Currently Occupying My Mind

1. The Cheez-It box has been redesigned. New font and everything. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

2. We have lived in our current house for 8 1/2 years. That means it’s just about time to redecorate / repaint / etc. The problem is that there’s a whole lot of stuff I didn’t redecorate when we moved in. SO I AM TWO DECORATINGS BEHIND.

3. Yes, “decoratings” is a word or at least we will pretend that it is.

4. Hazel went to the vet for her check-up today. The vet said she needs to lose two pounds. TWO. I am so jealous of that. TWO POUNDS. She will totally hit her goal weight in a couple of weeks if she just gives up Cokes.

5. Hazel doesn’t really drink Coke.

6. She prefers Dr. Pepper.

7. Christy Nockels’ new album, Let It Be Jesus, is something really special.

8. There is a very real chance that Mississippi State isn’t going to make it to the SEC baseball tournament this year. My college baseball world has turned upside down.

9. However, my high school baseball world is just fine, thanks for asking. Monday night we went to see our high school team play in the state quarterfinals, and we won in extra innings. We also yelled our fool heads off. And the sky looked like this for a good part of the night, so that was another plus.

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9. Mad Men only has three more episodes. I think it really may be my favorite TV show ever. The only other one that comes close is Friday Night Lights because Coach Taylor.

10. I have missed all the quirky judges on The Good Wife this season.

11. And speaking of The Good Wife, I’m not sure why Alicia had to go through all that State’s Attorney business, but maybe that’s a bigger discussion for a different time.

12. Yesterday I downloaded my first hidden object game in a while, a sure sign that my brain is gearing up (or winding down) for summer. Please feel free to pass along any hidden object game favorites (and now I feel like I need to scream “NERDS UNITE” or something like that).

13. Has anybody read The Girl on the Train? I keep looking at it and thinking about buying it for Kindle – but if it’s dark like Gone Girl I’d rather not.

14. Another question: does anybody have a good source for pre-made slipcovers? We have had a bad upholstery experience with the last sofa we bought, so I’d like to slipcover it since it’s a sofa that gets a lot of wear. I just want something super-simple with clean lines.

15. I have been sitting here for 25 minutes trying to think of a #15. I am the most boring person alive.

16. I sure am grateful for your patience when I’m not thinking in paragraphs.

17. My official Royal Baby prediction: a girl, born this Friday, named Elizabeth, but called Lisbet for short.

18. I have no idea how I developed that theory.

19. Runner-up name: Alice. And please feel free to share your predictions, too.

20. I made it to #20. I’m calling that a win.

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  1. Just making sure that comments are working now. I’d turned them off for very nerdy purposes involving some sort of security vulnerability. All seems to be well now, though.

  2. -Brooke- says:

    1. I’m thinking….hoping…girl. I’m guessing Elizabeth as well, but since The Queen is still alive, it might be a bit confusing. I’d really like it to be Diana, but I don’t think the Royal Family would ever let it happen. Also, whenever I hear the name Diana, i think of the Michael Jackson song, and I don’t want to think of the princess as being dirty…, there’s that. Oh the silly things I think about!

    2. You can have Coach Taylor, if I can have Tim Riggins. Please, and thank you.

    3. As for books, I wrote a big long paragraph about The Girl on the Train, only to realize I have not read that one, but Orphan Train….which is very good.

    4. My #1 recommendation is the Kate Burkholder series by Linda Castillo. Murder mysteries set in the Amish country of Ohio. SO GOOD! The first in the series is ‘Sworn to Silence’.

    5. Have you seen Macey Hensley on Ellen? She’s a 5-year old expert on all things Presidential and is TOO CUTE! She’s from town near-by and will tickle you pink.

  3. Nope, the royals will go with a more traditional, old fashioned name like Harriet or Violet or maybe even Mary.

    I liked The Girl on the Train…..kept me guessing, and guessing wrong!

  4. I have Gone Girl but I don’t have the energy or mental capacity to deal with that kind of literary stress right now. I listened to Girl on the Train in Audible. It was kind of confusing but really good. I say go for it. I’ve never been the first commenter on a blog before. That’s how boring my life is when that’s how interesting it gets. :)

  5. I loved Girl on the Train, and thought it was much better than Gone Girl. It’s a little lighter than Gone Girl and not quite as dark. It’s a pretty quick read.

