Sparing You The Inconvenience Of Connected Paragraphs

Well, I think the first thing I need to say is that the book stuff has been an absolute blast and also I am real sick of myself right now. I mean, on one hand it has been the biggest relief and the most fun to see Home is Where My People Are get in the hands of real-live readers, and people has been so kind and encouraging and whatnot, but on the other hand I’ve heard myself answering questions about the book the last few days and I’ve thought, Just. stop. talking. You’ve done so much talking. Nobody needs to hear any more of your talking.

So day before yesterday, when I was getting out of my car to run into work for about 30 minutes before I left to do a promotional thingie and I spilled the entire contents of a grande Pike Place (two Equals with half and half) all over my pants and boots, I wondered if that very moment might not be my own personal tipping point.

The fact that I needed to fix my hair and had left home without my hairspray was insult to injury. And I reacted a little bit like this.



Anyway, everything ended up working out just fine (it usually does), and now I’m gearing up for February, which promises to be chock-full-o-activity. And I’m good with chock-full-o-activity as long as there’s ample down time to have a few days that are chock-full-o-TV.

Priorities are important in life.

So today I’m gonna tell you about some stuff that I’ve wanted to share / pass along, and I am gonna take a little break from Book Talk 2015. DOESN’T THIS SOUND DELIGHTFUL?

– I saw these coffee mugs the other day on the Junk Gypsy Instagram, and I immediately ordered two for myself. They are so fun and sturdy and the perfect way to enjoy your morning coffee. Little things like this make me so happy.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.13.49 PM

– Last week I read Emily Freeman’s post called “The Spiritual Discipline of Wearing Better Pants,” and I immediately bookmarked it so I wouldn’t forget to share it. Such a good word about being kind to ourselves.

– It wasn’t funny that one of Melanie’s dogs scratched her cornea, but it surely was funny when Melanie told the story.

– Every single day – at work and at home – I’m surrounded by prints from Naptime Diaires. I am crazy about their work and their commitment to giving us creative ways to display Scripture in the places where we live and work. Last year I discovered (or it was new to me, at least) that they make beautiful Lenten devotional books, and I was so happy when I saw that this year’s is now available. Lent is one of my favorite times on the Christian calendar (old Methodist habits die hard, I reckon), so I wanted to pass along the link for those of you who love a good, meaningful journal.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.29.19 PM

– Lots of y’all have mentioned that you like listening to podcasts, and since Melanie and I aren’t always the most predictable in terms of when we record them (we seriously plan them a couple of hours ahead of time, if that, and it always depends on whether or not our schedules cooperate), I thought I’d pass along some links of other podcasts you might enjoy. Because in my humble opinion, all of these women are awesome.

God-Centered Mom with Heather McFadyen
Grace Talks with Edie Wadsworth
Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
Hope*ologie with Myquillyn Smith (Nester), Emily Freeman, & their dad, Gary Morland
Inspired to Action with Kat Lee
That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs
The Art of Simple with Tsh Oxenrider
The Be Cast with Sara Goede, Monica Steely, and Amber Miller

– Finally, if you listened to the last BigBoo Cast, you may have wondered what in the world we were talking about when we wandered down the “Another Time, Another Place” rabbit trail. Well, here you have it: the absolute finest contemporary Christian song of 1990.


And I still do.

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  1. Loved the book. So glad your first one was free too. Thank you.

  2. Chris and I listened last night to the podcast…. And the Steve Green vegetarian story was left untold. And we are curious… What? Happened?

    You are a delight friend. And you make me smile :)

  3. That GIF is hilarious!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t quit laughing – reminded me of my daughter when she was that age!

  4. I’ve been meaning to listen to the podcast but the fact that you guys make reference to Sandi Patti just sealed the deal. Going there now. Next time can you guys discuss Carman??!!

  5. Your books should come with a warning to not read in bed beside your sleeping husband. HAHAHA I am reading A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet, and I love it! I am recommending it on my Facebook page since it’s free on Kindle this week. Looking forward to reading your new one, too!

  6. I was driving over to Disney for the day with my 4 year old and had to ask Siri to buy Another Time Another Place from iTunes immediately!!!! I remember a youth trip to Ridgecrest where we kept rewinding the tape to replay that song!!! MEMORIES!

  7. That gif is cracking me right up. I’m sure that’s what I look like on busy mornings when the 3 year old won’t hold still at “hair bow fixin’ time”.

  8. My word, that song…it takes me right back to my childhood too. I play piano, and I’ve got that song in a book and I still love belting it out just like I’m Sandi or Wayne. That big concert last week was an absolute delight from start to finish, and I can’t wait to listen to the podcast and hear what else Travis had to say about it!

