Stop, Collaborate, & Listen

Tonight I spoke at Oak Mountain Presbyterian here in Birmingham. I had the best time and was reminded all over again why I love the local church. I really can’t explain what it does for my heart when I go into churches and see women talking and laughing and loving one another so well (honestly, seeing women who KNOW one another is no small thing – it makes me teary-eyed every single time). So all that to say: I was so honored to spend a few hours with the OMPC women tonight.

And while this may seem like a very small and meaningless detail about OMPC, I need to share it: they have a crushed ice machine there.

No kidding. That ice was such a big deal to me that for about five minutes after I enjoyed my first cup of ice water, I wondered how I was going to share the news about the ice with David and tell him that we might want to consider moving our membership.

I mean, good theology is one thing. But good ice in a church? It is a ministry in and of itself.

 photo IMG_0835.jpg

My love affair with certain kinds of ice is nothing new. After all, I’ve mentioned one or 98 times that I have a real thing for pellet ice. My favorite ice in the world is probably from Zaxby’s – it is a little larger than Sonic ice and all manner of glorious – but then last week I went to the new Chick fil A that’s close to my work and discovered that they also have pellet ice, albeit in a slightly larger size.

I’m not gonna lie. This was a Chick fil A game changer for me. I have always enjoyed their lemonade and their unsweetened tea (and occasionally a combination of the two), but their ice is typically so large that I feel like a straw has to fight it every step of the way. The pellet ice, however? Well, it ensures that the ice won’t melt as quickly (pellet ice is so good about staying icy cold) AND there is increased straw movement inside the cup.

Not that I overthink this particular topic or anything.

So, if I had to currently rate my cold-drink-over-ice options, here’s where I’d land.

1. Zaxby’s unsweetened iced tea with two lemon wedges
2. Chick fil A Diet Dr. Pepper (but only at the new CFA with the larger pellet ice)
3. Zaxby’s Diet Dr. Pepper
4. McAllister’s unsweetened iced tea with one lemon wedge (their lemon wedges are bigger than most, and though their ice is subpar, the deliciousness of the tea covers a multitude of ice woes)
5. Urban Cookhouse unsweetened iced tea with two lemon wedges

Honorable mention goes to Crystal Light Strawberry Orange Banana over crushed ice from my refrigerator.

If you are equally high maintenance with your drink options, please feel free to share your favorites.

And if you just happen to prefer some room temperature tap water, please know that we won’t judge you for your ice-free preference.

We might not understand you.

But we will most definitely love you anyway.

Happy Friday, y’all.

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  1. What!?!?! You drink unsweetened tea, isn’t that against the law in the South? If you have a smashburger nearby…their fruit tea is really good!

  2. We live in Homewood & just finished a remodel and put in that same Scotsman ice machine and it’s heavenly. Tell your husband he can check them out at Allsouth Appliance in Birmingham. Ice machines make great Mothers Day gifts haha. The only bigger fan than myself is my 2 yr old son. He’s obsessed.

  3. Amen on the Zaxby’s ice. And they don’t judge you when you pull through the drive thru and ask for the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper mix out of the fancy machine.
    At least, I don’t think they do.
    Maybe they turn the microphone off for that part.

    • I so couldn’t agree with you more. Adding cherry and vanilla to Dr. Pepper is one of the most divine things.

  4. Audrey M. says:

    I love a good ice source, too! I live in Nashville, and a local BBQ joint (BarBCutie) sells 10 lb. bags of their pellet ice for $1. That alone got me through 20 weeks of “morning” sickness.

  5. Michelle says:

    When we lived in DC, once a week I would drive 10 miles to the nearest CFA with the pellet ice and buy 2 bags of ice to use at home. Now we are in Southern CA and the CFA has the big ice, so I drive 10 miles to the nearest Sonic for ice. ☺️

    I have it down to a science. I bring a cooler for the least meltage, plan driving times so there isn’t a lot of traffic…. I love the pellet ice!