  6. Hidden object games – It’s 4:22 a.m. and I’m too tired to look for the specific games I loved, but I have two favorite developers – Big Fish Games and Alawar Games. Haven’t really had a stinky one from either. One or the other has four games titled “Midnight Mysteries…” one revolves around Edgar Allen Poe, another around Houdini – good stuff.

    Coach Taylor? He’s mine. Also, have you ever seen Early Edition, the series Kyle was in prior to FNL? Great stuff.

  7. Have you tried the Walmart brand (Good Value) Cheez-Its wannabes? Oh. My. Word. If you like Cheez-Its better than Cheese Nips, then you will *love* the Walmart brand. Crisp with lots of cheese flavor. And at $1.98 for a big box – I like the price better too. :-)

  8. JoEllen Hickey says:

    I just watched Bloodline on Netflix because, well, Coach Taylor. I love anything he is in!!

    My royal baby name predictions are : Elizabeth, Alice, Victoria, Penelope (Penny and George-how cute is that!). I would love it if the middle names are Diana and Carole.
    if it is another boy it can be Phillip, Andrew, or Henry

  9. Girl on the Train isn’t as dark as Gone Girl. I haven’t ever read anything as dark as Gone Girl, with the possible exception of her other two books.

  10. Sue Mom of Two says:

    I just finished “The Girl on the Train”…..I found it a VERY slow starting book. Not my favorite, by any means, but it did keep me guessing until the very end.

  11. I read “The Girl on the Train” before “Gone Girl” and then decided after both books that I did not want to read that kind of dark book book any more, because they inspire fear, duplicity and mistrust. There is a name gor that genre, did you know? “Suburban Noir”. No thank yew.
    So. I went out and bought “The Shell Seekers” by Rosamund Pilcher and could not be happier. Sigh….I had read it over twenty years ago and remember loving it, but had forgotten why.

  12. Meredith says:

    I had totally forgotten there was a Royal Baby on the way. But that means that it’s possible she and my first child could have the same birthday…cause I’m due any day now! And I suppose they could have the same name…that’d be kinda cool…and crazy!

    Also, I live in Birmingham and really want to come to the book signing at Brookwood this weekend, but the whole 8.96 months pregnant thing is kind of getting in the way. But I hope that it’s a great turn out!

  13. I read Girl on the Train and it IS dark. It falls under the category of “Steals my Peace”. It’s a great page-turner, but ultimately very depressing.
    Have a lovely day!

  14. Girl on the Train is not as dark as Gone Girl. Girl on the Train is really good. I was captivated from first page to last page!!!

  15. Hey now…you better stay away from Coach Taylor! He’s all mine!!! :)

  16. LOVED Girl on the Train, but I also really love Gone Girl. Girl on the Train is a dark story, but not quite as sociopathic as Gone Girl. After the first 25% or so It is a very quick read, in my opinion.

  17. 1. I started a new diet last week, so Cheez-its are on my mind ALL THE TIME for a different reason.

    2. I’ve been in my house for almost 8 years. Does this mean I should finally choose fabric for my window treatments?

    3. My dog, Piper, is 10 pounds overweight. She’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. A very rotund Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

    4. Even if Piper gave up Cokes or Dr. Peppers, she will not reach her goal weight for some time.

    5. I haven’t seen an MSU baseball game live in probably 25+ years. I would LOVE to be able to sit in left-field lounge again and watch them play (win or lose).

    6. The Good Wife gave me lots of anxiety Sunday night.

    7. Another “nerd alert:” I saw you comment on one of Gena & Brad’s posts yesterday and got excited! (My friend, Brad, knows one of my favorite authors! Eek!)

    8. I agree with the Royal Baby gender prediction. I think they’ll name her either Elizabeth or Victoria.

    9. How cool would it be to have a Queen Vicki one day? Ha!

    10. I only got to #10. This is why you’re a published author and I am not.

  18. I found The Girl on the Train very depressing – I loved Gone Girl, but did not care about the characters in TGOnTT in any way.

  19. I read Girl on a Train and am in the middle of Gone Girl. Girl on a Train was definitely dark, but fascinating and I couldn’t put it down. I would recommend it!

  20. I am new to hidden objects games and am hoping for good suggestions in the comments. I was looking for a break from candy crush which drives me nuts sometimes. And yet I keep playing. Go figure.

    I am hoping for royal girl. Name prediction: Eleanor

    I grocery shop on auto-pilot so any changes in location or packaging always throws me.

