The Snow Day That May Or May Not Involve Actual Snow

We found out earlier tonight that we have a snow day tomorrow. I for one am delighted that we’ll have a long weekend; this first week back at school has been fun, but WHOA, NELLIE it has been rough getting used to the early morning alarm again. And then of course there’s the reality that a winter storm advisory in Alabama means that we could be iced in or we could get a couple of inches of snow or we might just get a light smattering of rain. Regardless, I’m grateful that we’ll all be home and won’t run the risk of being stuck somewhere else during another Snowpocalypse. I’m fine with Ye Olde Winter Gridlock being a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That was plenty.

Anyhoodle. Here are a few things I wanted to mention before I forget.

1. Slow Cooker Creamed Corn – Over Christmas my sister-in-law Janie told me about a delicious creamed corn recipe that you make in the crockpot. I decided to make it for New Year’s, and OH. MY. GOODNESS. It is delicious. I’m not even sure that the crockpot is necessary, but it was nice to not have to worry about burning anything. Next time I’ll probably just do three cans of corn because five cans of corn is a LOT for a family of three, but the leftovers were great.

2. Earlier today Viola Davis received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Meryl Streep spoke at the ceremony, and her beautiful, honoring words made me teary-eyed. Her speech starts a little after 8 minutes.

3. Our high school is doing an “Unplugged” challenge for the month of January. We’re not mandating anything or telling people to abandon their phones; we’re just asking our faculty and students to pray and consider if they might want to unplug / untether from their phones a little bit over the next few weeks. That might mean temporarily disabling the browser, deleting social media apps for a period of time, or being intentional about phone-free face-to-face time and conversation with friends (as opposed to, you know, Facetime). Anyway, I’m sending the kids (and their parents) little devotionals every week, and I thought I’d share this week’s devotional here. If you have teenagers, you know what a challenge it can be to figure out the best way to teach and shepherd in this particular area, so the questions at the end might be a good springboard for family discussion.

Unplugged Reflection 1

4. Over Christmas break I started watching Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Fascinating. I’ve never known much about scientology, so it’s been really eye-opening (and heartbreaking, honestly) to hear what some people have expeirenced. It’s not a show for kids – the language is pretty strong at times – but it’s compelling television for sure.

5. Does anybody have an Instant Pot? I keep looking at them on Amazon and thinking, Would I really use this? Is it worth it? Is it a hassle to clean? Does it make suppertime easier? So if you have experience or insight, I’d love to know.

Happy Weekend, y’all!

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  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier.
    The Instant Pot.
    Got mine at a deep discount store without realizing what a treasure I had found.
    Gave both kids (adults) only for Christmas.
    LOVE IT.

  2. Loved your devotion! I hope you will share the whole series!

    (Like Melanie I have an inordinate love of exclamation points. Please take them as happy enthusiasm not yelling.) :)

  3. I got an Instant Pot for Christmas! So far….LOVE IT! It is definitely not hard to clean. That’d be a deal breaker. I like that I can brown meat in the pot on sautéed and then pressure it. Just one pot dirtied! And it is fast! I’m amazed at how quick we can cook a whole chicken! I highly recommend!

  4. Great devotional, Sophie. And I can apply it to my time on my laptop even more than my phone.

    And the corn looks great. Wonder how it would be with shoe peg corn? And maybe a jalapeño stirred in for some heat?

    No insta pot here so looking forward to other’s comments.

    Stay warm!

  5. I have many feeling about the instant pot, so far none of them are good. “Get the instant pot” they said. “It’ll change your life” they said. So far I’ve used it twice and the meat was raw and had to be cooked twice.

    No thank you.

    However, I have ordered an instant pot cookbook from the Amazon and feel that things could turn around.

    Fingers crossed.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Got an instant pot for Christmas and love it. Cooked a whole chicken tonight in it…38 minutes start to finish, Then used it to make chicken and dumplings.

  7. Instapot…YES. i got mine after black Friday. The cookbook that you can get from Amazon has tons of gluten free stuff in it…. and things that i would actually eat. I can make up meal for 5 and have very little cleanup.

  8. Love the devotional! As a youth ministers wife and mother of 3 kiddos it’s very thought provoking. I’ve never heard of the instant pot. May have to check it out as we are eating at home more this month as part of our healthy eating plan.

