What’s Going On

In no particular order:

1. I finished writing the book, OH HALLELUJAH.

2. Now I’m editing the book – and about four chapters from the end.

3. The editing process is my favorite part – I LOVE IT SO.

4. This time around, though, I have been a little emotional during editing.

5. And by “a little,” I mean, “CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GET ME SOME TISSUES?”

6. Alex is playing football this year.

7. In the past I kind of decided that I just wasn’t much of a sports mama, that I wasn’t nearly as obsessed with whatever he was playing as I thought I would be.


9. What makes it the most fun, though, is how much our little guy loves his team. There’s kind of a neat story about all of that, but I think I’ll wait until the end of the season and maybe let Alex tell it. David and I have been so proud of him.

10. Friday afternoon I drove to Memphis and went to Living Proof Live with Emma Kate.

11. I can’t even write about it yet. But it was a special time.

12. We also got to have lunch yesterday with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews, and it was hysterical.

13. I went to sleep at 10 last night and then slept for two hours this afternoon, so I think I’ve recovered from my quick little trip.

14. It’s the Green Chile Festival at Chuy’s right now, and I would just like to wholeheartedly recommend the Beef Fajita Flautas if you happen to go to a Chuy’s before the festival thingie is over.

15. They are seriously delicious.

16. SEC football starts this week, so obviously my days will have renewed zeal and purpose.

17. I haven’t gotten to watch the SEC Network nearly as much as I’d like, but as soon as I finish these edits, I will be ALL OVER IT.

18. Travis released a new worship CD, and I have listened to “Take Me To The King” about 492 times in the last three days.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.13.30 PM

Oh, it is so good.

19. Back-to-school has been great. I am loving my “new” job (same place – just a different role), and the fifth grader is happy as can be. David will probably be glad when I figure out how to plan a week’s worth of meals again, but between work and writing, the culinary side of things has suffered.

20. Hazel is adjusting to the school routine. She is still the longest dog I have ever seen. And while I was in Memphis Friday night, she somehow grabbed a blue pen off my nightstand and painted her toenails. David sent me this picture.

Bless her.

21. My friend Lindsay posted this video on Facebook earlier tonight, and it’s still just as delightful as it was back in the 80s.

22. I’ll be back in a couple of days – hopefully to say that edits are finished and I am about to watch so much college football, OH MY WORD.

Thanks for being so patient, y’all!


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  1. I have missed you SO much!! I was very happy to read this update. I am delighted that your edits will be done in time for college football.
    I love the cover of your book! But I might have already told you that a time or two. I cannot wait to read it! You know I will drive to B’ham for the book signing. (I sure am happy my son and his family live in Leeds.)
    And, lastly, I laughed at Hazels pedicure! She is so precious.

  2. Kathleen G says:

    Since I’ve listen to the pod casts, I can hear your voice when I read your posts. Looking forward to your book. And it sounds like your life is getting back to order. Love the nail polish on Hazel. Love, love that name, like Mabel. So fifties! Kathleen in Az

  3. kristy_mommy says:

    SO GLAD you are back!! Can’t wait for fall- football, dotMom and hopefully your book!

  4. Happy new school year! We have been fortunate in our sports teams so far but make no mistakes–the magic teams are truly magic. I hope the season maintains itself for you and your big little guy!

  5. Can’t wait for your book to be done…and released! Thankful for your writing, Sophie. :)

  6. HI! We’ve missed you! However, we understand that the book writing is important business. Can’t wait to read it :) Hoping you can come up for air soon. And thanks for the tip about Chuy’s. Anything that involves a flauta is newsworthy.

  7. So very, very, very nice to see you back! Wonderful to hear that you’re nearly done with edits & enjoying yourself, too….& looking forward to football! It doesn’t seem possible that Alex is old enough for football–he was such a little guy when I first loved your blog. But, it’s impossible to believe that August is nearly over, too. Have a great week, Sophie!

  8. When I lived in TN my family worshipped at Englewood. Several of my friends were at LPL singing with the choir. How I MISS them now that we live in KS! That choir is a special group, for sure, and I’m happy I got to sing with them for as long as I did.

  9. 1. Can’t wait to read the new book even though I know it will make me cry from missing ye old south.
    2. I am jealous of hazel’s pedicure. I am long overdue.
    3. Also jealous that you got to have lunch with your brother. I miss all of mine.
    4. That clip is my all time favorite CS episode. Followed closely by Theo’s earring.

  10. So glad that your book is finished for two reasons. Can’t wait to read it and you will be able to post on your blog again. I have missed you. Your posts brighten my day!

  11. I, too, love “Take me to the King”. Way back in April Beth Moore tweeted about it. I found it & fell in love. I shared it with the best friend & she finally sang it at church yesterday!!!! Can’t wait to read the book.

  12. Jennifer D. says:

    I wish I would have run into you at LPL this past weekend. It was great.! I felt like her message this time was very powerful and directed towards me like many others also probably feel. So glad your book is done and can’t wait to read it!

  13. Welcome Back, Boo!!

  14. I went shopping in Birmingham last weekend and ate at Chuy’s for the first time and immediately thought of your love for it. (I’m not sure if that’s flattering or creepy, but I’m leaning toward the flattering side.) It definitely lives up to the hype! :)

  15. O my word that picture of Hazel cracked me up! God bless!

  16. Ginger Florey-Powell says:

    I hope we can get together in Starkville again this year. War Eagle from your old Auburn friend!

  17. OH my goodness, my boy played football for 5 seasons, then stopped after 8th grade. He is a senior this year and I think I am still in mourning. I loved it waaaay more than he did!

  18. I’m so glad you’re back! I stalk you on Twitter, so that’s been helpful during the book stuff to keep up with you and yours.

    But Hazel is long? This confuses me. As in dachshund long? May we please have a picture?

    And how did you get that ink off those paws? I’m seeing little blue footprints in my mind…

  19. Karen Beymer says:

    That Cosby video is one of my all time favorite TV moments!

  20. rachael b says:

    love ya, miss ya and can’t wait to read the new book!

  21. I was at Chuy’s the other night and had the Frito Pie Enchiladas that were exceptional- highly recommend those too!! Happy, happy that you’re back! Just in time for SEC football season :)

  22. Oh Sophie!!! That pic of Hazel just made me laugh out loud! That’s talent right there.

    Then, I watched that video! Oh my word. I remember that Cosby Show episode. We’ve been watching them recently at our house. The 7 year old thinks it is fantastic and I have to agree. Rudy is awesome. And those clothes!!!!! Totally 80s!

    Glad you are back. CANNOT WAIT to read this new book.

    Oh, and I’m gonna need DETAILS of the upcoming concert in a few weeks. I will not be able to come and I’m SUPER bummed. So I plan to once again live vicariously through you. Videos and photos of said concert will be appreciated!

  23. Welcome back! Missed you – cannot wait for the new book! Thanks for the Cosby video – I had not seen that one before.

  24. Oh, that picture of Hazel…too funny! And, when did she get so big? WOW! She’s thriving, for sure!

  25. Just dropped my eldest off at Samford (sob) and saw where you would be speaking there for an event. Wish I could be there to hear you!

    Congratulations on finishing (almost) the book!