  21. The Good Wife has been interesting this season (so glad Bishop did not get to Kilinda). I don’t know why, but I love Diane & her cowboy (Reece Bobby) husband! Ha! & I was really enjoying Nathan Lane until he claims to be anti-Alicia, who does he think he is!

    I just finished Girl on the Train, it was thrilling like Gone Girl but not dark & raunchy like that book. At some point every (messed up & crazy) character seemed normal enough that I could identify with them. I was pretty good! I’m reading Karen White’s A Long Time Gone now, you might like it since it takes place in Mississippi. It’s a multi-generational story, with secrets…she weaves a good tale. ;)

    I am hoping the Royal Baby is a girl, but I just get a blue vibe about the whole thing…fingers crossed though!


    • I don’t think that’s Nathan Lane. I think it’s Oliver something. Now I will have to go look it up! Nathan Lane plays the bumbling accountant guy, doesn’t he? I miss Finn. I don’t feel like he’s in enough scenes. Maybe he’s too busy hanging out in London with Lady Mary….one can only hope.

  22. This site has cute pillow covers, jewelry, tops and many other items for great prices! I’ve ordered graduation gifts from them before and was very pleased with the quality. Hope you like it too!

  23. I keep being told they won’t have Elizabeth as the first name. I think they might work Catherine and/or Frances (for Diana) in there, possibly also Mary ( Queen is said to have been very fond of her grandmother) or Alexandra. I assume Elizabeth should be there, but Alexandra and Mary cover that; however, Kate’s and her mama’s middle names are Elizabeth, so I think it ties a lot of bows quite neatly. But Charlotte is a good old English queen sort of name and Pippa’s middle name, so we have lots of possibilities. They have to give her a few good solid names to choose from should she, God forbid, take the throne. (I say that only because it means something would have happened to Prince George) As she’s in the direct line of succession, they might need to put Victoria in, as well. I can’t see William not getting something for Diana in there, though. And Margaret and Rose could be contenders, for the Queen’s sister.

    I say Charlotte Elizabeth Catherine Frances, or maybe Mary Elizabeth Victoria. Possibly Victoria Elizabeth Diana/Frances?

    For a boy, James Henry Michael Charles and Phillip are my choices. I think James Charles Henry, though I prefer James Michael Henry. I reckon Albert could be in there, too, as the Queen dearly loved her Daddy.

    I wonder if she gets a little more leeway naming The Spare?

  24. Chantelle says:

    The Girl on the Train is a really really good book! Very suspenseful. I read Gone Girl and I didn’t think Girl on the Train was as dark. Also, Orphan Train is another great read. It is a work of fiction based on true events in American history. Take a look!

  25. I am full on obsessed with Mad Men right now. I keep wanting to have deep meaningful conversations with my husband after each episode and he is just not up for my psychoanalysis. Drat. It’s so good!

    (The show, not my psychoanalysis)

    (Because I like to try to find meaning in the costuming)

    (probably why my husband isn’t interested)

  26. I like both Elizabeth and Alice. Both are in the family. I personally like Alice because it’s my daughter’s middle name as well.

    I’m glad Hazel only needs to lose TWO pounds. I’m afraid my Dory Gale will need to lose around ten. It’s been a long cold season.

  27. Robin M. says:

    Just finished Girl on the Train and I thought it was very good – not at all dark.

  28. I really like your posts that are in list format!

    I have never loved a computer game like I loved Pathwords. I would love to know if anyone has found a decent replacement for it.

  29. I have really strong feelings about reading comments on the internet. They are negative feelings. Most people get so mean over really insignificant things. I love reading the comments here though. I want to be friends with all of you!

    • The comments are always positive here. I think it’s because we all love Sophie so much and she is so relateable – just like having a conversation with your best friend.
      I’ll be your friend!

  30. Hidden Object Game: Little Things.
    Suuuper fun, Suuper tricky. Suuuuper Addicting…


    • I just looked it up and it’s actually called, Little Things Forever. The app has a picture of an Owl. :) Trust me. It’s a good one.

  31. Sure Fit slip covers are the best. I have the stretch fit kind and they fit my furniture perfectly. They don’t sag and slip, and I get the separate cushion cover so they look very taylored. And they are easy to wash and dry and hold up for years. Mine have survived four teenagers, two dogs, and a husband who like to eat while watching tv.

  32. Rutheee says:

    I’m enjoying Secret Society but it’s not a game that ends and I seem to remember that’s the kind you like. It’s just nice to find a non zombie game :-)

    Glad to hear you have a new book pushing to the surface.

