Just A Late July Update

I’m still not finished.

But I’m close.

I actually hit my word count goal last week; the new book is going to be a little longer than the first one, and I thought I would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER meet my word count. But I did – and now the problem is that I can’t seem to WRAP ‘ER UP. There are two more chapters that I want to write after I finish the one I’m working on right now, and then that’ll be it.

I think.


Regardless, it’s been so nice to feel a little more focused.

I’m trying to think about what else has been going on, but I guess the answer is everything and nothing. I’m trying to prepare myself for the fact that school starts in less than three weeks (SUMMER, WHERE DID YOU GO?), and when I glance at my August calendar, I have to shield my eyes so that I don’t see all the stuff on all the days at one time.

I believe this is what you call “denial.”

But oh! That reminds me. It dawned on me earlier this week that I have fully transitioned to keeping my calendar on my computer. I’ve resisted it FOREVER, because here are two things I really like: 1) glossy paper and 2) writing with an extra fine-tip Sharpie on the aforementioned glossy paper. But I’ve discovered something in lo, this very tech-y year of our Lord 2014: a digital calendar is like an expression of eternal love and devotion to my husband. He is super organized and likes to plan ahead, so it delights him to be able to look at, say, the month of November and know what’s on the horizon.

I, on the other hand, like to fly by the seat of my pants on sort of a day-by-day, need-to-know basis. But that’s not practical for us right now. And I am much more consistent with putting travel dates and game dates and all that stuff in the computer than I ever was with writing them in my calendar and then – this is key – consistently leaving the calendar in the same place so D could check it.

So. We are sync’d and app’d and considerably less frustrated by scheduling surprises. It’s like we’re grown-ups or something.

A few other random things:

– About once a week somebody emails me and tells me that I need to try the YouNique fiber lash mascara. Well, a few weeks ago I spoke in Mississippi, and they gave me a beautiful gift basket with YouNique mascara inside. I haven’t used it because I’ve been intimidated, but today I watched an instructional video, and I think I’m going to try it tomorrow. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I wonder if this just may be the elusive mascara unicorn? I am FILLED WITH HOPE.

– Alex got back from camp last night, and as he’s told me stories today, I have been so tickled. All I can figure is that the Lord loves irony, because Alex’s very favorite parts of camp are all things that I have sworn I will never do. He went rappelling and loved it, and his very favorite activity was a two-hour hike where they went through some caves or something. I really do adore his sense of adventure, and he has made me promise that I will go with him and D on a camping trip this fall. Needless to say, I have already asked D if a cabin can count as “camping.” I am praying that he will play fast and loose with the definition.

– Tomorrow (Thursday) is my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. SIXTY YEARS. I have been thinking about it all day today. I’m the youngest in our family – 14 and 10 years behind my siblings – so I was still in elementary school when Mama and Daddy celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. I really didn’t understand why that silver anniversary was such a big deal. Now, though, I totally get it. And I am so incredibly grateful for my parents’ example and their commitment to each other. This afternoon Mama laughed and said, “You know, there aren’t many people who can live with the same person for 60 years.” That is the truth, isn’t it?

– Consider this my public confession that I have been watching The Bachelorette this season. I can’t decide if Andi will pick Nick or Josh, but I’m leaning toward Nick. Mainly because she has mentioned their “mental connection” about 400 times.

– I have pulled a muscle in my lower back. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, though I suspect it may have been when I made a quick move to pick up Hazel when she would not stop barking at a heron in our back yard (there’s a little lake back there, and about twice a year, a heron shows up, hangs out for the better part of a morning, then leaves). Last night I couldn’t get comfortable, so I slathered Icy Hot on the affected area before I fired up the DVR and watched an episode of House Hunters while I contorted myself and tried to stretch out my back muscles.

I’m not gonna lie. It felt like a low point.

This post by sweet Holly Mathis made me smile like crazy.

– I mentioned this on Twitter earlier today, but when Alex got home last night and Hazel looked up and saw him, it totally reminded me of this. Sweetest thing ever. They are such good buddies.

– Last thing. This November Melanie and I are doing an event together at First Baptist in Charlotte, North Carolina.  They have an early registration price that’s in effect until July 31st, and I just wanted to mention it in case any of y’all are in the Charlotte area and think you might be able to join us. We really think it’s going to be a great time to dig deep in the book of Leviticus.

Oh, I am totally kidding. We’re planning to laugh like crazy and hopefully learn a few things, too; here’s all the information. We would love to see you there!