  6. Zaxby’s ice is very nice, but the new fancy Coke dispensers (with all of the crazy add-in flavor options) just ruin it for me. I am a Coke purist, I suppose, because the fact that my Coke tastes like it has a little swirl of lemon, grape, strawberry, and vanilla mixed in, well it just completely negates the amazing ice for me. So anyway, as a devoted Coke girl, Sonic Coke is the clear winner for me. And on a related note, their Lemon-berry slush is delicious. No, I have no Sonic affiliation, but it sounds like maybe I should.

  7. Well, I’ve never tried Zaxby’s ice so I can’t comment on that, but for me Coke at Sonic is the best, followed by Raising Cane’s, both Coke and their Lemonade.

    I went to nursing school 40+ years ago and the dorm had ice machines on every other floor. The ice was superb. Tiny little bits, soft, almost like snow. There was a Coke machine in the basement that served Coke in glass bottles so cold the liquid was just before being a slush. Those Cokes, poured over that ice, oh my goodness, the taste of heaven!

  8. Sonic ice is the best! And it’s even better with a nice cold coke! ;-)

  9. The best is a combination of 1/2 regular Coke and 1/2 Diet Coke. I love my “mixed” drink from In and Out or 7’11 – Subway is also good.

  10. Allison West says:

    Heads up, Vestavia Hils UMC has two pellet ice machines in the fellowship hall! Bring your DDP!!

  11. I’m in charge of the food for the high school After Prom party and last year I got Sonic to donate the ice for our drinks. The kids went nuts, they wouldn’t stop talking about it! You wouldn’t believe all the amazing food we had donated and the most complements were on the ice! (Sonic was called right away about donating this year, I don’t want to disappoint. )

  12. And it’s posts like these that confirm why I love your blog so much! Have a happy Friday Sophie!

  13. My daughter craved ice when she was pregnant. My son-in-law would stop by Zaxby’s or Sonic on his way home from work and buy her a cup of ice and a drink. I’m an ice chewer (cruncher) and I understand every word of this post. Good ice. Nothing like it.

  14. Nancy D says:

    I can’t tell you what a joy it was when in the drive-thru line at Sonic I saw them pass a whole bag of ice through the window to the car in front of me. Had no idea they sold the ice BUY THE BAG! What a glorious day! My Route 44 choice is unsweetened tea with blackberry flavor.

    • Elaina M says:

      Unsweetened blackberry tea is my favorite…I just wish they would have had the blackberry flavor when I was a teenager and worked there! I still remember eating that ice by the cupfull back then!

    • Kelly O says:

      When I found out you could buy bags of Sonic ice, it changed my life.

      When we moved to East Jesus, Texas, the ice machine in our fridge didn’t work, and while we were waiting for repair, I started going to Sonic to buy ice. I was almost disappointed when it got fixed.

      And I am glad to see someone put Urban Cookhouse on their list. I love that place. It’s on my “must-go” list when we go back home.

      I am Southern as they come, but I had to switch to unsweetened tea. I splurge every now and again, but since I cut out cokes, I had to also cut out sweetened tea. The sacrifices we make for blood sugar.

      • Ohmyword..I can’t stop laughing.. I actually Googled “East Jesus, Texas” to see if it was a real place. I’ve never heard that expression before and am obviously a northerner. :) So at the risk of embarrassing myself, thanks for the giggle. :)

  15. Ok-I am going to Zaxby’s today to try their tea. My favorite ice/drink combo is Sonic Diet Vanilla Coke. The ice that sticks out most for me right now is Wendy’s ice. I have been disappointed by their ice many times. It’s so thick but it’s the one with the holes in middle. What is that? I will also add that I like small ice but I don’t like the crushed ice setting on our fridge. It’s more like ice shards or something. So I go for the regular ice at home. (I never realized how many ice preferences I have until right now.)
    Have you tried Dr Pepper 10? A friend recently introduced me and now it’s my favorite of the Pepper’s.

