While I Was Away

So. Regarding last week and all the not blogging I did.

1. Our air conditioner went out Monday afternoon. Alex and I had been running errands and came home to a house that was unexpectedly stuffy. There was still air blowing out of the vents, though, and it wasn’t warm air, so I kept trying to tell myself that it was just really hot outside and the A/C was having to work extra hard. By the time David got home, though, it was clear that we were in a legitimate A/C trouble, so we called the repair people and were surprised that they could get to the house early that same evening. By 7:00 we were back in business, and the repair cost was mercifully reasonable. So that was a delightful turn of events.

(If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll recall that week before last I was somewhat prideful about the effectiveness of our A/C.)

(Apparently pride goeth before the burned out capacitor.)

2. I made a quick trip to Mississippi last week and made it back to Birmingham late Wednesday afternoon – just in time to see The Oh Hellos in concert Wednesday night. They are so talented and such a joy to see and hear live. If they are playing in your area, you should totally go see them. Such a treat.

3. We finished the dotMOM opening video Thursday afternoon. There was a small part that they filmed at our house, and that means I spent most of Thursday morning trying to get the house ready. I threw out mail / magazines and took all the junk off the refrigerator and wiped down the all the surfaces and put everything away in its proper place. In other words, I made the house look like no people actually live here. I also had to run Hazel to the vet since I thought the video equipment might freak her out (the vacuum cleaner nearly gives her a heart attack, so I couldn’t fathom how she’d respond to the tall lights). It turned out to be a really fun day, though; we finished the video, and Alex even got to make a little cameo. (By the way, early bird pricing for dotMOM lasts until August 1, and then the regular price kicks in).

4. Book #3 is in the works, and I am ALL ABOUT writing right now. I know that summer will be over before I know it, so I am trying to make as much progress as I can while I can. I don’t know if I can really explain it, but there is something about the new book that has been such a joy to work on. Don’t get me wrong – I loved writing the first two – but this one is a little different in terms of content and structure, and I am loving the shift. I keep telling David that my brain is so happy this summer, and this new book has been a big part of that. Timing-wise it has worked out so that I’ve had a lot of time to think about how to organize everything – which means I’ve been more detailed in terms of mapping out chapters – and I’ve enjoyed it so much. Having the time and space to focus has been a gift, I tell you – A GIFT.

5. Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby in search of a new bulletin board to go above my desk, and I was so tickled when I found one I liked and then the cashier told me how to find a coupon for 40% off on my phone. Honestly, I was flat-out relieved when she told me about the coupon because I was thinking on the way to the check-out that based on the prices, Hobby Lobby sure did think a lot of their cork board inventory. But 40% off made it all better. As it tends to do.

6. This afternoon I framed a print that I ordered from Pen & Paint, and now it’s my new favorite thing.

A photo posted by Sophie Hudson (@boomama205) on

Makes me happy.

7. One last thing. When I was at Home Goods and Hobby Lobby yesterday, I saw lots of mamas and daughters shopping for dorm stuff. It made me SO nostalgic and a little teary-eyed, too; I’m so excited for the girls I know who are about to be freshmen, but I know their mamas are gonna miss them like crazy. I thought about this song the rest of the day; I’ve always been a sucker for a coming-of-age anthem. :-)

Happy Monday, everybody!

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  1. Woohoo!! Can’t wait for your third book! Loved the first two!

  2. I’m so excited to hear about a third book! Just let me know when the preorder opens! :) Also, I’m so glad all is well again with the flux capacitor. If the repairman hadn’t been able to come out it would’ve been like you were living in your very own historical novel, and I know you’re not a fan of those!

  3. Jennifer S says:

    I’m one of those dorm-shopping moms! We are sending our baby girl off to Appalachian State University in 3 weeks!

  4. Melissa says:

    So excited and happy to read that you are writing a third book. That is WONDERFUL news! Thank you. Have a blessed week! OH, and I love the Hobby Lobby coupons, too. :-)

  5. Kelley Winslett says:

    Yay for a new book!
    My mama said she laughed the whole flight from AL to see me hear in CA reading your first one. She only stopped reading when her eyes hurt she said. Bless. Maybe a large print edition for the next one?

  6. SO happy to hear you’re working on Book # 3! I gave Book # 1 as a gift to my sister just recently. I expect she is going to LOVE IT as much as I did. :)

  7. Becky Bizzell says:

    I know what you mean about A.C. I live in Texas where we have been to 100 degrees for about a week with no end in sight. I pray every day for our A.C.. We’ve had it breakdown mid summer in the past and had to go to a motel to get any sleep. A.C. repairman are super busy this time of year and the wait can be days! But, I wouldn’t leave Texas for anything! Living here is worth a month or more of heat!

  8. Dianne Bullock says:

    Yay, yay, yay!!!! I cannot say how excited I am to hear you have a third book coming out!!! Oooooo, girl!!!! Fab-U-lous!!!! Cannot wait!!!!! Loved, loved your other two, and I’m sure this next one will be just as great!!! :) Will be watching…..

  9. oh how i love your posts. i’m with you on that last point. i’m an admissions counselor at a private college and this time of year just kills me. a gal stopped in the other day to see her dorm room before she and her mom went shopping and all i wanted was to go shopping with MY mom for my dorm room. and i’ve been out of high school for 10 years. the nostalgia never goes away, does it?

  10. Jenna D. says:

    I used to LOVE Dixie Chicks :) Thanks for posting this little flashback video! Also, so glad your AC is fixed. It’s just too hot without it!

  11. Yay for a third book!

    Air conditioning issues: there is really nothing else like it. Truly the worst!

    Off-topic: I saw your recommendation for the Cheeky Maiden soap on PW, and ordered it. I LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Love all your posts, and I just bought a print from Pen and Paint after you linked to them. I could buy all their prints really!

  13. Rachael b says:

    Suzy Bogguss ‘Letting Go’ gets me every time!

    • -Brooke- says:

      I sang this during my highschool graduation. Not many dry-eyed mamas from then on out! Great song.

  14. I’ve seen a lot of those dorm-shopping moms and it kinda makes me all teary-eyed. 8 short years ago, I was one of them…shopping with my daughter and her roommate…and her roommate’s mom. It was so FUN! Everything we bought was pink and orange. That lasted a year, because they pledged a sorority, and ALL the pink and orange had to GO…in favor of red and black (and even tho my husband said they could just “live with” all of that pink and orange, we changed it all out. Yes, we did). This year, we are sending our youngest child off to college. We move him in 23 days. We have bought nothing. NOTHING. Boys are just so unconcerned with whether or not their bedding will coordinate with their roommates or why I would think they might want a rug. When I asked my son if he had talked to his roommate about this, he looked at me like I had just lost my mind. He said, “can’t I just take the comforter from my bed at home?” No, son. No you canNOT.

  15. New book! Excited! That print you framed. I need those words in front of me for motivation! Happy rest of summer!

  16. Melanie N says:

    Ok this is a totally random topic.. But can I just talk about the absolute hilarity on the last podcast when Melanie was talking about the issues she was having with her intenet and then her phone started to digitize her voice!! I laughed so hard in the car at that!! IWho needs show notes!! Lol!! Speaking of kids going to college, my daughter and your son are the same age so if you could continue your blog and the podcast until our kids go to college that would be great. Lol.. I feel like I could cope with it better knowing that you and Melanie are going through the same thing as me with our kids entering into college! Lol!

  17. Love that song! It came out around the time I headed off from home.

  18. Love the print you framed! I’ve been looking for Scripture cards and inspirational thoughts to display to encourage my family, and found the cutest set on the Pen & Paint site. I can’t wait to receive my order!