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  1. I’m not gonna lie either. I totally did a double-take when I read Leviticus, ha! Leviticus or not, I’m hoping to come to the conference with my very own sister :)

  2. About the mascara ~ if it doesn’t work for you right off, don’t discount it entirely…. The first several times I wore it, it made my eyes feel really blurry – like I’d been out in the sun all day. Which is never how I want to walk around feeling…. But I’d spent so much money on the darn stuff, and had such high hopes, I kept trying it.
    What I’ve discovered, is if I put on a full coat of my regular mascara, then add the fibers to just the tips, but fully coat my lashes with the ‘transplant gel’ before and after, then top all of that with another coat of my regular mascara, the Younique stuff doesn’t bother me. I am still a tad worried about having little soy fibers all over my face, though…

  3. Please let us know about the mascara. I’ve looked at it. It is a hefty price. I can’t make myself bite the bullet so to speak. I’d love your opinion. The Bachlorette? I’m guessing you don’t read Reality Steve? Good luck on finishing up your book!!!!

  4. Jess from Jersey says:

    Oh my goodness. You said Leviticus and my only thought was “please, say it ain’t so!” but there was a great big release of breath when you said you were kidding! It is too early in the day for that kind of stress!

  5. Been missing you … happy to hear about all your going ons!

  6. Christy says:

    So happy for you on the book progress! And, even more happy to ‘hear your voice’ here this morning. :)

  7. I am going to travel up from Greenville, SC for the conference as a birthday present to myself. Can’t wait. I will be the introvert who is trying to be an extrovert at the meet and great.

  8. Rebecca says:

    My BFF and I have our tix and we are really excited to be coming! I had to laugh because I got an email from a lady at FBC Charlotte thanking me for registering and said “we are so happy you are coming all the way from Orlando!” : ) I thought that was so sweet. I miss the South! I love what your mother said about being married 60 years, my mother and daddy were married 69 years before they went to be with Jesus last Fall. Daddy used to sing (insert however many years it was that year~with the wrong woman) each morning of their anniversary and they would LAUGH AND LAUGH. Of course that wasn’t the case obviously, my daddy had a funny/odd sense of humor. Anyway, tell them Happy Anniversary, that is so special. Hope your back feels better soon, that isn’t special and I’m sure you would like that to go away soonest! : )

  9. About the mascara: I don’t put the undercoat of regular mascara on first; I use the gel, then the fibers and follow up with a “drier” mascara brush to get any clumps out. I also think it helps to completely do one eye at a time. I think it keeps the gel from setting too quickly before you get the fibers on.

    I like it! I think it makes my 52 year old lashes look at least 40, maybe even 35! That’s a happy thing!

    And I’d come hear the two of you talk about Leviticus anytime! Maybe it would finally make sense if you girls explained it!

  10. Melissa says:

    Looking forward to your new book. I just can’t wait for it…. I’m so excited!!! :-)

  11. Not to bring you down or anything; but I am a MS girl and I hated that mascara! Stressed me out to no end. Tried it three times and then got rid of it. I know people who swear by it though. All I can say is good luck.

  12. Totally with you on the lower back thing this week- you are not alone! I’m suspecting mine is from wrangling 164 elementary students in VBS, but I have felt no less than 90 years old as I applied BenGAy to my back, after icing it down– I’m 35 yet feel 90 at times.
    So excited to hear about the new book!

  13. Casey P. says:

    The mascara is wonderful…I wear contacts and haven’t had a problem with it at all. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t take more than a minute or two to apply. You won’t want to go a day without it.

  14. You are as adorable as ever! Thanks for always making me smile just in the little ways you re-tell your life. CONGRATULATIONS to Mama & Daddy for 60 years!! What a milestone….

    God luck on finishing the book too. =)

  15. Congrats to your momma and daddy. That is an accomplishment that I appreciate more and more with each year of my marriage!!

    As for camping, y’all should come to Arkansas this fall and rent a cabin on Petit Jean Mountain. LOTS of hiking trails, caves, the waterfall….and Petit Jean Meats is in nearby Morrilton. PERFECT!!

  16. Krysten T says:

    You should try mascara from IT Cosmetics.

  17. So glad you’re back on your blog! I’ve missed you and you’re stories! I’m avoiding my calendar, too. I was messaging a friend about dinner last night and we had to set it for two weeks from now…if nothing else comes up…insane! Have a good weekend!

  18. If mascara requires a video it’s to complicated for me

  19. Nick Shmick! I picked Josh from day 1. We shall see!

  20. Suzanne says:

    FYI there are places that have “camping cabins”. They are typically located w/campsites and they have a bedroom and private bath. You can all go together and those who want to sleep in a tent can do so. When we took my parents camping this summer my Mom said that is the only way she will go again.

  21. I was thinking, “wow, how did they find the funny in Leviticus? I need to go hear this one!” Unfortunately, I don’t think Charlotte will happen. However, I’m thrilled to get to hear and hopefully meet you at Allume in October. :)

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