  33. I read The Girl On The Train and loved it. Agree that it’s not as dark, but it’s definitely not predictable. Plus I love any book set in the UK. Have you read The Witness Wore Red? I read 2-3 books a week and it’s hard for me to keep the stories straight after a few weeks. However, I read The Witness Wore Red a year or so ago, and it has stayed with me. Its nonfiction – one of Warren Jeff’s wives wrote it – her story of escaping the FLDS and her life afterward. It’s gripping. I also enjoyed the Liane Moriarty books. I can go from not-so-sappy-or-trashy chick lit to dark mysteries to conspiracy thrillers. I still loved the Stig Larssen Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy. So so so good.

  34. I am JUST now getting to listen to the podcast and I must say that when y’all were talking about meats and fruit liquids you sounded like you were feeling the Spirit move. I got so tickled listening to your, “Mmmm, mmmm.”

  35. Gwyndalyn Katherine for the baby!!!sounds so British
    Boy Baby hum…cannot think of a really great one so far.

  36. All I can say is Cookie Jam. It’s very similar to Candy Crush but it’s taken over my life.

  37. I’m going to have to bookmark this post for all the good book suggestions!! And I’ve never loved a series as much as FNL.

  38. Ok, let me just say how sad I am about the prospect of #8. Not cook Dawgs. After that marathon loss last night, I still hold out hope but GEEZ, nothing is ever easy. And we started out so strong! And what bugs the most? People already calling for Cohen’s job! Seriously? Get a life. Although, he did say a few not so nice words last night that I could read his lips! Ooops.

    I think the Royal Baby is a girl. I love your names picked. I think definitely elegant. Maybe Elizabeth Diana.

  39. Elaina says:

    I would like to second the suggestion for Big Fish Games for hidden object games. There is a free one called Midnight Castle, I think? It is good, but frustrating because each area has a timer for how long you have to wait to search it again.

    As far as Mad Men goes, I think I will lose my mind when it ends! I am so stressed for them…having to go to McCann! I did cheer when Ken got to become their client though!

  40. Terry says:

    If you didn’t like Gone Girl, maybe give Girl on a Train a pass; very sad, hopeless, despairing main character, but interesting ‘whodunit’ mystery running through the book.

  41. #2 We have moved so often, that I usually miss the redecorating.
    #9 Haven’t watched Mad Men, loved Friday Night Lights. Not sure my favorite, but am currently re watching 7th Heaven – it has been my therapy of sorts because it invokes a feeling of safety that all is right with at least some of the world and it has taken me away from every day stress.
    #10 I’m currently behind on Good Wife episodes. For some reason season 6 is not doing as much for me as the other five.
    #14 I have used Sure-fit slipcovers in the past. Probably not as good a fit as custom, but good quality and manageable.
    #16 I love lists
    #17 I’m hoping to see Diana somewhere in the name line-up. I also like Charlotte and I’ve heard rumors that Alice is being favored by those in the know so to speak.

  42. I love #12. Nerd Unite, for sure! The best thing about being a mom is that you’re free to be as nerdy as you want to be!

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  44. Terri says:

    I LOVED Girl on the Train! Nothing like Gone Girl. So many twists and turns – highly recommend! I read it on my Kindle in a weekend.

    I don’t understand why Alicia had to go through the State’s Attorney thing either. And I also missed the quirky judges.

    Sometimes I don’t think in paragraphs myself, I get numbered sentences – makes sense to me!

  45. Susan says:

    HOW DID I MISS THAT YOU WATCH MAD MEN?!!! I am in desperate need of someone to talk through these final episodes!!!! PLEASE DO A POST!!

  46. Elizabeth says:

    Am I the only person on the planet that thinks Girl on The Train is perhaps the worst book she has ever read. I didn’t think it was dark, just plain dumb. To put this in perspective, I am 74 and have been an avid reader ALL of my life. Now that I am retired I read 3 to 4 and sometimes more novels a week, covering all genres…mystery, history, relationships, comedy. I have Gone Girl on my Nook, but after seeing the movie decided not to bother spending time reading it. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how and why Girl on the Train was #1 on the Best seller lists. I still can’t!! And further more, in the future I won’t decide to read a book just because a friend says I really need to :-) But I am holding my breath for the sequel or should it be called a prequel for To Kill A Mockingbird!!!