The Big Boo Cast, Episode 63


Well, we have us some new theme music, and it’s pretty sassy if I do say so myself. Apparently at least one of us (me!) is destined to like loud saxophones for the rest of her life, and if they have a hint of a disco groove, then all the better.

We cover a whole bunch of conversational ground in this episode: the Rio Olympics, our summertime entertainment favorites, our fitness goals / struggles, the fact that Melanie draws the line at kale, and why she will never go deep sea fishing ever again.

It’s an assortment of fun, you might say.

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Just FYI – here’s where you can get more info on the products / places we mention (these aren’t affiliate links – just regular ole links):

41 year-old gymnast

Last Chance U


Hillary Scott & the Scott Family – Love Remains

Miranda Lambert “Vice”

Beatriz Williams’ A Hundred Summers

Beatriz Williams’ The Secret Life of Violet Grant

Giddy Up, Eunice (fall 2016, y’all!) (it really was summer 2016) (but our conversation about non-fiction books in the fall made me laugh) :-)

fancy dorm rooms

Saucony Ride 8

Kate Middleton’s Adidas

Barefoot Dreams robe

flounder gigging (I had no idea this was even a thing)

Melanie’s ceviche recipe

burgundy / maroon men’s pants

Seychelles Lucky Penny booties that Sophie loves

Junk Gypsy boots that Melanie loves

Enjoy, everybody!

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  1. I want to listen right now, but I think I will save it for my bus ride into work tomorrow!

  2. Can you tell me more about the robe y’all were discussing. I forget what it was called. Dream robe???? I am kind of obsessed with robes.

  3. Next time you’re in Atlanta you should stop by one of these locations and have them do a running shoe fit profile. They video you walking either on a treadmill or the little track and then show you whether you over/under pronate and give you other tips on your gait and recommend the right kind of shoes.

  4. Cried during the intro!!!
    Laughed during the podcast!
    So glad y’all have each other to whip 2016 Summer’s hindend together.
    Almost over.

  5. I just started Last Chance U, and had no idea it was about ECC. My Mother grew up in DeKalb and back then most of her high school class went to ECC. I wish they had cut out the language because you are right it was pretty bad.
    Have you tried the Brooks Glycerin 14? I like those running shoes really well.

  6. Leanne Stokes says:

    I so enjoy eavesdropping on y’all each podcast! I really laughed at the unintended jab about the best time to release a Christian nonfiction book. But seriously, Sophie, Giddy Up Eunice has resonated with me this summer! I am so blessed by many mentoring relationships in my life – some with me on the receiving end and some with me on the giving end! I even stopped while reading the book to list the many women who have mentored me and the ladies I have poured into – what a blessing! Women who aren’t looking for opportunities to share life with other women in different life stages than they’re in are missing a real treat. Thanks for sharing your heart and the perspective of many relationships like this in the Bible!
    I always look forward to the next Big Boo Cast!

  7. You should check out Undefeated since you enjoyed Last Chance U. It’s on Netflix too.

  8. Donna Simpson says:

    Speaking of cooking during the summer, my daughters are loving cooking with their Instant Pots that they bought on Amazon. Like a crockpot/pressure cooker combination that’s easier to use and more versatile. They’ve even made a cheesecake in it! Random info I know!

    • Donna, I have one and I love it! I also made a cheesecake in one and it was fabulous. I am not sure Melanie and Sophie would be on board with one, though….maybe?

  9. Heidi Foster says:

    I just ordered your Seychelle booties for $75 at Great deal, i was excited to find them. Can’t wait to try them, I hope I love them as much as you do!

  10. Susan3557 says:

    I love listening to y’all. I do hope we hear you again before Christmas :)

  11. Holly Love says:

    No words, no words really for how much I love y’all! You are real. You are love. You are just being you and it is beautiful! I love y’all so!!