Sometimes Old School Is The Best School

As a general rule I’m a huge fan of three specific things when it comes to music:

1) bands that go to the trouble to choreograph their performances

2) bands where the vocalists and musicians seem to be having as much fun the folks in the audience

3) bands that occasionally dabble in catchy covers of great songs from the 1970’s.

I ran across this video late Saturday night, and after watching it approximately 46 times over the last four days, all I have to say is this:

1) Check

2) Check

3) Check.

Please do enjoy.

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  1. Oh well that right there just makes me very happy, I tell you what.

  2. That was fun!

  3. I’ve watched it 100 x’s and yes, Big Boi shoveling is GOODT stuff!

  4. JT is awesome! I love watching him perform. If you haven’t seen his version of Hallelujah, check out on YouTube. Love it (although I don’t think anyone can compare to KD Lang singing it).

  5. Mary Armstrong says:

    Sigh…JT can do no wrong in my book!

  6. Oh…that just me chair dance like no one was watching. I might even have busted out a little shimmy or two!

  7. I could not love JT more after watching that! That made me very happy!

  8. The only check I needed to adore this video was JT being in it. Swoon. All of your checks are just gravy. Ha!
    Thought of you as I took my daughter for her eye dr appt this morning at Childrens South. I hope your new-ish position at school is still going well. :)

  9. After I saw this video I have decided my new signature dance move will be “shovel the funk!”

  10. Loved this – thanks for sharing! When I watched it with my 10-year-old, I had to try to explain to her what “funk” was, and why we might want to shovel it (which they all did admirably, I might add).

  11. Loved it! Thanks for sharing, it was exactly what I needed to wake me up this morning =)

  12. I’m having heart palpitations!

  13. When I grow up, I want to be a back up singer for JT and wear pretty black shoes and shovel the funk.

    How does one go about embarking on that career path? Is there a BS in Funk Shoveling?

  14. Great way to start the morning – thanks for sharing!

  15. I LOVE me some JT!! Made my morning! Thanks, Sophie.

  16. EPIC!

  17. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Uh-huh! It’s the little things in life that get us through BIG BAD days. :)

  18. OK, I’m adding this along side my “Uptown Funk” addiction. JT and Bruno Mars are alike in that they are entertainers, not just singers, songwriters, etc. Always having a lot of fun and a lot of funk!!

  19. That was a treat with my coffee this morning!!

  20. Erin in CO says:

    oh my goodness! This made me happy in so many ways…
    Thank you for bringing this to my world : )

  21. I just got an updated estimated delivery date of your book. Should be here by third week of January. I can’t wait to read it. Your first book had me laughing so hard I cried and crying because of the sweetness and sadness of life. (BTW . . . . I’m an Ohio State fan and am still on Cloud 9!!! Go Bucks!!!!)

  22. Joy Brown says:

    I love JT! I also am a believer in the fact that there needsto be more trumpets in modern music :)

  23. Julie Reynolds says:

    love, love, love this!

  24. That just made my day. Oh my.

  25. They even covered the dance moves! These are the dance moves The Jackson’s did for this song on American Bandstand! Makes me love this even more!

  26. Elaine Moore says:

    FUN FUN FUN FUN FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN – SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. Oh My Goodness my day has got to be perfect now!!!

  27. Love that song! Love JT!

  28. Love it – he is just the cutest thing.

  29. Tammy Willis says:

    I love Justin Timberlake, he is so stinking cute! Thank you for sharing that, it made my day.

  30. Love this so much!!! I agree with your 3 things in regards to bands & I would add a 4th.
    Bands that incorporate instruments… Trumpets, saxophones, trombones… YES PLEASE!
    Thanks for sharing some video gold :)


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