Well, I’m As Nervous As I’ve Ever Been

When I was a little girl – not much older than Alex is now – I had a Mississippi State scrapbook. I faithfully cut out any article that was in either my hometown paper or the Jackson paper, and I’d carefully place it in the scrapbook, along with my ticket stubs and pictures from the game day programs. I’ve always loved words, and I’ve always loved college football, and that little scrapbook – which I believe I bought at Eckerd’s – was the first time I’d kept a record of either. I can still picture the way I wrote the score of each game next to my ticket stub – in a blue Biro pen, no less.

This week has made me think a lot about that old scrapbook. The internet has been CHOCK FULL of coverage about the Bulldogs and Auburn and their upcoming game, and it’s been a little bit like drinking from a fire hydrant. Today alone I’ve seen three or four articles about Dak Prescott, three about our coaches, a couple about recruiting, and from my perspective it’s almost been a little surreal. At State we’re pretty used to folks looking past us, so being on the cover of Sports Illustrated is, you know, SORT OF DIFFERENT.

Anyway. I think our game against Auburn will be a good one. And I can’t even imagine how nauseated I’ll be by kickoff because I’m pretty much on adrenaline overload right now. PUT ME IN, COACH LANCE.

(I may have to send a prize to the first person who gets that reference without the aid of the Google.)


The Bulldogs have gotten so much of my mental space this week that I haven’t even told y’all about something exciting and also terrifying that happened last Friday: I got home from work and found a box of Advance Reader Copies of my new book on the front porch.

First thought: WHOA NELLIE.


Second thought: This is way bigger than the first book. (It’ll be a couple of months before I see the final typeset version, but there are more chapters in this one than there were in the last one, and apparently that makes a difference.)



(I had trouble capturing the size differential in a picture. But I promise that the 2nd book is bigger. And also, please enjoy Hazel’s manic movements in the background.)

Third thought: WHOA NELLIE.

Fourth thought: I WOULD LIKE TO HIDE NOW.

Alex actually read the new book this week, and he told me today that he gives it two thumbs up. I was thrilled for about six seconds, and then I remembered that I am in fact the person who buys his groceries and cooks his meals. So I feel that the literal home cookin’ most definitely affected his analysis and evaluation.

Last topic.

I had a speaking thing today for the Samford Legacy League, and before the luncheon someone brought me a gift bag and said she’d been given instructions to deliver it. I put the bag with my purse, and because I had a bunch of stuff to carry to my car when I left, I didn’t open the bag until I got home.

Here’s what I found.


Well. Well. Well.

It’s a brand new cowbell – and can y’all see that it says “BooMama” over there on the side? Only the “M” is actually the Mississippi State logo?


I wouldn’t go so far as to say that my unexpected cowbell gift is a sign that the Bulldogs will win this Saturday.

But I will say that receiving a customized cowbell two days before the biggest game in my school’s history – well, it sure did put a smile on my face. Maybe even a little sparkle in my eyes. So thanks, mysterious gift giver! My nerves and I surely do appreciate it.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Hail State and Go Dawgs!

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  1. I can not wait for this new read to come out!!!

  2. Regina Ballard says:

    Can’t wait to read your new book, love your new cowbell, and Hail State!

  3. It’s a cowbell kind of week, don’t you think? Enjoy the new game day gear!

    Great job at today’s event! Right on target in scope and topic!!!

  4. I am a fan of John Fogerty, so of course I got the reference to his classic song, “Centerfield”.
    And I am tickled that your book is ever so much closer to being in my hot little hands.
    We need more cowbell! :D

    • Kathleen G says:

      Thank you Diane, started to sing the song & realized I didn’t remember the name or singer. Love the cow bell, especially for you, very sweet! Kathleen in Az

  5. No need for nerves sweet Sophie!!! I personally CAN.NOT.WAIT. to get a copy of your book, I have all the faith that it will be even more fabulous than the first!! (And that right there is a tall order!)

  6. Didn’t Coach Taylor always call Landry “Lance”?

    I’ll be cheering for y’all on Saturday.

    And for my Gators

    And Baylor.

  7. Looking forward to reading this one too! Of course, it will need to be autographed! :) Hail State!!

  8. Betsy Crawford says:

    “Put me in Coach” is from CCR….I’m pulling for those ‘Dawgs to win on Saturday. I’ll try and send you a pic of my very own Bully, rooting for them too.

  9. I immediately though that quote was from Varsity Blues, a Billy Bob quote, but the other comments on here had me second guess myself. So if that wasn’t your intended reference, there are multiple references :)

    • You’re right, Brandi! That was exactly what I was referencing (thought I know it’s close to “Centerfield,” too). :-)

      • Woo hoo! I’ll take my prize at any time ;) Only kidding…best of luck to your Dawgs this weekend!

  10. First, I am so excited about your new book! I know it is going to be amazing. My second thought “Soph has a purse so big that she put a gift, one the size of a cowbell in it, and did not think about it until she got home.” Sweet mercy, love it.

  11. So, of course I’ll be singing Centerfield in my head all day. (annoying – but that’s how my brain works) It is such an exciting time for football right now. As a Bama fan, my heart was so broken last Sunday. I can’t help but be happy for Ole Miss though. I mean seriously … I think I heard they havent been undefeated since the 60’s! I’m learning that even though I root for The Crimson Tide, I love ALL SEC football! Now, as for your book ….. if you need someone that you DONT cook for to read it and give some feedback, I’d be happy to email you my current address. Ha Ha, just kidding (sorta) When will it be released?? I’d love to buy a copy. Unless you want to give some thought to mailing a copy (autographed) … again, kidding (sorta). Have a great Day Sophie! I love reading your blog. You brighten up my day every time!