    Happy Friday!

  16. Kelly Beaty says:

    Holy Cow! I knew I loved you but this clenches it! I love tea or diet coke woth GOOD ice and a styrofoam cup! I would be tempted to change churches for good ice, and I would take a big glass to church every time I went to fill it up! When my husband gets home at noon we are headed to the new Zixbys for tea! Thanks for your PSA!

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have access to a Zaxby’s, but I can assure you the Dairy Queen ice is the best around, with tea from McCallister’s or BBQ place in Indianapolis. I’m very high maintenance about both my ice and my tea.
      Crushed Ice at church??!! Amen, sister.

  17. Girl, our local DQ has a SHAVED ice machine!!! I’m a teacher and everyday at lunch I run down and get an extra large cup of it for 48 cents and munch on it for the rest of the school day. And then get another one on the way home. Addicted.

  18. Well, I will forever, from now on, be paying attention to the ice in my glass! I am an ice cruncher, and can happily chew ice until the glass is empty. I’ve never rated the restaurants on their ice before. Why did I never think of that?! I know some are better than others, but it never occurred to me to start making eating-out decisions based on the ice. Huge light-bulb moment here!!

  19. No love for Sonic Ice? Unsweetened tea w peach, baby. And now I have a certain 80’s faux rap song in my head, thanks to your title. :) Happy crunching!

    • We don’t have a Sonic near us, and i think that has affected my loyalty to Sonic ice. If we had a Sonic close by, I would no doubt require a Route 44 intervention. :-)

  20. I’m in Indiana and we have Ricker’s gas stations with pellet ice. Thirty-two glorious ounces for $.89. Every time we go somewhere where we’ll be in the car for at least a half hour we stop and fill up. Pellet ice crushes all other ices! HA!

  21. Christy Jones says:

    Building a new house soon and will have the pellet ice machine!!!. I am an unsweetened ice tea drinker also and totally agree with all your analysis :)

  22. BBC has a crushed ice machine AND the Brentwood CFA has the awesome pellet ice…you’re set for dotMOM. :)

  23. Megan Bryant says:

    My company is awesome enough to have pellet ice on every floor of the building! My favorites are Chickfil-a sweet tea with 2 lemons, Sonic’s pellet ice is definitely my favorite. A cherry limemade, diet dr pepper, or peach iced tea. I am also extremely high maintenance with my ice and drink. McDonald’s gets the worst grade for me, very low ice ratio, no pellet ice, drinks are too sweet and concentrated.

  24. AnnaRuth says:

    Do you have QT gas stations near you?? I swear, they have the BEST “crushed” ice. It’s pellet ice, and so addictively good! Their unsweet tea is also amazing. The station closest to the house knows me by name :)

  25. I’ve only lived in Tuscaloosa for a little over two years now but Taco Casa’s ice is amazing. Their soda machine is also extra syrupy (although still perfectly bubbly), so a DDP from Taco Casa can’t be beat! Even if you’re not down with the yellow cheese, it’s worth a stop just for a drink.

  26. I was having a rough morning, until I read this post and all the comments. :-) I am now sufficiently cheered to take on the day.
    I too, am high maintenance when it comes to ice and drinks. Sonic and QT stations have always been my favorites. i used to buy Sonic Ice by the bag and try to keep it a secret from the rest of the household. Lol!
    I think I will be stopping by Sonic later today to finish cheering myself up.

  27. Zaxby’ s is by far my favorite. I may have pulled through the drive thru just to get a bag of ice a time or two! Second is Sonic unsweetened tea with BlackBerry. What I absolutely hate is to get a drink with just a little ice. I always ask for extra ice. My husband tried to point out that I get less drink for my money that way. I. Do. Not. Care.

