11 Mildly Interesting Points On A Tuesday Night In Almost-July

1. I just got home from a quick trip to Mississippi, and in case you are wondering, every 18-wheeler in existence is currently traveling on I-20.


3. Mama had a couple of doctor’s appointments today, and she was a little (uncharacteristically) frustrated when we were leaving the house this morning because she didn’t feel like she’d had enough time to get ready. So when I looked at her black pants, aqua jacket, 2 pearl necklaces, dangly earrings, and 3 sparkly bracelets, I got a little tickled. “You’re good, Mama,” I said. And she was.

4. A little while ago I was setting up our Family Sharing on Apple Music, and after I clicked on some preferences it suggested this little treasure for me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.50.30 PM

SO. MANY. MEMORIES. First cassette, first album I played on a jam box, and endless quantities of early teenager angst. FANTASTIC.

5. Then I spotted this little gem over on the sidebar, clicked on it, and I was back on Highway 25 in my Buick Regal again…his original Greatest Hits album was my FAVORITE thing to listen to on the way to college (besides Amy Grant’s The Collection, of course).

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.59.36 PM

6. And speaking of…

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 9.04.18 PM

…so I think Apple Music and I are going to be fast friends. I’ve resisted any pay-for-streaming service because I worried about the songwriters getting their fair share, but I’m gonna give this one a try. We shall see, I reckon.

7. I still have a few newsletter-related emails I haven’t answered yet. One thing to keep in mind is that if you subscribed after I sent out the first newsletter, Mail Chimp will not send you the first one. You should get the second one, though – and it’ll go out this Thursday or Friday. If you’d like to subscribe, just fill out this handy form.

8. You might need to sit down for this next bit of news, but I went to the movies TWICE last week. TWICE. TO THE PICTURE SHOW. I don’t even know the last time that happened. But we went to see Inside Out (which I LOVED – have thought so much about it after the fact, too) and Max (a little long, but it was a sweet dog movie). Anyway, I realized when we went to see Inside Out that our theatre has $2 Cokes and $2 popcorn on Thursdays, and that may well be a summertime game changer.

9. I am so sad about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s divorce that it’s borderline irrational. But I honestly feel heartbroken for them. That’s probably weird. But I do.

10. This Apple Music thing is no joke, y’all. I listened to Chicago 17 and almost started digging through my bathroom drawers for my Merle Norman eye shadow sampler with that turquoise shade I liked so much in 7th grade. I told Melanie a few minutes ago that I feel like I found my red cassette tape carrier that was my constant companion in the 80s.

11. And finally – just because it never, ever gets old and I never, ever get tired of posting it.

Happy Wednesday, y’all.

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  1. Brandi says:

    i also went to see Inside Out and Max last week! I embarrassed myself with how I cried over both of them.

  2. Eileen says:

    i feel the same way about Billy Joel, Inside Out, and Jen and Ben. So irrationally sad for Jen and Ben.

  3. Billy Joel!! What great memories….and on a side note. Auto correct assumed I meant to type GRAPE memories which brought back my great love of Grapico. I don’t know if I’m happy or scared. Is Apple now tapping into my mind???

  4. Leslie says:

    Well that video was just the perfect way to start a Wednesday!

  5. When I read about Ben and Jennifer yesterday I thought of ya’ll podcast about how much you liked his honest speech. It’s really sad. I recently read an magazine article done on her and her sisters and mother and how they keep her grounded. Still so sad to hear about that. Love the video!!

  6. Allyson! says:

    Happy Wednesday! If you like clogging you should google clogging and uptown funk. It will make your day. I don’t know how to post the link here but it is worth the search!

  7. oh man, that video. what is that?! so excellent. and sophie, you are my source for breaking news apparently because i didn’t know about jen and ben. i hear you. i feel so bad for them. is that irrational? it’s gotta be so hard to maintain such a high-profile relationship. no thanks.

  8. Margie says:

    I assure you that I-80 had it’s fair share of 18 wheelers.

  9. I join you in feeling oh so sad for Ben and Jen…he is my teenage crush and I always took solace in the fact that if he didn’t choose me, he at least had chosen well in Jennifer ; ) Now I no longer have that comforting thought…and their 3 kids. I just can’t imagine…very sad indeed.

  10. Katie C. says:

    The clogger. Back when the talent on Miss America was quality. I love that clip. We used to video tape every single Miss America pageant and I watched those suckers until they stopped working. This is probably why you could find me on the swing set singing “I am Changing” from Dreamgirls at the top of my lungs.

    Ben and Jen. I too am so sad for them. They both seem like such delightful people who wanted to make it work. Sigh.

    In our family, my husband loves to go to the movies and I would pretty much prefer to gargle broken glass. So when I looked at him this week and said, “We should go to the movies this week and see Inside Out,” he fell of the couch and then promptly marked the date down for posterity because it is likely never to happen again.

