I don’t know how many of you saw the segment about SEC Wives on GameDay last weekend, but it was pretty much the best part of the morning as far as I was concerned.

Well, what I didn’t know at the time – and until Melanie texted me a couple of days later and told me – was that The Better Half: SEC Wives is now a three-part documentary-type thing on SEC Network. The first episode came on last night, and all I know to tell you is that there is a clip of Les Miles watching himself on a Raising Cane’s chicken tenders commercial that is one of my favorite things that I have seen in forever.

Also, Megan Mullen is DARLIN’ PLUS.

So anyway. I just wanted to pass along the info in case you might want to watch. The SEC Network schedule has all the info about when the first full episode will air again.

And speaking of the SEC – Sister and I are headed to Starkville tomorrow afternoon for the State / A&M game. In fact, I just took my cowbell off the shelf and put it on the kitchen counter so I won’t forget it.

And yes, I did in fact write, “I just took my cowbell off the shelf” in all seriousness. It might sound a little bit like a country song, but IT IS MY HERITAGE.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see the ‘Dogs play. I think it’ll be a good game. And I also think I’ll be a nervous wreck. But it’ll be fun! More fun! Just so much fun!

(I talk like Martha when I’m nervous.)

(Needless to say, I’ll be talking like Martha a WHOLE BUNCH over the next 36 hours.)

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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  1. We too are headed to Starkville for the game; it’s our son’s first one to attend and he wanted to make sure he could take his cowbell. We live in Baton Rouge, and can I just tell you how much fun that game was two weeks ago?? I love to text one of my friends who loves her Tigers as much as I do my Dawgs about Les Miles, bless his heart. I have always said his grass chewing, hand clapping, voodoo magic is what makes that team so good year after year…. Here’s to a win against the Aggies. Hail State.

  2. Kim from Ga says:

    I’m an S.E.C. (sorry for the periods but autocorrect insists I’m typing SECOND) girl myself and love your posts regarding college football. Even though I read both you and Melanie, I’m still rooting for an MSU win primarily because I think Dan Mullen is a stand-up guy and a heck of a coach. He coached my beloved Gator player, Tim Tebow, who continues to hold Coach Mullen in high regard. Although I won’t be ringing a cowbell, please know you have a Gator fan rooting for your team. Have a great time!

  3. I will be watching SEC football all day Saturday! War Eagle and Go Dawgs!

    • Kathleen G says:

      I’ll be thinking of you and Melanie tomorrow and even try to watch some of the game. Caught the tail end of the A&M game last Sat. and was so excited for Melanie! Good luck to the both of you! Cannot choose, Kathleen in Az

  4. Deep breaths, Sophie…deep breaths.

    It’s going to be a battle. These Bulldog fans will be watching from Andover KS with our cowbells on the coffee table in front of us. Our children will look at us with semi-frightened looks in their eyes. Our dog will hide in the back bedroom. And, when we win, we will go into the backyard and ring our cowbells in celebration!

  5. Lydialou says:

    I have a cowbell, too! No explanation necessary:-))

  6. Whoop! Gig ‘Em, Aggies!!! I can’t watch the video on mobile. :-(

  7. Ok, this may be my favorite all-time Sophie quote:

    “And yes, I did in fact write, “I just took my cowbell off the shelf” in all seriousness. It might sound a little bit like a country song, but IT IS MY HERITAGE.”

    I love you for many reasons, but mostly because you are a women with a cowbell on her shelf. We must honor our heritage. ;)

  8. More cowbell!!!!! Hailstate!!

  9. I took my cowbells off the shelf this morning and BROUGHT THEM TO WORK. Yes, it’s my Heritage as well. I am directing at wedding at 10:30 in the AM tomorrow so I will miss most of the game. Do not fear. My phone will not be far. But, if we start doing badly and I can’t clean my house, I guess I’ll just start eating wedding cake. Uh oh. Bring us luck!

  10. I am a Big 10 girl and I love this show. Nick Saban was my husband’s college coach at Michigan State which is why I started watching the show and then I just became hooked. I’m not sure there’s any other conference that could pull off this entertaining show.

  11. We’ve got our cowbells on our mantle, but they will be clanga clanga clangin’ tomorrow at 11!! We thought about going to the game, but with the change in temperature, we feel like taking Avery would be a poor decision on our part. SOOO…. we will be glued to the TV. And who knows, you might be able to hear us all the way in Starkvegas!!!

  12. Oh Sophie! You do know that Tim Tebow is in Starkville for SEC Nation tomorrow don’t you? As if you needed any more hype for this game! LOL! Talk about “Darlin Plus”!!! I will be looking for you in the crowd during the show tomorrow. What a great day of college football we have tomorrow.

    The SEC Wives show is great. Love Mrs Miles and Miss Terry.

    Have a fun time tomorrow. Out of love for both you and Mel I am remaining neutral.


  13. Oh my word, I can barely stand it, this game will be epic.

  14. Oh, I hate to think of poor Mellie right about now.

  15. Love you and Melanie equally, but as a Texas Longhorns fan…I’m so happy for your win today! I like any team that beats the Aggies! :) Especially since my team is having a “growing season!”

  16. SueEllen says:

    Thanks for the heads up on The Better Half ~ the series is now set to record on my DVR. Thought of you often during today’s game, and as a Hog fan, was pulling for your ‘Dawgs. Today was a great day for Mississippi football.

  17. The show was great and I have it set to record. I am so excited about how well the Dawgs are doing. Thought I would have a heart attack during the LSU game and then again this week with the Aggies! I know you had fun at the game. We went to Starkville for the UAB game. Hope we get to go to a good Bowl. My husband and I go as a little New Year’s getway when we go to a Bowl. Oh Lawrd… Hope I didn’t just jinx us. Love your blog! Cant’t wait for the new book.