Be Still, Be Free Podcast (And A Giveaway)

Hey y’all –

Back in October I got to meet Monica Steeley and Sarah Goede at Allume, and I was immediately drawn to them because of their sweet friendship. Back before Christmas they were kind enough to ask me to be a guest on their Be Still, Be Free podcast, and I had the best time with them and their friend Amber. We talked about all kinds of things – Chuy’s, mimes, writing, and marriage, among other topics – and we laughed a ton.


They also have fancy graphics. Clearly.

The girls at Be Still, Be Free are also giving away a copy of Home is Where My People Are, so if you’d like to enter to win, just head on over to their website.

And if you enjoy listening to podcasts, you should absolutely subscribe to Be Still, Be Free. You’ll be encouraged, you’ll laugh, and you’ll love getting to know these sweet women!

Finally, Melanie and I have a new podcast that we’ll post tomorrow, and that’ll be the final piece in the podcast triumvirate of the last few days.

Hope y’all are having a great Monday!

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  1. Oh yes!!! You have to know that I listened to Edie and your podcast this morning. That led me over to Allume to listen to your very powerful sermon (and the rest of them too). So now you have officially made my day by your offering of two more podcasts. I shall work in joy and delight the rest of my day. :) :)

  2. You are so gracious Sophie, thank you!

  3. I have recommended the free book download to several friends and family and have only heard great reviews:) I finished Home is Where My People Are and love it just as much as I did A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet! You are a wonderful story teller. I laugh and cried my way through both and thoroughly enjoyed reading them.