  11. Meredith says:

    Billy Joel’s Innocent Man was the record I made my parents play OVER AND OVER in the early ’80s, and in 2000 I made my little sister and college roommate go to his concert with me. I’m sure we were the youngest there by 30 years and I didn’t even care.

    Ben and Jen: I said to my husband yesterday, “I know this is crazy, but I’m sad. I really, really wanted them to make it.” I too am irrationally sad. But maybe it’s not irrational after all. We’re all sad when God’s design for humans is broken (in any capacity, not just divorce). It’s normal, I think, to grieve a little.

  12. We took my daughter to see Inside Out opening weekend. My husband and I both loved it, the three-year-old liked it. It was just a little over her head at times. I’m dying to see Max, but will probably wait to watch it at home. I will bawl like a baby, because I do during dog movies. Also, Lauren Graham. That it all.

    I have been tempted to try Apple Music, but just can’t yet. I may, but I really don’t want to pay for a streaming service. Call me old fashioned (in a way), but I still like buying songs and even whole albums I like in the iTunes Store. OK no, my husband is old fashioned. He still buys cds. He has iTunes, but prefers to buy the hard copies. Luddite.

    As to Bennifer, I can’t say I was entirely surprised. She seems far more grounded in reality than he does. Also, ten years in Hollywood is almost like celebrating a golden anniversary, sadly.

  13. Natalie says:

    Merle Norman! My first and ONLY foundation FOR YEARS!

  14. Remember when Joey found his hand twin? Sometimes, when I read your blogs, I feel like I have found my TV and music twin. I’m not sure if it’s a lucrative discovery but it’s something. Whenever I hear “Lead Me On” by Amy Grant, I just think of her music video where she is dramatically walking through a canyon for some reason. It’s just solid gold. I can’t wait for our TV shows to come back this Fall! (For the record, last Summer I spent a solid month binge watching The West Wing and I’m thinking about doing it all over again. You would love it. Aaron Sorkin is amazing.) That is all.

    • Katie C. says:

      The last time I binge watched West Wing, I was so bummed to be through that I immediately started over. #noregrets

  15. I felt the same way when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey split. You’ll get through it and if you’re anything like me you will go through the 5 stages of “My favorite celeb couple split” which are denial, grief, prayer, blogging about it and finally acceptance. Good luck.

    Not that you have time, but if you get bored, my post to Nick and Jessica can be found here: http://ryanlucyblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/to-nick-lachey-jessica-simpson.html

  16. My hubby and I saw Inside Out too! I cried. I laughed. It was too cute!
    Also, loved Amy Grant in the 80s. :))

  17. Rachel says:

    Heard Thy Word by Amy Grant this weekend and still knew every word! Loved her when I was a kid! And apparently it’s ok to be upset about Ben and Jen, everyone is! I’ve always been more of a Matt Damon fan, but I still don’t like to see them get a divorce!

  18. Leslie Hembree says:

    Just last week I was reliving a moment related to Amy Grant The Collection when I told some friends the story of my beach trip to Myrtle Beach after high school graduation. Most of the rowdy seniors were cruising Ocean Drive listening to “Whoop, There it Is” while my friends and I cruised along singing “El Shaddai”. That was just one of my favorite CDs ever!!!

  19. I love Billy Joel, too! I always think of college when listening to him. My first roommate and I always listened to him in our dorm room.
    I plan on seeing Inside Out soon! Love Pixar movies!

  20. About a month ago we went to the AMP (an outside theater here in NWA & saw Chicago in concert! BEST concert I’ve been to in forever. Of course that might be because Tuesday was our 28th Anniversary, and the first song we ever danced to (back when i was all of 13 years old) was You’re The Inspiration! Your blog always gives me happy thoughts to start off my day! :)

  21. The first album I ever owned was Billy Joel’s Glass Houses and I have been in love with him and his music ever since. My older brother gave me the record for my birthday and I played it on my purple Bee Gees record player in my room (along with my Grease soundtrack double album) and just sang and danced my heart out. Also, that clogging cowgirl makes me proud to live in the commonwealth of Kentucky! That was some commitment to a theme right there.

  22. As a displaced Mississippian in Alabama, I enjoyed following your tweets Saturday night. My two Ole Miss Kappa Delta sisters made it to the top 5! Living in the KD house in the early 90’s we watched a lot of Designing Women and this is one of my favorite clips:

  23. You always make me smile. Just finished your last book and absolutely loved it! I am also so sad about Ben and Jennifer….

  24. Dee Cochran says:

    Have tried and tried to confirm subscription . Epic fail on my part . First few times , all the letters/numbers would not show , and just now the images ” with bread ” were partially covered on lower third with a white rectangle box – couldn’t see images. Anyway around this? Thanks !


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