  9. Instant Pot! Yes! I love mine. I have to admit there was a bit of a learning curve but I have had good luck with Pinterest recipes and a few blogs that have good tips. It does cook fast! I would say if your family likes crockpot meals, you will like it. The nice difference between it and a crockpot is that you can brown things.
    When I bought my Instant Pot, I also purchased a Breville Pizza oven which is my favorite appliance of all times. If you like pizza, it is a must!

  10. Diane Wise says:

    I am loving Leah’s show as well and it is terrifying and heartbreaking but so interesting that all of this has been going on and continues!!

    Instant Pot –YES!!! I have two and gave both of my grown boys one for Christmas. It’s awesome and makes short work of meals, and makes them taste amazing!! It’s well worth the money!!! Glad you are posting more — I’ve missed you!

  11. If you want to learn more about Scientology you need to read the book or watch the documentary ‘Going Clear’. It is an eye-opener about the so-called religion.

    Love to hear about chances of snow in Alabama. Grew up there, but now live in Houston. I remember snow days without any snow.

  12. Happy with my crockpot, food processor and hand blender – not interested in another kitchen appliance. Trying to cook simpler, cleaner and healthier this year with less processed foods, chemical additives to,, etc.. Bestt gift to give my family!

    Please share other unplugged devotional. Very needed!! Goes for iPad too!

  13. Instant Pot=YES, easy to clean, easy to use and I’m finding more and more great recipes out there. One of my favorites is a BBQ ribs recipe from Our Best Bites website that is magical and takes approximately 1 hr instead of you know, the traditional all day. But I think the thing I use it for the most is cooking all manner of squash (butternut, acorn, spaghetti, etc), stick the whole thing in with a little bit of water (no more nearly amputating an arm trying to cut an uncooked squash), set on high pressure for 7 min and VIOLA! Unrelated to the Instant Pot but related to the Unplugged conversation….I have 3 teenagers and the amount of time they and we as a family are on our phones during our few short hours together each day between all the sports and activities and school and work and such, has been weighing so heavy on my heart, your reflection was so timely. We have the no phones at the dinner table rule which I will hold on to for dear life but it’s the rest of the times that are bothering me mightily. I’d love to read more of your reflections on the matter because sometimes I want to throw out all the phones in a fit of rage and pretend it’s 1989 aka THE GOOD OL’ DAYS. But then how would I take a picture of our uninterrupted special family time it to post to social media?!? ;) I am kidding but the struggle is SO REAL in finding the balance these days.

  14. I loved reading that devotional for your students! Please share more if you can. It really made me think. One thing I started doing this year along with my church family is commit to reading the Bible all the way through in 2 years. Yes, 2 years, not 1. It will be so doable and there are a lot of catch-up days. So I downloaded the Bible Gateway app to my phone and I just have it read me the Bible chapters every day. I love it and I actually am able to listen better than I probably would if I sat down to read and decipher. It’s times like this that my phone is a blessing to me and I love that about it too!

  15. Loved the devotional – something to think about for all of us, regardless of our age!

  16. We, too, are awaiting the possible snow storm, here in Mechanicsville VA. The stores are packed, the weather forecasters are bouncing with joy while showing all the weather model predictions, and there was even a pickup truck with a snow plow attached to the front that just went by. This area doesn’t get a lot of snow and we don’t know what to do. I think we should all stay home and read books by Sophie Hudson. :-) Hugs.

  17. We got and Instant Pot for our daughter and son in law for Christmas. So far they’ve used it once as a slow cooker and it didn’t work. Hopefully that was just a user mistake.

  18. I do not have an “Instant Pot” but do have an electric pressure cooker. Very similar items. This week I found a Facebook page Instant Pot Community. Lots of help and suggestions.

  19. I binge-watched the Scientology show this weekend and I was stunned! My first thought was “why don’t these people just get out?” but the more I’ve watched I can see that they have essentially been brainwashed. I’ve heard women in abusive relationships talk about how they felt they deserved the treatment they got but never thought about it happening with men too. So sad. All these people are searching for “something” and here we sit knowing that what they need is Jesus!! My heart hurts for these folks, especially the children who are brought up in the “religion” who don’t know anything else.

  20. Thank you for sharing your devotional. I just had a conversation about this with 2 friends over New Years. I sent it to both of them also. And I will second that I would love to read the whole series, if you can share it.

