There’s Sort Of A Big Game This Weekend

It’s been a weird week, what with finding out about my broken ankle and then spending Wednesday night trying to figure out how to prop up said ankle at a James Taylor concert (more on that later) and then dedicating much of my spare time to analyzing Mississippi State’s upcoming game against Alabama. I also made my first trip to the grocery store while wearing my boot (I only went to Fresh Market, so it wasn’t a hike around a giant Publix or anything like that), and last night I cooked supper for the first time in a week. I felt only slightly less accomplished than an Olympian.

Anyway, here are a few things I’ve been meaning to mention.

1. Since I work with teenage girls, I stay sort of perpetually ticked off at all the ways the culture lies to them. Here are two great blog posts that speak some truth: Annie Downs’ What you should tell your teen (and yourself) about Kim Kardashian and LisaJo Baker’s In A Culture of Fast Food Sex Let’s Give Our Kids Healthier Choices.

2. This Sunday Melanie and I are speaking at First Baptist West Monroe. We would love to see some of y’all there!

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 10.20.47 AM

I didn’t know that image was going to be quite so big until I added it. A thousand pardons.

3. “We’re all we’ve got; we’re all we need.”

Sister, Alex and I are headed to Tuscaloosa tomorrow. Yes, I KNOW I’M WEARING A LARGE ORTHOPEDIC BOOT. But something about this game feels once-in-a-lifetime to me. We may win, we may lose – but it’s the biggest game in Mississippi State history.

Hail State and Go ‘Dogs.

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  1. Listen Texas Tech has broken my heart this year so had to emotionally invest in another team and now I’m completely obsessed with Mississippi State.

    Can you come explain to my baffled husband that I love a team that I’ve never seen because I follow a lady on the Internet that I’ve never met? He just doesn’t get it ;)

    (Also, I find myself doing the m-iss-iss-ipp-i chant even as an adult when I spell that. Do you still do that?)

    • Kaylie, your comment is hilarious! Especially because for several years now I have been a Miss State fan, for exactly the reasons you state lol! And yes, I do the cheer ;-)

  2. Sheryl Potts says:

    I’m so disappointed that I’ll miss your speaking engagement in West Monroe! Flying out of town to live on a sick brother. (Prayer for him is greatly appreciated!). I told my daughter (who will attend said event) that she’s to call and give me the scoop ASAP! I know it will be great! I have a nephew at Alabama, I’m an LSU fan, but I WILL be rooting for your dogs! Everyone deserves a Cinderella moment, and this is State’s for sure! Enjoy!!

  3. If you need an Athletic Trainer during the day, they tailgate at Moore Hall! Enjoy Tuscaloosa. I’m saying Roll Tide (graduated from there) but I’m extremely nervous!

  4. Anotherlisa says:

    You and your boot will be fine. Just monitor the mileage you rack up, and elevate when you can. Also, have backup blister solutions, just in case. Swelling can sneak up on you! Ibuprofen helps with inflammation too.
    I survived a whirlwind 4 day college visit trip, flying and driving to 6 different schools, hiking campuses and even downtown DC. All in a boot after ankle surgery on both bones, to repair with a plate and 9 screws! Swelling, fatigue, occasional balance issues on cobblestones were only problems, and daughter confirmed her dream school and is thriving there this fall.
    Prayers for your game to be everything you envision. Enjoy!

  5. It might be worth looking into a temporary handicap sign for your vehicle.

  6. Susan Berry says:

    I hope you and the boot bring our dawgs good luck! My anxiety level is off the chart ! I just think I want to know what happened when it’s over!!
    Have fun!

  7. i can’t believe i’m saying this after Miss. State beat my beloved Auburn Tigers but I’m pulling for ya’ll against Alabama. My SIL and grandson are HUGE Alabama fans and I think ya’ll stand a real good chance of winning…it would sure make me feel better if Georgia beats us tomorrow night!

    It will be an interesting Saturday in the SEC to say the least.

  8. Pick up a few of those chemical packs that you squeeze to make them icy cold. You can get them at the drugstore, and the ice would come in handy if your foot swells at the game.

  9. I’m a die-hard Razorback fan, but I’m pullin’ for your Dogs this week! :)

  10. Love that promo for you and Melanie. Can you pleeeeeeeease come to Dallas? Enjoy the game and be careful!

  11. You can be sure all of us LSU fans will be pulling for y’all! You have some good advice in these comments. Chemical ice pack for the ride home, Ibuprofen in the purse and boy would a temporary handicap permit help limit the huge amount of trekking a SEC campus game day requires.

  12. Oh Sophie! I am right there with you, you must go boot and all! Just try to not have to walk long distances, it tires you out! Prevail upon the kindness of strangers and hope for a very close parking place! Have grand fun! I do hope your team wins!

  13. Beverly Cooley says:

    i hope daughter Robin sees this so she’ll get the books. Thanks for posting.

