An Unexpected Turn Of Events

I mentioned a while back that Melanie and I were going to speak at a women’s event in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we did just that this past weekend. I thought I’d never get my ducks in a row and be ready to leave town this past Friday, but somehow I did and made it to the airport with a little time to spare. The security line was unusually long, and I was a smidge worried about getting busted for carrying a gallon-sized plastic bag in my carry-on instead of a quart-sized one, but I made it through without incident and then enjoyed sitting all by myself (on one side of the exit row) all the way to the Charlotte. We were on a small, thirteen-row plane, and while I know that some people can’t stand a smaller plane, I enjoy the fire out of them because 1) you can gate-check a bag and 2) it doesn’t take forever to get off the plane. Sure, there aren’t any TVs in the headrests, and there’s no place to charge an iPad, but what a small plane lacks in terms of convenience it makes up for in efficiency. And that is fine by me.

After I landed I met the precious girls who planned the weekend (hi Sonia! hi Marti!), and Melanie arrived a couple of hours later. We’d never done anything like this particular event – we’d never gotten to tag-team with speaking – but oh my goodness, it was the most fun. I spoke Friday night, Mel spoke Saturday morning (and was awesome), and then after lunch we did sort of a live podcast-type thing with our favorite things and Q&A. We got to meet some of the sweetest women, and we had a blast all the way around.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.06.23 PM

I also think you’ll be proud to know that after everything was over Friday night, Melanie and I went back to my hotel room and ate Pretzel Crisps with French onion dip because KLASSY.

Once we finished up on Saturday, we headed to the airport, and we immediately sought out some very average Mexican food in the main concourse area. We sat down just in time for the Texas A&M / Auburn game, and I honestly don’t know what was more entertaining: watching the game or watching Melanie watch the game. We eventually had to leave so that we could go catch our flights, and when I landed in Birmingham, there was something like 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter of A&M/AU and some very! excited! texts from Melanie on my phone. I immediately checked to make sure that State had in fact defeated UT-Martin because YOU JUST NEVER KNOW, and by the time I got to my car in the parking garage (which, by the way, the parking garage at the B’ham airport is currently going through a renovation, and there is so much heavy plastic sheeting in that structure that it ever-so-slightly CREEPS ME OUT), I was fired up and ready for Alabama / LSU.

On the way home I got to listen to Eli Gold broadcast live from Death Valley, and between the full moon and the brisk air and the big-time game and the prospect of seeing my people, I was just FULL-O-LIFE-AND-WONDER. I turned off of the interstate thinking that there was absolutely nowhere on earth I’d rather be than Birmingham, Alabama, and I couldn’t wait to pick up some supper and get to the house and put on pajamas and settle in front of the TV to watch Les Miles eat some grass.

I pulled into our driveway just a few minutes after kick-off, and as soon as I got inside Hazel just lost her mind. It was like she had forgotten all about me but then realized OH, WAIT – YOU’VE BEEN GONE – and she jumped and licked and yelped and jumped and cried. She was so happy, in fact, that she tee-teed in the hallway, and I know that to be true because when I was walking down the hall to go change into pajamas, I slipped in said tee-tee and wasn’t at all sure what was happening until I found myself sprawled on top of the new rug that I bought for my foyer.

As it turns out, that rug is very cushiony.

But that rug, unfortunately, was not underneath my right ankle when I slipped.

Oh, y’all. I’m afraid that there isn’t a lick of grace or poise anywhere in me because it was evident pretty quickly that I’d put the hurt on my ankle. Some of you may remember that I took a weird step onto our friends’ porch a few years ago, and last night was that same level of pain except that this time (in The Great Tee-Tee Fall of Fall 2014, as I’m calling it) the pain and swelling are in a completely different place. My ankle is also way more burn-y, if that makes sense. I don’t have any idea if it’s sprained or broken or if I just jacked up some tendons and whatnot, but regardless we are headed to the doctor in the morning. I was hoping that if I just elevated and iced it and stayed off of it as best I could that it would be ALL BETTER today, but it still hurts a lot, and I have kind of a deep, nagging feeling that I may need a boot.

All that to say: I have spent all day today resting and icing and listening to Hazel snore. Bless her heart, she has pretty much stayed right beside me. I don’t think she has any idea that her overactive bladder was the cause of my fall, so please don’t tell her if you see her. I’m afraid that she’d just be wracked with guilt. I’ve probably overcompensated with her a little bit; I even gave her a special dog cookie that two girls in Charlotte (hey Meredith and Emma!) sent home with me.