  21. Mary Lynn says:

    I discovered the wonders of the Instant Pot a year ago. It is absolutely my favorite kitchen appliance! I use it at least 3 times a week. What won my heart is when I yet again forgot to pull the frozen chicken breasts out of the freezer before I left in the morning. When I came home at 4, I put the frozen chicken in the IP and poured a jar of salsa over it, set it for chicken and in under an hour (the coming to pressure takes a little time), I had Salsa Chicken which I served over rice and gave the kids the option to make soft tacos with it. Make sure you get a DUO60-Multi-Functional-Pressure- the DUO allows you to adjust from high to low pressure. The 6 qt is plenty big for my family of 4. It has multiple functions but I use the pressure cooker the most- I have made rice and oatmeal in it. Right now, they are $99 on Amazon. Mels Kitchen Café and Skinny Taste websites have some great family recipes using the IP. Mel also does a nice review of the IP. Just remember that it does take a few minutes to come to pressure. The cooking time is reduced and if you do a natural release it takes a few minutes also. So it isn’t “instant” like a microwave but compared to crock pot or oven cooking, it is fast and it does “instant” wonders with frozen meats and dried beans (read amazing soups/chilis in minutes). I LOVE! my Instant Pot! I highly recommend it to busy moms.

    • Mary Lynn says:

      P.S. Consider getting a second insert. It helps when you want to start a second meal before the insert is cleaned or even emptied from the first meal. It is dishwasher safe so it is easy to clean as is the wire rack. The rest of the pot, I clean with a damp warm sudsy wash cloth. I haven’t purchased the slow cooker lid, yet. I have two other crock pots I like for slow cooking. It does allow you to saute in the pot before adding the final ingredients to pressure cook. This is also a wonderful feature- saves a little dishwashing and clean up.

  22. Meryl Streep and Viola Davis – beautiful. I so appreciate your voice in this corner of the internet.

    And I have not gone instant pot because I already have too much stuff. I have a friend who uses hers all the time, but I’m not convinced yet that I would do the same.

  23. I have been watching the Scientology show too and it is mind blowing.

  24. Allison B says:

    I thought the instant pot was hocus pocus…. And then I got one. You can cook meat from frozen…. Game changer for me. I didn’t think I’d use it, but I use ours almost every day. I made my turnip greens in it for New Year’s Day and they were so so good. It took 10 minutes and they tasted like they’d been cooked all day. Now, you do have to wait for the pressure to build and that can take a little while, but you can still get dinner from frozen to table in under 45 minutes. Tons of recipes on Pinterest (of course).

    I just adore your writing and I love the podcast. I listen to them when I’m on the treadmill and I feel like I’m running with friends. Makes the time fly!

  25. Please continue to share the devotionals! I really felt the Lord whispering into my heart in December to step away from Facebook. It was hard at first but I’m settling in really fine now–I wouldn’t turn away some lifting up via devotionals though! ☺

  26. I genuinely look forward to reading your words. In hopes of not sounding to weird, it feels like a conversation with an old friend. Thanks for that!
    Also, the Unplugged Reflection was a great word for me this morning! Something we all need to keep in check. Thanks for that too! Now Im off to enjoy the dusting of snow we received in Memphis yesterday. And by enjoy I mean, look out of the window at it while I drink my coffee!

  27. Trust me – you want this appliance. Dinner in 20 minutes or less and so much variety!

  28. Yes to the Instapot. I love mine. And yes it is very easy to clean which is important to me. I like that you can sautée veggies and/or brown meat right in the instapot and then toss in the rest of your meal. Meats can be used right from the freezer. I didn’t realize there was an entire instapot community, just google or search from most social media.

  29. Lindsay Webb says:

    Please keep sharing the Unplugged Devotions… this has been on my heart lately as well! I got my Instant Pot for Christmas and love it.. I’ve made 3 dishes and all were well received by my 3 picky teenagers! I really like Nom Nom Paleo for recipes, but google is also my friend!
    I have to tell you… I was listening to the Podcast before last where you and Melanie were talking about annoying texting abbreviations and my 18 year old was milling around in the kitchen. I felt like I was in church he said Amen so many times!! He whole heartedly agreed with y’all :) Had to let you know because 18 year olds can be hard to entertain, but y’all spoke a word into his heart that morning! ;)

  30. Lisa Bingham says:

    Please give us a snow day update!
    I went back and read the posts again about your last snow day and the children being stuck at school with their teachers… I work in school that is preschool-2nd grade… makes me think I should add a few things to my office!

  31. Yes to the Instant Pot. Many people previous to me have extolled
    It’s virtues so I’ll not belabor the point. Thank you for the devotional and thank you
    For blogging more!