Take Me Out To The SEC Network

Well first of all, I haven’t mentioned American Idol at all this year. Part of the reason for that is because I didn’t watch a minute of it until a few weeks ago, and then one Friday night I blazed through about 15 episodes on the DVR. At the end of my mini-marathon I felt like Trent and La’Porsha would be the final two, but there was one particular performance that made me think Trent would eventually be the winner.

I didn’t really care for the song when it was on the radio last year, but Trent’s version? YES, PLEASE. So gorgeous. Such heartbreaking lyrics – and he sang them so beautifully.

I think he and La’Porsha both are gonna do big things. They’re crazy talented.

And while we’re talking about Idol, I’ll go ahead and mention that we thought the finale was awesome. It was so neat to see contestants from seasons past, and the music was great. Not to mention that Kelly Clarkson? Nine months pregnant? ROCKED IT.

I just kept thinking that when I was nine months pregnant, I wouldn’t have been able to get my breath long enough to sing for five minutes (I felt like I was pregnant from my throat to my knees), and I sure enough wouldn’t have been able to wedge my planks feet into some sassy booties.


The whole thing was fantastic. And while I didn’t watch AI quite as regularly this season as I have in the past, I thought it ended on a high note, oh please do pardon the pun.

So I guess that if AI was the highlight of the first part of last week (well, that and Alex’s lacrosse game – even though they lost), there were all sorts of highlights for the second half of the week. We had our field day at school on Thursday, and prom was Thursday night. My hometown high school didn’t have a prom, so I get the biggest kick out of going to ours, even if I just stay for 45 minutes to see all the dresses. This year I stayed for about an hour and a half because I could not stop running my mouth, but after I finally got home about 8:30, I had a nice little cry about my senior girls who are graduating. I won’t get into all of that now because I’m currently enjoying a tear-free evening, but OH MY WORD I WILL MISS THEM.

Friday morning I had a meeting and then went to work on the audio book for Home is Where My People Are (have I mentioned that on here? that I’m reading all three books for audio books?). I finished A Little Salty… a couple of weeks ago, and hopefully I’ll finish Home… in the next week or so. I am NOT fast at this whole process, and I’ve been surprised by how emotional it makes me. It has also made me wish that I could edit everything one more time, but that’s not really a shocker considering that I am a little bit of a compulsive editor.

Anyway, I think the plan is for all three versions to be ready around the time that Giddy Up, Eunice comes out (which is only a couple of months from now), and I’m really grateful that I’ve been able to record them. But if you’re wondering why there hasn’t been a new podcast in the last few weeks, that’s your answer. I have to drive downtown for recording, and since I’m working in small batches – an hour here, three hours there – it is a time-consuming deal. Plus, I’m trying to fit it in around all our regularly scheduled stuff, but hopefully Mel and I will have more cooperative schedules at some point in the next couple of weeks.

So that’s pretty much what’s been going on around here. Saturday I ran errands galore, a friend of Alex’s came over, and on a whim David, Alex, and I decided late in the afternoon to go to a spring festival in a nearby neighborhood. The weather was beautiful, and after we stopped by the grocery store to pick up supper, we came home and put on pajamas – at which point I settled in for the Mississippi State / Florida baseball game.

Now y’all know that I love me some college sports, and it’s always been pretty easy to stay caught up with football and basketball because of regional sports networks that broadcast a big chunk of the games. Baseball, however, has always been a different story, and there have been so many times when I have wanted to watch the Bulldogs play and have had to follow along via a message board or Twitter because most of the baseball games weren’t televised.

So that is why I can now say that the SEC Network has pretty much changed my whole life for the better as far as Mississippi State baseball is concerned. Even if our game isn’t the main one featured on TV, I can still watch on the computer / iPad, and OH SWEET MERCY IT DELIGHTS ME. So last night I watched us beat Florida (the #1 team in the nation, mind you) 10-4, and then this afternoon / evening we got to watch the Bulldogs win 2-1, and THANK YOU, SEC NETWORK, for the privilege. It has been so fun to watch and text with Sister / Daphne / Emma Kate through so many of the games, and while I realize that I am a total nerd about college sports, I have gotten the biggest kick out of being able to indulge my Bulldog baseball nerdery. It was huge for the ‘Dogs to take the series over the Gators, so next weekend in Starkville – vs. Melanie’s Aggies, no less – holds all sorts of promise (or potential heartache, but we will not entertain that notion at this time).