  28. Cathi Blate says:

    Can I just say how much I love you? Loooooooooved your last book so much and the first one just the same. Sweet blessings. And now for the ice debate, until you brought this up, I didn’t realize how much I love crushed ice… Or pellet ice…. Or just dainty small ice cubes. Your description of the straw fighting in the large cubes is spot on and I now realize how frustrated I become drinking certain drinks ….insert throat clear sound here…Wendy’s and McDonalds😉.
    Even though I live up North (which is a bummer because I love all things Southern), I am going to do a little investigating and see which places have the best ice for my unsweetened tea…and very occasional root beer, cream soda or ginger ale.

  29. Okay, I feel like a step-child here. I totally can’t relate to all this ice business and didn’t even realize people had such obsessions. I don’t do ice — PERIOD. Don’t have an ice maker on my fridge. Don’t even own an ice tray (remember those). 99.9% of the time you won’t find a cube of ice at my house. People have learned that if they want ice at my house they need to bring it with them. I just want my drinks cold. NO ICE. Ice only melts and waters down the drink. And it’s made with water. That’s another thing. I don’t do water either. I guess that’s why I didn’t know that all these restaurants had different kinds of ice. I order my drinks with no ice and suffer the weird looks. Please don’t hate me. I’m new to reading your blog and plan to go back through the archives and do some catching up. I had no idea that you were such an ice fanatic.

    • Becky in 'Bama says:

      Connie: you have a fellow non-ice person here. I will drink ice water in a restaurant, but when going through the drive through at Chick-fil-A I’m ‘no ice’. I don’t want to pay for ice that cuts down on the amount of tea or lemonade I pay for. Started out because I’m a cheapskate, but now it’s a taste thing. I still have ice in the fridge for my husband and guests, but I’ll pass most times. To you ice crunchers, at one time I was heavily addicted to crushed ice of all sorts…but my dentist put the fear of ‘dentures’ in me (and/or crowns) so I finally gave it up…of course I have other habits in place that I won’t divulge. :)

      Sophie: like another commenter, I am shocked that you are an ‘unsweetened’ tea drinker that is so anti-Southern…if offered unsweetened tea, I’ll just drink water, thank you. Ha Ha.

  30. Sonic ice in Texas – we recently moved back home to Mississippi and the Sonic ice just isn’t the same! The first time I wheeled into Sonic at Happy Hour to get my Coke Zero with lemon, the ice was a HUGE disappointment!

  31. Zaxby’s is the perfect combination. Sweet tea, pellet ice & a styrofoam cup! If I still lived in Birmingham, Milo’s would be a very close 2nd only because they do not have styrofoam cups.

  32. McDonald’s tea, in my opinion, does deserve an honorable mention, if for nothing else than the fact that it’s $1 and you do get the styrofoam cup! I always get half cut, though. It’s waaaay too sweet to drink regular. (Oh, and what’s up with the pictures of lemons on the menu, but no actual lemons to be found…?) My sister even asks for her Diet Coke in a styrofoam cup there. There is something about the mix of Coke/DC at McD that is for sure the best. I’ve heard that it’s the temperature they keep the carbonated water at. My CFA’s always put way too much ice (not pellet) and with six sips of a medium, it’s gone! Our church has a crushed ice machine and it’s perfect! The one thing our Pastor made sure was included in our new building! ha! We call it “church ice.”

    • Nancy D says:

      I agree about the McD’s Diet Coke. Something about their mix is so-o-o-o good. I love my Sonic tea, but on those days when I just need a Diet Coke, nobody does it better than McD’s.

