So Here Are Some Things

We went to the beach last Monday, and while I can’t really categorize last week’s beach weather as “warm,” not even the chilly winds could diminish our beach enthusiasm. Wednesday morning I actually sat in my beach chair while wearing a sweater, thankyouverymuch, and Alex pretty much made up his mind that the water still felt great even thought it was a “little” cold.

Anyway, we had a great time getting away for a few days, and since we’ve been in spring break mode this past week, it seems like a fine and appropriate time to share a few things I’ve been enjoying.

I mean, I’m not enjoying them at this very moment, of course. But in general, most definitely. Yes.

1) Chicagoans find unexpected home in MSU’S Left Field Lounge

I love college baseball. I love people. I love when people make unexpected connections. I also love great writing, and Bob Carskadon is really good at that part. This article will make you smile (and if you’ve never been to a baseball game at Mississippi State, you totally should).

2) Carry On, San Vicente by Dave Barnes

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.35.17 PM

I’d only heard the first ten notes of this album before I was instantly transported to 1977 and my daddy’s green Gran Torino. It’s like the Eagles got together with Dan Fogelberg and Steely Dan and Styx and they made themselves a record. The melodies are classic (clearly with a strong 70’s vibe), the lyrics are compelling, and the Hudsons are listening like crazy. So fun.

3) Halogen Long Linen Blend Cardigan

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.09.34 PM

I adore a long, lightweight cardigan. Just today, in fact, I wore one to lunch because 1) it’s chilly-ish outside and 2) a long cardigan makes an otherwise boring ensemble (like today’s black t-shirt and boyfriend jeans) look way more pulled together.

Well, last week I ran across these long cardigans on, and I think the colors are so gorgeous. They come in regular sizes and plus sizes, too.

4) The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

On the way home from the beach I finally got to listen to Jamie Golden on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. IT WAS DELIGHTFUL. The Jamies discuss a wide range of topics, including three of my personal favorites: TV shows, the Lord, and mascara. You can also find Jamie G. on The Popcast, her podcast with Knox McCoy, and on the Twitter, where she is one of my very favorite people to follow.

5) The Newsroom

A few weeks ago I was talking to my friend David (not my husband David, though certainly he is also my friend) about this current presidential election, and towards the end of our conversation, Friend David said, “You know what? You really need to watch The Newsroom.” Well, I finally watched the first episode while we were at the beach, and I was instantly hooked. The writing is great, and while I think season one is a little all over the place in terms of character development, I will say that the storylines held my interest all the way through. It’s an HBO show, so the language definitely errs on the side of colorful; consider yourself warned in that regard. If you liked Broadcast News, though, you will LOVE this show (it has definitely put me back in touch with the early-90s version of myself that really wanted to be Jane Craig).


If you have Amazon Prime (have we ever talked about Amazon Prime? I adore Amazon Prime.), you can watch all three seasons of The Newsroom for free. And I guess it’s the same if you subscribe to HBO.

6) OPI Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 1.36.53 PM

This is my very favorite springtime pedicure polish, and we have been happily reunited over the last couple of weeks.

7) Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans in white

Last weekend Melanie and I had a long talk about white jeans for spring. I’d been looking for a pair of white boyfriend jeans – something I could cuff and wear with flat sandals or wedges – but everything I was seeing online looked a little tighter in the legs than is my preference. A couple of days later I got an email with a discount code from Old Navy, and after I’d clicked around a little bit, I was tickled to see that they had some white boyfriend jeans that didn’t look skin tight.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 3.14.21 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 3.15.40 PM

Well, I ordered a pair, and I really like them. To be clear, they’re Old Navy jeans, so they may bag out / stretch out a little quicker than other brands, but I think they’ll be perfectly fine for work. They come in regular sizes and plus sizes, and at only $30 or $35-ish dollars, they’re a deal. Even better is that the discount code SPRINGFUN is valid through tomorrow (Monday), and on the regular sizes that’ll get you an additional 40% off (don’t know why the code doesn’t seem to work with plus sizes). GET THEE SOME.

Hope y’all have a great week!

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  1. I loved The Newsroom! I was sad when they ended it so quickly.

    • Meredith says:

      ME TOO! I felt the same way about Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Anything Aaron Sorkin writes, I love.

  2. My husband got me hooked on The Newsroom and I completely jumped in with both feet but he failed to tell me is it was only 3 Seasons….while it was brief it was fantastic and is one of my favorite series

  3. I loved that you said “bag out”. That was something I said nearly every day in the 80’s in regards to my jeans. Of course, they went in the dryer to tighten them back up lol

  4. Lisa Bingham says:

    Thank you so much for the white jeans tip! I just ordered them from Old Navy and also found some ADORABLE swing tank blouses! They were under the “shirts/blouses” section and have such cute prints that will go so nicely with the white jeans and a jean jacket! I’m so excited for them to arrive!

  5. I ordered those pants. GLORY BE TO GOD AND OLD NAVY.

  6. Old Navy has a “Curvy” jean style that usually fits me well — I’m a little on the fluffy side. I ordered a pair of white, straight-leg cut “Curvy” jeans. I also always order one full size smaller than I normally wear in other stores. They fit perfectly!

  7. Ok, first of all, I read that article of Bob’s last week and LOVED It. I love anything he writes but especially that. And while we are on the subject on MSU baseball, WHHHHHOOOOHHHOO. We are on fire (except we can’t seem to win the 3rd game in a series!). This weekend shall be entertaining at Florida (and kind of nerve wracking).

    Second, I love Dave Barnes. That is all.

    Last, I’ve started listening to The Happy Hour podcast on my long runs and have enjoyed it. However, I enjoy listening to you and Mel better. So get back to podcasting! hahaha.

  8. My sister recommended The Newsroom to me. I haven’t started watching it yet but it sounds like I need to! Off to check off the new Dave Barnes music. You had me at Dan Fogelberg.

  9. So glad you had a great Spring Break. The beach is always good even if you have to bundle up a little. I’m also watching Newsroom–loving it. And I agree, The Jamies were so fun to listen to. It was one of my favorite Happy Hours so far.

  10. I’m so glad you’re back and with all of these fun suggestions! Happy Spring!!

  11. Alaina Pollard says:

    I LOVE Dave Barnes. Such a fan and I’ve really been enjoying this new album.

  12. OPI polishes are my favorite!

  13. My husband and I just finished The Newsroom a couple of nights ago, and I am missing it SO much. Because we love all of the Aaron Sorkin shows, we are watching The West Wing again. But he (my husband) told me that Sports Night was an Aaron Sorkin show too … I absolutely loved it, I just didn’t know it was by Aaron Sorkin. Anyway, it’s like The Newsroom, except that the show that they do is like Sports Center on ESPN. Really good, I think you would love it!