So. I don’t necessarily think that this week is going to look like I thought it would. I was all geared up for a trip to Atlanta and IKEA tomorrow, but that’s not gonna happen. Fortunately I don’t have to work tomorrow or Tuesday, so that gives me a little more recovery time. And I think we all know that my Bulldogs have the biggest game ever this coming Saturday, so I’m hoping Coach Mullen won’t decide – especially in light of my tee-tee-related injury – to keep me on the bench. My team needs me, y’all – especially in Bryant Denny.

I promise that I smiled when I typed that.


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  1. Oh Sophie I am praying for you and your ankle.

  2. Oh I am so sorry! I feel your pain though- I broke the top bone on my foot and walked on it for 2 weeks thinking it was just sore. The boot isn’t too bad just make sure your other foot is in an equal height shoe or your hip will kill you next! Trust me!
    Praying it doesn’t need a boot and you are good as new in no time! Take care!

  3. Aw, Sophie, wish I was closer and I’d loan you one of my boots. I have one for each foot! Praying whatever you did to your foot will not hamper your enthusiasm for supporting State next Saturday.

  4. Oh Sophie, I am so sorry! Praying it is just a tenderness and swelling thing and not a boot/wrap thing. Been praying for your weekend! Glad that the rest of it went so well! Love you!

  5. OH NO!! I am so sorry. Praying that it is nothing serious and you will be back on your feet in no time!! I’m also sad that you guys were in Charlotte and I completely missed it :(. Hugs!!

  6. You would SO suit up if they asked! I’m praying for a smooth recovery. You were describing the perfect weekend right up until the moment of The Great Tee-Tee Fall of Fall 2014. You seriously need to get well before the game next weekend so that you can perform any vacuum related duties to which you are called.

  7. Mindy McHugh says:

    I so enjoyed the Sweet Sisters Conference! It was fun meeting you and Melanie and spending time together in praise, worship, and laughter! Y’all are he best! Thanks for a delightful weekend!
    Mindy McHugh ( GO DOGS! UGA & MISS STATE)

  8. My ankles are an issue. I’ve sprained the right ankle 3 times. Or, as I like to sing about it, “Once… twice… three times an ankle…”

    Hope you heal quickly.

    Also, Pretzel Crisps are a gift from God on High.

  9. Feel better soon!!!!!

  10. Our sweet 1 yr old golden does the same thing when I’ve been travelling for work: comes screaming through the dining room and around the kitchen island at a 45 degree angle, paws scrabbling for traction on the hardwood floor, then leaps into my arms, which is both adorable and a little shocking as he weighs 60 lbs. Then falls to the floor and proceeds to leap and wriggle and squeak for a good couple minutes. Then it’s over and he’s off to investigate other Interesting Things in the house.

    It’s almost worth being gone to be greeted with such enthusiasm. Here’s hoping Hazel will keep the joy but lose the tinkle as she gets older.

  11. Oh, bless you! So not fun!!!
    However, I must confessed I was dying laughing until I got to the part where you were hurt. Hate that! Maybe you’ll have another weekday off to go to IKEA, bc you do not want to go on a Saturday, sister. You may possess that golden nugget of wisdom already, but if not, let my regrets teach you not to go on a weekend.

    Get some rest!!

  12. Your ankle sounds similar to a graceful fall I took off a rock into a river on the first vacation we took as a couple with my new in-laws. So so graceful. Similarly I also fell off the front steps of a B&B for our first anniversary. Being married has been tough on me. :)

  13. I’m so sorry about your ankle. I was tickled to no end , though, that you said “tee-tee.” It ‘s just not used around these parts , and I miss hearing it so much! Heal quickly!

  14. Hope your healing goes quickly so you can get those ankles taped before the big game next week!

  15. Jennifer S says:

    As someone who has REPEATEDLY sprained ankles over the years, I feel your pain. Also, I live in Charlotte, and had hoped to come to the event this past weekend, but just couldn’t get it worked out. I am so disappointed that I missed you and Melanie! I hope I will have another chance sometime to meet you both. Feel better soon!

  16. Oh Sophie I am so sorry you had a spill and can’t go to IKEA! Get better soon. Thanks again for coming to Charlotte and if you ever want to come back we can go to IKEA here. :)

  17. Laurel Wilkinson says:

    Loved seeing y’all in Charlotte…I am the one too shy to speak (to celebrities ☺)and am now thinking about the brave blog comment that changed your lives. Also a somewhat Auburn fan, but was totally ok with the loss imagining how Melanie would be acting… would not be so kind hearted if we were chatting FSU, issues I know, but still my team. Sorry to hear about your injury and can also offer assorted left foot boots (uncute kind). Thanks to you both for all the wise words – thankful to be there with “my Gulley” of many years.

  18. “my tee-tee related injury.”