  33. Ice is important but I am all about the cup – Styrofoam please.

  34. I’m so glad to hear about your ice preferences! I have often wanted to post about the ice at the cancer hospital my hubby was in. (not to be a downer, he is cancer-free now, PTL) It is a fabulous hospital and we had to spend 19 days there, which will make you get thankful for the little things real quick! One of mine was their ice machine! It made my day on many levels on so many occasions! (weird but true!) : )

  35. Amen on the Ice!!! I live in Texas so I always take a cooler with me ANYWHERE I go. Sonic is number one, Chicken Express is number two, ChickFila #3, then even Whataburger #4 for Ice and UnSweet tea. I gave up my sweet drinks a couple of years ago so no more DP but that would have been the best!. I’m thinkin we could be fast friends with the Ice, Unsweet Tea, Lemon wedges, and the styrofoam cup! I collect the cups at home to take and use whenever I need one I can throw away. Always a Rt44 unsweet tea with extra ice and extra lemon is my go to!

  36. Amen to the pellet ice being the best !!! Our church also has a pellet ice machine and I tend to bring home a cooler or two on occasion. I would have to give my #1 prize to Sonic RT 44 Diet Coke over the crushed ice. When you add an order of their cheese sticks then I am a happy happy camper.

  37. I haven’t read all the posts, but I did notice the first one echoed my thoughts while reading your words. YOU DON’T DRINK SWEET TEA???? and they allow you to live in the South. (I just bought a new t-shirt that I can’t wait to wear which sums up my life…it says…”God, Sweet Tea and the SEC!” (I had them add “WAR EAGLE”)…Love ya anyway…but seriously, how can you live without sweet tea? (My bio…raised in Birmingham and now live in GA) My favorite drinks…Chick fil A unsweet tea with 7 packs of splenda and extra lemon…Chick fil A diet coke…my own “splenda sweet tea” and a really cold canned Diet Coke from my fridge. I live for good liquid!!! Have a Beautiful and very Blessed Easter…I guess that is all I drink ever…no water.

    • Where did you get the shirt? Would love one, except mine would have “Go Gators” added!

  38. You don’t want to live in Europe. When we were stationed there for two years, I found to my dismay that they never serve ice with drinks in restaurants. Worse, my husband prefers his drinks without ice. It’s the only area of our marriage in which he is a completely foreign being to me.
    And how does one get used to unsweetened iced tea and diet drinks? I sure need to eliminate the sugar from my diet, but I can’t get past the taste.

  39. This is why I love you. We don’t have a single one of those restaurants and yet I find myself fascinated to hear you tell about their ice! I do like ice, keep talking.

  40. Drinking a SONIC DDP as I read. Here in the J-town area are my favs:
    Beagle Bagel, Sonic, Chick, Schlotsky’s, Kroger and you know ALL I drink is DDP.

  41. What a fabulous post, Sophie! I don’t live near any of those places with the awesome pellet ice, but when I travel to places that do, that IS one of my favorite things about being on the road. Sometimes, life is all about the little things. (And I simply adore how you can mix and match soda flavors at Sonic!)

  42. I’m a fellow ice lover. Sonic has the best ice near me and I sometimes buy a whole bag of it! :)

  43. Susan Disher says:

    Live in Burlington NC and my husband the pastor knows every “good” ice place in the state of NC! But the very best and one of my few perks for being married to the preacher is the crushed ice machine at SMC!!!! Bob had to campaign hard to get it installed when we built the kitchen in the addition but it is definitely a plus! “Church Ice” is always requested to any function I attend from family gathering to small groups…and we bring it home daily!

  44. Well, I’ve never heard of Zaxby’s, so I had to do the Google and figure out what you all were talking about. Turns out there aren’t any in Kansas, but we are soon to relocate to Columbia, MO and lo, verily, there’s a Zaxby’s there! So I guess we’ll have to do some ice research there as soon as the moving truck drops us off.

    Personally, I like an Arnold Palmer from Chick fil A, but they never seem to get it right when I order it in the drive thru: Unsweet Ice Tea plus Regular Lemonade. I can’t tell you how many times I get Sweet Tea plus Sugar Free Lemonade. This is gag-worthy. Trust me.