  14. Sophie — two things that pretty much saved me when I spent five-and-a-half months booted for a most nasty ankle ‘mishap’:

    1) I wore on my other foot a clog. It had the thickest sole in my [sp]arsenal of shoes; fortuitously, the sole the exact same height as the height of the boot’s sole/bottom. Yay! I may not have had Vogue calling me to be on their cover as a fashion icon with the ortho boot on my right foot and the clog on my left, but by golly, that decades-old clog kept my ‘rolling on the waves’ gait to an absolute minimum. I wore that clog every day, all day…wearing it kept me on an (ahem) “even keel” so I wasn’t in danger of throwing my back out on top of the ankle @!XX&#! Too, walking didn’t seem to tire me since I wasn’t navigating floors, stairs, yards, etc., as if I were a-deck on the high seas in the middle of a typhoon. Double Yay!

    2) At each campus I visited during my “Booted Months”, I’d find a security guard and ask if they had golf carts to shuttle folks like myself to [wherever it was I needed shuttling to]. They all did! So, once I got the car parked, I rode to where I needed going; once I was finished at the event, I rode back to my car. Felt almost like royalty, I did…or at least, worthy of a Vogue-cover photo shoot.

    There you have it – a couple of things from my experience that might, hopefully, help you out as your poor ankle mends.

    So, here’s to tee-teeing dogs and the problems they unknowingly create — can’t help but loving them in spite of their little accidents, no? beth.

  15. Erin in CO says:

    I am cheering for State solely bc of you, Sweet Sophie! :) but let me tell you, that video right there? Gets me fired. UP! You’d have to be dead to not get excited for this team! Have a great time! Praying that ankle heals quickly and doesn’t give you trouble in your adventures this weekend.
    Hail State! :)

  16. Tracey Knight says:

    sophie, i’m so pulling for you & your bulldogs today!!! we have a pretty big game today in our little town of Arkadelphia AR with the Battle of the Ravine going on (google it – it’s a REAL THING! #BOTR). you would love it – two D2 schools whose football fields are literally ACROSS the road from each other – like the teams WALK to the game from their own field house! one is a Baptist school & the other a state school & yes, you can imagine the pranks! our Ouachita Baptist Tigers are 9-0 (first time in school history) coming into the game against Henderson State at 9-1. It’s a game historically where all stats are off & anything can happen. This game determines bragging rights for the year plus whether we have to share the Great American Conference title. We know the Bible says to share but no thank you on this. :) anyway. yay for big games & loving this time of year along with you. saying a little prayer for your boot situation! :)

  17. We surely must be living on some sort of parallel universe, or something! My lol’ Sweetgirl fell on a trampoline and broke her ankle on Tuesday. And being a Roll Tide alumni , I too feel like this is a whopper of a lifetime game!!! Happy healing and cowbelling!!!

  18. Ugh… So sorry about your ankle :/

    Michigan has a bye week so we are watching the Miss St game with ya’ll! (I’m not from the South, but at times in my head I talk like I am… :) )

    Hope you have a great weekend despite that pesky boot…

  19. I thought of you often during the game – I was pulling for your Dogs. I didn’t get a chance to read this post until after the game and I was so excited to hear you had trekked to Tuscaloosa for the game. Wishing you a safe trip home and sending hugs and prayers your way.

  20. So sorry to hear about your ankle!!!! And I’m with Sarah, when said ankle is healed and the holidays are over and there is no longer threat of ice shutting down our city, could you please come to DFW? We’ve got enough rooms for you and Melanie to just stay with us, and since you’re already used to a dog who tee-tees to show they are happy you walked in the door, you’ll fit in just fine here! Praying for quick healing.

  21. You are so funny!
    I was at the Ladies Event last night and still get tickled about ” “Liz” JUST being pregnant with John the Baptist and the Sprite with Cranberries because you were feeling fancy”!
    I loved it!
    Some great takeaways for me too as I look ahead at the entertaining I am going to be doing in the next month with flashes of Pinterest boards dancing in my head. Focusing on creating a “safe place” for my friends and family and “the words I say” are two things I am going to write down to remind me what is important!
    Thank you for coming….with your bad foot and all ;)

  22. Papajoepopster says:

    B.M.(that’s how I refer to you, Boo Mama), I was the only hairy legged guy at there yesterday, and I enjoyed every word from you and BM2(that would be Mel)! It was an honor to finally hear what my daughters and wife have been talking about for so long! Your humor and spirituality was a Blessing! But I still love reading your blog for the food ideas! I love to cook good stuff! Happy Thanksgiving and I hope your ankle heals! Btw, you didn’t mention yesterday the involvement of you dog in your injury….just saying!

  23. I have to tell you – I’m a Bama fan, but this is the first game all season I’ve pulled against MS State – y’all have had a fantastic season, and I hope the powers that be will keep you in the top 4…you certainly deserve it!! Great game, more to come!!

  24. Ann in Maryland says:

    Looks like the people in Monroe are in for a real treat. Good luck with the football game and hope your foot heals up quick!