In The Interest Of Overexplaining

So if you’d asked me a couple of weeks ago if I was ready for the launch of Home is Where My People Are, I would have said, “YES MA’AM.” The book page was almost finished, the pre-order stuff was ready to go, and I’d lined up three book signings for that first release week. THUMBS UP.

But around the beginning of last week, it became crystal clear that the baby, as a friend of mine called it, was gonna arrive a couple of weeks early. The book started showing up on different bookseller websites, and so this past Thursday, when I was driving to Mississippi to take Mama to a doctor’s appointment, I had a couple of phone conversations where we decided that the best thing to do was jump on the early release horse and GIDDY UP. And yes, I realize that I could have continued that whole birthing-a-baby metaphor, but I just felt like that word picture might be a little bit too vivid.

Given the slight-ish change in plans, I just wanted to take a second and let you know where the book is in stock. You can still pre-order it from your favorite retailer if it’s not in stock, of course, and whether you order or pre-order between now and January 31st, the pre-order incentives apply. The Tyndale folks have even said that if you pre-ordered a long time ago and can still find your proof of purchase somewhere in your email, you can get the freebies, too (details at the bottom of the book page).

Here’s where the paperback is in stock and shipping:

Barnes & Noble
Books A Million
Tyndale Direct

Here’s where the eBook is in stock and available:


And if you’d rather have a test drive, you can read the first chapter here.

AND THEN. If you finish reading and wouldn’t mind leaving a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or etc., that would be awesome. Unless you hate the book. Because in that case, a review wouldn’t be nearly as awesome. But by all means you respond however the Lord leads.

Last thing.

I’ve been in my hometown all weekend. I’m not really ready to write about the details of this trip (not trying to be mysterious or vague – just being honest), but so much of what I wrote about in the new book has hit me afresh in the last few days. In fact, I was thinking about the book – and the Lord, of course – when I snapped this picture at my aunt’s house last night.

Hug your people real tight.

Hope y’all are having a great weekend.

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  1. thinking of you lady!

  2. Missy Bush says:

    There is nothing like being with people who don’t require and explanation. I’m hugging my people….thank you for the reminder. I’m sending my love too.

  3. Prayers , Sophie!

  4. Big hugs. It’s interesting for me to see my favorite author’s book about home release during the very week that I’m without a home – this army chaplain family of two is in a hotel in TN enroute from DC to San Antonio. All of our “stuff” is in our cars or on a moving truck somewhere. Saying goodbye to my precious mama and daddy AND putting my only daughter on the plane back to Guatemala on the same day left me appreciating and longing for the permanence I enjoyed for many years before beginning this adventure. My husband has moved 19 times in over 28 years with the military. He gave up all that most of the rest of us have – that familiarity of place we are so comfortable with . So thankful for all the army families who do this joyfully to serve.
    Sophie, so proud of you, too! We’ll be in Birmingham this afternoon and tomorrow visiting family and laughing as we check into the hotel and they ask for our address and we have to say, “Um, none right now!” I’m going out to purchase your book as soon as I get there! (Had to cancel my preorder because Amazon had nowhere to send it!!)

  5. Hugs to you, Sophie. :-) Yes, I love to hug my people tight and show them that they are loved.

  6. Laura McGrew says:

    Glad the baby is a little early (it’s all about me, hee hee) because I am going on a business trip Wednesday and NEED it for that trip. And, I want to buy the physical book this time instead of the Kindle version. So, I am stopping by Barnes and Noble after church today. Yay me!!!!!

  7. LaDeana Richardson says:

    Looking forward to ordering your ( preemie book ) and sending Dalton a copy to Auburn! Thankful for you and your willingness to share your gifts with us.

  8. Karen Beymer says:

    Well that last comment about your Aunt’s front door brought tears to my eyes.
    Hug your people tight especially your Mama. You are so fortunate to have her.

  9. Karen Beymer says:

    WendyBrz, sending prayers your way as you begin a new journey in you new home &
    May God’s people surround with love & Grace. Blessings.

  10. Elaine Moore says:

    Since I don’t have people to hug anymore, I’m sending my hug to you – you brighten my days more than you’ll ever know. You and Big Mama are my family now and I truly enjoy ever post and pop cast. Blessings

  11. Marian Baldock says:

    Prayers, Sophie.

  12. I just want to hug everyone that’s commented so far! I got the book on Friday and finished Saturday evening. It took great restraint to go to bed Friday night without starting it. I knew I’d stay up all night, so I managed to go to bed.

    It was all kinds of wonderful! Your people should be very proud!

  13. Just finished the book…..LOVED IT! It made me laugh and cry…sometimes at the same time.

  14. I never comment, but I just downloaded the book to my Kindle and I can barely wait to read it! Hope your mama is okay and sending prayers and hugs to you and yours.

  15. Just discovered your site (& book) through Big Mama. You just got a new follower. :) I love the pic of the front door. I’ve always loved front doors. I about drove my husband out of his long-suffering mind when we were looking for a house because I wouldn’t even look at some that didn’t have a welcoming front door. To me, a front door should be like your mama standing there with her arms open, waiting to take you in. These houses that have front doors on the side of the house baffle me.

    Anyhoo. Just wanted to comment to say I’m excited about the book and excited to get to know you, just NIRL. (“Not in real life”–I just learned that from one of my kids!) Blessings!

  16. Just received my copy from Amazon…..can’t wait to dive in. The cover is beautiful!

  17. I’m not sure on the details of your visit, but this weekend has made me realize just how much my people love my people. Mama and her family buried her youngest brother Saturday, and seeing the people that came out to support them just filled my heart. And to have my in laws drop everything to take us in for the weekend, and to bring my girls to visit with family so that they didn’t have to attend the funeral and be heartbroken seeing their Mimi and her brothers and sisters so upset. I just was so moved by it. Thanks for letting me vent.