  45. As for Sonic in your area, I used to go to the one in Leeds when I was working in Birmingham. I was staying at the Candlewood Suites on 280 up behind Joe’s Crab Shack. I enjoyed the lack ‘o traffic going somewhere that didn’t involve spending much time on 280. :-)

  46. I am an ice aficionado, too, and had never considered buying bags of it from the restaurant. I’ll need to add this in my budget now. And, it seems I need to expand my horizons and try Sonic. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the smile this morning!

  47. I thought this post about ice was hilarious but I see by all the comments that you are not alone on this! You will not want to come to our church in northern Indiana as we do not have an ice machine at all…heaven forbid!!! Maybe I need to put this on the needs list? ☺

  48. OH boy. This ice conversation has me thinking I need to be more of an ice snob when ordering take out beverages. The only thing I can add to this conversation for now is confessing that in college, my girlfriends would laugh at me when I ordered a Dr. Pepper at Hardee’s or a Coke at McDonald’s and would throw in the request “and….easy on the ice please” because FOR THE LOVE. They always filled the cup to the TOP with wimpy ice and added about 3 oz. of soda. I was buying a drink, not a cup full of wimpy ice. :) Yah, I guess I’ve got some ice issues.

  49. I feel that way about church coffee. Most of it is truly horrible. I had some the other day that was so weak, when you poured it you had to smell it to make sure it wasn’t tea. A church with good strong coffee is a church where you can really worship.

  50. i never comment… I mean never… but the OMPC ice machine is really the best. We left OMPC five years ago to help plant another church in the area, but I still fantasize about the ice machine. It is no joke.

  51. My younger son leaves for Oklahoma Christian University in Aug. We were there last month & found out that because Sonic was founded in OKC, all of the tator tots in the cafe & ALL of the ice on campus is SONIC! Even their ice machines in the dorms! So that’s not why he’s going there, of course, but it tickled me to death!

    Also, I just finished “Home is Where My People Are” today! I made myself wait to read it as I’m recuperating from a bilateral mastectomy. WOW! God has given you such a gift for expressing thoughts & emotions & painting word pictures! Thank you for sharing it with all of us! My next read is going to be Melanie’s newest.

    Keep using your gift, it gets better & better!

  52. Cindy l. says:

    You are cracking me up! A great way to end a day of work that I did not enjoy.
    I have a good friend who also has a thing for pellet ice. We have gone to one place for food and picked up drinks at another. Her favorite drink of choice is Mountain Dew and it is even better if it is in a Styrofoam cup! That way it does not sweat. Y’all have taught me so much!

  53. My mom asks for an extra cup of ice at every restaurant she goes to. I always tell her that she would never survive in Europe. I try really hard not to let this quirk drive me bananas, but sometimes I fail. :-/

  54. Cherry Coke–that I ship from my daddy’s place in Texas to Alberta, Canada—we don’t get it here, gosh darn it!

  55. In an effort to expand my iced drink experience I stopped at Zaxbys after church this morning. The large sweet tea did not disappoint flavor wise. And the ice rivaled Sonic ice. But they lost points for lack of a Styrofoam cup. The cup was one of those slick plastic cups that sweats and causes the ice to melt faster than you want it to melt. Looked like the smaller drinks there come in paper cups. So, Sonic still wins overall for me, but I won’t drive past the Zaxbys should the need for a Coke over good ice come upon me!

    BTW, the grilled chicken sandwich I had to go along with the iced tea was just fair, but the side salad was maybe the best fast food side salad ever! Big chunks of tomato and cucumbers and a good bend of greens. Very fresh tasting.

    • Katie C. says:

      I love that my mom came back to give an update after trying Zaxby’s ice. We talked about this post and her feelings about ice in the car today. I know about 1/3 of the way into your posts (and Melanie’s) whether my mom will comment or not, and what that comment will be. This post was no exception. Leigh loves her some crushed ice and a Sonic coke. I mean, she’s the one who informed me that the Coke at the Sonic in Merritt Island, Fla doesn’t have the same “bite” to it as Texas Coke.