And if all that fun weren’t enough, today was Daniel Renstrom‘s first official Sunday as our church’s worship pastor. WE ARE SO THRILLED. It was the neatest thing to be led by him this morning, and then afterwards we got to have lunch at Chuy’s with some of our favorite friends.

Plus, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but State won the baseball series against Florida.


Spring is so good, y’all.

Real life is even better.

Hope your week is a great one!

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  1. As if you needed a reason to love Trent Harmon anymore, you’ll be happy to know his sister, Randi Katherine has been a Miss MS contestant the last couple of years (she was Miss MSU last year) and I think will be competing again this year!

  2. I personally am a”Voice” fan rather than AI, and I don’t think anyone can top last season’s Jordan Smith’s version of Chandelier. And you had me cracking up when you said you felt pg from your throat to your knees. I keep looking for the tour schedule for you and Melanie. Hope you come somewhere near me.

  3. I was so happy Trent won. (Your idea of watching all the episodes in one sitting is intriguing to me. My husband doesn’t care for it, so it would be good to watch while he’s working. But, alas, it’s over…For now, as Ryan said. Did you hear that? It will be back in a different format.)I believe Kelly was 33 weeks when she recorded that medley of hits after her appearance on the show as a judge. But STILL. She rocked it out and had enough breath to do it which was impressive. Since she sang “Piece by Piece” on that same show, she gave a mini-concert that pregnant! I saw her tweet something about who is that sweaty pregnant lady up there singing. ;) Love her. I cannot wait for Giddy Up, Eunice. I have plans to listen to the audio versions of all your books when they come out, too.

  4. The SEC Network makes me happy!! I watched last night’s game on my iPad, and had to just flat out turn it over some of the time because my nerves were getting the best of me!! State has not had the best Sunday games of late so I was hopeful but not confident going in to the game. When it was over, I was literally shaking with excitement!! Hail State!!!

    • Could not take one more minute of that game. It was true to MSU sports as we almost have a heart attack watching every game. Hello bottom of the 9th homerun almost heartbreaker. I was exhausted after it was over!

  5. Kelly. That girl has PIPES! She always has but the fact that she sang note for note while PREGNANT is so impressive. I’ve always loved her but now she’s reached a whole new level for me. And I also LOVE that Carrie sang Something in the Water! Preach sister!!

  6. I echo the commenter (is that a word?) above who asked about your tour schedule this summer! When will we get to see it, please?

    I’m needing to make plans! Can’t wait for Eunice and you two!

  7. Well, I am a gracious fan and will give congrats not your Bulldogs for their impressive showing against Florida. Hoping it was just a bump in the road for the Gators on the way to Omaha.

    Isn’t SEC Network great? I especially loved their “Friday Night Heights” this year which allowed me to watch Gator gymnastics live each week. And of course, in the Fall, we get to see Tim Tebow every Saturday. And this past Friday night I watched the football team’s spring game! Great network! Oh, and it looks like for sure the Gators have found a place kicker, finally, and just may have a decent QB this fall!


  8. I’m right there with you on your Bulldog baseball nerdery. We speak each other’s love language!

    And yes, as someone mentioned above, Trent’s sister is Randi Kathryn who has been a Miss MS contestant a few times. She also does some modeling for Deep South Pout. And I didn’t watch any of AI (until after it was over) but I LOVED seeing Mississippi vs Mississippi in the finale. Especially when MS didn’t have the best of weeks in other happenings. (UGH).

    This weekend, I will be a nervous wreck. ESPECIALLY since we sky rocketed to #2! And versus #4 Aggies. ALL THE FEELS. I’m betting on perfect weather and record crowds and some fantastic baseball. And the usual stress eating (for me)…

  9. I thought the American Idol finale was well done, too! I haven’t been the faithful viewer these past few years like I did in the beginning, but I really enjoyed the big send-off. I always love you updates :) It sounds like you are busy, busy, busy! I have to ask——-your prom was on a THURSDAY?? I’ve never heard of that before.

  10. It’s a pleasure to find someone who can think so clearly