  12. Can’t wait to read the new book!
    Have a great weekend! Hope your Dawgs do you proud!
    Loved the Eckerds reference. i still call BOTH of our Walgreens and CVS that.

  13. 1. ECKERD! I completely and totally forgot about Eckerd’s until you just said that.

    2. Way excited about book number 2 and can’t wait to read!

  14. i am a nervous nelly about Saturday. I’m not sure who is worse me or my hubby who is an Auburn fan. I’m just hoping my cowbell will be in before Saturday.

    Can’t wait to get the book!!

  15. Stephanie Pickle says:

    HAIL STATE!!!!! Love the DWAGS!!!!! Oh how I wish I was there now!!!! I just heard ESPN is going to one of the elementary schools in Starkville this morning, how cool is that!!!! I LOVE MS STATE!!

  16. I’m SO excited to read your new book – I’ve been cheering on your Dawgs!!

  17. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I’m so excited about the new book!!! And I absolutely LOVE the cowbell gift!!!! That is just the COOLEST!!!!!!!! Go Dawgs!!!!!!

  18. Eckerd’s! I didn’t know they had them down south … I thought they were a DE/PA store! Can’t wait to read your new book!

  19. Janet Worthy says:

    Yesterday I had a box on my front porch when I got home from work ~ also MSU related ~ from Coton Colors ~ 1 MSU polka dot platter with MSU attachment, 1 small MSU tray, 1 Bully Christmas Tree Ornament and 1 MSU Cowbell Ornament (this is where it relates to your blog:) Must be a sign of good fortune to come; but why, oh why, do I have all these very fragile pieces to proudly display in my home and PRAY I am not forced to “go crazy” on Saturday and ‘accidentally’ break one!!!
    PS: Bulldogs for life, from birth to the grave, make us “besties” for sure, but I wish I was important enough to be on your list to receive one of those Advanced Reader Copies of your new book – I can’t wait to read it:) #HailState

  20. Well in case you are looking for some advance readers for that book, I’d like to step right up to the plate and volunteer.

    As for all the football – well, let’s just say that I am warming up to the idea slightly after many years of total antipathy. Blame my brother and sister for making fun of me at a tender age.

  21. I am SO excited about your book, and I LOVE the cover. LOVE IT.

    The cowbell…. I die. OMG, I have never!

    We’re hosting The Tide tomorrow and I am nervous, too. It generally causes short-lived but fierce rifts in our famiiy.

    Thinking of your cowbell will help me get through it!

  22. yay yay yay! I cant wait to read it :-)



  24. Diane Reynolds says:

    Sophie, I can’t wait to read the new book, and the longer, the better! Go, State!

  25. Looking forward to reading your new book. Your posts always make me giggle. You are so sweet! :-)

  26. Bama fan here. Still upset about last week. Good luck against aubrens. I always cheer for the SEC except for the barn.

  27. That book cover!! As darlin’ plus as the cover is, I know the content inside is even better. I am SO excited for you, Sophie. Or Hudson as it reads on your cover. : ) And after all these years of being a Boo Mama blog reader, I now follow, and learned to love, Mississippi State football {when most of my Mississippi family attended the other two schools there.}. So I am watching that game today and cheering your team on! Good luck, and please pass the Oreos for the stress eating that will commence here as my college team plays OU in the Cotton Bowl today. Hail State and Hook ’em Horns!

  28. Article writing is also a fun, iff youu be familiar with then you can write or else it is complicated to write.

  29. Hail State!

  30. We’re gonna need MOAR COWBELL!

  31. I swear I’m gonna shut up now, but


  32. I am a Gator girl but you have spured me to become a Miss State fan ( as long as they are not vs the Gators) What a game today! That was good ole fashion football and I enjoyed every minute!

  33. Looked like your new cowbell worked! Congrats!

  34. Tracey Knight says:

    hey sophie!
    1. congrats on the W! i wonder how many are pulling for your dawgs b/c we are pulling for you!?!
    2. i love hazel.
    3. can’t wait for the book. a) b/c i can’t wait to read it & b) b/c you just resolved my next gift-giving occasion for all the women i love.
    have a great week!

  35. Number ONE, baby!


  36. So happy for you. Just glad yall aren’t playing OU!

  37. I just have to say as a fan of SEC football congrats to all the MS State and OLE Miss fans! You guys have waited a long time for this dominance and I am so happy for you!

  38. Ummmmm, I think it’s time for an updated post. That game really did happen. And that #1 ranking really did happen. IT’S NOT A DREAM SWEET MERCY!

    Did you see Strangebrew ‘rolled’ their bushes after the game? ‘Brew-mers Corner’ I LOVE SHANE.

  39. Ooooh, I’m so excited for your new book to come out!!! Also, congrats on the big win!!! I have no doubt the new cow-bell played a key role leading the team to victory.

  40. Deborah R says:

    I am SO excited about your new book! I’ve already pre-ordered my copy! I loved the first one so much because being a Southern girl myself I could identify with so much of it and it felt like home.

    ALSO, I’ve been following your Bulldogs this season and with every win I tell my husband that you must be out of your mind excited. Congrats on #1!!