The current Miss Mississippi is a Chi O from Millsaps, isn’t she?

  50. TALENT!!!!!

  51. Sherrie Lynn says:

    Somebody please teach me how to do my eyeliner like the reigning Miss Mississippi.

  52. Oh, I do adore a strapless pageant jumpsuit.

  53. #TeamJasmine

  54. Jenessa S. says:

    Now THAT is a pantsuit.

  55. JulieBeth says:

    now THAT is a pantsuit!

  56. Key change!

  57. Jenessa S. says:

    YES!! There’s interpretive dancing!!!

  58. I don’t know what a lyrical acrodance is, but I can’t WAIT to find out.

  59. Sophie, I do have a connection, albeit long ago as a Sigma Chi little sister, and his first cousin is a dear DG sis, with Sam Haskell, so we could pursue your natural abilities to judge this event if you would like. Also, this is a poorly worded sentence and I’m not going to fix it, even though I realize it’s going to an English teacher

    • Listen. I have never met Sam Haskell, but if I ever did, I would have more questions for him than he could ever answer. :-) They seem like such a sweet family.

  60. Eryn Lynn says:

    How does her hair stay in place so well?

  61. Y’all – those arms. Sweet mercy.

  62. Well, I do believe that’s my first experience with a lyrical acro-dance, but that was great and I think I need her to be my personal trainer!

    BTW, my girls are named Sarah Grace and Mary McKenzie so I’m all in with the double names too!

  63. Oh my. It’s time for opera.

  64. Molly P. says:

    Time to Say Goodbye….a staple in all good pageants.

  65. There’s an actual business named Blush & Bashful?!?

  66. Jenessa S. says:

    AEROBIC DANCE. Yes, please.

  67. Did she just say “aerobic dance”? NEVER BEEN HAPPIER.

  68. For a brief second, I hoped Morgan LIndsay had batons in her hand.

    • You and me both. And while I appreciate that she’s called it an “aerobic dance,” I’d love to see her try to teach that routine to a bunch of 30- and 40-something women in a gym. :-)

    • JulieBeth says:

      still hoping we get some good baton twirling! btw – love your flag :)

  69. Eryn Lynn says:

    Wish I had excelled that much in my aerobics classes.

  70. Karoletha says:

    That looks like my Curves routine

  71. Jennifer Hopkins says:

    Wow on the aerobic dancing!!!

  72. I’m finally here! Have company so may not be able to stay but hope to at least see most of the talent!

  73. Karoletha says:

    Dear Jesus,
    Please let there be twirlers!

  74. Eryn Lynn says:

    You know her mama is proud she stuck with those piano lessons!

  75. Buzzing Bee! Classic pageant choice! I haven’t heard this in a decade or more.

  76. I can already tell y’all – without even talking to her – that this is Mama’s favorite talent. She is always so partial to a good piano player.

    • Oh me too ’cause I’m a pianist. And it’s got to be hard to to choose a piece that shows technical proficiency and is also crowd pleasing.

    • I thought the same thing!

  77. Jenessa S. says:

    Now I know what my piano music has been missing all these years- dramatic drums and sound effects in the background. :)

    • Molly P. says:

      I noticed that too! I don’t ever remember that addition in past piano performances.

  78. Julie R says:

    Miss Dixie is from my husband’s very small hometown. Same place Brad Dye is from. ha!

  79. Laurie Kennard says:

    Not sure I have ever seen a pianist in a pageant with backup music. Thoughts?

    • Well, I guess that’s one way to make sure you don’t go over the time limit:)

    • I can’t remember if I saw it in Miss America or Miss Mississippi a couple of years ago – but I was shocked that it’s allowed. I think it’s entertaining, but I prefer a solo.

  80. So, I leave for just a minute to tell my kids goodnight and walk back in to hear the end of a piano piece! I’m always partial to pianists… Can’t believe I missed it!

  81. JulieBeth says:

    My Frozen obsessed 3 year old, just said ‘Momma – it’s ELSA!’

  82. Go Laura Leigh! What do I love about you most? Beauty? Talent? Bulldog? Chi O? All things great!!!

  83. Also, I have really enjoyed our emcee. She’s warm and professional.

  84. How cute was Miss MSU?

  85. Sherrie Lynn says:

    Go dawgs! She rocked it!!!!!!

  86. Jennifer Hopkins says:

    Miss Dixie is my hairdresser’s friend. She was raving over her this week!

  87. Jenessa S. says:

    There’s a posture scholarship?! Oh, I would love to see how that is determined.

  88. Eryn Lynn says:

    I love that the chiropractic assn has a posture scholarship!

  89. Molly P. says:

    I think the swim suit competition is coming up. Time for my wardrobe change…into my stretchy pants.

  90. Jenessa S. says:

    No talent competition is complete without a song from Les Mis.

  91. Here it is. Wouldn’t be a pageant without some Les Miserables.

  92. Ohhhhh Les Miserable! Love love love this song and she’s doing a GREAT job!

  93. Mama will be thrilled to hear that a scholarship was awarded for best posture. I can’t begin to count the number of times while growing up that I was told to “stand up straight”!

  94. Sherrie Lynn says:

    “She can sing AND walk in those shoes?!” says a girlfriend.

  95. I would like to give Miss Deep South major props for walking quickly in those five-inch heels.

  96. cecile martin says:

    Sophie, did you know Laura Lee Lewis is a Chi-O? in Catie Marie’s pledge class.

  97. Karoletha says:

    Key change,Sophie!!

  98. Tropicana beat!

  99. Molly P. says:

    I just knew there’d be a Frozen appearance!

  100. Jenessa S. says:

    YES!! FROZEN!!!