    Sophie…you crack me up! Praying for you and for healing in your ankle. :)

  19. So sorry about your injury! I pray you’re better soon. Thankful you have your wonderful sense of humor intact!

  20. My mom and her best friend/my “aunt” were at your event over the weekend and both said they loved y’all! I couldn’t get away from mama duties such as the last soccer game of the season and the 1st grade program, but would have loved to have been there.

    I laughed aloud reading your last paragraph about getting ready for the game and being willing to suit up-you are such a hoot! This gator girl will be cheering for your Bulldogs this weekend!

  21. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I’m so sorry!!!! But it was a very funny scene in my head!!! Hope you recover soon!!!

  22. So sorry to hear about your ankle!! Praying it heals quickly! I was in Charlotte this past weekend at the Sweet Sisters and loved hearing you and Melanie! You two are both so wonderful and down to earth! Love and hugs from Charleston, SC!

  23. Sophie, it was so fun to meet you and Melanie this weekend! I love seeing y’all gracefully stewarding these great platforms God has given you. So sorry about your tee-tee related injury. (insert sad face emoji) And I can’t believe Melanie’s Aggies beat my Auburn Tigers! (one more sad face emoji)

  24. Hoping that you just need a little more elevating and icing.

  25. Terrie Cash says:

    In case I have never told you this, I just love your writing. I am so sorry that you got hurt, but when I read tee-tee, I busted out laughing. I too have a sweet female dog with an over active bladder but I haven’t been subjected to a fall like you have experienced. I do hope everything goes well for you and I am pulling for your Bulldogs Saturday. I’m hoping for a nail bitting game but one that goes your way.

  26. Lynn Osborne says:

    So sorry to hear about the fall. Hope your ankle heals quickly. This past weekend was so delightful. I work for a church so it was wonderful to worship and hear the Word as a full participant! It was great to meet you and Melanie.

  27. I think the burning might mean something is broken. I did a little fall of my own last year an it burned walked on it a day or two and it was broken. If you get the boot get a pair of cute boots to wear that are the same height. That way you are even and not walking wompy. Praying for you.

  28. I am sorry for the urinal down-fall! Send me your IKEA list and I will add my usual additional 30 pounds of unnecessary plastic objects, candles galore and shelving units that must be placed everywhere! Consider it a thank you gift for an awesome weekend. It was my first time meeting and reading about you – you were gracious and hilarious…two of my favorite things!

  29. I am at the airport gate crying-laughing as I am reading this- and getting a lot of strange looks from my fellow passengers! Feel better soon!

  30. 1. Sorry to hear about your foot and hope it heals up nicely.

    2. The outfit in that photo is pretty odd. Just not a good looking ensemble from the jacket to the boots.

    • Cathy,

      just a quick fyi, I was there at Sweet Sisters Conference, and her outfit was totally adorable! She shined in it and her hair was the perfect top touch!

  31. Hey Boo Mama! I attended the event in Charlotte at First Baptist and I just have to say ya’ll made me crack up, especially when ya’ll were going over your “favorite things” collection. Well…I distinctly remember you, Boo Mama, just gushing over the importance of jar of mentholatum and all of life’s woes it cures, and also how Big Mama said it burnt up her nasal membranes and passages for 3 days. I said all of that to say this: Today at work (I am an opthalmic technician for an optometrist) I was performing a patient’s vision screenings and health history when she whipped out, none the less, a jar of mentholatum, and started “schmearing” her lips with it. When she was done it looked like she’d been to Bojangle’s the way her lips were shinin’. I just had to bust out laughing. (I know, so not professional.) And I said, “Is that mentholatum?” She said, “Lord yes, honey, I put it on my lips to keep them from getting parched and cracked!” I guess it was a little cool in the doctor’s office. So I said, “Do you use it on everything?” She said, “Well when I get out of the shower, I rub it on my cracked heels, and when I get dry patches on my elbows, I rub it on that…” and so forth, you get the point. While she was saying all of that, I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes, because all I could think about is you. So I told her about the event I went to and all about the mamas, and she said it was hilarious that the Boo Mama loves that little minty jar of goodness as much as her. I asked her permission to write about this, because she and I were all but rolling on the floor, bust-a-gut-laughing by the time all was said and done, and she said I was free to write about it. (Now this lady was a hoot. I had already handed her the reading card to check her up close vision, I had her to read a sentence of the fine print…So I said, “Now cover one eye.” So-instead of raising her hand, to cover one eye as instructed ever so clearly, she raises the entire reading card over one of her eyes, and then looks at me like I’m the crazy one! I ever so gently brought the reading card down from her eye and said, “No, dear, you cover an eye with your hand and continue reading.” So even before the minty fun had began, she and I were already on a roll with laughter. Thank you Boo Mama, The Lady who had her Eye Exam Today, and to God for making my job so good sometimes. I live for laughter.