  56. Audra Kate says:

    The Styrofoam cup is just as important as the ice, in my humble opinion. Anywhere with a Styrofoam cup gets an honorable mention for sure!

  57. I am so glad you don’t shy away from the big questions! Ice must be in a small enough to be chewed at the end of the drink. But I state the obvious.

  58. I am an ice addict. There, I admitted it. Everywhere I go, I always have a big cup of ice with me. Of course, I don’t take it in the stores or anything, but it’s there in my car waiting for me when I come out. And this is plain crushed ice, no beverage to melt it. My favorite ice is Alhambra. It comes in three smallish bags contained within a large bag. I buy it at the grocery store; however, not all stores carry it.

  59. After reading this post, I went to Sonic, McDonald’s, and Chick Fil A for various drinks this weekend. On Sunday night my husband said, “Why are there so many fast food cups in the trash? Are you doing some kind of experiment or something?”

    Why yes, yes I am.

    And Sonic won.

  60. Crushed ice, small ice…YES!!! It is the best. Someday I want to own a small ice machine. We have a small farm and during the summer I would LOVE, absolutely LOVE to have an ice machine for taking drinks to the field and for during harvest when I’m taking meals to my farmer. Maybe someday……

    I love the little things in life and the likes and dislikes and preferences people have. My brother-in-law honestly hardly ever uses ice. My daughter is somewhat that way too. And you’re right. I love them both dearly, but I do not understand!! :)

  61. Lisa Botts says:

    I’m not as concerned about what goes over the ice as I am about the ice itself! I have to give a shout out to Zaxby’s (#1 on my ice list) because they will give you a FREE CUP OF ICE. I mean even if that’s all you order in the drive thru. I’ve offered to pay and depending on the employee and size of the cup, they will charge you but – just a quarter! Second place goes to Sonic. If you buy a bag of ice between 2:00 – 4:00 it is HALF PRICE people! (All drinks are half price during that time and they include ice in that promotion) And when I order something to drink, I want it completely full of ice (if I’m dining in). I can always get refills. If I get it to go, then I just let them put in whatever amount they want.

  62. Well, now I’m feeling a bit sheltered here in my corner of PA where I am two hours from the nearest Sonic. And the nearest Zaxby’s is several states away. I know we shouldn’t covet, but how I would love to have more ice options here!

    As a pastor’s wife, I see that our need for a specialized “church ice” machine must get on the agenda for the next board meeting. Perhaps I will have to use my connections for this crucial aspect of our flock’s spiritual development.

    I have laughed OUT LOUD at this tribe of ice lovers/non-ice lovers.

  63. Taco Casa ice is the BEST! I live in the Florida panhandle now so I have to make do without it. We always stop at the one on 82 in Northport near the WalMart when we’re in town visiting momma and daddy. I miss their ice and their beefy nachos. On the upside, I’m a nurse and the hospital I work at has a most excellent pellet ice dispensers at the nurses’ stations. I can’t get enough of it. I crunch it all day long. I will not drink a beverage without ice (except hot chocolate and the very rare hot green tea my husband forves down me when I’m sick). I’ve been blessed down here to live less than 5 minutes from a Sonic and I pass a Chick-Fil-A on my way there. Both of them have wonderful ice. Chick-Fil-A’s ice to beverage ratio is much higher. There’s an ice machin e next to the Dairy Queen (also most excellent pellet ice) that for a mere $2 will give me 16 pounds of the best semi-soft square-ish ice I’ve ever seen. It melts slowly and is so easy to crunch. I look for excuses to buy a bag at least once a week.

  64. I love a good ice machine! Yes to the CFA pellet ice and Diet Dr. Pepper of course. A couple of weeks ago, I played a tennis match at a country club near my house (I was a guest of course, we don’t make that kind of cash to join the club LOL). Anyhow. I literally squealed out loud when I saw they had an ice machine and styrofoam cups for the water. I might have been a little too excited… :)