  9. THANK YOU for the podcast recommendations!! You literally answered my unasked question for the day =) Perfect timing!!

  10. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I for one never get tired of hearing you talk, Sophie!

    The new book is a treasure to be savored. Loved it!

  11. I love that song, too. And I bet you like a secular one that sounds pretty similar:

  12. Anotherlisa says:

    I’m gonna make you jealous – ready?
    Wayne Watson is the worship leader at our Methodist church here in Houston.
    The man has such a heart for God and encourages so many new and talented musicians.

  13. Suggestion… Set your blog settings so that when a reader clicks a link it will open in another window. That-a-way when said reader finishes your fine writing, they can then go see what it be that you have so graciously directed us too.

    Translation: I’m not so good at remembering what it was I wanted to read that you linked to so I have to skim the post to figure it out! :)

  14. My BFF and I sang Another Time and Another Place at my bachelorette service back in 1991. Oh the memories! And I’m pretty sure I was rocking the same hairstyle as Sandi has in the video!

  15. I loved the honesty from this post! I have had many hair days where I’ve swatted at the mirror with a brush LOL!! My mom was a huge Sandi Patty fan when I was little, so I grew up listening to her and this song. Good memories =)

  16. Oh Boomama…. That video is priceless …..PRICELESS .!!!! So many memories came flooding back…!!! Thank you. This is why you and your blog are the best. Happy happy day!

  17. I have teenage step daughters who live without hair spray. I cannot relate and it horrifies me! I love the song –

  18. Love that song! It took me back about 25 years :)

  19. Oh, Sandi and Wayne. The hair is just beyond delightful. Also, the nerd in me would also like to make a reference to the early 90’s parody video “Some Other Time and Some Other Place” starring Sandi and Christian comedian Mark Lowry. It is also a treasure.

  20. I loved reading your book! I don’t usually post but I wanted to let you know. Both of your books are soooo good. You sure have a God given gift.

  21. I love those mugs!! Thanks for the podcast suggestions too. You and Melanie are my favorite but I have subscribed to some of these but didn’t know Annie Downs had one.

  22. Recently found blogs for you and Melanie. Have enjoyed them tremendously. I have binge listened to the podcasts from beginning to end. It has helped pass some boring time at work. Could you guys just add me to your daily phone calls so I can listen to you talk? (only joking, well maybe) You keep me smiling and laughing out loud. I am older than y’all but think we could be friends. LOL. I am diving into all of the books the two of you have written. Finding those enjoyable as well. After this weeks podcast, I spent several hours, when I should have been sleeping, listening to Travis and Sandi Patty sing. What a wonderful way to end my day.

  23. Oh how I love that song. I first heard it over the speaker system at a little Christian bookstore in Auburn, Alabama, during my freshman year of college. I thought it was one of the prettiest things I’d ever heard and immediately asked someone for the name of the song so I could buy the tape. It was my first ever “Christian music” purchase (unless you count Amy Grant’s “Heart in Motion” tape, which I believe stands on its own). I actually have this video in a YouTube playlist I throw up on the TV sometimes, but only when my husband isn’t around because I don’t care to hear comments about Wayne Watson’s hair when I’m in my Sandi Patty groove. ;-)

  24. for RaD: if you right click on the link, one option is to open in a new window

  25. I’m a little late to the party, but I just discovered your website. I’ve been reading your archives like crazy this week. So, I got to your post on June 27, 2013 that answers your 4 most common questions at book signings. (“Everything You Probably Never Wanted To Know”)

    #4 “Did Martha really have a friend named Rubena?” caused me to “Oh my goodness!” out loud. Here’s the thing- my husband grew up in Meridian, MS. I have long since said Mississippi is the breeding ground for the rest of the world. We met 18 years ago and live in TX and it doesn’t matter where we are there’s always somebody else from MS.
    But here’s the other thing. My husbands grandma, born and raised in MS, was named Rubena. All anybody in the family knows is that her daddy named her and nobody knows where he got the name from. Until now no one had even known of another person with that name.

    All that to say if you hadn’t included a picture we would have known for sure it was the same Rubena. ;-)

  26. There is so much awesomeness happening in that video I can’t even stand it!

  27. Girl, you hang in there!!

  28. LOVE “Another Time, Another Place”! My sister Pam and I sang it in church with the beloved cassette soundtrack many a time in the early ’90s (I was Sandi, Pam was Wayne). However, I have never seen the video until today. My. Is Sandi walking the beach in business casual? And I had forgotten about Wayne’s glorious mane. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane, Sophie!