Mondays Are For Listing Things

– If you are one of the fourteen Americans who haven’t seen the Will Ferrell / Kevin Hart / Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle on Facebook, please allow me to increase your joy allotment for the day.

Dave Barnes has new EP coming out February 10th, and I am going to mention it an obnoxious amount of times because IT. IS. GORGEOUS.


Seriously. I bawled my eyes out the first time I listened to it. It’s honest, good, and true. I don’t even know if you can pre-order it, but I want to go ahead and mention it so you’re ready to download it on the 10th. So beautiful.

– One night last week I recorded an episode of The God-Centered Mom Podcast with Heather McFadyen. We had the best time talking about writing and motherhood and faith and friendships. It was seriously so much fun to talk to her, and if you’re not subscribing to her podcast yet, you totally should.

– Today was supposed to be the official release date for Home is Where My People Are, but then it ended up being January 16th because online retailers put them on sale early. It wasn’t what we expected, but it’s been super fun, and here’s a true story from our ride to school this morning.

Yes, my people are home for me. And apparently my people are also my primary source for deep wells of humility.

Not to mention that YES. David Platt would have totally smoked me. :-)

This post by Lindsay Ferrier CRACKED ME UP. Because I thought Katy Perry was cute and all, but Missy Elliott? MADE ME WANT TO DANCE.

Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. 1) Apparently I was one of the 14 people but the joy…oh the joy that video brings. Will Ferrell is da bomb
    2) I’d have been just tickled to pieces had Missy Elliott, Lenny Kravitz and the Left Shark been the entire half time show!!!!!! Moms & Missy rock!!! :-)

  2. Sandy Carter says:

    Oh how Jimmy Fallon makes me laugh! That was pure greatness. I’ve wondered about what makes him so likable. I think it’s that he can laugh at himself and he truly enjoys being made to laugh. He is my favorite person on TV! Well, him and Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper!

  3. I absolutely ADORE your son, priceless! I firmly believe God gives us children to keep us humble! My youngest daughter is in her third year as a High School English teacher, and she says without a doubt you cannot be low on self esteem and teach teenagers!!!
    Gotta love ’em:)

  4. I was one of the 14 people and so I thank you!

  5. Just to let you know, I have been busy reading your book. On page 74 right now. A very good book!

  6. Also in the fourteen people…I am coming to rely on you to keep me culturally relevant. It is such a relief that you are doing the hard research for all of us. :)